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  1. If you can't counter the weapon by equipping it yourself (as a criminal) then it is fundamentally unfair, regardless of whether it's just "a little" overpowered or "extremely" overpowered. No other secondary comes close to having the same damage per shot so it's easy to see why this is an issue with the PIG in particular. Thus criminals should have access to a reskinned version, perhaps based on concealed illegal stun weapons, as it makes little sense to introduce a secondary with 90%+ health damage. In my opinion fact that it stuns rather than kills keeps it somewhat balanced aside from the fact that only one faction can equip it.
  2. I agree and in fact I believe ramp/dropoff range is still too low on the CSG, as Rifling variants will outperform standard ones by quite a lot at 15m, and since all CSGs come pre-modded it will feel a bit like a cash grab for those who already have a non-Rifling CSG. Of course with the JG there are similar issues, but these can be solved as the JG is available with open slots for free, so just sticking IR3 in it will "fix" the issue. The numbers were probably designed with IR3 in mind. I would leave ramp start at 20m (at that point spread will be the limiting factor anyway) because the extra 5m won't really help Rifling variants due to spread, but it will help non-IR ones close the gap. After all IR3 has no downsides on the CSG, and most of the other shotguns. Other than that small detail the changes look great, looking forward to test the CSG in Asylum soon.
  3. Does this mean that there will be no changes to live/prototype weapon stats or will they be outlined in a separate post?
  4. I agree about this, the PIG is probably the most annoying gun to play against overall, and it really doesn't help that it is locked to one faction. Even if all other LTLs may need a small buff, the PIG really needs either a damage decrease or a wind up timer like the Ogre. At the very least the dreaded Perc combo should be prevented. As for the Scout I think many of its issues stem from the fact that a 3-slot version is unobtainable and it's always a choice between the 3 mods that would go well on it. If a 3-slot Scout or Pathfinder existed I have no doubt that it would be more than viable.
  5. Not only that, but it reduced the number of situations where one team could find itself without any options whatsoever to come back and win the mission, especially on Item Hold. It is not good game design if the mission keeps going on with one team already guaranteed to win. Therefore overtime was one of the better changes APB received over its lifetime in my opinion. I also like the removal of P5/N5 since, besides unfair, it was way too situational for the "it helps new/struggling players" argument to make any sense. I have had missions which I have both won and lost due to the bounty system in the past (fortunately very few) and the negatives always outweighed the positives. Also, it made factions unbalanced as Criminals were able to prevent bounties by paying off, whereas Enforcers had to always be subjected to them. All in all, I consider this one of the best things LO has done for this game despite a rough start with weapon balancing, and it makes me look forward to more changes of this style in the future.
  6. Test districts were populated after the patch so it was possible to get a decent picture of how the changes work in practice. The JG, Showstopper and Shredder seemed alright. Thumper looks like it is also in a good spot but I do not currently have one. However the NFAS, Strife and CSG are rather weak compared to the above. While NFAS is a monster on live, this is mostly due to per ray scaling, so the huge damage nerf compared to 2017 stats was not really necessary. I would give it the Thumper's 444 damage value, which would still leave it below the (certainly not meta) pre-LO NFAS. On current prototype stats what would have been easy kills with live stats sometimes require the whole magazine. However, 396 damage does seem appropriate for the Ogre provided nothing else changes on it. Strife is also very underwhelming, if a damage buff is not an option I could see its spread lowered to 85cm, as otherwise it is hard to justify picking it over other shotguns. And also, while not relevant to the balancing itself, I would fix the typo in the description ("piece" instead of "peice"). CSG is the most frustrating one, as I looked forward to it becoming less underpowered compared to other shotguns as it is now. The removal of center pellet inaccuracy allows for jump shooting, but this feels gimmicky on a weapon with good mobility to begin with, and the rest of its stats are a downgrade from 2017. I don't see a solution besides increasing its damage to a maximum of 630 or even 651 by slightly upping per pellet damage, to further compensate its firerate reduction compared to pre-LO.
  7. I agree with most of the changes from the 2nd table, with two exceptions: - The DOW's damage should perhaps be lowered slightly as it already has lower spread than the NFAS, which is enough of a tradeoff for not being automatic in my opinion, it does not need to do substantially higher damage than its automatic counterpart. - The JG's firerate seems too good. Even with its spread the high amount of overdamage goes a long way to render the CSG's accuracy advantages moot, so there is no point in the JG having a substantially better TTK. Something like 0.72-0.73 would make more sense. Keep in mind that reducing its "range" as in dropoff start will accomplish next to nothing, thanks to IR3 (see below). As for IR3 it won't make a big difference on CSG if the dropoff starts at 20m as the table says, since practically all shotguns very quickly become ineffective at that distance due to pellet spread. In case of the JG it will be a factor, but since players are free to mod it as they wish unlike the CSG, I believe it will be much less of an issue. Finally, I expected prototype Asylum to replace standard Asylum rather than exist beside it, so sadly the districts have been empty most of the time. I realize taking away "standard" Asylum districts might upset a small number of players, but such drastic measures might be necessary to gather enough data.
  8. I fully agree with the idea that carbine has RNG issues, and more recovery could certainly help since it often has to compete with weapons that do not suffer from bloom at all (or almost at all) such as PMG or OSCAR. I don't see the point of reducing its movement penalties but more accuracy in general is just what it needs right now. However, I disagree with the idea suggestion making the NFAS 4 shots to kill, before pellet spread was introduced it was much harder to use despite its higher maximum damage, and it was far from meta. I also can't really suggest anything since it's not clear yet how the NFAS will behave once current shotgun changes hit live. The biggest issue with its current iteration is the 0.84 per ray scaling (in combination with 381 max damage) which is far too low for a weapon which can shoot such a large amount of pellets in a short time. Perhaps other changes to the very least used weapons would also come in handy, such as the Harbinger getting bumped up to 300-320 damage due to Clotting Agent prevalence.
  9. Nice to see the changes will be tested on Asylum @Sakebee, looking forward to that. On another note, would it be possible to slightly readjust the ACES SMG to be slightly less annoying to play? I'm talking about bringing its damage up to par with the ACES Rifle so it becomes a 14STK weapon. This could be done while lowering its firerate so it pretty much keeps its current TTK. Both weapons use the same platform and ammo and the Rifle has other distinct advantages such as range, so it would make sense that they do the same damage. This weapon is very seldom seen ingame and a small buff like this would help it. Here are the stat changes I would make: ACES SMG Damage: 70 -> 75 (14 STK) Fire interval: 0.045 -> 0.048
  10. I agree with the 8GB "minimum" suggestion. 16GB+ should be used if you want to move APB's cache and logs to a RAM drive for (slightly) better performance and less SSD wear. As for the swap/paging file I recommend that you leave the settings on their default position, of course a swapfile is no substitute for RAM but having it can make so that programs at least slow down rather than crash, should they run out of memory. I have never seen any gains from turning it off for APB.
  11. Can you clarify whether file modifications such as no grenade smoke, no muzzle flash etc. are allowed? I felt like this was missing from the rules, since some players use these on stream even though they theoretically are against TOS. Personally I would allow only Advanced Launcher and equivalents, but this is up to the organizers. If everyone's gameplay is recorded it should be relatively easy to spot and enforce this.
  12. Is there a chance the DOW Stock could be added to ARMAS or the Joker store? A 5 day lease could be obtained from RIOT daily activities for a limited time until RIOT was disabled. I prefer its model to the more common "Thumper" variant and the red mod is not necessary for me, so it is a weapon I would really like to have permanently.
  13. Would it be an option to use prototype stats on Asylum, once it returns after this patch? That would be an easy way to see how the new (old?) shotguns compare against other close-range weapons, since mission matchmaking doesn't get in the way in FC. I don't really see the appeal of prototype mission districts, as even if they were full, nowadays it is far too easy to get matched against newer players who would just render the changes irrelevant.
  14. Even though dropoff begins at 35 meters for the Joker Carbine it is still able to kill in 6 shots at 40 meters, because it barely loses damage for those first meters. Other semi-automatics show similar results, for instance an Obeya CR762 with no mods will easily outrange a Misery with IR3 despite theoretically starting its dropoff earlier. I do believe the VBR's range should be increased to 40m though, since it lacks overdamage to compensate for the reduction for 35m, and thus is very rarely chosen ingame.
  15. It will be interesting to see how the Showstopper behaves with these changes, since it didn't exist pre-LO. It does look like a step down from primary shotguns now, as it should be. Also, have the OCA stats been applied correctly this time or is the Whisper still evading the nerf?
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