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  1. Esther had an awesome topic about clans 2.0, unfortunatelly idk if he moved it to new forums or not. Didn't seen at least
  2. As I remember innova had "GM shop", there u could buy some permanent weapons for 15k+ JT per one ye, 2 days left
  3. This is a good idea, honestly but who needs JT ? I have 40k+ just letting u know :^)
  4. rules are actually sad, ban explosive weapons at least
  5. first experience of taking drugs 11/10
  6. I also would like to see long hoodies, mantles. Some new accessories like AkikoX's katana, guitar for example
  7. kinda weeb vegas my favorite vehicle (pioneer is a way better for missions imo)
  8. I think there's nothing against TOS, so pls dont judge without any explanation
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