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  1. So they moved HAN to japan or some other fairy land and now they're merging it with the states. I know the games population is shrinking but every character that was ever made on HAN was made when people had good ping on it and they only played on HAN because Jericho(colby) was unplayable with high ping. I'm not sure this was the smartest long-term move. Kind of seems like a knee jerk reaction to keep running costs down.
  2. 220 ping on HAN (used to be 80). And my Jericho ping went up by 60 from 180. Rip this game for me then.
  3. Since you were going to do a review of Armas prices it's currently $10 USD to buy a character slot. Normal accounts only start with 2. There are 2 factions. There are multiple servers. Would it be possible to increase the amount of character slots an account starts with to 3 or 4?
  4. I don't think you're sufficiently mentally equipt to play online multiplayer video games. I think a better use of your time would be to go back to making your full sized origami anime waifus.
  5. I took it as you can still show cleavage windows on your shirts but you can't put genitalia on clothes/sprays. You can still run around in your g-string but you'll have to have some creative talent if you want to make bank off the marketboard selling sprays.
  6. +1 I'd rather not get banned for having QoL ini-edits.
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