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  1. Impossible, to change the color's she still had to have premium because there are more than 3 parts on a cloth-part
  2. Exactly, it's not possible to make outfits as such, without premium. The only way I can explain, is they made their outfits while they had premium. So proably before the event started. I like the Idea of the Event, but I don't understand how they're choosing the Winner. There's something wrong for sure lulw
  3. Hey, it would be fair if ppl without Premium, would get a 1 day Premium code, so everyone has a chance.. I mean srsly, but 30 days of premium just to have the chance to win is somehow "bullshoot" (sry for language lul)
  4. I wonder if they're aware of it.. I wan't to play asap..
  5. I remember a time where, in events it was somehow possible to get some free boxes, or on giveaway some redeem codes, but its long time ago, also not everyone had the chance to get something. A good start to prove us that it's not "Money first" anymore, something like Login rewards would be cool. Like, Boxes, Joker tickets, Cash, Car's for a couple days, even kits for cars, skins, a couple day weapons and so on. but like, a Login reward, where it doesnt reset if someone doesnt come for 1 day, more like something in Warframe. and every 10th day or something similar, there is a special drop. ps : sorry for my bad english, hope it's somehow readable.
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