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  1. BrightNightLight

    We Want You!

    GM accounts cannot play the game. Whoever is selected won't instantly become a GM, there is a further screening process and ultimately an interview. Be that as it may, GM identities will not be revealed. That is final and not subjected to change.
  2. I'll go ahead and close this one before things get too sour. To address the original point: the people that work with/for Little Orbit are not one trick ponies - meaning that the tasks they're assigned tend to vary. That doesn't mean they neglect certain some, however - everyone's still here, but some of them are simply working behind the scenes.
  3. BrightNightLight

    Heres LO's Support In One Pic

    Support will solve each and every ticket in due time. We can't just make thousands of tickets disappear in a day or two, so bear with us. Also, locking this for derailment and the less than civil tone the discussion has taken on.
  4. BrightNightLight

    Kelly's Mission/Tool/Mod Suggestion (Re-Post)

  5. BrightNightLight

    Support Help....

    Your issue will be addressed, that I promise. The only problem lies in the massive amount of tickets our help desk has to deal with. We'll get to you, it will just take some time.
  6. BrightNightLight

    Niutex Clan Recruitment [Criminal / PL]

    Edited your main post to remove the links. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. There is no set date. We know you have been waiting, but be that as it may, we can't risk rushing it and implement something that could have a negative impact on the game. BattlEye is coming, just sit tight.
  8. BrightNightLight

    Where's Battleye?

    Implementing an anti-cheat system is not something that can be done in a day. It takes time, plain and simple. More GMs will be recruited soon enough, specifically to address any situations that might arise within the game. As it stands now, we simply can't be everywhere; but we are working on it.
  9. Keep in mind that while the people you mention in this thread might be good for the position, it doesn't mean they will be picked. Our selection process will be unbiased. I commend the effort that went into making these lists, but ultimately, the last word belongs to the people in charge.
  10. BrightNightLight

    There an ETA on the next patch?

    There is no concrete release date as of yet. We will let players know as soon as we have news.
  11. BrightNightLight


    I'm aware of that. Regardless, something as big as an engine upgrade takes time. Things will change, we just need to wait.
  12. BrightNightLight


    The engine upgrade will come after BattlEye is implemented, which will happen when the next patch goes live. No set release date as of yet, but it's on its way.
  13. BrightNightLight

    Any news on Battle Eye somewhere?

    We have no hard date as of yet, but as soon as we do, the players will be the first to know. Hang tight.
  14. BrightNightLight


    We will let you know as soon as anything comes up. Some prices will, however, be adjusted; that is to be expected relatively soon, once the engine upgrade goes live.
  15. BrightNightLight

    Welcome to the new forums

    A graphics card with a minimum of 256mb of memory is required to play the game.