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  1. @MattScott Hello Matt! This is fantastic news! Thank you so much! However, I do have 1 question. For players who have spent money within the 2 months of you being in control over everything, will players be reimburse the difference? So say if I spent 20$ and got 1600 + 80 g1c; would I get an extra amount of g1c added to my account to the new currency value ( of course reimbursing everyone correct? )? Now going to premium, will you guys add any new / maybe more special benefits for premium players like increasing the amounts of layers or increasing slots for themes, etc? Basically adding a new twist or will it stay the same as how you said? Thanks for all the work LO! Keep up the good work!
  3. Well your talking to someone who used to play with "them" and knows the full reason why "they" were banned. ( Not going to be naming names, but they've already been said ). By the way, I do want to say that I have no intentions of arguing if I come off like that. I just see it as having a conversation in the sense of conversational topics. Sorry if I come off that way. I can't provide proof and evidence as it obviously goes towards the T.O.S and rules. I can only put my opinion on this topic and provide facts, but without breaking the rules or T.O.S. ._. Also, I was only saying that your comparison between punishment and parents teaching is really not needed. This is a game, not a parent and a child type of situation.
  4. As I can somewhat agree with you, I don't fully necessarily agree. Yeah, you could reply to a ticket and hope for a reply, but who knows, maybe they could pull a tiggs ( ._. ). I'm not saying they will, but there's a chance being fully honest. Again, he was not unbanned even though other players who had the same bans were unbanned. He's only bringing awareness about his unfair unban pertaining to people who have the same exact ban reasons as they have been unbanned. It's a controversial topic, but I think it's honestly needed on / in the forums. Really? So if LO is going to unban a player, again, from my earlier reference; for Real World Trading, but doesn't unban another play for the Real World Trading, what does that say? It should be quite simple to understand whats wrong with this. And why compare punishment to parents teaching? All I can say is just wow.
  5. This is a different context TBH. He's not shaming them either, yeah he may be talking about bans, but obviously he wasn't unbanned even though he had the same identical ban reason as other players did. They got unbanned and he didn't. Obviously, this seems very unfair. If LO is going to unban a player with the same punishment for example, real world trading, then all people who have recieved a ban for Real World Trading should be unbanned as well. It's logic based on Fairness. You obviously haven't met him yet, so don't precede shaming him. He's really nice and has a bright personality. He also has quite the sense of humor. Maybe you'd be brighter yourself if you met him.
  6. Have you tried repairing the client itself? There's a repair button in the bottom right corner of the launcher itself. Then restart your computer after that and you should be fine. If not, then I would just reinstall it and do another restart to refresh everything. Hopefully this works.
  7. SO, where's Battleye? There's literally hackers roaming 24/7 in the game, shit talking, blazing there way through matches, getting abnormal win streaks in a row, and laughing there way as they destroy the server? Hackers are honestly taking a toll on the players and is effecting the population tremendously. Like at this point, just put FF back or an un-payed version of battleye at this point. If you guys don't put it in, then a lot of people are going to quit. Especially the ones who have long supported this game, ESPECIALLY, through hard and rough times with the last owner of the game. And or you could have GM's "patrolling" in districts ( mission districts ) and responding to reports that are made. Like I really don't know what to say at this point now. Just please add it in soon or else the population will honestly take a big hit. Players like me who have been with the community for a long time will just give up and won't play the game anymore. PLEASE, PLEASE, PUT in something or DO something to apprehend this problem before it gets even more out of hand.
  8. Thanks for the update! Although, maybe next time, could you make an announcement in game letting players know that there will be server maintenance within the hour or so? But anyways, its good to finally hear that there'll be maintenance for once. Keep up the good work!
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