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  1. Well im not lying mate. Hes level 190something and reutrned as bronze 2 weeks ago. He kills people and does objectives, he even has a good round from time to time but he dies a lot and hes not silver yet.
  2. This so wrong. I do not choose my friends by their Skill in any games. And we have a guy among us who cant reach Silver allthogh he plays every day. So what? We still will play with him and why not.
  3. I like it that we discuss this stuff. My take on your points. A Lev 3 Mod costs 80 to 90 K on the Market. It takes some time to get enogh money for even one of these. Joker Tickets take a even more time. You dont solve these Missions easy as a new player. Now as i said, i want to protect new Players for some time and i honestly dont see any contradiction here. The explosive Weapon thing was an additional thought. Iam not sure about that by any means. But its about bronze Districts here, not Players., just to be clear. A Player that creates a new Account and sends his legendary Weapons there, is not a new Player. That is in fact some of the cases id like to block out of Bronze districts so yes, i heard of that.
  4. There has to be a way to play with your friends, same thread Level or not. Thats why i dont think that would work. Doing it your way Slickiem, you start with your buddies and suddenly one has to leave. Would kill the fun for my gang and many others. Im sure of that.
  5. TKS for answering. One thing came out wrong as i see. I know that a Pro needs no special gun to trump the masses. Thats the beauty of the game in my eyes. There are also many Lev 3 mods that are useless. But others like Carsurfers, Mobility Slings and even things like CJ3 or IR3 are straight upgrades or offer playstyles new guys just dont have. Gold Weapons also certainly make the impression of a P2W Game and right or wrong these things drive new Players away. And dont fool yourself, there is nothing dynamic about a team of de-threaters stomping over some level 20 to 80 guys. Iam pretty sure tho that at least some of these Squads would loose interest without the chance to use their toys. Now i dont want to seperate all Skillevels. I like the challenge, i really do. But new Players will drop out. You cant compare APB even to other Shooters. Its hard for Newbs everywhere but APB takes this to another level. So my intention first and most is to give new Players some time to adjust. As for the rest, Silver Vets like me, we can take it. But still under the current circumstances there is no reason to play on Gold. So if we could manage to get the Number of Pros in Bronze Districts down, i think it would be logical to create some incentive for Players to play on Gold Districts. The best would be to rework the thread System, maybe getting rid of it all together. I just wanted to offer a way that might help without cutting the Gordian knot. But i realize it most likely was a waste of time anyway. Lets hope LO can come up with something good here.
  6. Just tested one for 3 days (the hoenir? with the blue mod). I liked it very much and will buy it when prizes are reworked. But im a (real) Silver. My shooting is meh and so more bulltes in the mag are good for me and the insane reloading speed helped too.
  7. Thoght i throw in some ideas of mine. I think in order to reduce the number of All Pros in Bronze, 2 things might help. 1. Make it way less enjoyable for them to play there 2. Give them incentive to play on Gold Servers. 1. The following things should not be usable in Bronze Districts Mods that require Rank 195 Lev 3 Mods Epic Guns Loyality rewards also no XP and Money should be rewarded, maybe it should even cost to play there (for every mission for instance) This way people could still play with their friends that are still bronze but at a prize while new Players wouldmt have to go against many things they cant do/use or even understand at the time. It might be worth a thought to block all explosive Guns beside Grenades. New Players could still by Armas stuff (LO needs the money ya know) allthough some Items might be flagged "not usable on bronze Servers" My hope would be, that without their favorite Toys people would be less enticed to de threat. Maybe some of you guys have other ideas theyd be willing to share. The second Part is even more difficult in my eyes. Because even if this would work to a degree, the mass of players that are real Silver, would pay the prize. So getting the Pros to play on Gold Servers would be important too. But the most important thing is that new Players get a somehow fair environment. Part 2 as i said, i find even more tricky. 2 Things to get started Loyality Rewards based on Time/Missions spent on Gold Districts. New NPCs that only level up while playing on Gold I hope my english is sufficient to start some discussion here and i hope for your ideas and reasoning why i might be wrong. I also hope flaming stays on a low level.
  8. I hate it to get arrested. Sitting on my kees waiting for my death is among the worst things in the game. Please dont change anything here.
  9. Very good point Cookie. This Thread/MMR thing is a real tuffie. I mean people rant about the MM in virtually every Game And APB is no eaysy one. Good Luck LO!
  10. Na ich nutz das immer ganz gern um in Übung zu bleiben. Aber schon klar, hoffentlich started APO nochmal so durch, dass sie Nationale Foren machen. Man darf ja auf so einiges hoffen in diesen Tagen.
  11. Tachen. Kla sind wir da Do we have a German Forum at the moment? I think one thread for the German comm wouldnt hurt but in the end, LO will have a saying and a plan for this.
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