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  1. Kino

    APB Music Studio

    That would be awesome. But it would need to be near the bottom of the priority list though. I want other, better things, first!
  2. I can't recommend them for anything serious. But if you're looking to mess around and dont care, they are fun.
  3. Lol yess This is pretty much how I feel. They are definitely fun, but in 1v1s against other SMGs, they are pretty weak(but this coming from a silver still). Im not sure if they need to be buffed exactly. I feel they could easily be too strong with the huge magazine if they were to get a flat damage increase.
  4. Yeah, they are neat. I like them as well, the models look cool imo IMO the hoenir is the best of them. I like it a lot too. It's the only one that can get its unique benefit withOUT holding down the trigger the entire time. Although I too am not that skilled. I bounce from gold to silver a lot. My technical skills are pretty potato, so the extra bullets do help! Lol I wish they did The big mag size can benefit in some situations. A lot of times if someone runs around a corner or behind cover after I start shooting them, I will keep holding down the trigger and they sometimes step back out into the last bullet or two that I needed to secure the kill. Other times it doesn't work out and they just stay behind cover or around the corner. Once they do that, the 2nd time I hold down and let go of the trigger for a brief moment and fire again in case they pop out thinking I ran out of ammo on the magazine. Yeah, I agree. They all are fun but they seem like they take a lot longer to kill compared to the other SMGs. Now, that could be because of my potato aiming skills mentioned above, so take that how you will. Even the lowest TTK on them feels just long though. So idk.
  5. I'm simply curious as to what others think about them. Need a nerf? Need a buff? Perfectly fine? A little tweak? Like/dislike them for any particular reason? Just wanna hear what people have to say about them. I got the pack when it first came out, though I'd rather not start with my opinions on them. Thanks!
  6. The only time LTL's would be considered OP is when a group of Dethreaters use them in Bronze district. And still they aren't that strong even then. The one exception I can think of is when a cheater, or group of cheaters, use LTL on reroll(s) and go full blatant with them for the sUpR3m3 tR0LLz. And thats a pretty rare occurence. Others here have already stated disadvantages of using LTLs.
  7. This is genuinely amazing. Keep up the awesome work, you definitely got a player back in me!
  8. I'm not that good, but I can say that your mood does matter. More often than not, you're going to do better when you are in a better mood. Once you start getting pissed, that's when you normally start to perform even worse. I'm super guilty of this over my many hours put into the game. Best thing I can tell you is to try to get some friends or join a clan that can give you a good atmosphere while playing. It can certainly be competitive, but it's gotta stay positive. If someone starts blaming YOU for stuff then I would immediately consider not playing with them anymore. There are ways that a friend can give you feedback in a positive and constructive manner on your gameplay. If you or your group find yourselves mad/upset from APB, then consider taking a short breather. Whether that be leaving the game to play something else, going to hang out in social for a bit, or even getting something to eat. Take a break and come back when you and/or everyone is in a better mood/attitude. Best of luck to you, and remember to have fun! It's only a video game after all
  9. Love this idea. This is what it's like on Console I believe. No threat or even player rank symbols, just crim vs enf. Pretty sweet imo. There are still hidden rankings but it really doesnt matter all that much. Would be really neat to see how this sort of thing would do on PC
  10. Threat barely means anything honestly. After coming back to PC I've been up and down from gold and silver. Personally I'm probably silver. My aim has gone from shit to absolute shit, and my PC struggles with APB still. I've got loads of knowledge about the game from wasting so much of my life playing it. I can predict movements and everything pretty well. Just my execution is crap since my aim is terrible. I'll surprise people by predicting where they will be going and setting up accordingly, but then i can hardly ever get the kill lol. Threat is really pointless. I went from silver back to gold while playing with 2 friends. I went 0-0-3 for the mission and only helped in blowing up car spawns and capturing the lone capture point that's off by itself and not near the other two. So yeah. I hope LO implements a better system.
  11. Sorry but no. THEY are part of the reason why this game has struggled for so long. They don't deserve forgiveness or a fresh start. Especially since they all have had MULTIPLE fresh starts with every reroll account after being caught cheating. I'm not gonna be starting shit over /d or /w, but rest assured I'll be grinning ear to ear behind my screen. Screw them, I'm going to laugh at every lowlife cheater that can't do anything without their programs. I can't wait to fight against human opposition again.
  12. I wouldn't mind some more loyalty rewards. I spent around 2k+ USD I think the last time I checked it on the G1C calculator. That money and G1C is gone and spent, I don't have a problem with that. Anything I would get back now is pure bonus. That's how I see it.
  13. Just keep pushing through or don't play until the new anti-cheat is in. I bet there are lots of people going full blatant while they still can before Battleye gets implemented. Enjoying it while it lasts, so to speak.
  14. Can't wait for this. Will be really sweet to see some players not have god-like aim and "awareness" anymore haha.