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  1. Yay for a yukon fix. Not sure how I feel about the IR change just from reading. How bad is the burst interval penalty on the OBIR?
  2. Holy crap, give them time. They need to work on changing engines before they can tackle major things like threat and matchmaking systems. I didn't bother to read the OP since the title was clear enough.
  3. Interesting. The HVR change sounds... interesting. Though, I'm kind of disappointed with the lack of any Yukon nerf. Lately I've been killed less by quickswitching, but more by them relying on deleting me with a Yukon.
  4. Whisper and OCA are different btw. And coming from someone who thinks HVR is in a fine place balance wise, I'm not really surprised lol.
  5. Will consoles also be getting 50% off sale? I remember G1 saying something before about them only beinf able to have things at a 40% off discount at max, due to Sony and Microsoft not letting them go any further. Something along those lines, I'm not sure of the exact details since it was a while ago.
  6. Didn't we already have this discussion a week ago or something???
  7. Ray Taylor has grown in strength! All will fall before his immense power!
  8. Oof, time for the "I was banned and I wasnt cheating" threads.. Jokes aside, this is great news.
  9. Man, I need to up my game... I didn't know it was against the law to dethreat... my bad gameplay could land me in jail, seeing as I go back and forth between gold and silver a lot!
  10. Very exciting! Love the communication!
  11. That would be awesome. But it would need to be near the bottom of the priority list though. I want other, better things, first!
  12. I can't recommend them for anything serious. But if you're looking to mess around and dont care, they are fun.
  13. Lol yess This is pretty much how I feel. They are definitely fun, but in 1v1s against other SMGs, they are pretty weak(but this coming from a silver still). Im not sure if they need to be buffed exactly. I feel they could easily be too strong with the huge magazine if they were to get a flat damage increase.
  14. Yeah, they are neat. I like them as well, the models look cool imo IMO the hoenir is the best of them. I like it a lot too. It's the only one that can get its unique benefit withOUT holding down the trigger the entire time. Although I too am not that skilled. I bounce from gold to silver a lot. My technical skills are pretty potato, so the extra bullets do help! Lol I wish they did The big mag size can benefit in some situations. A lot of times if someone runs around a corner or behind cover after I start shooting them, I will keep holding down the trigger and they sometimes step back out into the last bullet or two that I needed to secure the kill. Other times it doesn't work out and they just stay behind cover or around the corner. Once they do that, the 2nd time I hold down and let go of the trigger for a brief moment and fire again in case they pop out thinking I ran out of ammo on the magazine. Yeah, I agree. They all are fun but they seem like they take a lot longer to kill compared to the other SMGs. Now, that could be because of my potato aiming skills mentioned above, so take that how you will. Even the lowest TTK on them feels just long though. So idk.
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