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  1. I am the only one happy for that trading system ? boi that is going to make things so much easier
  2. what the fuck man no needs to be fucking rude and saying bad fucking things you fuck this is a joke plz don't ban
  3. One by one, they'll fix the game. Just wait. even if we waited 4 years
  4. It was a while ago, and i was against a full clan of gold, and my team was full bronze with a level under 50. I was the only silver and i was just level 100 back then. They were atleast level 90. It was long, they didn't knew how to play the game wich was normal, but THEY knew how to play. and i was left here, leading an army of new players. I ended protecting an AFK vip. Great times.
  5. for the whole car poll situation ? Yes, but as i said in the tread, i had to make multiples poll to include all the cars.
  6. Some packs that i don't have already, so probably the key to the city or to the world (if i have the money) beacause i don't have anything that are in theses packs.
  7. It is a huge problem. As someone who can't play somewhere else than in bronze server ( silver servers are now filled with golds) (i have realy REALY low fps when playing the game, that's why i'm not even trying to go to silver districts) sometimes it's unplayable. You have max ranked or golds with legendaries just detroying you, and it's just frustating in the end.
  8. where is even that money going to
  9. I don't think adding helicopters in this engine is a great idea
  10. Creedh

    Citadel/EU issue

    i was making a suit
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