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  1. Look I quoted you a third time what are you going to do if you message again I will quote you a fourth and so on you can't win. I will quote you to the end.
  2. I love how people like you get so bent out of shape about a thread like I insulted your mother or something. It's like did you not read my post "IDK just my 2 cent rambling I feel like you should always start from the ground up."
  3. Black desert for sure this game is in a terrible state now and don't see it getting better for a long time.
  4. Yet you still click on the thread who really is brain dead here buddy.
  5. Meh I knew some of the people that got banned they deserved it yes there where a few false bans. Just because LO didn't agree with some bans doesn't mean they where false. Also I think you over estimate the cost of a decent server.
  6. Instead of focusing on unbanning people or even B.E. LO should of focused on the foundation the infrastructure of the game. Like the crappy servers that are some how more vulnerable to ddos attacks then any other game servers In the history of multiplayer gaming (I mean lets be honest this is a fcking joke ). Plus even when the server aren't getting ddos still feels like poop. IDK just my 2 cent rambling I feel like you should always start from the ground up.
  7. Every game gets bad fan mail or has a few angry players non have this much trouble with ddos. Even company's with less funding.
  8. Yea I Agree I think new servers should be high on the list.
  9. Honestly would rather see servers shut down while its being fixed then ran at .2% lol.
  10. I did hints why I said DDOS By the way You should of used Fed not feeded lol
  11. Ahhh The old DDOS excuse
  12. DieselnotPetrol


    So I took a break from the game about 6 months ago then I saw Little Orbit took over. Then I started Playing again and wow I must say I've played some really low quality game but this takes the cake In server performance I mean what happened. I don't even no how it can be this bad and I shit on pubg's low tick rate lol
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