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  1. Really? hahahahah. OMG It's like that meme... Why ban hackers, when you can ban legit players.
  2. Why do people who have no fucking idea about development talk about these things and give their opinion about what others should do?... One thing is to create a videogame, from 0. The case of FNTASTIC. And another thing totally different is to take a game, maintain it and add new features to it. The case of LO. WTF Bruh
  3. What is your plan to bring more players to the game? Do you have any suspicion why so few people play APB despite being Free to play?
  4. Even with all the cool stuff, we have only 300 players And other games with mediocre gamplay that don't even come close to APB have millions of players. Example Valorant...
  5. Wtf dude, if you don't like the game, don't play it, but don't bother others. any admin, delete this shit
  6. This game seems cursed, it is already leading 3 companies to ruin.
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