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  1. I think it would be great to have a glossy t-shirt/long-sleeved shirt/tank/crop-top that is the same texture as the glossy leggings for females or even just the same texture as the regular leggings, because when applying symbols to the different fabric textures like to make a matching set of clothing the symbols as well as the base colors look different on let's say a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt than they do on the leggings or glossy leggings. In addition it would be awesome to be able to have the boots on the female contact in the enforcer side of the social district. They look a bit steam punkish. I can't remember the name of the contact there atm but she wears a fur trimmed dress and a chain medallion belt.
  2. I wish I had a list of all the things that have recently bothered me about APB-R and all that has been going on with it. I don't know what the issue was with the matchmaking, honestly I wish they never "fixed" anything because now you can't even get in a mission with a premade group. We sat in waiting for a mission for over 20 minutes last night. And how many updates do you need to do before you realize don't fix what isn't broken? How about you fix the mission where the cars explode and spawn somewhere else I believe it is an arming mission, How about fixing the hit boxes around some of the buildings and stair cases, the odd crazy bumps in the sidewalks. Fix the shit that is fixable and stop catering to the whining cry babies that don't want to work like we had to work to get our weapon roles up, to get our mods unlocked, literally these new players they just cry all day about everything. They fuzzy bunny about weapons calling them pay to win when they are literally reskins with mods that were EARNED one way or another I'm so sick of this bs, the devs can not even put out an OLD USED UP event without F'ng it up.. ffs
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the OP, if someone doesn't want to see this garbage on a daily basis there should be a way to not see the huge spray locations located throughout the districts. And nudes that are lewd should never be allowed period. There are places to go for that if you want to view it.
  4. So, it just occurred to me how fitting the name is to this vehicle, considering the optics involved here with this hasty rollout of a not even close to being ready "real money" item on Armas Marketplace. The vehicle at a glance at 1-15 meters away is fine, however there are a few concerning and merely personal preference aesthetics that are bothersome and make me wish I could get a refund. There is an odd bump in the curvature from the front fender to the door body. Also, when you are 25 meters away from your car, it literally looks like it behaves under fire - like playdough. I do not see how the devs can really justify asking real money for this item. I will enclose a screenshot. In addition to that you can not color the wheels of which you get three choices of which are all bad, come on guys this is a Dodge Charger look a like. Trashy looking wheels - please. You can not alter the interior, you can not change the sounds of the tranny engine or exhaust. no sound changes at all even for the sound system music.. yeah nothing there to select. So the name Mirage is great only in a antithetical sense, because up close it looks ok, but far away it looks like junk. Please polygon pushing out of the textures which are just bad.
  5. Just wanted to find out real quick if there is issues with loading hangtime after login? Haven't been able to login since yesterday. Thanks. EDIT: So I thought maybe my issues with doubly long load times from login and insane lag and huge drop in fps was on my end. Thought maybe I got a bad graphics card. Come to find out, it has nothing to do with my computer or gpu, but has everything to do with this last patch update. Seriously LO it is taking twice as long to load from start up to login and from login to district select, in addition my fps has dropped from 80fps (when standing still) 65+ when in mission to now 32 fps standing still and 19 fps while in mission? Not to mention the insane lag that has come with this last update.. this is not a fix! The game truly performed better before the update. Let the cheaters cheat, at least the servers will be playable. I mean this far into the process of "making apb reloaded the game we all desire and have waited for" we should not be dealing with the state of unplayability the game is in now. I have been playing for 8 years and this is literally the worst experience playing apb reloaded that I have ever had in all that time.
  6. Experiencing a lot of this lately. It is not my internet and it is not my computer. This is an ongoing issue that I only experience in APB reloaded and as premium I expect better than this. Do something! I can play any multitude of games that are significantly more demanding and I have no issues. Frustrated.
  7. Truly no other 3rd person pvp shooter can compare to the unlimited possibilities in APB Reloaded given the customizing options available, the things I would like to see the most is the new engine and new districts/content, weapon balancing and realistic matchmaking.
  8. Yeah it is not doing whatever it is supposed to be doing.. had three missions and two of them were opp'd against cheaters.
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