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  1. Please do not shut it down : o Yes, I've seen the game enough by my own playtime. Yes, there isn't anything new. But if something new is approaching, then I want to see it. And it will be delightful for sure!
  2. Reading this is much, much, MUCH more enjoyable when you know that LO is still here for us :3
  3. Oh my god. I have been 'planning' to try APB Reloaded now on my BRAND NEW PC (<3!) and just a moment ago, I checked the admin logs for a miracle (I have been checking the admin-corner once a month or so, and I just wanted to boot up the advanced launcher for graphics, lookin at the roadmap posting on Jan 2021, getting all sad, and thought I had a looksee here, hoping for some miracle. AND MATT IS BACK! I am SO GLAD things are still happening! This made my day :3 Time to read the news that got posted and hope for the best. EDIT: glad to have 'Admin Tracker - GamersFirst Forums' back on my start-up browser folder :3
  4. Is it now? Hmm. A good scientist doesn't usually rely on civilian statistics. I made a lot of weapon builds based upon exact numbers. My favorite ones being for Heavy Barrel mods. I know I shouldn't post things offtopic. And I don't need a reply. But PLEASE look into gold-threat servers. I LOVE playing APB:R but often me and my friend load up to see just ONE district (silver) for golds that is populated and then we are COMPLETELY UNABLE TO PLAY THE GAME because there is no district to join. (I'd suggest having some sort of yes/no survey when the district hits 40enfs/crims to 20 players, asking if they want to switch to $district for a bonus. Loading up APB:R (which is slow for me) and seeing the game is actually unplayable is heartbreaking. Please look into it. -ENDSTATEMENT
  5. Can you update these stats to the APB DataBase site as well?
  6. Ooh. I love balance changes! I also love new metas! From last year onwards I have been snooping around the APB:DB site and looking at every.single.integer. I love to read how the mods themselves change values on programmed in sections (i.e. value-range 9 would be your crosshairs/reticle model). Sakee stated that players are agitated with how long it takes for new content. Sadly I have to say that I have been one of them for a long time (EMP-grenades? New Contact? Possibly more slots to equipment and clothing? ). If I took a quick out-of-my-head survey about what weapons I find a bit tad overpowered at the moment. I'd say that the JokerGunworks (when used propperly. ESPECIALLY if someone wants to play Strife really, really badly most of the time and then go to a JG) has virtually no negative downsides aside for range. I also think that the Colby 45.AP is unfair as a secondary. I'd suggest a solid 5.99 bulletstokill requirement. It changes nothing for people who grabbed their pistol and only use that, but currently the weapon hits way too hard imo. slight damage nerf for OBIR? (1 burst is 49.99% dmg 0.o) I feel like the Obeya (WARNING, VERY EXPERIMENTAL!) could go with a better accuracy/stabilised, slower firerate and 4 shots to kill with medium overkill route. Aside of that I could only ask for a buff for the Strife, cause that dream of a gun is just way and way too difficult (and impressively low-damage in most situations! Scraping a target means an NFAS that hit the same # of pallets but fired twice deals even more!.... propably.) Always warms my heart to see the Forum flicker to live again ^,^
  7. Why am I getting mutliple Trade-Locks? I haven't played APB:R in a while and I get a lock. Okay, I can understand. But why am I getting a trade lock while I was just playing YESTERDAY? Heck, I even tried to trade a weapon (we couldn't, grey-ed out) with a friend of mine and the trading itself worked fine. So my question is: Is this a bug or is there some parameter that I am not seeing here?
  8. My friend noticed this some time ago but I thought it was a non-trade-able-account-for-#-days thing
  9. Well, I always say that corruption must be rooted out. \_/^,^\_/
  10. The lack of news is annoying, yes. But crime doesn't take holidays, and neither do I.
  11. Still longing for that Darryl Kent one though. It may not be in my hands, but it will always be in my heart. Got a Prophet personal customised case now tho.... ;_;
  12. Older xmas events used to give an Unluck for a non-standard F2P weapon like the Cobra or the Far. (Which, granted, required atleast 4~5 days of ingame farming and then still costs 16.000APB$ for 2 weeks)
  13. And in the darkest of nights. The heavens opened through the power of Christmas cheer and there was heard: "SHAZZAM!"
  14. Holy potatoes LO! I love you I love you I love you I love you! I'm gonna start playing the game again. Tbh, I will say that the AR-Misery is very very buffed (but in my prolonged experience the accuracy modifers numbers on shot still make it neccesary for the player to 'control' the weapon), but the rest looks really really nice. I was scared upon reading percussion at first, but with the PIG stam-dmg upped I feel like that is a healthy change. Maybe APB is ready for a nerfed PIG but buffed TG-8 (1 shot less + more accurcay?) or other LTL weaponry though. If I don't use PIG for stunning with primary intent (with lethal primary weapon) I am 'trolling'.
  15. well no, not for everyone (I also use four fingers for the WASD, it is the law!), but I feel like shutting that brainprocess down can actualy enhance gameplay focus. I don't know about you but holding sprint is always on my mind, somewhere inside the great depths of subconscience. I would feel so less-stressed and the gameplay would feel much more simple with such a simple alteration.
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