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  1. I guess the EU-test snuck in somewhere inbetween and is now over?
  2. OTW downloading "Starter_Smg"..... HMMMMMM I do preffer pistol-weaponry as a personal taste but allright I CAN'T WAIT!
  3. Between you and me Matt, I can never really get angry at you guys : p I got a ton'o'games on other things as well, APB is just a hobby of mine (altough it has been made abundantly clear that SOME people have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do besides playing APB:R and start complaining without end when something happens \_/^^\_/ But I do have an IMPORTANT QUESTION: Will the RIOT-playtest be delayed due to the technical issues? I would love to know if I can enjoy a good ol' let-em-eat-lead trick in a brand new gamemode this friday (saturday for me actually).
  4. Lixil or Matt (or anyone else on the inside-team ofcourse), due to the hardware 'failure' (more like bad supply) and the extensive time and stress and exhaust it caused: will RIOT-mode playtest for EU be delayed again you think? Just curious
  5. Matt, pal, I love what you guys do, but by then my vacation will be over >.< I was looking forward to playtesting a BRAND NEW MODE, but oh well. (not a student btw)
  6. My god humans are the absolute worst. These people must not have seen the sunlight for years and have a poopbucket under them whilst only, and ONLY playing apb:r. And THAT is coming from ME... Yet, can't say im suprised ofcourse. That's all from me, toodlepip gentlemen! *sip of tea*
  7. koenyboy500

    battle royale

    Well well well....
  8. I feel like the longer respawn mechanic is just the true bad-y here. I believe (BELIEVE) that when the arrested person just pops out to the respawnscreen after just 4-5 seconds and then gets the spawning map with the 8(?) second AUTO-spawn timer >BUT< they can click on a spawn point to IMMIDIATLY spawn somewhere (no countdown timer), it wouldn't be as frustrating (numbers aligned so that the total respawning times is even a little faster than the standard non-ltl death spawns). I believe that if this would be implemented, playing against LTL would be less infuriating as the player quickly gets the opportunity to strike back (and even get a quick strategical position!). If this was done, LTL can get a VERY SLIGHT buff in terms of weapon consistency, right now LTL feels a bit clunky as to whether an opposing criminal has high or low stamina.
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