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  1. Ey-yo what the hell? A buff to the primary 'secondary'? That people can only get by winning the lottery? The very weapon that makes me look at an OSMAW player when I ambush them and realise they have A GUN instead of a (Obeya) Fall Back Weapon?? (pun intended). I literally go "Oh. He got THAT secondary. Ok then. Guess he has 90% chance to win then." cause imo it's bs that a player who uses a secondary trumps a rifleman/pointman.
  2. These changes are FIRE man! I absolutely love it! Love the fr0g stuff! I always tried going for the 'all 5 shot under the 10m' for the increased ttk but having it to 12m is still short, but much more QoL when I try to play by the same manner. Love the RSA and especially the ACT 44 stuff. Having FAIR recoil for the Harbinger is also very nice! :3 Oof, looking at that RFP comparison video there is a noticable 'ATAC' Cooling Jacket problem with the Fang version, where if you keep shooting at max RPM the accuracy-gain can't keep up. Not saying it's a problem (I actualy think it's nice to see some balancing factor here), but ANY ATAC with ANY level of Cooling Jacket the gun becomes so much worse xD.
  3. Hmm. Curious to see that Snubnose. I am a collector ^,- "I prefer my equipment, to make a bang."
  4. If I knew how to solve problems for APB:R, I would. Doing fantastic work out there LO! < 3 (hehe. those-who-shall-not-be-named really made a mess of the game code huh? :3)
  5. Man.. I love you guys LO. Keep at it. The new queue-system and the contact look very exiting! I hope the work on that goes smoothly ^^ (Also: is anyone else having trouble with getting the 'window capture' of some streaming services (Streamlabs) to focus on APB? I can't get APB to appear on screen ;__;)
  6. I don't know how, but one day I would like to repay Little Orbit for all the amazing things they've done and are still doing for APB:Reloaded. I would be down for a good show of respect and value on stream! (But my game-window from my streaming program still doesn't 'latch' on the APB:R window ;__; no streams )
  7. (I know it's kind of a drag to keep opening new topics and I understand that the telephone is glowing red-hot now xD but I wanted to ask if it was possible for anyone to get any program that uses a 'game(window)capture' so far to get APB Reloaded on the screen there, Personally I use Streamlabs but as of yet I have been unable to get APB Reloaded on the gamecapture view. I would really, really, really LOVE to stream APB Reloaded again :3)
  8. Didn't miss much? That is EXACTLY what I am interested in. It's vision and/or updates on APB. And as a player who pours endless love into the game, I would like to know it all, I actually do find it interesting and motivational (and inspiring on Matts and everyones perserverance through the lots of people who are complaining. Very proud of you LO. :3)
  9. Dang, missed the Q&A stream >.< I saw it on steam news but it was already over (present 3 hours after started). Uff. Would have loved the experience to discuss APB. I love the game.
  10. I check the admin-newsfeed every day. Every single day. And with everything in this open letter, I agree whole heartedly. I absolutely love this game, and I have grown up with this. Some bugs, like the INSTANTLY popping into a car cause you cannot play the animation, has simply become a tool for me. But despite all that feeling for the 'glitches' and 'bugs' that I now know in and out (and can use to my advantage), I would be happy to see things change. Whenever I try to explain APB (and I LOVE doing that!), almost every topic is about 'how to abuse the mechanics in your favor' as that, to me, is just what APB has become. Some sort of chess, winning battles before they are fought. Things like "a defender with a shotgun 'cornerpopping' is a guarantee loss" and those sort of scenarios. It's "strategy" (and luck, based upon how the enemy plays). Also, and do please roast me on this in a personal DM xD, are there really that many cheaters? It feels like a lot of enemies are just downright good, I win some, I lose some. I do find enemy players some very tough gamers to crack though.
  11. Please do not shut it down : o Yes, I've seen the game enough by my own playtime. Yes, there isn't anything new. But if something new is approaching, then I want to see it. And it will be delightful for sure!
  12. Reading this is much, much, MUCH more enjoyable when you know that LO is still here for us :3
  13. Oh my god. I have been 'planning' to try APB Reloaded now on my BRAND NEW PC (<3!) and just a moment ago, I checked the admin logs for a miracle (I have been checking the admin-corner once a month or so, and I just wanted to boot up the advanced launcher for graphics, lookin at the roadmap posting on Jan 2021, getting all sad, and thought I had a looksee here, hoping for some miracle. AND MATT IS BACK! I am SO GLAD things are still happening! This made my day :3 Time to read the news that got posted and hope for the best. EDIT: glad to have 'Admin Tracker - GamersFirst Forums' back on my start-up browser folder :3
  14. Is it now? Hmm. A good scientist doesn't usually rely on civilian statistics. I made a lot of weapon builds based upon exact numbers. My favorite ones being for Heavy Barrel mods. I know I shouldn't post things offtopic. And I don't need a reply. But PLEASE look into gold-threat servers. I LOVE playing APB:R but often me and my friend load up to see just ONE district (silver) for golds that is populated and then we are COMPLETELY UNABLE TO PLAY THE GAME because there is no district to join. (I'd suggest having some sort of yes/no survey when the district hits 40enfs/crims to 20 players, asking if they want to switch to $district for a bonus. Loading up APB:R (which is slow for me) and seeing the game is actually unplayable is heartbreaking. Please look into it. -ENDSTATEMENT
  15. Can you update these stats to the APB DataBase site as well?
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