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  1. but they got banned. proven guilty, that's the court order
  2. somehere in here https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/eula
  3. Since re-rolling is a bannable offense if you already been banned. Why don't you add the a function to the report tool for it?
  4. Would have been nice if you announced that the FFA R&D would be in the joker store.
  5. There is no way to get banned for configs, unless you fuck around with shaders (unsure if it is even possible now) its just a matter of a text edit But i dont understand your stand on it.
  6. you could use a config that sets player to a minimal quality. i cant remember if there is one for only sprays but it would just make it a square of a certain color. Other than that there is no option for it as far as i know
  7. why do you need 3rd party software for this, there are plenty of ways to do it without risking you account
  8. when are you shiping out a standard apb keyboard and mouse that is the only keyboad and mouse used with apb?
  9. Nvidia (2070 super), Proton GE 7-55. I crash at least once every time i launch the game but it runs fine after that. I ran it again without most of the config and then i get a solid 300 in a low pop asylum, so there is something in my config that fucks with the FPS
  10. Tried it out earlier today. Got a solid 128 capped, never dropped under 125. With a config i got 200 tops, some what disappointing since i get around 300-400 on windows. Gonna play around some more
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