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  1. Fair enough, and seeing recent events i don't think necessarily thinks this should have been flagged. i do hope you get unbanned if you haven't been already
  2. i guess i was proven wrong about the eac bans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. no, the config doesnt get you banned, However, it does seem like eac is running a bit weird. some of the recent bans have been questionable at best. I dont know what it picks up but seeing some normal players get banned while others are running around blatant for weeks without as much as a kick is odd :)
  4. but they got banned. proven guilty, that's the court order
  5. somehere in here https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/eula
  6. Since re-rolling is a bannable offense if you already been banned. Why don't you add the a function to the report tool for it?
  7. Would have been nice if you announced that the FFA R&D would be in the joker store.
  8. There is no way to get banned for configs, unless you fuck around with shaders (unsure if it is even possible now) its just a matter of a text edit But i dont understand your stand on it.
  9. you could use a config that sets player to a minimal quality. i cant remember if there is one for only sprays but it would just make it a square of a certain color. Other than that there is no option for it as far as i know
  10. why do you need 3rd party software for this, there are plenty of ways to do it without risking you account
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