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  1. Nice going guys, takes 1 glance at these changes to realise these changes are for the worse. Just like the previous ones
  2. Honestly, just stop right here, since APB has a threat system ranging from green to gold, which means the game is inherently competitive. Not sure why any of you are arguing and bringing up arguments like League of Legends having Leagues to determine rank when APB also used to have this and still does, just you can see it. All the threats still have ranks ranging from 1-10 however, since the overhaul G1 made back in the day it's no longer possible for you to see your EXACT rank, doesn't mean it's not there. You also brought up that there is no evidence of APB is ever being competitive, which is also false since you just have to look at all the previous tournaments and arranged matches that has been played throughout the years. The game does actually have Leaderboard in the form of FC even if you don't want to acknowledge them as traditional since they're based on who played the most counter to who played the best.
  3. The difference why people hated on the ATAC is because it’s a braindead gun, extremely easy to use, high reward, just hold LMB. NTEC may have been easy to get into but the gun had so much depth, you could mod it anyway, tap fire, 2 burst, 3 burst, spray. One of the main reasons it was used so much was because it was such a well rounded gun, perfect for carrying if you had the skill required. However, it is far from the only gun that can carry in both long and cqc range, you can do the exact same thing with an obeya or an obir. That’s why you see so many players playing obeya now, it can even be done with a carbine or scout to a certain extent. The versitility of the guns is what makes them feel good to play. The current NTEC feels kinda clunky and boring, much like the current HVR along with the shotguns. Honestly the way I see it, you lose with longrange vs an NTEC past 60m or with a cqc weapon within 20m unless the enemy has some massive advantage, you’re just bad. You should not be losing within your own range with a cqc unless you mess up in someway. Even within the 20-60m range I wouldn’t say the NTEC is the best gun, there are plenty of guns that could challenge it on this range. I feel like it’s just the most accessible weapon for how well rounded it is. Since it also only takes 10 kills with AR to unlock I don’t see a problem in it being a straight upgrade to star.
  4. I hope that isnt the case, the shotgun/smg balance was close to perfect until LO touched it the first time around. OCA was slightly too strong but other than they were fine. They would outgun longrange / midrange in cqc unless you messed up bigtime. Now i feel better of with a pistol in most cenarios, considering how unreliable and boring most of the cqc guns feel after the rebalancing. As for the people not getting involved with testing, I think a lot of it has to do with regardless of how good you are or how good you express yourself it seems to always fall on deaf ears. This is the same reason that you don’t see a lot of high tier players participate on the forums, why make a detailed and lengthy post explaining something when the majority opinion always seem to prevail.
  5. The problem with HVR right now is that it's still just as strong outside of quickswitching, the only real difference is that it's now boring and clunky. If anything I would like to see the change scaling damage with bloom reverted and the damage lowered to 750 so you can't just hit someone once with .45 / FBW and then quickswitch.
  6. Agreed, they should add some some more reasons for people to play. They could always add in the Asylum weapon skin and the asylum seeker title for getting #1 on the week + 500 more JT since currently there is no difference in getting 35k for the gold bracket or getting 500k for #1. Surely there are some more unused titles / skins so you could add some in for Baylan as well.
  7. If you are referring to the garbage collection I’m probably wrong on that.However, I don’t ever remember stuttering to the point the game was almost unplayable being caused by this.
  8. It's a problem with the game. To my knowledge, there is 2 different types of stutters, one caused by the server hitting 35 ms and the other by the games garbage collection system. This was never a problem before LO took over, and I know they managed to fix it at one point, but they've been back now since around the Halloween event. It's definitely something they should take a look at considering people are actually quitting over this. Tried pretty much everything I could think of to get rid of them. Doesn't seem to impact everyone at the same time either, varies depending on the day, regardless of specs. At least from what me and the people I play with have noticed. Specs: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB DDR4 SSD: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB PSU: Corsair PowerSupply RM750X V2 750W 80+ Gold Would also be nice if they could finally fix this annoying HUD bug where you can't see the objectives / markers in game after changing character 3/4 times.
  9. Why would you change the guns bloom from 1.6 to 2.8? You're literally increasing the bloom by 75% which you're most likely gonna have to revert in an upcoming patch. Who is making these changes man, like, can you just get some good players to help you with balancing... Also starting to wonder how long we're gonna have to wait for the whisper to be fixed as well since it's been stuck on the old stats since before you nerfed the oca for weeks now and Demoness skin still makes it invisible. Would also like to see a revert back to the old HVR before this bloom mechanic and from there on just lower its damage.
  10. Overall game performance, decreased ever since LO took over both server wise as well as game wise. Other than that, I feel like they're still completely clueless to the weapon balance, mostly due to lack of gameplay experience. I don't think there has been a single weapon balance change that was made for the better apart from the fixing of the Yukon. The shotgun change was hands down one of the worst changes that's been made to the game along with the HVR change. Honestly, what they should do is make a group similar to the SPCT but with actual good players to help them with balancing, not sure how many times I'm going to have to repeat this but it's honestly really needed based on the what we've seen so far. What was the point in fixing the Yukon when the first thing you do is release the Showstopper which arguably is even stronger, than Yukon previously was. I think what they should've done instead of trying to overcomplicate very minor tweaks such as the shotgun / HVR / mod changes now this first period before the engine is released is focused on bug fixes and obvious mission balancing issues such as 1v1 / 2v2 VIP, both teams not having VIP, all items not spawning at once on Creme De La Crime and changing out heavy objectives for medium items. Temporarily disabling almost certain win missions such as Anti Social Networking and getting rid of the current P/N5 system. If simpler changes like these would've been to get rid of some of the frustrations in playing this game I feel like it would've maintained players better instead of in the current state where players return only to realize there are even more broken things now such as the radar tower, spotter, mission objectives disappearing, desyncing being even more common than before.
  11. Might be a good idea to get rid of the achievements, splashscreen as well as the contact in social when you're at it.
  12. Citadel has been running absolutely terrible for the past month, if it's not going between 33 -> 34 ms making you stutter or mouse skip it will disconnect you at random for being afk. Server has also been having issues with extremely high ms and instability for the past week making it almost unplayable. If I'm not wrong Matt did say they were aware of the issue, but we haven't gotten an update since.
  13. Could we please get some comment on what's going on with Citadel, the districts are literally dying. The server MS is just going haywire with constant tps and freezes, barely playable tbh...
  14. Thought I was the only one with this issue. Constantly micros stuttering as well as 1 packet loss going up and down, started about 3 weeks ago and my ms has also been way higher than usual.
  15. DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 3 Marksman sensitivity: 0.55
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