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  1. 4 of my accounts were banned just like yours, but it was not for playing on a new leptop. I was just with Discord and StreamElements doing live as usual, then there was a 3-day ban, right after standing, when I tried to show the forum what happened, a GM n allowed the topic and said "This was my and the company's problem ". At the Emais I just said that I used cheating. 2 people I know have banned the same way. I've been playing APB since 2012 and so far I don't understand, I'm just not wasting time playing anymore,
  2. In 2013/2015 It had a high average of SA players, as of 2015 it started to decay because the old company did not take care of the game properly. The average number of players was lower and in 2016, migration to the NA server, SA players stopped practically everyone, nobody thought it was fair to play with 150/250 MS, I still don't think it's fair, but I really like the game to stop, there are always players being stupid with SA players, but we really have nowhere to play!
  3. Are you satisfied with the current state of N-Tec?
  4. What do you think about the idea of being able to transfer Joker Ticket for Trade? I think it would be good for new negotiations!
  5. Almost all of you remember this system called Refer a Friend, which is a simple system which gives you the option to invite a new player to the game and play missions together, and win points on each mission you win or everytime the referred friend rank up(?). heart of the point is if you are going to bring it back, because I heard you are willing to, in which stage are you going to do so, because it helped a lot of people to get into the game and get interested more in it, in other words it's a valuable kickstarter which will interests a lot of players into coming back or joining the great community again, I am not denying that this system got abused a little, but the only reason of that is the lack of events and giveaways and content that was presented by gamersfirst. PLEASE! Written by: Recenite Posted June 19, 2018 Original post post:
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