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  1. Will I need to change my processor that does not support AVX instructions to play the beta?
  2. the question that does not want to remain silent, will I need to change my processor to play the beta?
  3. Wow, so if I commit to creating a private third-party program, is that okay? If the EAC is identical to the BE, why does it hear the exchange? BattlEye are only problems in most games implemented. Can you see the Jericho server because it is empty? the answer to that question is "BattlEye", Simple, BattlEye is punishing legitimate players, real cheaters using private third party programs that make the party, if you like this BattlEye, excuse me, but I will call you from dumb.
  4. I’m 100% sure you’re wrong, silver...
  5. I still don't understand why LO n changes anti cheating again because I see old cheaters using cheats again, I see Battleye banning people randomly without even using third-party programs I hope LO solves these problems with anti cheating
  6. Does anyone know why I have 30+ms in the Client? This causes the apb screen to freeze.
  7. Every time I open the apb reloaded this error occurs, only solution and repair the game, every time I restart the game the error occurs again, do I have to repair it every time I play?
  8. My ping in 2018 was 150 ms / 2019 was 170ms / 2020 was 300ms / I don't know how much LO wants to get more each year, but it only gets worse.
  9. Russians have an average of 80 - 120 ms, while in South America we have an average of 180 - 270 ms, who deserves a new server?
  10. apparently the cycle of nerfs on the netc will continue from 2009 to 2020+ RIP Ntec 2019.
  11. I can not enter any district, when I go in there is 1 ball running in the middle of the screen and does not go out
  12. When entering the district is on the loading screen it is not leaving until I get expelled for inactivity!
  13. zMax


    I use hialgo boost to leave the lightest APB since 2016 '-' ai 1 week ago I start to give this error helps me to solve.
  14. zMax


    14:55:53: Starting BattlEye Service... 14:56:02: Launching game... 14:56:17: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 14:56:17: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\HiAlgo\Plugins\BOOST\Hookdll.dll". Help me solve this error.
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