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Found 22 results

  1. Dear Little Orbit Support Team, I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to you with a sense of urgency and genuine concern regarding the recent trade lock imposed on my account in APB Reloaded. As a dedicated player who has passionately engaged with the game for over a decade, I find myself deeply disheartened by this sudden restriction. One of the most rewarding aspects of my gaming experience in APB Reloaded has been my ability to create symbols, outfits, and share them within the community. The trade lock has not only stifled this creative outlet that brings me immense satisfaction but has also transformed my gameplay into a challenging, solitary experience. I now find myself in a situation where I am forced into a hardcore ironman mode, making the acquisition of weapon modifications an arduous grind instead of the previously accessible option to purchase them from the market. What exacerbates my frustration is the lack of transparency and information regarding the alleged violation that led to the trade lock. I am certain that I have not knowingly breached any rules, and the absence of clarity on the matter leaves me feeling helpless. I have made numerous attempts to seek assistance from the support team, but unfortunately, my pleas for justice and information have gone unanswered. I understand the necessity of maintaining a fair gaming environment, but I implore you to consider the impact this trade lock has on my overall gaming experience. I firmly believe that there might be a misunderstanding or an error within the automated system, and I am reaching out to you with the hope that a thorough review of my case could shed light on this situation. My appeal is not just for the removal of the trade lock but, more importantly, for transparency regarding the alleged violation. I am more than willing to cooperate and rectify any unintentional mistakes on my part. I cherish my role in the APB Reloaded community and am eager to continue contributing positively to its vibrant ecosystem. Your assistance in this matter is of paramount importance to me. I kindly request that you reconsider the trade lock on my account, providing the necessary information that will allow me to understand and address any issues that may have arisen. I am confident that a fair review will reveal my commitment to upholding the standards of the game. Thank you for your time and understanding. I eagerly await a swift resolution that will enable me to once again enjoy APB Reloaded to its fullest. Best regards, lRush Removed non-PG13 content. - Azukii
  2. Hello, in the last 2 weeks i had that issue where i log in into the character selection window and then press enter and it immidiatley disconnects me back to the log in screen over and over again. so i have tryed to open ports in the router, reinstalling the game, trying steam version client and G1 client, disabling firewall, making ip static/dynamic, restarting router. nothing works it just keep on disconnecting when i choose to enter with my character to the world. only thing that works is using VPN but even using european countries i am having high ping and its unplayable. i even called my isp and they got no idea whats happening. it is very weird problem never had before.
  3. I am not able to login to my account for more than a week now, already submitted a ticket week ago, how long more are you going to take to reply and assist? If you need manpower you can hire me to work in your support deaprtment #helpmematt
  4. After not playing for a month i came back as we just bought a new laptop (literly fresh out the box) i installed APB and after playing 3 missions and switching district i was kicked and i have been banned for 3 days! I was outraged and gave up on it after the 3 days (today) i assumed my ban would be lifted but no it is permamently banned could not even get past log in screen! I have spent 1200€ on this game and more then 3500 hours there is no reason to hack!! Ticket has been logged with support 118919 I wish for a speedy recovery as this is not normal Never had any issue for 5 years and now banned...... Please help. Thanks in advance! This was just to share with you all.
  5. I think that it would be much better to have intelligent servers, that is now the servers Financial and Waterfront have a max of slot to 120 (60 crim and 60 enf) but if the servers Missions-Financial-1 and Missions-Financial-2 are full and the another one Missions-Financial-3 is with 2 crim and 3 enf, this is a problem, i think is a better the full servers transfer the some players. Example!!!, The server: Missions-Financial-3 have 3 crim and 2 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 have 55 crim and 60 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 transfer 12 crim and 13 enf on the server Missions-Financial-3, so now the server have 15 crim and 15 enf, it is easier to start missions, but this without the game disconnecting from the server for connect to the other one, but this with a sync without loading screens, something you don't even notice. All this to avoid being alone and getting bored on almost empty servers. Sorry for my english, I'm italian @MattScott
  6. It's that time of the week to make this thread, ask the question and keep the dislikes coming. When can we get any news about 3.5 progress?
  7. yood

    please tell me.

    3 February 2009 the game came out Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box . in 2018, Criterion games announced Burnout Paradise Remastered . The updated Burnout Paradise offers a variety of visual improvements, including improved graphics and high-resolution textures. You can drive in 4K resolution and with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second. was it a transition to a new engine or were old files overwritten in modern technology ?
  8. hi there LO . i think its time to really fix this things in apb 1) cant go to lobby and change char and go back to missions since i cant see objectives / enemys at all ( its only fix if i restart the game ) 2) when i try to made trade with someone in game the second i click on trade with this X person the game crash ( same happen if people want to trade with me ) 3) if cars crashd in phonecall vandor the car burning / blowing up please fix this issues ! server citadel .
  9. Hello, Im not perfect in English language but i will try to do my best. I have few questions about new engine upgrade and new things that may be implemented. 1. Discticts connections and threat disable. We all know that after engine upgrade all players from distrcts will be connected. When system will be looking for enemy for my group i will dont see any threat. My question is, that threat will be only hidden or (it woud be nice), the system will calculate players stats and try to give us similar enemy? 2. Clan fights. For now if we want to make clan fight we are going on empty district and then just pressing ready with our opponent. How it woud be work after engine update if districts will be connected (my group and opponent group can have diffrent threats and stats). 3. Cheaters - a very broad subject. For study this topic i was searching that cheats are easy avaible for every people (just putting that in google). I saw comments that most or the are detectable or just dont working - There is a good job! But... The are still some cheaters that have new accounts to break the game for us and the second smaller group, people that program they own cheats by SDK libelary. My offer is to observe people with very high stat and give them a new rank - to avoid banning people with just being good. When people get for example "platinum" rank force them to fight each other and then caluclate their accurcy (good players always will have some missing shots). The problem is still with new accounts with cheats and persons that have wh - what you offering in that ? What to do to resocialize cheaters? I think good idea will be put them on another district FOREVER to play each other just they can see how it is after another side ;) 4. Weapons from pocket. I think that will be nice to add animation when climbing on ladder to place your weapon on your back. You can add that on key. 5. Mailboxes. Add filling by category - for example purchases, gifts from missions, message from another player. Add button that will do massive things for example: Get all consumable item (setchel, sheild etc). Search by name - that will be awesome! Just start typing and the system is searing mail that contain specific word.
  10. So this has been on my mind recently What will become of the Armas Market....earlier I was reading through some post and I came across a post where someone was asking when was the next salad before you guys start the salt, I'm not asking for a sale....ok I saw this quote by Hexerin "MattScott specifically stated there wouldn't be any sales until after the ARMAS rework", so MattScott I was wondering what you and team was planning to do about the Loyalty Reward System when you reach you to the ARMAS rework..... Make me try to get what I'm saying to be more understandable.....I want to know if you and your team are planning to add any new Rewards to the Loyalty System.....I don't want to seem like I'm bothering or laying anymore burden on you guys.....I love what you guys are doing for the game....and I love how you guys speak to the community and letting us know what you guys are planning to do/add to the game....but yea lets get back my topic...where did I leave off at, oh yea adding new Rewards.....yes, I won't lie I love the Loyalty Rewards, it just feels good to know that you are getting something back for spending your money on a game.... It's nice while it last until you unlock the AMG-556 "Euryale" and after that the only rewards you get is Gold Mystery Boxes and 15 days Premium codes....yes the boxes are nice....you can rewards such as Legendary, Vehicles (for a period of time), Weapons (for a period of time) if you're lucky you can win a 1 slotted contact weapon (they are pretty useful when it come on to saving APB$).... All said it would be nice if you can add some new Rewards on the Loyalty System.....Going through some post I saw someone commenting that it would nice to add the FFA R&D3 up on the Loyalty System because it's no longer obtainable in the game.....I would second that but I think I'll pass because there still a chance to win it from Gold Mystery Box unless it was removed from that as well....I'll be looking for Sub-Dis for the Armas Market or Devblog if possible. Thanks for Everything MattScott and The LO Team Love Jav ❤
  11. hello little Orbit and the entire development team . let's talk. advertising part of the game does not work . all your advertising is based on 10-15 streamers with which you also get problems . how many events held little orbit since the purchase ? 1- FACEOFF С MATTSCOTT . I PERSONALLY !!!! I think that it was completely FAILURE !!!I contacted Lixil did not receive the distinct answer .Players live to 20,000 murders and break at all . in addition - these are not bad results yet . and you constantly play in fighting club . I know OVT veterans with 4 murders , 7.000 .kills,, 260.000 kills . I Understand how you feel comfortable playing on different servers . you can't name names here. there is concrete ( present) gold he it can be technical (the difference in ping), can be command , ..... Taking into account work of Fair Fight and BattlEye‏ I'm sure everything will be fine WHY are GOLD DISTRICTS empty ?1. Gold due plays only GOLD district ( automatically redirect the player to the appropriate arena after scoring and ending the match ) 2. Silver can connect to the gold arena with the condition of increasing the payment for the missions performed , can play in the silver arena , silver can play in bronze with the condition of lowering the payment for completed missions. 3. bronze can be connected to gold with the condition of increasing the payment for the mission in 3-4 times, bronze can connect to the silver arena with the condition of increasing the payment for the missions performed , can play in the bronze arena , bronze can play in green with the condition of lowering the payment for completed missions .T lv Make learning easier and more interesting . matchmaking - teams, groups and solo players do not work private groups should play only against private groups (clans , saltwort from friends) , team plays against team team and solo players . if you understand how the matchmaking system works you have no problem playing with friends in the same mission without being in a private group. the selection of a team leader system works adequately - I have 255 LV may be the leader player of T lv. Matt , Lixil view the forum ! all around ! scammers, cheater ( small remark . as a cheat here, players most cases, talking about opponents with low ping . ping in 10 MS allows you to receive up to 70 kills for a mission in a Fighting Club. in a combat area to get 25 -30 kills .) balancing WEAPONS , lag, DOSS !!! forum moderators do not work ! Aphadon , Androvald some question what codes and keys prevent you from unlocking ? 1. the fourth slots on cars such as Patriot Vegas G , Dolton Fescno D , Charge Mikro Mark ? 2. two slots EQUIPMENT in character ?3. to update an item in the store for Joker tickets ? permanent titles, cars, clothes ? 4. give my character 300 levels ? 5. win of rare weapons for Delay Active unreal minimal - for 7 000 odd hours I have 3 OCA Nano 'Assassin' , and I saw once in the assignment OCA Nano 'Chrome' but I couldn't get it . this is a normal percentage for win 7000 hours four times ? restore justice !provide criminals to such machines as Pioneer N , Packer Vaquero . to provide access to a series weapons "Less than lethal" . open the close location Aslyum ? what's going on with the server migration, HAN ? what is the fate of Nekrova ? 1.Han where ! and when ! moved server . if moved . when will the free character migration ? 2. you kicked Russians players on separate server - Nekrova .referring to the advantages they received from the old Pioneer server owned by Innova . the problem was modifications of the weapon, and some disagreements with the weapon itself . it was necessary to look for other way of the solution of a question . Evidence - List of most expensive video games to develop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_video_games_to_develop APB: All Points Bulletin Electronic Arts the development costs further 100.000.000 $ , budget 50.000.000 $ , has an early concept trailer , has an early trailer , has the first trailer in 2005 , has about 10 concept videos , lasted three months . acquired by the company GamersFirst for $ November 2010 . the players were divided into three parts - Brazilians forcibly sent to the Hoplon , Russian on Innova . Hoplon dead , Innova dead ., passed 3 migrations of characters . company GamersFirst balances weapons ! 11 may 2018 little Orbit acquired by GamersFirst . the amount is not disclosed , company little Orbit balances weapons ! P.S.. If you see an error or typo please copy and show me it is very difficult to edit. Thank you . 100 dislikes I do not think at all for the bad result )) maybe I'm wrong ?
  12. hello, there is a stupid exploit that many people are currently using it. the mission doesn't end, because they bugged for somehow the store mission here is a youtube video that i found on youtube:
  13. I still don't understand why LO n changes anti cheating again because I see old cheaters using cheats again, I see Battleye banning people randomly without even using third-party programs I hope LO solves these problems with anti cheating
  14. I have no idea, if this was ever asked or answered. i didnt find a thing in the search function about it. (If there was ever a progress..) at what stage was G1 (promised) work on the engine update ? This mythical topic is in this game for at least 5 years, as we can see now, how much of time it Matt and the team takes to improve: Did G1 even do a thing about it ? Have they ever been working on an engine update ? Were all the "early render progress screenshots" and told progress only lies to keep mikling the last players ? Who even is (behind) G1? They were somehow related with K2Networks (Warrock and other Freemium games). Who are they ? Can anyone (MATT/TEAM) answere that questions (valid and confirmed, not guessing) ? Thanks in Advance, a player since RTW times.
  15. And so ... I'm here, like many of everyone who has now remained in this project and hopes to recreate and raise this wonderful game from its knees .. Many people understand that there are no analogues of this game, it has great ambitions, great support that awaits from LO of a new engine that is promised for more than 5 years, UE is free to use, there is a team, what's the problem? Everyone has been waiting for this event for a very long time, someone has already had children, and someone has already grown old and someone loses interest and leaves .... There have been a lot of problems with the servers lately, nothing new happens every Wednesday, the influx of cheaters is growing and they are not even banned, they just play and kill the potential of the game... Threat rebounds were also postponed for a long time, newcomers entering this game make 10-30 kills in 10 hours of play, how can they withstand it? there is no balance and meaning for them, I'm sure 90% of them bury this project for themselves... Why don't even regular reports on cheaters work? Why couldn't the event be rolled out on Valentine's Day? Why has pub upbamu been trying so much harder than the original for all these years? Why is there no extension in the servers? Why is there no news about the engine? - Every time we are fed with delicious information that is repeated again, it helps to believe and wait, but not at all ... I have been in the project since 2011 and I still believe in apb... I have spent 15000+ hours on this project and I am interested in it.. If there are such global problems in development on the transfer, why can't you get help from people from the side of the players, because many during this time could master the development and really understand this...
  16. ctontkypnt

    Fight Club map

    Hello. I don’t know who else I can ask, but is it possible to return the old map of the "Construction" or "Beacon" fight club from the financial district? (These are the only photos I found on the Internet
  17. Dear @MattScott , I got one suggestion I didn't see nowhere around forum, nor anybody talking about it. It is not a secret that there are few female hairstyles in APB that are commonly used more often, and some that are almost never used. From 30 hairstyles for females, almost 5-6 of them are with bald head, and variations of bald head. Now I know that for G1 it was easier to copy paste male hairstyles for women, but I personally think, nor I saw anyone using bald hairstyle for women in APB...like ever. Maybe few trolls with non serious account and characters. When bald head can be somewhat sexy when wore by men, for women its just a big no no irl, and therefore I doubt any of us would wear it online either. So I noticed, that there are actually some quite high quality ideas with girls hairstyles in APB, but they lack just that final small touch to make them really awesome! Best of all, that I truly believe would make it a lot easier for you guys and your developers and designers, is that you already got potential for awesome new hairstyles right now in the game. The only thing necessary would be to combine already existing hairstyle combinations into one hairstyle. For instance hairstyle number 6 has potential of very common in real life hairstyle girls wear, I am one of them, but the forehead revealing is just unrealistic and ugly. You could never see girl irl, at lest they are not in majority, who doesn't make her fringes on forehead when she already bothered letting her hair grow over the years to be that long. So in my opinion, you wouldn't have to lose much time and create some entirely new hairstyles, when you already got everything in your game, where you just need to combine already existing hair styles. Change the back of the head hair, or front and side of the hairstyle. I am not much good with the editing programs, but I managed to make a quick few examples of what I mean. I took female hairstyle number 3 (pony tail style) and hairstyle number 23 or 22 with two tails and combined their fringes with hairstyle number 6, and in my opinion it instantly looks way more different, way more cuter, way more attractive. So i hope you will at least consider this suggestion and have it on your mind when engine upgrade comes. Tnx in advance for hearing/reading me out. https://imgur.com/KDzYyqi https://imgur.com/KZx2Tq6 https://imgur.com/exzYO0R https://imgur.com/bWYpBKi
  18. hi there everyone . i would like to know if anyone try ReShade and if its work in apb . also want to know if there is any reaL risk to try it / use it ?
  19. I love youuuuuuuu Little Orbit for the new armas prices you guys are the best @MattScott You are not a person , you are an angel sent for APB to make it Better I loveeeeeeee u
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