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Found 1 result

  1. hello little Orbit and the entire development team . let's talk. advertising part of the game does not work . all your advertising is based on 10-15 streamers with which you also get problems . how many events held little orbit since the purchase ? 1- FACEOFF С MATTSCOTT . I PERSONALLY !!!! I think that it was completely FAILURE !!!I contacted Lixil did not receive the distinct answer .Players live to 20,000 murders and break at all . in addition - these are not bad results yet . and you constantly play in fighting club . I know OVT veterans with 4 murders , 7.000 .kills,, 260.000 kills . I Understand how you feel comfortable playing on different servers . you can't name names here. there is concrete ( present) gold he it can be technical (the difference in ping), can be command , ..... Taking into account work of Fair Fight and BattlEye‏ I'm sure everything will be fine WHY are GOLD DISTRICTS empty ?1. Gold due plays only GOLD district ( automatically redirect the player to the appropriate arena after scoring and ending the match ) 2. Silver can connect to the gold arena with the condition of increasing the payment for the missions performed , can play in the silver arena , silver can play in bronze with the condition of lowering the payment for completed missions. 3. bronze can be connected to gold with the condition of increasing the payment for the mission in 3-4 times, bronze can connect to the silver arena with the condition of increasing the payment for the missions performed , can play in the bronze arena , bronze can play in green with the condition of lowering the payment for completed missions .T lv Make learning easier and more interesting . matchmaking - teams, groups and solo players do not work private groups should play only against private groups (clans , saltwort from friends) , team plays against team team and solo players . if you understand how the matchmaking system works you have no problem playing with friends in the same mission without being in a private group. the selection of a team leader system works adequately - I have 255 LV may be the leader player of T lv. Matt , Lixil view the forum ! all around ! scammers, cheater ( small remark . as a cheat here, players most cases, talking about opponents with low ping . ping in 10 MS allows you to receive up to 70 kills for a mission in a Fighting Club. in a combat area to get 25 -30 kills .) balancing WEAPONS , lag, DOSS !!! forum moderators do not work ! Aphadon , Androvald some question what codes and keys prevent you from unlocking ? 1. the fourth slots on cars such as Patriot Vegas G , Dolton Fescno D , Charge Mikro Mark ? 2. two slots EQUIPMENT in character ?3. to update an item in the store for Joker tickets ? permanent titles, cars, clothes ? 4. give my character 300 levels ? 5. win of rare weapons for Delay Active unreal minimal - for 7 000 odd hours I have 3 OCA Nano 'Assassin' , and I saw once in the assignment OCA Nano 'Chrome' but I couldn't get it . this is a normal percentage for win 7000 hours four times ? restore justice !provide criminals to such machines as Pioneer N , Packer Vaquero . to provide access to a series weapons "Less than lethal" . open the close location Aslyum ? what's going on with the server migration, HAN ? what is the fate of Nekrova ? 1.Han where ! and when ! moved server . if moved . when will the free character migration ? 2. you kicked Russians players on separate server - Nekrova .referring to the advantages they received from the old Pioneer server owned by Innova . the problem was modifications of the weapon, and some disagreements with the weapon itself . it was necessary to look for other way of the solution of a question . Evidence - List of most expensive video games to develop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_video_games_to_develop APB: All Points Bulletin Electronic Arts the development costs further 100.000.000 $ , budget 50.000.000 $ , has an early concept trailer , has an early trailer , has the first trailer in 2005 , has about 10 concept videos , lasted three months . acquired by the company GamersFirst for $ November 2010 . the players were divided into three parts - Brazilians forcibly sent to the Hoplon , Russian on Innova . Hoplon dead , Innova dead ., passed 3 migrations of characters . company GamersFirst balances weapons ! 11 may 2018 little Orbit acquired by GamersFirst . the amount is not disclosed , company little Orbit balances weapons ! P.S.. If you see an error or typo please copy and show me it is very difficult to edit. Thank you . 100 dislikes I do not think at all for the bad result )) maybe I'm wrong ?
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