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Found 13 results

  1. I remember suggesting this years ago, but of course under G1 domain it was often impossible to receive real consideration even for the most needed adjustments. I'm sure now things may First of all, lets remember that Little Orbit already stated they plan to have the Threat system reworked, if not completely scrapped and rebuilt to function properly. But since this may be a long term project that we won't see efficiently in use for a while, I think it would be helpful if they could adopt a faster, easier solution to get rid of this exploit asap. Current Situation: A player (normally Gold Threat) purposely exploits the threat system to join normally inaccessible districts (of Bronze Threat) in order to play missions against easier opponents, trolling and/or griefing with the higher skill and rank obtained. As a consequence, new players are pushed away from the game due to the immediate bad experience, only promoting the wrong idea of "p2w" and "cheaters" in the game. Solution: Disable mission matchmaking for players whose threat doesn't match the one of the district. > Optional: Prompt a message warning to change districts to correct ones, with an auto-kick if the player doesn't in 5 mins. Since the threat level is updated after a mission ends, simply locking the "Ready" status when their threat is increased will prevent the players from causing any further damage. This means that: 1) if the player is a true gold, he either has to keep playing bad (fair for the bronzes) or he will continuously lose the ability to play missions (and be kicked), rendering the action of dethreating not worth it; 2) if the player is a silver who got lucky, he will probably dethreat by normal means after moving to the correct district; In case you begin asking "what about players who keep changing between the two threats", lets first understand that the current threats are incorrectly being altered by the dethreaters: a silver would not keep getting gold and back if he didn't bounce between fighting bronzes and golds. With such simple fix, the districts will begin balancing themself autonomously given enough time. While it isn't a solution to the issue of the threats, it can quickly address some of the main problems currently faced for the time it takes to create a new proper system. Feel free to share opinions! Criticism is welcome.
  2. 77 of 350 were not counted as murders for the role of a pistol. This information has not been updated so much. Please fix nick Lowx.
  3. I read up disabling fullscreen optimization in windows 8/10 may help with fps/lag. Seems to have helped me with waterfront lag/stutter. Right-click the APB.ex e (located in binaries folder) Click on Properties Click on the Compatibility tab Check “Disable Full Screen Optimizations” Click OK May have to do the same with the game "launcher" and steam as well. Feel free to test, sometimes it works, sometimes it won't help. But if you havn't tried and would like to know if it may help, that's how. If you want to shut it off for all games on your system
  4. I've played a lot of APB and I am friends with a lot of people who have played a lot of APB. Many of whom have quit the game. some of their reasons are big and hard to fix but some are smaller and not at all too much to ask for. -It takes too long to level. (I don't think this would be too hard to change. Just increase how much XP we get as mission rewards. The game has drastically less players than back in the day, so missions are farther inbetween and leveling takes longer. when I hit max rank in like 2015 I was at about 800 hours on 1 character. Which is entirely too much and most people don't ever put that much time into ANY game. let alone a single character.) not even max -Not having a contact in a specific district (Though I am aware this one will be disputed because it would make it so 1 map is obsolete most the time, I do feel there is people out there who may have quit because they got tired of that endless wait for financial east to populate. This change would help with my first point as well. That 800 hours of leveling was when i had option of playing waterfront or financial at like all times of the day.) -Buffing bad guns, leaving "good" guns alone (An issue I and others I have spoken to are having is that we have played this game for so long that we have played the same guns over and over. This is largely due to the fact there is some guns that are just not viable and its not due to the fact that NTEC is just drastically better, because it isn't. Its due to the fact that a handful of guns have been nerfed and buff so many time while the others remain the same and left in the dust. I feel that buffing these less used guns would add some spice to the lives of the remaining playerbase.) NO point in even taking them out -Arma/ingame rewards for forum activity and testing activity (Over the years we've seen many changes to the game and most of those changes were not at all what the community/game wanted or needed. I've thought about it for a long time and even spoken to others and we feel it is due to the fact that only a very small fraction of the community actually comes on the forums and responds to suggestions and questions (some of the people who respond DONT EVEN PLAY the game anymore and just enjoy posting on the forum because they have friends and such.) In OSRS they have polls, which is an ingame way of voting on changes the devs are going to make. Another idea would be maybe giving clothing/currency/cars/guns/JT/titles for those who vote.) -Slotted secondary weapons (Another one that people might not agree with, BUT I do feel it would add some spice to the gameplay.) -Reward and promote content creators/streamers (The APB community has some very creative and cool people in it (also some horrible ones) and they all stream and create videos. They upload these videos and those videos get more views than the game has active players. This is FREE ADVERTISING. Utilize them, embrace this and do what rust did. Rust and other games literally have stuff in their games named/designed around their content creators. I recently played a game and they literally promote their streamers ingame on the menu screen(I'm aware something like that would need engine upgrade) but its still an idea.) -The tutorial still sucks (The tutorial teaches people the basics(kinda) but it just throws them in and doesn't help them with things like what mods are best for a gun/character/car. I've seen people with high-mag scope on an OCA and think its their fault they're not killing their enemy who "has the same gun" as them. Also give more rewards from the tutorial, these people need like 100k by the time they're done with the tutorial. The tutorial give like 1k which gets you like 1 shirt and a haircut.) -Reducing civilians and civilian vehicles (The game and server don't run very well sometimes, The reducing of how many civ cars and civilians on the map will allow the server to put those resources else where.) -Parked civ cars ( Making it so some of the civ cars are parked and not moving would also help with server performance.) -Quality of Life shaders/config features (Currently a big debate is configs and if or if not they're unfair, I am personally in the mindset they are not. But, many do not agree, which puts them and new players at a disadvantage, either because they do not know how to put it in, fear being banned (because of the next person ->) or they have these principles where they refuse to do anything that isn't clearly allowed. I feel like adding some of these things into the game itself would help.) -Embracing and rewarding player made guides (There is some good AND in depth guides made by players. Put them ingame) These are just some things that could help. Anyone who has any ideas they would like me to to add to this post, please comment them or dm me on something and I'll add them @MattScott The game is dying but not dead, people come back all the time. Make it easier for us to progress and play.
  5. Right, did accidentally installed (trojan/mailware) with several software next day found abnormal activity in game, micro freezes and unusual CPU usage. manually scanned pc found 7 files infected with Trojan/malware, after removing em issues gone. driverinstaller (100% infection) RemoveWAT (100% infection) Windows_7_Loader (100% infection) - this sake get for me 5 malware + 3 not approved programs, loader version 3+ os 7 x64 Tskmngr opel file location send to virustotal
  6. Title says it all. Disable your matchmaking in the current district unless you are grouped with players that are the correct threat for the district. Would set an end a majority of frustration players feel whenever playing against 255 gold players in silver district and vice versa. Could also extend this to if over 60% of the group is not the current threat then MM will be disabled for all except the one that is currently correct threat to reduce boosting. Will players try to get around this like de-ranking? Yes. But it's a bannable offense, so not a lot of people will risk their account to outplay newer players. But all my friends are 255 gold, will I not be able to play with them? Yes you will. It's only for people who like punching down and can't play against their skill group. But no one plays in gold anymore? That's why this is a fix. People will be using gold district as they used to and play against the actual skill groups they are placed in. But everyone in gold cheats? And everyone flocks to silver district ATM. Including cheaters who have the same mindset as you do.
  7. Well we all know the gambling of jmb's where you have 0.0001% chance of getting a legendary? Some can spend 10dollars and get a legendary while others can spend 100 and not get 1. I myself personally have around 510 dollars on jmb's and i only ever got 1 legendary. I think the jmb's need some changes to make it a bit more worth, so that people do not get items they will never use. Like 95% of what we get we already own and will never clear up those pages of none needed items. So here is what i think can be better Legendary 30 day premium 365 days cars 180 days cars $100.000 APB$ 1500 JT Some 15 days guns(but reduce the drop percentage for these 15 days guns by a bit...or a lot) 10 day premiums 5 day premiums Random clothing piece(For example a hoodie from juggernaut pack) $50.000 APB$ 750 JT Random 3 days guns (but reduce the drop percentages) 1 day premium Random clothing(Like those baseball jersey's) $10.000 APB$ 200 JT A symbol of Matt's beard (That is 1 good beard man...) Reducing the weapon drops since most of us who spend money in the game already own permanent accountbound weapons and stuffs. We will never retrieve them from our mailbox leaving us with pages of 3 day & 10 day guns. These chances will give the JMB some better value and less "this is a money gambling because i things i already own with $50dollars thrown in jmb's" Because these changes can actually reduce the "this is a gambling" by a lot since you have a higher chance of getting something that is way better than 3 day atac's and stuff.
  8. You removed radar tower because they were broken to be fixed later, and yet car spawners go untouched. I consistently have enemies spawn sub 32m from me in car spawners. Could you explain at least how the car spawner function works? Does the "whole" car have to be within that 32m range? Does only "part" of the car? Such as the cab? It seems that if you get within 32m of it, move out to 33-35, then back to 25 or less, enemies will be able to spawn on the car spawner within 1-2 seconds. At least that's what it feels like. This is an issue that should be addressed. I've had enemies spawn in the car spawner 20m out with their teammate driving in. There has to be some sort of bug and reason why car spawner isn't working as intended. (That's also ignoring the fact that 32m is far too close to spawn in from an enemy) Or is it that they spawn out of 32m, and it takes 1-2 seconds for their "bodies" to appear inside the vehicle and actually spawn, making it seem like it's broken? Why is it that I consistently have enemies spawning within 30m of me on one? To those who say "how would you know this" it's because minimaps exist, and and I consistently try to body block car spawns if i can't destroy them. This means that I often end up getting spawned on, consistently, even within range.
  9. The only solution to this problem would be to isolate bronze, greens, and Trainees in their own district. Thus Silver and gold must play vs each other. Reasons: 1. It isn't fair to anyone except other golds on your teams that are 'dethreating',. And people call you a try hard if you push against this behavior. 2. You are creating the problem. APB players are are like predators. Nature of the game, which is cool. They want to search out the easiest targets. Again, the result they dethreat to get to bronze. >>>People rejoice when they lose their Gold.<<< 3, You are losing new players that are overwhelmed by this Threat system's flaws. 4. Causes contempt within the community, thus making it more toxic. Multiple reasons that are too numerous to list here. In closing I will say I have been here as long as the game. I have worked with gamersfirst with many issues within the game. I know what will work and not work. >>>Implement this change for a month and see how it works out. <<< One last thing. You may think; "Yeah, but silvers wont be able to play with silver!" Not so, It takes nothing to make silver from bronze. But takes a lot to get from Silver back to bronze. I won't point out the guidelines of how or why that is for it will expose techniques. What do you have to lose @MattScott Trust me Sincerely. LX NA/EU APB player
  10. If you experience 1-2 FPS when you launch the game on a new iGPU such as Intel UHD 630, then the workaround fix is as follows: - Install VMWare player (free) and setup a Windows Virtual Machine. You need ISO, so can use Windows Media Creation tool for simplicity. - After Windows install power off the Virtual Machine, enable 3D Acceleration for that machine, power it on and install VMWare Tools - You can get Direct X from Windows Download Center - Install and play the game on Virtual Machine. With low settings should be 60+ FPS. If you did everything alright, than Graphics Card on your virtual machine should show VmWare SVGA 3D If you game doesn't patch and load, but internet connection presents on your Virtual Machine, then add Firewall Exclusion Rules for FE updater and FE client. Game was tested to run on legacy Intel HD 4000, so it should run better on new iGPU, just problems with drivers+game interaction: it won't use iGPU for render, which is clearly seen on GPU performance graphs. Hyper-V will most likely not work (GPU partition method should be slow for that card, and pass-thru is disabled i new versions, unless you hack it somehow) Virtual Box will most likely work.
  11. hello, there is a stupid exploit that many people are currently using it. the mission doesn't end, because they bugged for somehow the store mission here is a youtube video that i found on youtube:
  12. Way back in the day when GamersFirst acquired APB and made it into APB Reloaded, myself and many others who were/are passionate about this game due to its unique gameplay experience, worked on a lot of feedback (some going above and beyond in terms of effort). Unfortunately almost all of that feedback was ignored and we realized G1 had seemingly no real interest in improving the game, only trying to wring as much $$$ out of it as possible. I'm hoping Little Orbit is different. Sure, LO has to make $$, I get that, but I hope they are committed to breathing life into APB in order to make it last. It will be beneficial to both the players and subsequently themselves in the long run. Here are is a list, mostly off the top of my head, of things that if fixed/changed, should greatly improve the overall quality of the game: <<< Additions >>> Ability to see secondary weapons / grenades on score screen, possibly without revealing mods Ability to put a resupply box (consumable) in the trunk of a vehicle and resupply from the trunk area (similar to the vehicle mod Mobile Supply Unit) Better friends list akin to modern games (friend request, account-wide adding, etc...) Bring the district caps back up to 100 (50 and 50) -- Possibly higher OR implement some sort of cross-district matchmaking (sort of how WoW's phasing system works) High res setting for primitives Loose ping restrictions -- Boot players out of the district if their ping exceeds 350 for x minutes maybe Make "non-meta" vehicles viable --> Give vehicles bonuses to certain mods (Han Veo = radar range, Ceresco = % bonus to the cargo expander, etc...) Mission-length replay (very similar to the replay systems of PUBG and Fortnite) Permissions system: Allow us to set permissions on our creations be they clothing or otherwise so other people can modify what they buy or obtain from other players Return our precious bullet tracer effect (with optional toggle inside the options menu!) Weapon/equipment loadouts with save slots (this might make some weapon switching unfairly quick? idk!) <<< Quality of Life >>> Ability to join a queue for full districts Account-wide storage (Sending legendaries or mods to other characters on the same account is tedious as hell) Account-wide currency ($$ & JT) Add a delay/invulnerability when switching to a stage that involves takeouts Allow players to attach multiple items to an in-game mail Better weapon sorting (Would love things to be alphabetical right now, but I'm sure the whole interface could use a revamp) Change how yellow mods work: Either make them unlimited (no cap) or when you hit the cap, stop receiving extras (mail spam) Consistency, consistency, consistency! One of my biggest gripes with the game since my first day back in 2011. Sometimes I have to aim behind people to 'hit' them, other times I can shoot where their actual player model is. Also this sort of ties in with inaccurate cross-hairs and client-side blood splats / hit-markers Dampen the sounds of people outside of your current mission slightly + have an option to 'mute' out of mission players (voip only) Different color 'tie' score screen (Green is currently shown for a win and a tie) Eliminate client-side hit markets / blood splatters and other things that can mislead players Ensure weapon reticles and such reflect a true accuracy Fix certain fence walls being unable to be shot through Fix certain map geometry to prevent seeing/shooting through Fix LOD on map geometry (certain walls, etc... disappear at strange ranges) Fix objectives (vehicles) in vehicle delivery missions from exploding in certain areas when you enter their vicinity -- Cant remember the mission name(s) but I run into this often in Financial around Fix progress on a point carrying over to another mission (Example: A break-in door objective that had progress on it but was never completed will have the same progress for whomever has their objective at the same door later on) Fix that one vehicle spawn in Waterfront that spawns vehicles facing the wall Fix the game volume / VOIP -- Currently you need to turn your in-game volume to max and then turn APB down in windows in order to have both sound and the ability to hear others decently on VOIP. Fix vehicle spawn areas so that, no matter the size, two vehicles can always spawn side by side Gas Can 4 has had a loose vertex forever which results in it 'exploding' during animation/use Item jump/drop 'trick' -- This was fixed for heavy items years ago but not for medium items. In lieu of this 'feature' give a player carrying a medium / heavy item x% more HP (only while holding said item). Make out-of-mission vehicles have 0 collision aka 'ghost' for people inside the mission but ONLY WITHIN x RADIUS OF AN OBJECTIVE Make sprinting 'always on' by default (auto sprint) -- There is little to no reason to ever not sprint in APB Minimize 'cheap' hold areas and other supreme choke zones by adding more ways to reach certain areas (There was an excellent thread with pictures on the APB forums years and years ago about this) More control over our settings in-game to remove the need for tools like Advanced APB launcher, shader edits, etc... More meaningful gun statistics (in-game) instead of the obscure bars we have now News / updates 'panel' on the login / character select screen to keep non-forum goers in the loop Only allow ammo/weapon switching at proper locations (ammo vendors / contacts / deployed ammo). Right now players are able to change weapons and such at mail boxes and car spawners which feels silly Remove the 'rocket protection' -- When you aim over a car, even if you have clearance, your rockets will shoot off to the side to 'save' you (this also affects grenades) Remove the various district specific compat files from the official game. There is no need and it causes problems. Remove weapon rank 16. It takes about the same amount of time to go from 1 to 15 as it does to go from 15 to 16. Quite an arduous grind! Revamp the tattoo system as it is easy to delete layers unintentionally, the layers are sorted backwards, etc... <<< Revisit >>> Contact vehicle unlocks -- Why would a new player use anything other than their starter car (1 slot with mobile spawner) when it takes a long time to grind up a 1 slot car? Differences between both factions (restricted spawners, vehicle types) Equip times on certain weapons (I'm looking at you Silver Nano) Gun preset mods -- Most preset guns you buy have awful mods for the modern era of APB (HB3 SHAW / HB3 Alig / Any shotguns with reflex sight / etc...) Kevlar Marketplace 20% tax Out-of-bounds system -- This needs some tweaks (several rooftops can still be exploited by crouching) as well as perhaps some slack for people goofing around outside of missions P5 / N5 -- Getting these in a mission usually causes the person doing good to lose the objective and can be very annoying. Ram raiding (does anyone do this for $$ anymore?) Spawn system -- This honestly used to be worse before elective spawning was introduced but it's still far from perfect. The biggest problem being people spawning down range of enemy snipers. Threat system (Though I'm not sure anything can be done to make things better given the # of people per district) TTK -- Some weapons, especially in CQC situations, can kill people before they can react and this seems a bit silly (Yukon is probably the worst offender) Tutorial district (or something similar) Two equipment slots are still locked Vehicle carry limit (Namely for the Vaquero and Mikro as they cant carry a heavy item without a special blue mod. This was done for ram raiding years ago, seem archaic now)
  13. My camera keeps spinning and Im just barely in the tutuorial
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