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Found 5 results

  1. I was wondering what can I do about these little screen freezes I get all the time. I know a lot of people get these "micro stutters" too, where your screen will freeze for maybe a quarter to a middle of a second. These often cost you a kill and are really really annoying. I've seen some people who run their game super smoothly in streams or youtube videos. So, what is there to do about it? Do I need a monster PC to fix this? It's weird that no matter what settings I'm using I still seem ot get the same amount of stutters. Doesn't matter if it's all Max settings and resolution, or if it's custom minima setting in 1024x768. I'll always get 60FPS (or 102 if I'm not capping it) + A lot of stutters What part of my pc should I upgrade to solve this? Or is it more of a game problem?
  2. Hey, im here with just a simple question. Can i get banned for no-fog mod? I know Matt talked about Advanced Launcher but no about things like no-fogs... Ty
  3. Ever since the introduction of EasyAntiCheats, I have been wondering about why it's disabled to change the affinity and priority now. But I would assume this is a security measure of some kind (since you can allow EAC to run on just 1 core, which seems odd but doesn't affect the game process I guess). However I found a way to still allow High priority to the APB Process (for affinity I use Process Lasso). I first contacted Matt asking if it was allowed to post or not and he gave me the permission to post it after some testing. Basically what we gonna do is add a registry key to the registry of Windows to tell Windows we always want this application High priority from the get-go. My first impressions felt like the mouse input latency (mouse to screen reaction) felt a bit smoother compared to before. But that could been placebo effect, most of my testers also claimed the same thing. Disclaimer: Now I am not gonna say it's gonna give you +30000% boost in FPS or frame time consistency because it's not going to. But it might help with several systems running a lot of processes or just tell the OS to give resources to this application first. I made this into a simple reg file to add it to your registry. (remove the keys to revert the changes) VirusTotal.com: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/841ae6c2fef5fd40a32ebca3d472558f9d3f90ad43ee54788ff257087e897527/detection Download reg file: https://mega.nz/#!c5ARTYQZ!KEek0mbEkahcFR29zgHy_z7-IE0mz1kfY-VY3Zlu3ws The source code in case you want to do this manually: (keep in mind the forums make . e x e "program", so it should be \APB . e x e) Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\APBprogram\PerfOptions] "CpuPriorityClass"=dword:00000003 Let me know how it works out!
  4. Nvidia user performance settings & System tricks Less spech, let's start • Step 0 • Windows Right click on your desktop and click personalize, then select and apply the windows classic theme like this: • Step 1 • Nvidia Control Panel Click START next CONTROL PANEL next HARDWARE AND SOUND next Nvidia Control Panel then click on 3D Settings like this: Click ADJUST IMAGE SETTINGS WITH REVIEW and then select USE MY PREFERENCE EMPHASIZIG and spin the bar to left on PERFORMANCE when done click APPLY • Step 2 • Nvidia 3D Settings Click on MANAGE 3D SETTINGS and copy the exact content of the screenshots(2) below, and click APPLY when done • Step 3 • Nvidia Physx Click on SET PHYSX CONFIGURATION and select your GRAPHIC CARD when done click APPLY like this screenshot: • Step 4 • Windows Performance trick Click on ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS screenshot below: Click on ADVANCED and click on SETTINGS ... screenshot below: Now click on ADJUST FOR BEST PERFORMANCE and APPLY, for close the windows just press OK screenshot below: • Step 5 • APB:R Vanilla configuration Go in APB:R Options, turn the graphic in minimal, and leave the tick from smooth frame rate and vsync, then go in the tab advanced and leave the two tick and apply // Updates for advanced users (recommended): You can disable / enable HPET for the best performance, you can search for this on google and read carefully ! Disable all the power saving option in the bios and windows Disable in-built audio system from motherboard, these usually uses windows high-definition / realtek drivers and causes alot of troubles like audio stuttering, better using a cheap external sound card at this point Disable contents indexing of the hard drive where windows is located Re-locate the page-filing trough another hard-disk, out from the hard-disk where your APB is placed Re-locate the Asset-cache folder (the one inside APB folder), you have to link that in another hard-disk there should be a Karyl tutorial // Updates for everyone that uses nvidia: Texture filtering trilinear optimization should be ON (screenshot mistake) thanks Dive for let me notice that A lot of thanks to 'Steamcloud' for posting this. I think this thread helped a bunch of people getting into the basics of tweaking mechanics. xxx
  5. I'm starting this thread because people have made good points on both sides of the argument involving RIOT mode and the engine upgrade. Is it good to get new content in the game? Yes. Absolutely. Is it time for the new content? No. Absolutely not. The time for the content isn't going to be soon. We NEED the engine upgrade before any content expansion. I'm saying this to have ease of introducing new content. If you wait on content and upgrade the Engine, however long that may take, then you'll know the code necessary for changes and be able to properly organize things on the backlines. We need you, LO, we do. We need you to follow your heart and consult your mind when it comes to these decisions. RIOT mode won't bring as much as you hope, not in the game's current state. Regardless of the server you are on, anyone can tell there are issues with the game that needs to be fixed, and content expansions on an already broken engine is just going to make things worse. I know that people are going to disagree, and thats fine. Something needs to be said though, and it feels like (from my end) that any advice from the playerbase, when talking about criticisms that are constructive, seem to not be getting through, not being looked at. I want to see APB thrive just as much as the next guy, I want to see APB return to the popularity that it could be, its just in this state.. Thats not going to happen. As for the community of APB, those who are still playing, and those who have left, please I want you to give feedback, let me know your thoughts and please, lets keep this as professional as can be. And lets keep a neutral tone in this and be as unbiased as possible. @MattScott
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