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  1. xnyuu

    Obeya CR762 is broken.

    Then switching from .AP to another weapon should atleast have that 0,2 timer.
  2. xnyuu

    Obeya CR762 is broken.

    I agree, but I do like to encourage a change to the AP .45, switch-timer or bolt-timer like the scout has, should balance it nicely.
  3. For solo players, the new matchmaking system brings a sense of fairness and balance. No longer will you be matched against a full team of players while you are left alone. With the new system, you have a better chance of being matched with players of similar skill level and experience, making the game more enjoyable and challenging, which can be a struggle at first. Additionally, the new matchmaking system encourages players to work together and play the game. Also, the new system eliminates the frustration of constantly being matched with players who abandon missions or refuse to play as a team. This creates a more positive and supportive environment for solo players, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the game without worrying about unreliable teammates. Overall, the new matchmaking system is a game-changer for small groups and solo players. It creates a fair and balanced playing field, making the game more enjoyable and rewarding for all players. So whether you're a lone wolf or a small group, the new matchmaking system is sure to enhance your gaming experience. Keep up the good work
  4. xnyuu

    Plz nerf OP guns!

    In my opinion, AP. 45 quick switching is a plague and unbalanced, the time to swap to your primary weapon should be slighty increased.
  5. It's against the ToS to remove game files, but since it gets replaced you will NOT be banned for continually deleting it. You could also check for windows updates. d3d9.dll is a DirectX .dll so you have some kind of issue with DirectX.
  6. You will NOT get banned for removing it, since the file gets replaced. Verify integrity of your game files with steam. Then uninstall and reinstall DirectX and verify again or reinstall the whole game.
  7. There is a similar issue where BattlEye blocks loading file msvcp80.dll. (Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ solves it.) If the game launcher doesn't replace the d3dx9.dll automatically, it shouldn't be a problem. Still, it's against ToS.
  8. Yes Sir, it should have never existed in the first place. We will still get our red hit markers and thats all we need to know. This recommendation is indeed a very good one. @MattScott
  9. Back in the days, only people with understanding made a forum posts. Nowadays it's a chat for everyone. Forums aren't forums any more, like a collection of facts. People use them to socialize now. Even I already got two or three warnings. Power will always be abused and it will get harder each day, month and year for all communities and environments since, the intelligence quotient of every new generation sets a new record low. Just enjoy the ride.
  10. xnyuu

    Smoke Grenades?

    People usually remove all smoke with the Advanced APB Launcher.
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