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  1. When I play nowdays it's mostly FC. So I hope there will be something equivalent. FC is the perfect place to try weapons and experiment with mods, practice shooting, leveling weapon roles etc. I like it alot.
  2. Yes but we are not talking about aimbots at all here. We are talking about triggerbots and why the crosshair should not turn red when aiming at an enemy.
  3. Yes but we are talking about scripts (usually ahk script) that anyone with some basic scripting skill can create, not any hack provider. We are not talking about a cheat that uses injection or any alteration of game files whatsoever, which relatively easy can be detected by something like Battle Eye. I don't think you know how ahk triggerbot works. You say that triggerbots would work the same as they do now, but that is completely incorrect. Because if aiming at an enemy changes anything on your screen, either changing crosshair color or anything else that is unique for aiming at an enemy, that is what triggers the script to autmatically perform a mouse click. A well adjusted ahk triggerbot can be very difficult or even almost impossible to detect, as it can be set with a small random variation in how fast it reacts, thus making it appear as manual mouse clicks. And it is very risk free to use ahk script in the current state of the game and there is basically no one who gets busted using a script like that. This makes these scripts very popular. This is why I believe Little Orbit really needs to make sure to do something about this.
  4. What do you mean? With an ahk script, the red color is exactly that which is relied upon. That is exactly what triggers it.
  5. As everone knows, when you aim directly at an enemy, your crosshair turns red. I know I might not get a majority to agree with me on this suggestion, but I suggest that this function should be removed. Why? Because: * Anti-triggerbot: In games where the crosshair changes color when aiming at an enemy, it is most of the time very easy to make a simple triggerbot using only autohotkey script, thus no need for injection of this cheat and hence might be impossible to detect. Thus other players can easily get a very unfair advantage over you. * N-HVR Nerf: Many seem to want the N-HVR to be nerfed, including me. Maybe part of the problem is that the crosshair turns red, so you know exactly when to shoot, even when you don't even see the enemy, you can just scan for them with your crosshair, pretty ridiculous. You might just aim randomly at some vegetation and viola! Crosshair turns red, time to shoot. Or when you aim at an enemy behind one of those glass shielded railings that has a tiny tiny gap under it, well just place the crosshair at that gap and when crosshair turns red, shoot! (or let the triggerbot do it for you for some super human "skills"). This would be really difficult otherwise. Granted, this affects all weapons in the game, but becomes especially OP with snipers for sure! I know, this function with the red crosshair has been in the game since day one, so I guess many might not want to part from it. But personally I would really want this gone. You want to snipe? See if you have the skills without red crosshair. Or maybe disable it only for sniper rifles? What do you guys think? Agree/disagree?
  6. Yes please. I created that post in the old APB forums in 2012. It got massive support from the players/forum users and G1 said they liked the idea, but they never did anything. To this day I sometimes shoot/kill teammates since I think they have red names, or I sometimes do not shoot at enemies because I think their name is Green (or I can't see what color it is and don't want to risk a team kill).
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