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  1. Hurry the f up, 6 years we have been waiting, finish this already please. Idk hire some indians at upwork.com or whatever just fucking finish it before these homies come out. You can revitalize patient but not a corpse APB is becoming prime target for them.
  2. Crippled gamers unite. Also this grammar gave me pneumonia.
  3. Hey guys, just finished patching, can't wait to bug test with you all. /s What you nerds thought what was gonna happen? That LO would prepare, this being majority of playerbase's first time actually seeing 4 years work in progress. Sike~! Embarrassment.
  4. Thank god. Last actually exclusive item left in the game.
  5. did you miss epic store sale where gta 5 was free for a week and you could get like 5 copies?
  6. They didn't just ban random people, you had to done more to tiggs than just criticize her.
  7. Then same logic can be applied here. G1 releases tommy in armas and after a while makes it obtainable from contact. Years later they release manic which is like upgraded tommy and after a while make it obtainable for JT. 6-10k JT which is 2 months of work minimum? Is APB pay to win? Or just pay to get shit you want faster?
  8. Russian meta seems to go from one exploit to another, truly the joggers of any playerbase.
  9. Why yes I code so yeah typos are easily solved because most code editors are good at seeking these out and eradicating them but illogical badly optimized code can only solved with human mind.
  10. You know what would be nice? some actual fucking content. game is about as stale as 6 month old cheeseburger.
  11. besides the orbital cannon (while it was bugged so it was free) or the oppressor mk2 I don't think there's anything to give you "direct" advantage. both can be obtained with week tops.
  12. You know p2w means pay to win right? Time spent does not equal spending money to enjoy FREE content. Your point is moot. You can spend money to get ahead or you can just do the same things investing time to grind money.
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