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  1. Most games and game companies have different area servers. And most often then not, EU and RU are separate. Exactly this type of arrogance, is why every european hates your guts in citadel.
  2. How about they fuck off to the server made for them. Move all russian ip accounts to nekrova, make citadel great again.
  3. Worldwide, WorldDominator and few others.
  4. About fucking time tbh. During EU nighttime it's basically unplayable, every single match against russian cheaters.
  5. Luminesca

    Hacker testimonial

    But LO gave us battle eye, surely this has to be a lie.
  6. Luminesca

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    Gun is fine and you need to git gud or just deal with it. Fbw and joker macros are annoying and need to get clamped down.
  7. Luminesca


    link pls
  8. Luminesca

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Is mechanical keyboard considered cheating, because your family members can hear you typing loud nonsense and scold you.
  9. Damn, you people need a girlfriend or sum shit.
  10. Here To go with that whine.
  11. Fixing hvr is as simple as editing config. Languages I agree, you can translate the game on ur own, if you want. Server lag is because of mad kids ddosing, nothing to do about it, or they could rent servers from big company like amazon, who has necessary infrastructure to mitigate it. To do that, they would need money, and to get money the should fix armas, which should take about an hour or two tops, just -30% everything and it should be good. Game is dying, mainly because noobs get stomped and vets are getting bored. LO hype is dying rapidly. If they relax and don't start changing things soon, LO hype is dead and so the rhetoric "New company will make apb great again" tl:dr; not enough is being done to keep the hype train choo-chooing, they are to passive and blowing their chance.
  12. Honestly, I have to agree with him. I got 3 tickets going atm, with evidence of each hacker. At least let the ticket creator see if action has been taken. That's at least fair.
  13. Don't even care. Steam logs me in, so I barely see the screen.
  14. So let me get this straight. You can play missions 24/7, 6,5 days a week, about 300 days a year. But when something different happens in the district, you start complaining? My brain can't even right now, the event was fun and your potato probably froze because there was ALOT of action, even my mid range was struggling to keep 60 fps. But in the end the event was very fun. Rip Baseq3