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  1. Tako

    fps cap

    aight ty it worked probably this helped too ty ^
  2. Tako

    fps cap

    yea same, that's why I made the thread, they say you can uncap fps by modifying values in apb.engine.ini but still values go back to default so idk
  3. Tako

    fps cap

    Hello, when I try to change values in "apbengine.ini" to uncap fps, like shown in the thread, whenever I launch the game, values go back to default, anyone could help ?
  4. Tako

    Med spray.

    I'd suggest to add an animation while using it, like in most battleroyals when using medkits. The issue with medspray is the fact that you're able to use even while running, shooting, even in the middle of a fight.
  5. I hope everyone is thankful for this behavior of you all, even though i'm not always okay with your strategies, but carrying everyone through this with such a long period of free premium while people barely play and I guess barely spend money, is a remarkable move from LO. I'm not sure we would have had the same treatment with some other company... Thank's, good luck on what's left to be done, and keep up the good stuff
  6. San Pedro ? Never heard of, but that's weird, we got the same issues you listed in San Paro like no joke the exact same story happened in San Paro !1!1
  7. Not only matchmaking always been an issue, but low playerbase is part of the issue too, as long as there is not enough players in the game, there will always be a problem with matchmaking. Hopefully advertising after engine upgrade will help, otherwise whatever changes are made to the current matchmaking nothing will change at all. More players -> more opposition -> more diversity -> less chances to match against the most experienced players. Less players -> less opposition -> less diversity -> more chances to match against the same good players -> more reasons for unskilled players to detreath and same goes on bronze districts
  8. I love it how jts are finally becoming useful, keep it up ! ! ! But don't forget about G1Cs too uh they're turning into old jts
  9. Keep it up, i'm pretty sure we'll all play there someday.
  10. If your character name is "Sophiel" in game, he might have just called him self "Sophiei" "i" with caps lock looks like an L in game, no one can play the same character at the same time.
  11. No one will complain because it's gonna be on otw, and will be optional as mattscott just said, if someone is mad that it's buggy then he'd just go play APB LIVE. (that also is buggy but you got the point)
  12. You should really launch it imo, it'll be launched on otw right ? Then let it be here as long as it takes to fix all the other issues, atleast we finally can test it, and you can put a end on this "waiting phenomon" that everyone make fun of. Fixing the latest issues with apb 2.1 on otw wouldn't bother anyone, we're all aware that it's not the final product, just let it be. The hype is already too big since 2014, the longer we wait the more people will expect from this engine upgrade, and also the more people might be disappointed if it happens to be bad. (Even tho I'm aware all that work isn't necessarily done for the current playerbase but also for the future new comers, but yet we will be the first to test it, and we know more about the game than the future players)
  13. That's the fix indeed, my antivirus was blocking the file, thank's
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