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  1. With 2.1 on the way that might also bring back old login screen (which I really wish for it to come back), how everyone feels with death screen from APB made by RTW? I think it would be nice if it came back, much faster and easier to read the stats about the enemy who just killed us. Also please, bring back old login screen, the new one is so soulless and annoying that nearly makes me wanna close the game whenever I start it.
  2. I checked 3 times during these missions to see if I have chosen bronze district correctly. Why gold threat players with insanse skill play on bronze district? Why they keep dethreating and play on bronze even though they are good enough for silver district? What is the purpose of completely discourage new players for hanging out more than 10 minutes in this game? What is the mindset of these players? Really curious.
  3. Why are you playing on bronze district, stomping new players and dethreating on purpose before leaving the game, then repeating the same action over and over? This was SURELY addressed countless times but honestly, I didn't read that much into it, but if there are people on this forum who are like this, tell me, what is the purpose of doing this? Because the bonus exp and cash for killing is what, 5% more than normal if you get 20 more kills on bronze and green players? What is the problem of playing on silver districts when you've already mastered APB to it's core, stomping people on the same level as you rather than new comers that might even stay with the game, if they wouldn't get their patootie kicked all the time by people with incredible skills that are supposed to be shown on SILVER districts (or gold, that is always a ghost town). I also have cranked that 3k hours mark but i'm bad at shooters, so I stick with bronze, I just love the idea of APB and i'm playing it with friends from time to time. I like grouping up with new players that can somewhat grasp english and show them how exactly this game works, some ropes, advices, etc. and say "hey, it can be bad at the start, but later on it gets better when YOU get better" (and then everybody clapped). I honestly wish for these old 2012-2014 APB times to comeback, with old main menu login screen, where everyone was usually bronze and silvers weren't fake golds.
  4. Wanted to check out engine upgrade.
  5. I already know what response I will get for that thread, but seriously, try sponsoring some twitch streamers, big ones surely like summit, he played APB before so why not. Just releasing the update with new engine won't really increase much playerbase because nobody even remembers about APB anymore. Someone at PR should try get some twitch streamers to play APB when EU 3.5 gets released, maybe with some premium codes for giveaway, hmh?
  6. ok so please someone remind Matt about old login screen, please
  7. I mean, I know it won't happen, but along with new engine, me, and hopefully dozens of APB players would really like to see old main menu/login screen come back with the old "glitchy" soundtrack. It just fits into the game more rather than having big BWAAAAHHH sound right after you enter the game with welcoming image of frozen characters fighting eachother, which looks rather cheap imo Alongside with engine upgrade
  8. Damn, I wish playing on old RTW build.
  9. Might be controversial but no recoil and longer TTK. Also when people we're actually engaged into playing as enforcer/criminal so they make their character looking like an actual enforcer/criminal. oh, and also Phoenix - 1901 almost forgot, also this
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