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  1. I just don't like all the hate LO gets. They really are trying hard to work for the players. They do ONE thing, and the community just says, "fuck you." One thing I remember disgusting me was when they decided to hold the "Firecracken'" event or something by that name. Go look for that post yourself. They decided to do something nice for the community as they work on what needs to be done and yet all the replies are just hate towards LO. They really are trying. They don't deserve all the bandwagon hate.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. People usually counter this statement to say that weapon switching shouldn't be a thing but that is the exact reason that makes the consumable so good. If you decide to use something else, you're giving up the ability to switch weapons in favor of another pro found in another consumable. That goes for any of them, such as losing your +speed ability should you switch out your epi pen in favor of another. Limiting grenades is a change I'm okay with seeing balanced. I enjoyed nade fighting someone else with a box, but it's understood why this had to be changed.
  3. Hi, hopefully my outfits are worthy enough to be in this thread! From left/top to right/bottom: Tactical Pro Gamer, Aesthetic Girl, Korean Female Student, and Combat Medic.
  4. I agree with your idea and I hope I get support when I let the team at LO know that the community would prefer only using emojis from now on.
  5. Perfect music to be listening to as I go through reading all the replies.
  6. We all started this way. Get destroyed, learn from mistakes, repeat. The "tryhards" you're up against are good because they've been stomped on so many times. Also most of the time, the top players go back to beginning weapons anyway. Obeya FBW? N-TEC? JG? Carbine? STAR even? All get used and abused by the higher ups. You get tired of hearing "get gud" but believe it or not, it's very true in this case. There is no easy, miraculous way of getting good than by putting in lots of time dedicated to playing to learn from experiences.
  7. u good? Also, im more upset over the weapon changing being disabled on the ammo boxes. I should've been more clear on that. This allowed for various styles of gameplay to be implemented contingent to where the mission is taking place.
  8. LO killed off shields and ammo boxes. Seems like epi pen is the only thing worth using now, but I'm kinda wishing these changes never came to be. Although we knew about them for awhile, does not mean people really wanted this.
  9. Objective markers in the world (not the map) are sometimes not able to be seen /: This is annoying, but then becomes game breaking when the last mission is to kill the enemies, and you cant see their names through walls.
  10. This is beautiful. I WISH this was considered more.
  11. Frags and concs are very different. Concs actually have the smallest blast radius in the game because of all that damage they deal.
  12. Social was everything to me back then. An actual place to take a break, laugh and meet new people. Now its a ghost town and I just get off completely whenever I want to take my "break."
  13. I like your list but I will run down the few things I didn't agree with and my reasons why. Again, all highly opinionated so maybe I am in the wrong here: -Percussion grenades are VERY annoying. I get very upset when I'm in a good fight and I see a grenade popped at my feet with no time for me to react in cqb situations. The thing is that percs don't do enough damage anyway as upsetting as they are. In fact, over time you realize that when an enemy is throwing percs, it's their final resort and leaves them open to a rushing attack, leaving them dead easily. -Low-Yields are great in many ways. Low fuse timer (sometimes a disadvantage though), 3 nades, and a farther throw. What brings down their tier of power is the reduced damage and sometimes the lowered fuse timer. Everyone uses concs these days and I found myself long ago switching over to concs since the reward is great in comparison to its risk, leaving low-yields to just be...there. -Shields shouldn't really be touched. I never use them, but when you face an opponent using shields, its not hard at all to go up against. A simple nade will force the player to move, even destroy the shield itself. And usually a player using a shield is at low health, so shooting the shield enough (which a shield doesnt take long to go down) would spook the player enough to pop out and fight it out. Shields seem to have the most power when used to physically block an important passageway to an objective, like a ladder. Ehhh, it isn't hard to reach 195 and people enjoy games that allow a progression system to create advantages, which creates a grind feeling to committed enough players. Not sure if anyone really cares for this HIGHLY controversial topic. But I believe that N-TECs are fine. They are definitely one of the strongest weapons in the game, but only in the right hands. Give an N-TEC to a newer player, and it'd be trash. N-TEC on its own has a learning curve to it, and once learned, is very rewarding. The bounty system that is in place now is unfair, yes. The system punishes a player for being good, technically, and I think someone else said that already in this post.. In a way, it isn't a completely bad thing, as sometimes an outside player can take out an opponent of yours that is completely stomping you in the mission, and gives the losing side a fighting chance. What I DON'T like about it is not having a greater punishment for taking out a bounty of the same faction. Way too often, I've been killed by my own faction just by someone wanting to rid themselves of a bounty, or someone just trying to take out my own bounty just for the hell of it. It isn't fun. Everything else I agree with to some extent. For example, it would be nice to have always had a secondary to be seen on the scoreboard player info and to buff some lower ended cars. Right now the state of the game is seeing the same high ended cars. Over. and over.
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