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  1. Indeed, it'll be a great stop gap. I do miss and prefer it over the rubbish that's in now.
  2. People don't care if ue3.5s in the pipeline, stuff needs to materialise. You know what is in the works? 10,000 other potentially awesome games. You need to bring out some spice, Little Orbit.
  3. I would call it a friendly suggestion with reasons stated so Little Orbit can make up their own mind. The alternative is to have noone care at all.
  4. My child, if the ttk was any lower, a ccg would be lethal.
  5. You'll need to redo the topology. I'm seeing 7 sided ngons on the buildings.
  6. Agreed, sounds as premium as fisher-price, and also it has stigma attached. Little orbit should be plastered all over it to show this is their baby not some cheap plastic service of a name. unless they plan to sell it on again if it starts sinking them, ofcourse.
  7. We currently have 40 threat levels my friend. Oh they added back gold 10 etc?
  8. Waiting for them to: revert threat sub levels 1-10 ue3.5 little boots no brakes
  9. I don't dethreat - I make a new account every 20 minutes
  10. @MattScott Please. Show us your grace and replace that abomination
  11. What about giving a small JT reward if you're gold in a gold server? Incentive golds to be golds.
  12. Lord Scott, i'm going to need you to contact little boots record company, and get no brakes back in to the music roster.
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