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  1. I gave them positivity for 2 years. Also how is TLDR still a thing? You should consider reading more books if your focus isn't enough for something that has more characters than a tweet.
  2. Let's face facts: LO ARE G1 at the moment. They took over from G1 like 2 years ago? Maybe even 3 already? What have they done so far with that supposed engine launch? A launch that G1 assured us was almost finished mind you. That has been on the table from late 2013 onwards. They hyped it up, end of 2018, early to mid 2019, late 2019, now we have almost mid 2020 and still nothing. They changed frick all, this is G1 over and over again. Just take this carcass of a game out back and finally put a bullet through its head, alleviate some of its misery ffs. Let's be real here: If the engine was released, let's say realistically speaking end of 2020 is the earliest date I'd even reasonably consider, it's definitely gonna be pushed back later than that. Then what? Nobody is even gonna be around to play the god damn thing anymore. The next 6 months will be fixing stuff, bugs, performance, dealing with migration. That is if the release isn't gonna be a huge catastrophe again like the console launches you mentioned. I could almost bank on it turning out exactly like that. And then what? They can NOW just start to add new content after cleaning up everything. That's at least gonna take another 6 months to 1 year. We are now theoretically talking mid 2022. Keep in mind that they wanted to stomp down the NA servers and merge em with EU just because there weren't enough people left alive in this game, dunno if that was even done or not (I have only been peaking into that forum sporadically to see if they've even remotely progressed, turns out they don't). You honestly believe the game is gonna hold up that long? Just count your losses, pack up the stuff and leave. When they ported the engine over the graphics are gonna be outdated again anyway so what's the damn point to it? I was really hoping they were different but they are not. G1 was all silence and no progress. LO is all talks and no progress and I am not sure what's worse tbh. Keep telling yourself this game is gonna live, LO is different than G1, but it's delusional. In the beginning I had hopes too that LO was different. But no. LO is just G1 Reloaded and with each passing day it's becoming more and more apparent that they will never release the new engine and revitalize this comatose brain dead patient of a game either.
  3. Bla bla bla. Has it been 2 years already since you guys took over? Must have been even more than that. I hear nothing but empty words. "It's coming, we promise, look we work on it!" Nothing's coming out. Literally nothing. This player base put their faith in LO to undo what G1 messed up, and you failed. Just let this carcass of a game die already ffs. Take it out back and put a bullet through its head.
  4. Probably never played against actual good people. Can't blame ya. Judging by your forum join date everybody that was actually good at the game has already long left this heap of garbage. Trust me when I say: If you have a laid back match you are not playing against actual good players. The skill ceiling in APB among the veterans is one of the highest in any game.
  5. Yikes, SPCT and doesn't even know how high the skill ceiling in APB is. Okay dude.
  6. First off: "Treath" made me lol, the word you are looking for is "threat". The old threat system wasn't better in the slightest and the current threat system is not bad either. In fact Gold 1-10 was probably never removed from the game, it's just scuffed nowadays cause lack of people. The current threat system would work great if there were more than 10 people actively playing this game still. It can match you up against fair opposition and keep track of your rank very well. You will get a pretty good estimate of where you stand based on it. However since there is no one on the district and you are not accurately put into the correct threat/skill class. Because of it matches just tend to be super unfair. A guy who is gold now for instance would be a hard stuck silver if there were more people playing and the skill distribution was better. Truthfully there's no way to make the game fair in terms of skill comparison with that few people playing it. APB just has such a huge skill ceiling that it's hard to sustain with that few players. Imagine Dota had like 1000 active players out of which 60 were trench low MMR Russians and 3 were Arteezys. Just no way to make a fair match out of that as the system can only get these people separated that far.
  7. The proper question is not which contacts and ranks are gonna come with the new engine The proper question is which new engine and when? :^)
  8. When I got back into the game after a full year of not playing it took exactly 3 kills before I first got hackusated. My aim was SO far off it was a miracle I even hit them. You really don't need to be good to receive hackusations on the regular.
  9. People like Vegeta is the entire reason threads like this exist. Y'all ain't even OGs, you should have played the game 6 months prior to FF, we had a cheater rate of well past 50% back then. Those were the days. Was fun owning cheaters.
  10. 10/10 quality greentext Solution ofc is to regularly switch and add 90 quintillion anti cheats >"Meme arrows" >REEEEEEEE Exactly. FF was scanning and observing every player equally to begin with, so what is /report gonna do? Scan them more? Like it would be unfair if you could cheat and would only get banned once someone reports you.
  11. >APB in 2025 >6 top of the line market leaders in anti cheat systems running simultaneously. >You can't fire a single shot w/o getting an insta ban >New posts of APB kids on the forums 9x a day >"I SAW THIS GUY FOR MONTHS STILL CHEATING AIMTRIGGER WALLBOTTER"
  12. Word. Other F2P games can be lucky if they even have a single sheitty anti cheat solution while APB has two of the top market leaders in that department combined.
  13. So the game got Battleye now, what everybody and their grandmother was waiting for, but you didn't really believe that would stop anybody crying about cheaters now did you? So first we had Punkbuster. Punkbuster was utter sheit, I don't think anybody is gonna argue in a sane state of mind unless they've been in a coma since 2003 and just woke up. Then we had reports to the support. Bans took long and weren't all that precise if they happened at all. So the community cried for an anti cheat solution. Then we got FairFight. For the first month or so people were so fucking hyped, everybody and their grandmother loved it for banning and publicly shaming notorious cheaters in kilometer long ban lists. People were stoked for about a month, then it was slowly creeping in. People were complaining about false positives and problems with FF. All the bans were wrong and no cheater would ever be banned ofc, the person they suspected cheating has been on for months and isn't banned yada yada yada. Then Punkbuster acted up. So everybody was complaining all of a sudden. To be fair: Evenbalance is a freaking joke and Punkbuster belonged in a graveyard roughly 8 years prior already. So they removed Punkbuster. And people were crying cause all Punkbuster-bans were lifted and the massive amount of 3 cheaters that Punkbuster banned over these years were released. So LO took over and at this point the cries for another proper anti cheat were about as loud as a starting fighter jet. And LO delivered. With Battleye, an anti cheat which was not demanded but practically ransomed by the community. And we got it. Low and behold everybody and their grandmother was praising it for about a month when it first came. Praise to be held over the combination of FairFight and Battleye, two of the best anti-cheat systems on the market right now. Everything was perfect. But then ofc people started crying about THAT too. They saw cheaters and hekler chet blyat. Aimboot valhak treggerboat, everybody cheat))) Cracks me up every time. Wonder what it takes to please some people. VAC support in 2021 guys.
  14. So you're saying it would be a good game IF they would do the following things. I am not judging potential, this game had potential for the better part of a decade and never made anything out of it. Point stands: APB in it's current state is NOT a good game.
  15. I am sorry to burst your bubble OP but even with LO's best efforts this game is currently damn near unplayable. It's an unstable, buggy, imbalanced piece of bullsh*t that misses ton of features, has tons of features implemented although they weren't even ready and is in general just not very pleasant to play. Just because it has good potential doesn't make it a good game, because, and I have to come out and say this: APB IS NOT A GOOD GAME. It has the potential to be one in a few years if LO first and foremost manages to fix some big things like balancing and overall play-ability. Then and only then will we have some actual players and then the game can work again. Not to mention APB has an extremely high skill ceiling and most people don't even know what the f*ck they are doing in the first 20 hours of the game. So yeah.
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