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  1. Hollowchick

    This never gets old

    10/10 quality greentext Solution ofc is to regularly switch and add 90 quintillion anti cheats >"Meme arrows" >REEEEEEEE Exactly. FF was scanning and observing every player equally to begin with, so what is /report gonna do? Scan them more? Like it would be unfair if you could cheat and would only get banned once someone reports you.
  2. Hollowchick

    This never gets old

    >APB in 2025 >6 top of the line market leaders in anti cheat systems running simultaneously. >You can't fire a single shot w/o getting an insta ban >New posts of APB kids on the forums 9x a day >"I SAW THIS GUY FOR MONTHS STILL CHEATING AIMTRIGGER WALLBOTTER"
  3. Hollowchick

    This never gets old

    Word. Other F2P games can be lucky if they even have a single sheitty anti cheat solution while APB has two of the top market leaders in that department combined.
  4. So the game got Battleye now, what everybody and their grandmother was waiting for, but you didn't really believe that would stop anybody crying about cheaters now did you? So first we had Punkbuster. Punkbuster was utter sheit, I don't think anybody is gonna argue in a sane state of mind unless they've been in a coma since 2003 and just woke up. Then we had reports to the support. Bans took long and weren't all that precise if they happened at all. So the community cried for an anti cheat solution. Then we got FairFight. For the first month or so people were so fucking hyped, everybody and their grandmother loved it for banning and publicly shaming notorious cheaters in kilometer long ban lists. People were stoked for about a month, then it was slowly creeping in. People were complaining about false positives and problems with FF. All the bans were wrong and no cheater would ever be banned ofc, the person they suspected cheating has been on for months and isn't banned yada yada yada. Then Punkbuster acted up. So everybody was complaining all of a sudden. To be fair: Evenbalance is a freaking joke and Punkbuster belonged in a graveyard roughly 8 years prior already. So they removed Punkbuster. And people were crying cause all Punkbuster-bans were lifted and the massive amount of 3 cheaters that Punkbuster banned over these years were released. So LO took over and at this point the cries for another proper anti cheat were about as loud as a starting fighter jet. And LO delivered. With Battleye, an anti cheat which was not demanded but practically ransomed by the community. And we got it. Low and behold everybody and their grandmother was praising it for about a month when it first came. Praise to be held over the combination of FairFight and Battleye, two of the best anti-cheat systems on the market right now. Everything was perfect. But then ofc people started crying about THAT too. They saw cheaters and hekler chet blyat. Aimboot valhak treggerboat, everybody cheat))) Cracks me up every time. Wonder what it takes to please some people. VAC support in 2021 guys.
  5. Hollowchick

    APB 2nd wow

    So you're saying it would be a good game IF they would do the following things. I am not judging potential, this game had potential for the better part of a decade and never made anything out of it. Point stands: APB in it's current state is NOT a good game.
  6. Hollowchick

    APB 2nd wow

    I am sorry to burst your bubble OP but even with LO's best efforts this game is currently damn near unplayable. It's an unstable, buggy, imbalanced piece of bullsh*t that misses ton of features, has tons of features implemented although they weren't even ready and is in general just not very pleasant to play. Just because it has good potential doesn't make it a good game, because, and I have to come out and say this: APB IS NOT A GOOD GAME. It has the potential to be one in a few years if LO first and foremost manages to fix some big things like balancing and overall play-ability. Then and only then will we have some actual players and then the game can work again. Not to mention APB has an extremely high skill ceiling and most people don't even know what the f*ck they are doing in the first 20 hours of the game. So yeah.
  7. Hollowchick

    merge jericho and citadel ?

    You're not thinking ahead. What happens when this new server only has 100-200 players left? What are we gonna merge Jerictadel with?
  8. Hollowchick

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    Yes, that was precisely my question. I didn't legitimately ask you for what has changed in the last 4 months but asked why this game hasn't gotten a bajillion users by now. Fricking genius is what you are. Jesus christ you feel like you've burned a quran for asking a simple question. I've never said anything you are throwing at me. Classic case of "read forum topic and take a dump in the comment section". I asked legitimately and pretty neutral about what changes have occured during my stay away from the game and get greeted by a bunch of kids with a stick up their a-hole talking about how I am a freaking smart and a special snowflake garbage for asking such a question. Like calm down guys, I didn't kill your prophet, I was asking.
  9. Hollowchick

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    Kinda just stated that I've had health issues during the last 4 months which prevented me from literally doing just that but okay we're just gonna pretend you didn't just read the topic title and dumped your opinion here.
  10. Hollowchick

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    Again, I asked. When I saw Kemp stream the other day there didn't seem to be much of a difference, ofc it was clear from the get-go that they weren't gonna turn this into a gold mine after 2 weeks. But I wanted to know what they specifically did since I am not up to date with that anymore, you are the first one to actually answer my question.
  11. Hollowchick

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    Again, I was skeptic to begin with, rightfully so it seems. This was it, they had shot, one opportunity, to seize everything we ever wanted, one moment, they didn't capture it and just let it slip. rap instrumental starts playing
  12. Sooo due to health related shit I've not been able to follow this game for a good 4 months or so, I stopped being able to do so around the time they introduced Battleye. I came back to this forum in the hopes of finding some noteworthy progress, instead it looks like we are back to G1 standards of literally not progressing at all. I was hoping during that time that they may have the engine update ready but from what I could gather they only improved small things, not the major chunks of problems this game has. Can anybody quickly run down for me what LO actually did in the last 4 months? It looked promising when they acquired G1 but I've kind of remained skeptic to begin with.
  13. Well LO didn't do much for this game up to now so if the game doesn't drastically change this unfortunately is the trend.
  14. WEEB DETECTED But I gotta agree that it's quite unfair ruskies get to keep their language while chinese players have to switch.
  15. Basically I hate having mass gatherings in FC. The more players are in the district the more it becomes just about getting lucky. 20v20 is a bloody catastrophe imo, the most fun fightclub matches are when you've got a 12v12ish situation on the district. Not too many people for a pack of 9 people to spawn in your face while you get shot from every possible angle but not too few to be running around the map for ages trying to find someone. But then again, maybe I'm just a bit of a crybaby What do you guys think? Should LO revert these changes in an upcoming update or should they leave it as it is?