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  1. i was wondering if you guys u gonna do new ranks that was promised to be made which i saw in nekrova only and the new contacts nad district
  2. U last one talk about bronze lmao u can even aim with ur osmaw max rank
  3. So it's somthing that make people rage and sh*t right?
  4. It was really fun to view someone be banned lol Sorry Bring*
  5. Shotgun is really so bad which is hard to play with cause to get a kill is really should put alot of effort. Also Nfas should be nerfed because it's still op i can get ez kill with no recoil nothing i can shoot while my eyes closed
  6. These should be nerfed they r really OP
  7. it doesn't do anything i mean to ban immediately not after the mission ends and see him in another mission
  8. no i mean like i was playing and there was hacker for example and i can send to gm and tell him that there a hacker called (XXX) and he can see what he doing and ban him
  9. i want to have something like gm so if something wrong happened or abused can be banned immediately after he can see the chat logs or if someone hack can ban immidiatly just whisper him and he can investigate immidiatly and see what he can do 3 days ban week 24 hours like this but if banned prem u can just ban him 6 hours and investigate that's it this may solve many things
  10. u said it not all of them though and i want to buy Adder
  11. can they do pundle too xd and bring back the 35 % sales
  12. this is ridiculous ;/
  13. I wanted to buy a gun i wanted to try first but i didnt see the trial botton