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  1. i think litleorbit are not idiot tho so they got computer and something like that
  2. 5 days ago I got hacked in my Gmail and I got it back after he has formatted my phone I saw that he took my account in apb and he got it and 2 days before this happens my account got trade locked forever and what I heard that the guy entered my account and he was asking for lending guns actually thank god he asked my best friend and he asked me on discord if this was me after this I changed my pass and everything anyway after all this he got my account and now I need help to get my account back before he can ban it or something all I want is just to know if my account got deleted or hacked or something can it be back after I tell everything to support cause as all people know support take a lot to reply.... so please guys change your account info and delete everything after u do it so your account won't be hacked
  3. ehh what i mean that i got An account bond Trade lock after the new patch
  4. before the new patch i entered i saw someone in my account and i changed everything after the new patch i saw my account i cant trade or buy stuff from armas or even trade from trading system can anyone help ? What i mean i got an trade lock after the new patch
  5. Can u make a weapons like stabba for crims ? cause it will be same i think what is u opinion guys ?
  6. i wuz wondoring if there will new cars in new engine it would be more nice!
  7. well i got a good idea about this feature i mean they can do the pause but like every 5 days and u can pause it for only 2 days it would be pretty nice and decent idea
  8. can MattScott tell us when it going to start and is it gonna be like every year or will be new if so i hope there will be a screenshots also i want to make Obir with Valentine Mod Heartbreaker
  9. Naaaaah i am first one who posted this then a stupid people copied me no i didnt start i got some accounts from 2011
  10. noo its A JMB called FFA R&D III its 3 slots obir with 3 burst shots and it called JOker
  11. actully since like from 2 mounths i cant send any thing since i came back to game LIKE i came back i abe to trade after 5 days or somthing i cant to anything
  12. yes i did i just need some help not many people are seeing this to help me
  13. i got problem when i try to send weapon to my other char it says your account is not allowed? can any one help ?? Also this is s not trade lock
  14. Wrong ban my friend wrong ban still going
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