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    Moved thread to off-topic section. -Spuzva
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    You can contact support here. -Spuzva
  3. SpuzvaBob

    Can't access support

    Yes, the support website is currently down for maintenance and will be back in a few hours. -Spuzva
  4. Removed a couple of off-topic posts. Please stay on the discussion at hand. -Spuzva
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    Thank you mod

    I do not even have close to a magnificent enough beard to hold that position
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    I am locking this thread due to the thread having reached a conclusion. -Spuzva
  7. I had to remove a few names from posts here. Please keep in mind that naming and shaming people is against the forum rules, if you require assistance, please turn to support here. -Spuzva
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    Fix asap

    Removed non-contributing posts from the thread. Please keep it on topic. -Spuzva
  9. Thread locked due to it having made it's point and having fallen to fighting and hostility. -Spuzva
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    Weapon roles

    Moved thread to correct section
  11. This topic has been already addressed multiple times. This is something the team wants to look into restoring, but other things take priority. I will be closing this thread as there is nothing more to be added to this idea. -Spuzva