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  1. Hey everyone, I had to remove quite a few posts from this thread due to them continuing to derail the topic of the thread. Regardless of what inspired the creation of this thread, this topic is not about that. The OP stated a question to the community and to LO. Please keep this in mind before posting from now on. -Spuzva
  2. The OTW servers are currently closed to the public. There will be a public announcement when they are ready to be opened again for the next series of tests. -Spuzva
  3. SpuzvaBob

    I need help

    I have moved this thread to the appropriate section. If this issue persists I strongly recommend opening a support ticket here! -Spuzva
  4. Hey everyone, In an effort to concentrate communication about the on going login issues / Error 9, we have decided to merge the threads discussing the issue into one place. Please from now discuss the issue or ask questions in this thread only! We are working hard on bringing a solution as soon as possible! Thank you all for your patience and understanding! -Spuzva
  5. I have elevated this issue to the team, and we are now looking into it. Please also submit a ticket to our support here if you have not done so already. I apologize for the inconvenience that the ongoing issues have created! -Spuzva
  6. We are aware of the ongoing issues regarding connecting to the game. Please refer to the pinned thread here for status updates. Thank you! -Spuzva
  7. Thank you for your report of the situation, the team is aware of the problem and are doing their best to address the issue ASAP! -Spuzva
  8. I had to remove a handful of posts in this thread due to their off-topic nature. Please keep the thread's topic in mind when posting. EDIT: I had to remove yet more posts due to going off-topic. Please stay on topic or I will be forced to lock the thread. -Spuzva
  9. SpuzvaBob

    Riot test!

    For the stress test you can use your previous OTW account. for the EU playtest you will have to make a new character. -Spuzva
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