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    Thread moved to off-topic -Spuzva
  2. I asked that posts remain on-topic and to refrain from going on personal attacks. Since this was disregarded immediately, I have decided to lock this thread. -Spuzva
  3. I have had to remove a few posts due to them driving off topic and into personal attacks. Please keep discussion civil and on topic. -Spuzva
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    Moved thread to off-topic section. also hi Cormacnoah. -Spuzva
  5. Please refrain from going off-topic from the OP's problem. This thread isn't about who is or isn't blocked, but an issue regarding a block not working. -Spuzva
  6. I've removed several off-topic posts. Please stay on topic and refrain from attacking each other. As for prior moderator action, posts previously removed were offensive in nature and not pertaining to the point, it is in no way to censor the conversation, everyone is free to discuss this topic freely as long as you keep it clean and free of attacks against other users. The title was edited to make it PG-13 compliant. -Spuzva
  7. I have removed the clan name from your post, OP. We appreciate reports and evidence, but it must go through the correct channels. Posting them on the forum helps no one. -Spuzva
  8. Moved thread to correct section. -Spuzva
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    Moved thread to the off-topic section. -Spuzva
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    Citadel's Car Custom

    I understand your concern, but several games acquired by Little Orbit will have their forums here too, these games do not have such a high rating. As such the forum must match with the lowest rating, which is PG-13. This is a decision made quite a while ago by my superiors, and will not be overturned in the foreseeable future. -Spuzva
  11. SpuzvaBob

    Citadel's Car Custom

    While APB is rated 18+, the forum is also used for other games which do not have this rating. The forums are rated as PG-13 as a whole, which applies to the APB subforum as well. -Spuzva
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    Citadel's Car Custom

    Removed several images violating forum rules. Please keep it PG-13. -Spuzva
  13. Moved thread to correct section. That being said, very impressive work! -Spuzva
  14. Removed several off-topic posts. -Spuzva