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  1. well apb take 2gb ram right but still its not only apb what need ram.......for me its 7gb how much its take with apb
  2. 4gb Ram its not enough^^ i think 8 its enough i have 16 gb and i dont have any problems
  3. NVM....idk why i get kicked 3 times lol
  4. Xantia


    U sure spend much money for that game.........when this is real how much u have and thats sad xD Merged. Or u are from Nova and some GMs gift you money.......
  5. Which time he play is not rlly important^^ think about how apb was always full no matter which time you come online and want to play......but now.......its time to do something abt or this game will die soon and then even not a engine update help its sad because its a funny game
  6. I think they didn't even test that is not difficult to realize that it is not possible when you are alone because as i said to cfinish the event and get the reward you need friends or a group without you can not do that^^
  7. Best answer rlly xD god..........Without friends or people which help you its not possible to do this event and get the reward^^ you cant tell me now that is easy to play 1 vs 20 or idk how many and no one can kill you when everyone know where you are? maybe LO should think about how the event should rlly work^^ and how it would be possible for everyone to get a reward?
  8. Ok and who was this smart person who thinks that is possible? lol
  9. I needed 1 min to survive i was not afk or anything and then i got kicked because this game say i was afk?
  10. But in warframe you not need to pay money that you can get guns or anything^^
  11. You guys Broke snipers only because some people cry about? But with scout is Jump shots still able? what LO rlly try? some people cry about and is even not sure if this people play this game or not?
  12. Sorry but they had 1 year? and Tiggs helped them in the beginning? And that an anticheat does not work directly no one knows why ....... but where do you see something wrong from the community now? is normal that the people are waiting And after a few hours they say we will try again in 1 week? Is exactly when you wait for something and then it should come And the company calls you and says it does not come today We need another week? would you be happy?
  13. Yes, personally I would rather not play 3 days or idk how long than wait 1 week and then maybe it works. And for what you waiting for? to get some armas stuff or to get Engine update and all? and get some new mods in this game Asylum is not fun
  14. Anyway what they got till now? they change servers and get BE the Showstopper is from Gamersfirst and not lo Some events well.......but the same events which gamersfirst also do just some events with gms they made thats all^^ more not they change armas well but that's not what people are waiting for^^
  15. People have been waiting too long for something to happen in this game and are just getting disappointed always to 90% will be the same next week and they will need more time it has always been that way since gamersfirst
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