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  1. It's like that! Found and changed. Thanks so much
  2. Please tell me the line in CFG or heading Advanced APB launcher which takes it away. Thanks.
  3. How about changing the graphics by Advanced Launcher and launching the game through a shortcut?
  4. Thanks all for the feedback! By its my own feelings, most friezes are precisely due to lack of RAM. When I put the minimum requirements by "Advanced APB Launcher" large friezes cease. I know about the processor, but there are much less lags from it than from HDD and RAM on my iron.
  5. Hello guys. I did not find on the site or forum the current system requirements for the game for 2019-2020. If they are any, and I missed them, please show. Me interested in RAM.(random access memory) Everywhere they write that the minimum requirements are 3-4 gigabytes. I have just 4 gigabytes, but the game freezes during the transition to different parts of the city. I plan to buy more RAM, and I need to understand how much is needed. Another small question, is a swap file necessary for a correct game? Or can I turn it off. If I did create the theme where no needed it, move it where necessary. Thanks for earlier the for answers and help.
  6. Free premium is over, and the server is still not in the EU. We will get more premium if the server will still be located in US?
  7. When asked about Black Friday, they kept silent. And now when everyone has purchased, realizing that there will be no discounts, you are arranging a sale.
  8. Atac, 45m kill - I agree. Raptor can kill to 50m. The latter gun has a very large accuracy. NFA, yeah. Oca Whisper have 50m range, according to APBDB. But you can't shoot this range. Atac and Raptor = assault rifles. They created for this range.
  9. Atac shoots at 50m. You can check on the site APBDB. There are all the official characteristics of all weapons.
  10. Okey, what you say about it: n-tec = 45m atac will continue = 50m it is not logical.
  11. I understand it. He shoots so well at 40+, I do not have time to blink an eye as he cuts. Hmm because not one n-tec will fix it. The tester above wrote n-tec fix = joker, vas and so on fix. It will look stupid, n-tec will nerf to 45, and Atac and Raptor will continue to shoot at 50? My thoughts on this.
  12. Thanks for such a quick reply. You reassured me a little. I really liked it Raptor 'Condor' I see that one of the developers is right now on the forum, @Selali could you comment on this issue in addition. For earlier Thanks.
  13. Hello I read in the news to the patch of 2 October 2019 that the developers added NTEC-5 to the experimental area, and one of the fixes was -5 meters to the range. And I wonder this fix NTEC-5 affect for Raptor 'Condor' Why am I asking? 1. Fix NTEC-5 refers to all NTEC-5-like rifles. Atac and Raptors, albeit others, but their range is the same. (50 meters) 2. And yet, in APB-DB at the Raptor 'Condor', a range of 45 meters is written. Is she true? And if it drops 40, then this weapon can be thrown out. Write your thoughts, and if possible, the developer can comment on this somehow, thank you. (here there are 100% errors, I apologize in advance for them, English is not my native language)
  14. Yeah look, I found a message Matt's. He damaged that everything is normal. Link below https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11956-store-wont-let-me-through/?do=findComment&comment=157886
  15. If you know them better, explain. I understand that they are a little different, and yet are somewhat similar. The rebound gun is small, there is a silencer. And yet, listen to why he needs another sniper rifle?
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