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  1. 2020 here and my rtx 2060 cant still run the game on max because it will crush ALL THE TIME for out of memory error. I dunno who gives.u the infos but my man ur wrong in everything u said.
  2. Go to apb zone and donwload the cfg. U cant remove ragdoll from adv launcher !
  3. Thanks for the advice. I've actually all the config ever made. I will try to find the besto combo with those mods even if something is against the rule of the game. I mean, i tried to play fair at all but there is actually no way out in this situation....
  4. I've tried adv launcher, even on the lowest possible, i've also tried various config. I removed the vivox, particles and everything that can stress CPU/GPU. But they keep coming back. Its a pain in this patootie cuz it happens only in this game. Some players told me this is a common problem for new gen GPU'S. I cant belive there is nothing to do with this problem... Ps. For example my strongest cpu core is up about 4.7 ghz so i dont think is all about cpu
  5. Hello there, couples months ago i bought and assembled my new fresh pc. Its made up of: -CPU i5 9600k -GPU RTX 2060 OC - MOBO Z390 GIGABYTE GAMING X - 16GB RAM etc. I was rly happy about this config and i tought the game would have finally run as god comands. In the end, game still run a little sh*t. Fps are good and i have no drops at all even when particles take over the screen. The real problem are those stupids micro stutters, half of a second stutters that rly give me cancer. I've tried everything and even with overclock and downclock the game wont run properly. I have tested also other games, like gta 5 or warframe and things run the best u could ask. If some one knows how to fix this crap or if anyone has any fix for this please let me know. I really dont know what to do anymore...
  6. bruh i have an i5 96k. What should i buy ?! Nasa satellite ????
  7. yeah same but the thing is that sometimes the game freeze for like a half of a second and if u killing somebody it's fking annoying u know what i mean. I don't think it's a problem related to my GPU My specs are: GPU RTX 2060 CPU i5 96K UNLOCKED RAM 16gb
  8. i hope after this manteinance my rtx 2060 will do great. i don't get how a gpu like this can't handle a game old 10 years. APB is broke af
  9. does anyone have any kind of idea of what is error 9 ? Everytime i try to login apb there is this error that shows up saying ''the servers maybe down for maintenance'' but the servers are actually on because my friend are playing. please help -Greetings
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