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  1. then why is there actaully videos of him on YouTube, And proof of him being banned, for unlimited time, Yet hes walking between the crowd of active players tho, Second people investigated it, and saw the actaully transaction going on between The previous devs and flaws itself. Look i don't care about it him at all, But if theres actaully proof of it, And people are already posting it social media, I would be worried about it, Since basicily its a free pass for every cheater out there, Not to mention the By pass of edit configs are being supported by devs aswel. as an exuse to make the game run smoother and stable, (Instead of allowing the engine run on more cores then just a single one (Wich was easy to fix) so i wouldn't be suprice if the rumor was actaully an fact.
  2. its Competvive asf, Why you think theres gold,Bronze Rookie,trainer Silver treaths, It classifies wich rank they are, Hella heck is Competvive, Its not only for match making, If you think a shooter insn't competitive i wouldnt know what else would be in your eyes. And the match making of today, With gold VS Bronze does kill the game, Infact The population goes down.... I wonder why…. perhabs things were promised couple times now, And people do not see the actaully promised progress that has been made years ago, Yes the game has now new hoster and owners, But it doesnt mean the problem doesnt exists.
  3. You're an id...t... tbh cause OOM errors were before the drivers of RTX wasnt proper, i dunno wich acient stone your coming from but those drivers were released in aug, Have fun getting an 2080Ti yourself now;) and P.s who said i played at Max settings, As "SO called nerdy yourself" You should have know beter but heck forum warriors, Go ingame when the updates are ready and go check if people gonna like your configs in social district, And hear them out, Or arnt they importaint and does your opinion only count, C...nts lol
  4. Since the release when they charged people 10$ per week to play. That since 2007 When it was P2P wich was changed within 2 months to F2P but as that stunt pulled of loads of negativity The crap of Waves were coming as they were boycotting The compainy that actaully dev'd the Game, (Some history lesson there) The fact you telling me that Config files do not give you an advantage, Why the hell are you instisting then using them… Thats like telling somone your on diet but Once they turn there back, Your shoveling killo's of pies down your throat lol Just your scared that they touch your pie's…..
  5. Depends wich opinion it is and were it based on, If theres actaully facts laying around that personal opinion, Then deal with it, cause Facts will be thrown at you as understatement about hes or her personal opinion, If you didnt knew how that works, Than you have a though time in real social networking.
  6. Ah finaly a moderator in forum, Go ahead ask her opinion about Config files, And Yes the config files about Costum Crosshair, We all know combat ini, Was used for Going against FPS drops, (Wich didnt help at all) i dair to bet they gonna tell u exact same thing as i'll tell you that they rather See people using "Vanilla Configs" Pretty funny that you're telling me that while i got a setup Thats build in 2019, AMD 9 Ryzen 3900X with an Asus Strix Rog 2080TI, And 570-E motherboard with 32 GB ram 3200 MHZ, perhabs you should update ur compontents so you dont require to mess around with Config files;)
  7. i know your badly mistaken, Dont assume things on first hand just by my forum profile, As Drastical1991 Is pretty wel known person in EU serv. since release but thnx for compliment that the frustration of this game kept me looking "New"
  8. yaay 575 On MAX populated time you think thats plenty?. heck even private server games pull more than this…. So in another words you just gave my statement an extra boost, Imagine, ignoring the fact that players are leaving day by day, And the ones that are joining arnt sticking around, to balance the population, Infact if that aint worrying you, I honestly think you're not having an heart for ABP reloaded
  9. Its not a lie, Yesterday from 15:00 to 19:00 The game population was max peaked record at 427, perhabs you should do /pop ingame so you know the actaully numbers are online It even will tell you wich amount are criminals and wich are Enforcers, And i think The population record wouldn't be lying would it, If you doubt it, yeah i cant help you with that, I'm just showing and telling what i saw myself and i think if you go ingame, people will tell you aswel. Cause i'm telling straight facts?, Go to social ingame And tell everyone what your praticing actaully, Watch what feed back you'll get from everyone, i think that should tell you enough About who shoulda stop.
  10. The point is that you gotta Config the files to play the game, Thats the problem, Why not pratice the game as it suppost to be, Instead of using "Assistent" of configs, Yes the new engine will have an option for Custume Crosshair, But at it is for now, Its should be forbidden, & anyone who does that Perma account block , Yes the game isnt optimized for nearly decade, But thats no exuse for you, To twist the configs to you prefer to get a advantage compaired to others that doesn't do that, Cause they are actaully worried, They do get punished and some doesn't, Since the lines of Terms of agreement are blurry in this case, As somone mention'd as vanilla, Nah its just ABP reloaded that it is now, Deal with it, No other games would allow you to twist the configs to your taste, as Everyone else that playing "Vanilla" has to deal with it aswel.
  11. As if you know me tho, Im actaully a player since beta was released, Where the heck were you at that time, Since they switched to 3 diffrent owners i never bothered to make an forum account, Untill it got out of hand And On most populated time zone at GTM+1 16:00 /18:00 there were only 327 Players online, If that doesnt worries you…. what else should u worry about?.
  12. yoou went Super sayjin to figure out what you had to reply, The fact that you want a shotgun remodel, Makes you just a newb against shotguns, Dont be complaining about Shotguns if they only good at close range, Infact How about we scrape the whole shotgun platform, Heck while we at it while not Volcano, and other explosive weapons while we at it anyway… Stop Q.Qing about shotguns, They fine as they are now, yes I would consider remodeling anything Since the europain server is dead as hell already, The only thing that might can cause is that the server is actaully going offline cause theres lower then 200 population on it on mid day, Consider that.
  13. The game is dying, And it was coming since People simply could start the game without using launcherprogram But using the ABP,EXE to by pass the Files check from launcher itself This causes people to allow them using edited files for example Costum crosshair ETC wich gives them more advantage then a regular player who doesn't edit there files at all Infact theres video's of people doing this and still they playing without any punisment, This caused yesterday already a manority to leave the game ,Its insane that theres only 426 players online on an europain server Fix this or the game aint living long enough for the new client update Heres some viideos of people actaully showing how to config this crosshair stuff, And if you watch the related videos you see more people doing it..
  14. To be honest, Shotguns suppost to be good at close distance, Cause thats the only distance they effective, in my opinion theres nothing wrong with shotguns as they are now, Yes in very close combat they do 2 shots a kill (Full direct hit with IR3) But isn't APB ment to be played tatic, Basicily i'm mostily stuck with bronze players Who think this game is ment to charge the objective withall risk within, And asking weird qeustions afther the missions why they lost the match , The only thing that worries me that this (Nerf/Rework) will cause another case were people gonna get upset from and causes another Number drop in players population, , The real problem lays @ Colby PMG, Since fight club contains 80% of players using it, Because compaired to Shotguns an PMG has mid/Close range combat efficiency And does even beter than Ntec sometimes in mid distance, Cause of the mobility PMG brings with it, Yes im aware that shotguns like JG or colby shotguns do have an advantage of peaking around the corner, But isn't that the case with pistols, and SMGS, but to be in all fairness, I rather would see an rework on Treath system (PVP matchmaking) than a re-work on a shotgun model, Not to mention that most people brought Shotguns or weapons from amas stores, And if you guys going to re-work shotguns or any other weapon, in my opinion the value of the weapon will be lowered, Will there also be a constribute towards those players?, Just some qeustions tho.
  15. Hello Dear Gamersfirst/APB reloaded staff. I'm concerned that you Guy's will nerf loads of weapons once more again, Just like oca etc, But keep in mind, That some people paid for g1c to buy these weapons, as your editing or nerfing the weapon, The Value of the weapon goes down, There for those who brought these weapons with G1c, Should have received atleast something as in return, Since your litterly making something whats worth 30$ not even worth 12$.... Theres for your litterly Cash grabbing in these peoples invertory and wallets, yes balancing the game is awesome, But not then cost of the Players that actaully brought these weapons from amas stores. The people who brought G1c most likely will feel betrayed if there weapon that they just brought gets nerved,That its even useless, Now im also reading that you guys are touching N-teC once again, Wasnt this the issue that caused the numbers drop insane 2/3 years ago, Not to mention theres symilaire weapons Just as Var-2 and CR5 Joker wich are basicily Reskinned Ntec 5, I'm not here to tell you what to do, But i do have concerns about these nerfs and updates, Since The numbers aint that postive over last few months, Infact theres only 3 server's up per district wich use to be 5 Per district. these things are wich concerns us as Hardcore supporters. Yes we do see more GM's Active lately, wich is a good thing, And yes we are aware that shotguns are strong, No matter wich one you got, But you cannot argue the fact that Rifles are ment for long/Mid distance and shotgun suppost to dominate in close combat, If your realy intrested in nerfing things, Perhabs go look over Colby's SMG's since they nearly the same as an Ntec-5 in mid range, And are overpowered in close range...
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