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  1. TheHidden-Tember

    LtL Feedback

    stun grenades are the best grenades and if you touch them i kill you. (as in i'll use lethal weapons instead of LTL)
  2. I honestly think that nerfing the strife so it doesn't 2shot fragile users is a joke. The only point of the strife is doing 99% damage at ridiculous ranges, if it doesn't have that it's not worth using due to the piss-poor rate of fire.
  3. TheHidden-Tember

    Make Cooling Jacket reduce burst interval

    Eh no. The burst interval is super high on OBIR, and having IR3 on it makes it REALLY slow and bad.
  4. TheHidden-Tember

    Improved Rifling Feedback

    dude, that's EXACTLY what I am suggesting. That CJ3 improves burst rate.
  5. TheHidden-Tember

    Improved Rifling Feedback

    so, you're fine with ntec easily outplaying obeya/obir on 70m when you can just spray first 5 shots on this range and hit them all basically what I'm saying is change CJ3 in a way that you could equip it on OBIR to make OBIR better at 70m.
  6. TheHidden-Tember

    Make Cooling Jacket reduce burst interval

    Does IR3 actually increase the burst interval now? If so, that was a stupid decision It does (bye bye OBIR) and IMO it's not a stupid decision (coz IR3 never had any drawback) just not a very coherent one. If they change CJ3, it will become coherent again.
  7. TheHidden-Tember

    Improved Rifling Feedback

    I think the changes to IR3 are fine, but CJ3 should be changed accordingly by reducing fire interval on normal guns and reducing burst interval on burst guns.
  8. TheHidden-Tember

    Make Cooling Jacket reduce burst interval

    Well not really, what I'm advocating for is make both of those mods coherent with each other. Cooling jacket 3 could decrease fire interval on regular guns and decrease burst interval on burst guns as far as I'm concerned. If one mod destroys burst-weapons, I want another mod that improves them.
  9. So, you decided to change Improved Rifling 3 so that it incrases fire interval AND burst interval. I want a new mod for my FFA 3 slot now, so could you change Cooling Jacket accordingly, in a way that makes it decrease fire interval AND burst interval?
  10. TheHidden-Tember

    ATAC "Patroller" and IR3 change

    Ah well. They sell an ALIG with heavy barrel 3. Why would anyone buy pre-modded guns is beyond me.
  11. TheHidden-Tember

    Cap40 is a downgrade to OCA

    They actually DON't hover all around the same ttk. The difference between 0.64s and 0.7s is actually insane because you have to take into account missed shots. Overall OCA has a much higher chance than any other SMG of downing a target under sustained fire because it just spits out bullets faster. The difference doesn't look like much at first glance but if the engagement lasts for more than two seconds the OCA will win against any other SMG because its DPS is a straight upgrade. Also as an extensive user of cap40, I can say that it's recoil/bloom pattern is a straight downgrade to current OCA as well. The bloom is just bigger. As for my argument for buffing, 0.7s is the ttk of most assault rifles. OCA is the only SMG that actually has a high chance of not getting killed by an assault rifle in cqc
  12. Hey there! I heard rebalances are incoming so here are my 2 cents: CAP40 is a straight downgrade to OCA, it kills slower. A few months ago, OCA received a time to kill buff for rebalancing reason, but cap40 was completely unaffected even though they're supposed to be equivalent guns. Please buff cap40 accordingly (or maybe nerf all OCAs)
  13. TheHidden-Tember

    OverSight/UnderSight is Recruiting! (Enforcer & Criminal)

    Ah yes let's do that Huge multi-clan events and all.
  14. There. I hope I didn't forget anything. The new interface is a pain to use though
  15. TheHidden-Tember

    Tember's legendary guide of legendary guns!

    Was just a forum ban because I posted a meme nothing irreversible. Is there no way to edit this damn thing in actual text?