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  1. As far as i'm concerned spawn protection should be removed in fight club. You can literally run with an SMG towards someone and kill him even when he started shooting first.
  2. TheHidden-Tember

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    obviously i'm the true winner.
  3. Assassin's creed odyssey is also pay2win though. As far as a singleplayer game can be. The whole thing is a mindless grind unless you purchase the time-skipping upgrades with microtransactions. Whoever wrote the part about "generous giving out XP materials and items" is a liar and should be fired.
  4. TheHidden-Tember

    Holiday season events and more

    can't wait to infect everyone!
  5. TheHidden-Tember

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    Can't even call you moneyfirst anymore, there really isn't anything new to spend money on Keep up the good work in saving our game!
  6. TheHidden-Tember


    The new LCR Old glory is crazy fun to use but that's probably because of the buff that compensates improved rifling's debuff on the PR1 and PR2.
  7. 4/29 are things I actually find annoying and care about. Also you use the word "AI" way too often, this was never meant to be a PvE game.
  8. TheHidden-Tember

    Blowing up car tires.

    no thanks. This is an arcade game not a realistic game.
  9. If you give new players nooby-specific rewards and activities, all that's going to happen is that new players won't actually get any benefit from it but veterans will farm the hell out of those activities with smurf accounts
  10. TheHidden-Tember

    Moblie Radar no longer works

    Someone just hardlciamd that they use a macro.
  11. I personally don't play there anymore BECAUSE open PvP is disabled. It was like the only good thing about those districts.
  12. TheHidden-Tember

    Grenades Buff

    For a very long time I had this weird belief that if enemies are near, pressing 4 would kill me regardless of the consumable i'm using.
  13. TheHidden-Tember

    Breast Cancer Limited Weapons

    I can imagine a weapon modification that inflicts breast cancer on your target whenever you hit.
  14. NTEC beats OCA consistently between 0m and 5m.