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  1. Instead of whatever it is you guys did for one of the most controversial pistols, how about buffing all the weapons no one talks about?
  2. they DID increase the ttk though. It's a 4-burst kill now. But yeah I agree that the range buff is stupid. The community has been asking for a NERF, not a SIDEGRADE. Also, getting killed reliably by an RFP at 40+m was the biggest problem IMO and that massive range increase will absolutely NOT fix this. You basically nerfed the RFP's niche (reliable massive damage in close range while under cover) and massively buffed the very reason why people hate it in the first place (high reliability at assault rifle ranges)
  3. I mean CQC guns in general are all about shooting first anyway so if you're consistent at jumping on people unaware, then you're consistent at killing them at mid-range while they're turning around to fire back.
  4. woah, radar jammer is getting fixes, yay Also I am 100% am on board with that EMP grenade. Very interesting counter to car-based gameplay! Merged. As for shotguns, I see a red flag in the fact that you're nerfing everything except the shredder, which nearly no one uses. I personally don't care because CQC weapons are unviable in high level play because of their poor range, but really when balancing shotguns please consider the fact that assault rifles can be just as effective as shotguns in CQC. Also what you can't fix corner popping by nerfing shotguns, it's the only reason why semi-auto shotguns exist. It's like trying to fix crouchspamming by nerfing the OBIR or something. APB has various terrains, and if you attack a in a tight area, you should EXPECT to be demolished by shotguns and prepare accordingly with grenades or something (or I dunno, your own shotguns?)
  5. This is an assault rifle though so it's not supposed to level pointman
  6. eh, I like this in mission districts T.T It completely removes the "your gun is P2W" excuse and allows for fun situational loadouts. It's nice to have a vote for Fight club, but could we also have a vote for mission districts @MattScott ?
  7. I actually like it better with this version because it means you can't just equip a dropped sniper rifle and instantly switch to your primary shotgun whenever enemies get close, as was the case before.
  8. I kind of like it. It helped me try out new fun styles. Also with this mechanic people aren't allowed to complain about OP guns anymore since they can just steal yours. Overall, as an extensive user of legendary guns I'm having great fun throwing my shit weapons at the enemy so they can die stupidly with them.
  9. So thanks to the pickup mechanics (plz leave this in , LO I love it) I could pick up this shizz today: From the few tests I've ran, this seems like a slightly less accurate LCR, with also less range than an LCR, but with the ability to spam quicker in hipfire. I got killed soon after trying it up but from what I've tried, playing it like an LCR seems to work fine and trying to use it at hipfire range works just as well as expected which means NOT. Also because I might have a bad habit of going into marksman mode in CQC. Spraying it while crouching seems to help a lot.
  10. Yes. This is part of why I wrote this thread. Give people a legal macro to make them realise that they'll still get their arses handed to them because they got no rythm.
  11. You're the reason why we can't have nice things. Remember the witch hunt I mentioned? (also no, I never got banned for anything)
  12. Add a configuration for a button that fires your gun repeatedly at a certain configurable frequency (or more likely a duration in milliseconds). BAM, the semi-auto unfriendly to noobs problem is fixed and people can no longer complain about macros. (and more specifically it will end the witch hunt because really people using a macro can't be differenciated from people with genuine rythm skills)
  13. Solution: Add an option to shoot every semi auto gun in full auto mode.
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