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  1. I'm all for change! High mag scope is my favorite sniper mod in the game! High mag scope is really inferior to HS3 in many ways! High mag scope needs a buff! ... No. No headshots. Don't.
  2. if you have a bit of gamedev skills, and want to spend a nice quilty time making a very low quality game, consider joining this game jam: https://itch.io/jam/game-breakers-toolkit-jam-2
  3. please explain, I have received no emails of any sort.
  4. Who wants monnies? (funny bug I encountered today)
  5. What even is meta? HVR is and is always be the best sniper rifle. Any other sniper rifle is just you deciding to NOT tryhard. (then again I am a big fan of the DMR with high mag scope)
  6. I feel like people are specifically avoiding talking about the stun grenade for some reason
  7. only OP thing about LTL is the stun grenade that can stealth-onestun the crims. Other LTL weapons are bad.
  8. it wouldn't be bait if I warned people in advance, lul
  9. My big brain can't fathom the weekly maintenances that have been happening for over 8 years and I feel the need to ask in public every time this happens. edit: this is all Murk's fault BTW
  10. This is still the case btw. As a crim, killing your fellow bounty currently does nothing major. As an enf, killing your fellow prestige 5 makes you prestige drop to 0 There are no other mechanics. Current system is biased against enforcers.
  11. Did anything change visually? One of my complaints here is that the system had a slight change but none of the UI elements did.
  12. As I said before, games like CS GO and R6 have proper matchmaking BECAUSE they have thousands of players at any given time. Can't do that in APB. Default matchmaking algorithms are bound to be bad if you only have 40 players on. Also YES, fixing the matchmaking IS a good thing. It's just REALLY hard to do in the game's current pop state. Just imagine that none of the teams can be balanced so the system tries to pit whoever can against each other.
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