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  1. 1v1s still happen. I had a lot of them lately. Just because some patch notes somewhere say they don't happen anymore doesn't mean they don't. Also I'm not just talking about 1v2 but with 1 player disconnecting, I legit mean 1v1 matches. I am guessing that maybe having a mission start in a group of 2, then having one player leave, then having one opponent show up is what might be triggering this from the opponent's point of view, but it still happens.
  2. Hear me out. An APB tournament, but where the goal is not to win but to actually entertain the audience by picking the most despicable strategies. There would be some guidelines (not rules) of course, such as "avoid stalling coz that's boring'. (even though I could imagine implementing a run clause, where if you ever are to run away you must warn the enemy team beforehand this way they can prepare their equipment for a car chase) Anything could be done as long as there's clear telegraphing. Going full sniper, full explosives, rushing with percs, car gameplay, glitching items, using physics to attain unreachable spots, paying an enemy player to sabotage their own team, taunting the enemies in chat, listening in on their voice comms, use your imagination! Would be more like pro-wrestling with some teams having specific flavors and both team can agree secretly beforehand on a general mission layout to create a short storyline out of each match. As for actual winners/prizes there could be some audience votes or something, I haven't thought that far. Help me out plz.
  3. This ruleset you describe seems like it would be a boring game.
  4. it hasn't happened yet, therefore u can't say it's the worst thing that happened, dummy
  5. That third bullet point is really the only thing necessary. Spotter duration and cooldown modifications are uncalled for IMO.
  6. oh hey infinito I was never really gone, just farming marksman kills in the shadows.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, but today I tried playing the anniversary event in beacon, and there were 0 players there. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Beacon does not have a subcategory to be selected from the district selection submenu (escape > district select > advanced) like asylum or baylan shipping would (also baylan shipping still has its subcategory but no servers which feels counterproductive) Please consider this before deciding that "no one played this event therefore we shouldn't do it again" This is also something that happened when you rolled out freekill open conflict (which was an absolute blast to play) but very few players even knew it EXISTED when it happened, and then you were like "well no one played this, which means no one likes it and we'll never do it again" Understand that after getting past bronze threat, a vast majority of players don't actually use the simple district selection tab, and go directly to the advanced tab to click silver district if they're gold and bronze district if they're silver. This means that any district not shown prominently there (for instance if it actually lacks a threat icon) will be ignored by this vast majority. Edit: NVM I found it apparently, it shows up in "all rulesets". Well that's dumb it should have its own subcatgory.
  8. here's an idea for high mag scope: make it increase the 100m visibility range while in mm mode to something like 110m. And make it possible to actually shoot players up till that range with HMS. Counterpoint: DMR becomes incredibly Overpowered.
  9. I'm all for change! High mag scope is my favorite sniper mod in the game! High mag scope is really inferior to HS3 in many ways! High mag scope needs a buff! ... No. No headshots. Don't.
  10. if you have a bit of gamedev skills, and want to spend a nice quilty time making a very low quality game, consider joining this game jam: https://itch.io/jam/game-breakers-toolkit-jam-2
  11. please explain, I have received no emails of any sort.
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