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  1. it wouldn't be bait if I warned people in advance, lul
  2. My big brain can't fathom the weekly maintenances that have been happening for over 8 years and I feel the need to ask in public every time this happens. edit: this is all Murk's fault BTW
  3. This is still the case btw. As a crim, killing your fellow bounty currently does nothing major. As an enf, killing your fellow prestige 5 makes you prestige drop to 0 There are no other mechanics. Current system is biased against enforcers.
  4. Did anything change visually? One of my complaints here is that the system had a slight change but none of the UI elements did.
  5. As I said before, games like CS GO and R6 have proper matchmaking BECAUSE they have thousands of players at any given time. Can't do that in APB. Default matchmaking algorithms are bound to be bad if you only have 40 players on. Also YES, fixing the matchmaking IS a good thing. It's just REALLY hard to do in the game's current pop state. Just imagine that none of the teams can be balanced so the system tries to pit whoever can against each other.
  6. it was great Played a bunch of actual games. Made a bunch of actual games too (I'm a game designer now) None of those had the social vibe I had with APB though, so I hop back in from time to time. I'm considering making a solo game with the core systems of APB (the missions system, the bounty system, and other core things) The game not being competitive has nothing to do with new players having a bad time though. You can't just use "if this game is not competitive then none of the features of a competitive game are required" as an argument.
  7. Look, to clarify. The way I see it, changing the bounty system as a whole is not necessarely a bad thing. But it HAS to be a coherent change, not just a slapped-on one. Among the things that should be changed: - the map screen shouldn't even show bounties anymore unless they're in your mission - killing your own bounty as a cop shouldn't result in 0 standing if you're going the "copsVScrims = blueVSred" route. - You shouldn't even be able to SEE the bounty icon above the head of someone you can't shoot. It serves no purpose This IS completely true. I'm of the opinion that we don't need visible threat segregation. But the internal systems to matchmake players could be worked on.
  8. This isn't a bug, this is the devs FORGETTING to update every sub-mechanic related to bounties. Instead they probably just toggled the switch that says "people outside mission can interact with you" and left it at that. Bandaid patch.
  9. because not enough players play this game for matchmaking to work properly I guess. Because new players leave the game so barely anyone remains. I mean when I play this I see a district with max 40 players on each side. That means 10 teams on each side. Can YOU write an algorithm that sorts 10 teams objectively in order of threat? I don't think anyone can. So instead the game puts new players against you, you probably destroy them, and they never come back. Mind you, this is ALSO something that should be worked on and solved. Robust Matchmaking and negative feedback loops are NOT mutually exclusive.
  10. it's called a negative feedback loop. If you're doing good, it gets harder to do good. This allows new players to have a chance and find fun in the game. Biggest problem we currently have is that new players just leave the game because matchmaking can't handle them. Every negative feedback loop could help against this problem.
  11. have you ever played mario kart? Have you ever used a blue shell? Blue shells are good.
  12. Yes, the way missions are asymetrical where one of the team must go through 5 stages with a timer to THEN have a chance at a fair final mission but before that they can lose at any stage is 100% competitive oriented.
  13. vacation I guess. Given what i'm seeing now I'll probably go back to that.
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