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  1. TheHidden-Tember

    Cupid hunting why?

    So I just had to log in, send a whisper to Asgerlund and win, right? Why was this only a one-day event. Also remember how people usually go on DATES for valentine's day. Normal people don't play APB. Please don't reward people for being forever alone. Hell, I was forever alone that day, just playing something else than APB.
  2. TheHidden-Tember

    Oversight (will be back soonTM)

    Maybe 2 weeks? I count weeks every patch day. So every wednesday by default.
  3. TheHidden-Tember

    Oversight (will be back soonTM)

    Things are being prepared. ETA: 1 week (or two) after the engine upgrade. SoonT you will hear more about us. Expect massive recruitment sprees. Expect massive clan events. Expect a tiny bit of chaos. (just what's needed)
  4. I agree with any kind of being able to access info in-game. However being able to actually SEND info to the game might cause a plethora of issues.
  5. TheHidden-Tember

    You're not Excused

    weird flex but okay.
  6. TheHidden-Tember

    SBSR coroner and IRS

    DMR is bae. 2-hit kill over 88m is magical and causes many hackusations.
  7. TheHidden-Tember

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    Obviously i'm the one who won. Also hi PHM!
  8. Technically the first team to capture City hall gets a huge advantage in capture points. It doesn't mean that team will win though, coz the end stage victory is higlhy dependent on juts how many barrels you can simultaneously get to the last location, not WHERE you found those barrels.
  9. I did say in another thread that playing this solo is kinda bad, yes. the dev team will need to find ways to sort simple things like objective visibility and rewards to improve that.
  10. MFW my thread gets nearly zero feedback because i'm not being toxic/complaining about anything or spouting controversy
  11. So yesterday we had a district takeover in the Epidemic district. What is a district takeover? Simply put your entire clan joins the same district and plays missions there under the same voice chat app (in this case discord because teamspeak is dead). We joined in 3 groups for a total of 10 players and let me tell you: it was a blast! (BTW Oversight is recruiting enforcers plz join) What makes it different? I said it was great as a clan event but really from the experience we gathered, it also works if you're in a group of 4. The game changer here is the voice chat. It makes you win, period. You're fighting two armies of headless chicken who have no idea what they're doing, coordination levels are 0. Most of them are busy completing daily activities or defending their points. The reality is that this game mode is all about mobility. The playable area changes constantly, so you need your best available cars and anti-vehicle weapons to win. And being able to actually talk to your teammates (because let's face it no one really listens to the team chat) is a blessing. I actually spent most of yesterday looking at the map screen, directing my troops around. It added a whole strategic layer to our usual APB experience, and in the few cases where our groups were separated into different teams we could still gang up on the third team and betray each other at the end and it was super fun. We also ended up using vernacular locations (as in referring to places by a name like "city hall" instead of by their location like "west of the map") which was an interesting experience. How should you actually play this mode? Capture the City hall. Just do it. It becomes available whenever one of the team reaches 25% infection and has a nearly undestroyable barrel core (at least not at range considering it's inside the building) with a super high up spawn point, the same spawn point that allows you to jump in central park as soon as it becomes available. In a more general way, you should always be ready for new areas to appear and have a barrel to capture them. The game starts with 2 available areas for each team which will generally belong to those teams (although we've managed to blitz them a few times and steal them from their team, they usually get recaptured pretty fast). Then groups of 3 areas appear whenever a team reaches either 25%, 50% and 75% infection rate. The first one to appear at 25% usually has the city hall (so capture it), the kiosk/east park, and the skate park/east mcdonalds. The subsequent captureable areas appear seemingly in random locations but always at those multiples of 25%. Always keep an eye on them, have a barrel ready. You will always have enough barrels to capture all 3 new areas so try assigning one to each member of your group and splitting them for maximal coverage. Whenever one of the team reaches 90%, it is time to attack the park. It doesn't matter how far behind your own team is, it will catch up eventually if you can survive this final phase. EVERYONE GRAB A BARREL AND GO TO CENTRAL PARK. More barrels means more chances of instantly starting to cap it whenever your team reaches 100%. Being there slightly before everyone else means you'll be able to prep the area with ALIGs and volcanoes and car detonators and whatever lame defenssive thing you want. OP weapons don't matter there anymore, only numbers do. Good luck, and may the best team win. What would I want/ not want to see in a future turf wars mode? Get rid of the fog. It makes sense here because IT IS HALLOWEEN WHATEVER I WONT JUDGE, but really the fog leads to very awkward interactions where you see an enemy who has been there for over 10s and none of you saw each other so the first one who magically sees a red name appear over the other's head will shoot him and win. Give us more substantial monetary rewards and fix that glitch which sometimes makes everyone win 0$. Those are long missions, and you'll be using tons of LMG ammo and rockets, without even racking that many kills. So it would be great if I didn't exit the epidemic district holding less money than what I entered with. Allow us to raise our weapon roles rewards. I started this thinking I could get a ton of marksman kills, which I did, but none of them registered in my roles so I soon defaulted to the Volcano JC which is the objectively best weapon in this game mode. In general I believe that most people complete their explosives roles first so in another district they would be tempted to use guns they haven't completed yet. But here, roles don't matter so you see a heck ton of explosives and car detonators. I am confident that raising weapon roles will ensure a more varied weapon pool here. (Also if your decision to disable it was to prevent farming, just stop. EVERYONE in this event was farming for their dailies anyway. You cannot stop the farm. Stop trying to stop us farm. Farmers will always find another way to farm) The poison in the areas is a mixed one for me. Sure, it helps to prevent spawn killing, but defending is already easy enough. I found myself categorizing areas between "easy" and "hard", where easy areas are ones where you can just snipe the barrel core with your volcano, and hard areas are those where you need to actually enter the buildings and cross the enemy spawns to find that core. In the first case i'd never enter the poison, in the second case the poison would make it near impossible to destroy the core. My opinion is if you keep the poison, rework all the areas accordingly to make them easily targettable. If you decide to remove the poison, make sure that the barrel cores are inaccessible from the outside and require actual infiltration to reach. Either way, thanks a lot for bringing us this event. It has its issues, but it's nothing that can't be fixed in a later version of it.
  12. i completely agree. Not progressing roles feels completely unfair.
  13. TheHidden-Tember

    Epidemic - walk through

    Two things I hate about this game mode: 1) The fog 2) I can't progress kill roles I understand that you were going for a "spooky" vibe, but that fog was really unnecessary especially since the default optimal strategy is to use volcano/ALIG/HVR which are sorta long range weapons. I found myself repeatedly taking potshots towards areas where the enemies MIGHT be while being myself undercover. Midrange simply doesn't work, half the time I don't see the enemies or I see their models but the name doesn't show up. Also the default icon colour for captureable areas is gray, which is sorta hard to see in that fog / on the minimap. After a while I got used to where everything was, but really I understand the people who show up in the distirct and are like "what do we do here? How do we play this?" The fact that my killcount doesn't progress there means that as soon as I complete the daily 100jt activity I will probably just leave the district and play normal missions. The monetary rewards aren't worth it considering how long one epidemic mission takes, especially when any idiot could end it abruptly by arresting a criminal (woops, my bad) so from a purely materialistic perspective this event isn't worth playing.