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  1. Have received no rewards for the ARK until now.
  2. I have done the same with a enf ingame, we collected around 400k for everyone, i think we needed together something around 2 Hours.
  3. You still can lease it in the joker store if you are not r195.... or i am torally wrong? But tbh, where is the challenge and the willing for new players if they have all from beginning for ezpz?!
  4. You dont think about that there are cops arround which are corrupted... because they can work together with ramraiding crims so that they dont arrest them and cash in all the crims money they where payd by the crims with goods, that they can cash in for themself and the advantage is, that the Enfos can get up to multiplyer 1.8 without getting N5 ✌ Indeed..., there is still another method to get much money.... This is what i meant, only one method is left and not mentioned, which gives you a little more money. And btw, if you get a DC, you drop your money in the District. If you are fast enough, you can be lucky to rejoining and pick it up xD
  5. Since when?! Thats the first time i heard that in playing APB since 9 years... Lol, i doesnt know.... Because in real life it would be logical to ramraid storefronts in abandoned citys too... Making 120k in one hour is really no Problem. There is still another method but yours is the common variant...
  6. Hi Surra/Serra, eventuell bin ich heute Abend mal online, ich melde mich später bei dir. Liebe Grüße, Speedy^^
  7. Are you playing at Citadel? I can show you how to ramraid effectively you want....
  8. Any news regarding the rewards? Thanks in advance... @Lixil
  9. And whereis the RIOT ARG Title and Skin?
  10. We had all types of Legendarys, but only one type is missed.... YES...., a “Legendary Handgrenade“. Please LO, release a legendary handgrenade and call it “The Holy grenade of Antioch“, with the abillity to explode with a flashbang and smoke... Please use this style: (It would fit with the crown. ) Looool.
  11. Damn, thanks to all... now i must went to the grocery store and buy me a pack of Calippo... ✌ Ce ya. Edit: Here we go...
  12. Nice job bro, i have one on my own but havent used it for, idk...., 7 years or so. *shame* But two days ago i duelled me with a player who had bad connection and i decided to choose the “Harbinger“ Revolver and we played something around 15 mins or so on VIP stage with verry much of fun. It was awsome to use that type of gun ingame. Hope to get some Revolver matches in the future again. P.s.: The golden ACT is also cool and the Commander is funny to shoot through doors if people think they are safe.
  13. Damn that i cant participate on that event because i had to work. Your edit remembers me on the bug that old G1 implemented for accident, it was where the OPGL shooted with Shaw stats. That evening wa insane crazy to play APB i lmao most time playing this day.
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