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  1. Same here... lol, for me it was tooooo late to think. Yesterday i spend around five+ hours or so to investigate for the Dentists day on the 6th of march, the big-smile programm for children to brush theyr teeth in shools..., then entered multiple uncountable and not rememberable password combinations of everything, ended on the search for “the magic word“ found out it was “JEHO-VAH“ dang.... false positive again... then studyed gang-signs, numeric codes from gangs, theyr constitutions etc. (verry interesting btw. ) several gang-slangs.. then thinked that the Bloods (because the Bloodroses) is a part of the riddle.... daaaamn, wrong way again. Then landed on cryptographic pages where you can encode and decode eveything into everything with hundreds of several codecs and algorithms.... theeeeen ended on code tables for translating old lost treasures, like the “Golden owl“ in france, wich is still unfound etc. after that i ended up on searching for cpritcher on the whole internet... found several email adresses with that wording cpritcher@.... After all i reread the articles on the RH homepage and stumbled over the “One eye for one teth“ text part... searched for it, found out it is a part of a old M*A*S*H episode then thinked “Damn i need some popcorn to watch the good old M*A*S*H episodes“ the end from that ultimative searching was that i had opened around 30 browser-tabs, some pdf's, word files, some online tools to encode and decode, movies, etc. Then i see some ipv6 adresses and thinked that they eventually have to do with the first code part because some includes the part “c0d3“ in it....... Aaaand the final conclusion: My whole System crashed and i thinked “FU“ and i went to bed with sqare-shaped eyes and a bubbly brain. Tomorrow my search will go on! And my first part is to look again for “Big-Smile“, “the gang signs“ and grafittis ingame and on the internet, plus searching intensively on the “One eye for one teth“ thing connection between Redhillinstitute article and this one M*A*S*H episode.... Edit: And not to forget, looking for the IPv6 thing. Over and out sanparians... C ya all tomorrow.
  2. Tryed: Riot, Development, Business, Please, pl3453, Dev, God, Mattscott, Devildog, Medicine, Redhill, C0d3, Bloodrose, Engine, Institute, Sanparo, 3258, Smile, Big-smile, Joker, Reloaded Nothing worked... Now i need a break...
  3. Ah ... damn lol, next time I might use the right word ^^ GOT ME
  4. The thing atm where i stuck is the question: For how much letters characters we must look for the next code snipped? Will we need only 4, 5, 7 or 12 characters?! Have written down some numbers and theories that i want to release eventually today when i am back at home.... ✌ Have a nice Weekebd SanParos.
  5. Spend over 5000.- + € on my Main Acc and around 700.- + € on one of my Alt's but can be that's a bit higher. I regret nothing, i am proud to supported this game and everything was worth it besides my 1000+ JMB purchase to get the Anubis on release...., that was my worst move but not my worst gun... Thanks to the JMB's, now i have on my Main Acc over 3k days of Premium... lol
  6. Red = Crimes Blue = Enforcer So btw, has anybody tryed to use an ASCII editor to view or search on the RedHill homepage? Eventually there is a hidden message?! Idk, this idea came over me when i tryed to reconvert the timestamp.... Oh lol, havent red your post... I used this app on my phone: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=duy.com.text_converter Becazse atm my Computer us not working.
  7. Eventually there is some normal text coded with the leet speach.... as everybody knows from past codes and like the word c0d3 = code https://www.dcode.com/ http://www.robertecker.com/hp/research/leet-converter.php h4v3 fun 3v3ryb0dy...
  8. Yes i know, but the thread was older than the Red Hills page, or i am wrong?
  9. Hmmm, seen that every Thread on the forums has a 4 digit numer in the link... Only wild speculation.... The UE3.5 Thread has this link: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/7786-progress-with-ue35-integration/ Number: 7786 Eventually the next 4 Digits?!
  10. Think it should be this: 6ac20d50-c0d3-4f0f-____-____________ Because i found some guid on web that begins exactly this way: Eventually this can help to back engineer the timestamps, etc: http://guid.one/guid/make Edit: As i see, a clock sequence and node id is missing....
  11. Yes, thats what i find out too... I have seen some on my research while i drive with the bus home from work... I share later some stuff....
  12. !!!!! ☣ - NOTFALLMELDUNG // EPIDEMIE PREVENTION - ☣ !!!!! *hust* Wir von der Umbrella Corporation haben nichts mit diesem neuen Virus zu tun ... ich schwöre es Beeilt euch, Bürger von SanParo! Holt euch die letzten Gasmasken aus dem ARMAS-Store, um Infektionen mit dem Virus zu verhindern. Umbrella untersucht nun parallel zum RED HILL INSTITUT das Virus und arbeitet an einem Gegenmittel ..., aber WER WEIß ^^ Die Zombies beißen die langsamsten! Freundliche Grüße ☣ "THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION" ☣ -Our life is business itself
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