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  1. Yes, I have recognized it, but it can confuse some people who do not have this knowledge about the game, and maybe new players.
  2. OMG, in my opinion the ARMAS store need now more rework than before. Everything is not categorized clearly enough, according to factions, the weapons skins are only represented on a single weapon model (and some models are not evenly aligned) and it is somehow a bit confusing. #BRINGBACKOLDARMAS From me it gives a clear downvote for this, as far it will stay how it is now. Sorry LO, i am really shocked! edit: And btw, the weapon presets are not explained for new users.... plus you used wrong pictures for example?: A small mag for the extended mag III mod? And a big mag without a mag mod? Maybe it just looks wrong, because the weapons are not all aligned properly ... please look at it. edit 2.0: Lol, it is the Store for PS4 but for the console players it must be horrible. The store for PC is more categorized but have too some of the mentioned problems. @MattScott
  3. Ah okay, thanks for clarification @mattscott Keep up your good and hard work. I am glad that LO bought APB.
  4. @MattScott What is with Players who havent logged in for more than 60 days on theyr accounts? Because you sayd that every player will get the compensation: I only ask about curiousity, it confused me a bit. Before somebody think something wrong....: “No, i dont need Premium, i have around 3k days.“ and atm i am happy with that. Thx & greetz, Speedy^^
  5. Dont forget 2fa, armas changes, some little events inclusive skins, epidemic event, contests, new forum, new server provider, the RIOT arg, etc. and that is only APB, LO has done stuff for Descent, Unsung and FE too....
  6. Verdammt, ich dachte ich habe Alice im RedQueen Hauptspeicher inklusive aller Backups der Überwachungsbänder erfolgreich gelöscht...
  7. Normally there is today a option to delete all users/accounts, without deleting theyr content so you are possible to see all Threads and posts but instead of the original user/member names you can then see as replacement for example “deleted001“ etc. and personal messages plus ip adresses are then wiped out too. But idk if the old G1 Forums are updated for the actual gdpr and/or dsgvo requirements, so it can be that there is no option to wipe out the mentioned data. If it is not possible it is still okay, i only tryed to keep the old content and hard work the Community created for APB in the past.
  8. Is there any keeped backup from the old G1 Forums? If yes, i am willed to host it on my Server to keep the informations accessible for everyone interested researcher. I dont want anything for it. @MattScott
  9. I still mostly use themes and music from Geetie. All custom made and unique. And with my Main i only use our Clan-Theme and Music is random because they are some tracks xD And btw, yes it is a method to store things like music, themes, symbols, cars, etc in you Char mail system to expand your limited storage. I have a ton of stuff stored in my Mails too, most are originals of custom created cars i have done in the past pr symbols. I Put the stuff i wanted to store on mp, canceled the auction and then it was in my mailbox.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work, swet and time the whole LO staff is investing into our all loved game APB. ✌♥ @MattScott
  11. Oh yeah..... verry nice. Love the coloring. #IAMINLOVE
  12. SpeedyCat

    APB Bug Report #5

    I dont understand again for 100% what you want to tell us, LO or aliens?! If you want to report any bug, pls post in the right forum section...., think about what you want to write, dont be rude, choose a good translation tool or use for example Noodle-translate and contact eventually support. All your threads giving me brainbubbles so far and i dont want to go soon to a psychist for reading your Bannanarama... dont get me or us wrong, we really want to help, but we cant because we understand nothing. Hope to see soon some readable/followable threads from you @vnight ... have a good time @APB.... c ya
  13. Daaaaaamn that i am on Health cure and rehabilitation atm and cant participate. But i am verry hyped to see some progress the next weeks.
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