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  1. SpeedyCat

    Markers disappear

    Yesterday i have the same bug for myself, i cant see any objective marker, enemy marker or waypoint on the play screen, but i can see it only in the opened map.
  2. Wasn't online for some time, but i am back..
  3. Oh wow. really 0o THATS AWSOME! THX @MattScott
  4. Yes, that would be awsome... Or eventually to buy a customisation Request from the ARMAS Store for a Custom Skin (for your Clan or Char), for something like $200 or so... and tell LO what they should create for you. A option to choose if the Skin will be available on ARMAS then for others or something like this would be awsome^^ sorry for my bad english today, have slept 4 hours in the last three days 0o
  5. Then i want to buy some barrels with toxines... thx And please a Fog-mashine....
  6. Thanks @MattScott Looks verry nice
  7. Lol, needed two years to get the fckn wings unlocked... ..why now and not earlyer.... xD I dont care if they are buyable or not. Edit: @MattScott You forget to put all Halloween backpacks, the witch hat, the Halloween weapon skins and the asylum skin on the ARMAS.
  8. Have seen it too @Ketog
  9. No, the slower firrerate downside will be removed. and only the range buff will be kept.
  10. exactly, but only until they release other downsides^^ You can read here:
  11. @Lixil Hi Lixil, think you made a little typo on the dates? Think the Winners cant be announced until the event has not ended, or i am wrong? Happy Halloween to ya all....
  12. SpeedyCat

    IR3 Preset Refund

    Exactly... I have bought the OBIR “Vladivostock“ and other premodded guns Accountwide years ago and on several Accounts, it was the biggest money waste on this Game, because LO destroyed 80% of them with the IR3 changes. In my opinion the Vladivostock is now really garbage (and other premodded wapons with IR3 too) you cant survive anymore in a 1v1 fight with it, because it is now so slow shooting between the bursts, inthat you can be outgunned by a slingshot for sure.. before the mod changed it was most time hard too, to win with it, but now it is close to impossible. Btw, since the introducion of that changes, APB is no fun anymore for me and i quit playing APB for exactly that stupid shiad. I hope LO will do the right thing and will rework the IR3 mod or better remove it from the premodded guns. Thanks. Update: Lol nevermind. Thanks @MattScott YOU are my/our Hero! APB has me back now.... wohooo... meet ya all on the battleground. Let's PARTEY!
  13. Hey Boys & Girls, i am looking to buy a Thunder ingame or wanna trade it from you in exchange for ingame goods.... Please let me know via PM, if you want to trade one or have one to sell to me for a reasonable price. You can also contact me ingame via my Char: SpeedyCat Thx in advance, Speedy^^
  14. Hey HighSociety... Ja, es sind aktive TUC's unterwegs in APB, teils aber mit anderen Chars zum leveln oder auch mal als Enfo, da wir mittlerweile auch noch einen Enfo Clan für Member haben. Wenn du magst, schaue doch einfach mal auf unserem TS vorbei, ich schicke dir ne PM mit den Daten. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns die Tage vielleicht mal zu ein paar Runden in APB. Happy gamine Speedy^^