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  1. SpeedyCat

    Population crisis.....

    And revert the Anti-Fun Things like Jump with Vegas on inisible Platform in Skatepark, Drive on Water and go to NOVVOM etc. in Waterfront, Hijump on Vehicle spawns, etc. The old good times..... i can cry
  2. Hope you are right... if so i will partey hard. *praying* I must check later and if its happened i will do a giveaway on end of the month.
  3. SpeedyCat

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    Yep, thats my problem i actually have on 4 of my accounts...
  4. the temp fix did nothing to the broken pellet mechanics, and the ir3 temp “fix” just removed the range but left the controversial rof decrease yes thats the case and LO better should do something or they loose mor players than they think... The IR3 firerate decrease is verry worse on some weapons and need some serious rework, they should manage the decrease nor on the Class I,II,III of the mod only they need wepon group optimisations/categorisation too.
  5. SpeedyCat

    WTB Ocsp Joker 2,5m

    Nevermind...., wrong thread xD
  6. SpeedyCat

    Real Talk LO!

    I cant say it better:
  7. SpeedyCat

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    Some true words about IR3 related on OBIR: The source:
  8. I can agree to 100% for the OBIR Part, thanks to roll that out for non OBIR Players ;-)
  9. SpeedyCat

    Real Talk LO!

    Same for me, i could not say it better... I am out from this game since the worse IR3 changes where implemented. I will be back if the changes be reverted or i get a refund for all my ARMAS pre mods with IR3 and to be honest its fckn much money.... i spend over 5k € on this game and it is a shame that i must crouch to support and bag for refund or something else. The game is for me no more playable, all is fckn shit now. Thx and have a good day... Tbh, i know i will come back but now for undefined time..., i am out. LO keep up the good work with the game but pls revert this worse weaponchanges. C ya all in future.
  10. SpeedyCat

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    I stopped playing APB sine the IR patch affected most of my ready modded ARMAS guns extremely negative. I played my OBIR “Vladivostock“ 5+ years in a row 90% of playtime.... now the rifle is in my eyes useless. The Star LCR is now crap too and some other expensive guns also.... It is really sad.... Hope someday i come back 100% to APB... C ya all in future.....
  11. Yes, would be nice if it would be possible to split Premium in the future. I have a sec. Acc too with no Premium and on my Main i have around 3k+ days
  12. SpeedyCat

    HAN Character Merge tonight

    oookay, welcome^^
  13. Yes, we must find a way to prevent that spam ingame xD I have 5+ Pages full of mods i dont use... :-/
  14. SpeedyCat

    APB launcher not working

    Try to run the Standalone version, download it on www.gamersfirst.com and install it. I never run steam when playing APB...