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  1. SpeedyCat

    How do you guys do it?

    Hehe, same for me bro... I bought Islands of nine two days ago bit i duck hard at it xD Send you a pm.... ^^
  2. SpeedyCat

    How do you guys do it?

    this atm.... i lagged so heavily today that i lose every single march, it doesnt matter with wich weapon.....Not that i am angry about.... indeed not, i only thought Wtf.... whats happened?!
  3. SpeedyCat

    OCA Nano Gold

    Sadly no one from old G1 exacly has sayd that it is not ingame, because on the anarchy event or the xmass even you get it from special boxes but with different mods... Normally you must be able to archieve it ingame but atm i think you cant because nobody known has it and eventually the process to get it ingame is broken..
  4. SpeedyCat

    Disappearing tattoos question

    Whooooot.... o0 Oh damn i never recognized that problem. Next time i will be carefull. Thx
  5. SpeedyCat

    Devil Dog.

    I think i will try to make one of my Char ^^ Nice homework on lonely days ;-P
  6. SpeedyCat

    Devil Dog.

    are there any more of these of other contacts? I dont know, but it would be verry cool.... Edt: something like "purchase your own action figure on armas IRL""
  7. SpeedyCat

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    btw where is that discord and can I join it? Matt says somewhere in the QA Thread as i remember right that LO will implement the Crosshairs.
  8. SpeedyCat

    Devil Dog.

    Damn... i cant withstand^^ Here are the results xD: Hehe, i think i must have done this because i play APB for so long and never really invested time for Dog xD #BeCreative ^^lol
  9. SpeedyCat

    Devil Dog.

    If i remember right, there are still the Blood stains on the roof at the Building in Financial (The Isle) left^^ It would be verry cool if LO is going to revive the Hide and Seek for DevilDog on Special places.... @MattScott
  10. SpeedyCat

    Devil Dog.

    If so, then its strange..... Lol, never mind.... xD
  11. Aus aktuellem Anlass wurde unser TS gestern auf 64 Slots erweitert. Macht weiter so Jungs, wir sehen uns ingame Speedy^^
  12. Hey Keshi, for me it is the same since last patch. I do today the /latencytest and write/send the file to Support.
  13. SpeedyCat


    Hey Alistra, wir haben Enforcer und Crims, sind auf beiden Seiten unterwegs, meist aber auf Crimseite. Vielleicht kannst du ja einen Crim anfangen? Wenn dir das nichts ausmacht, glaube ich bist du bei uns ganz gut aufgehoben Kannst dir es ja mal anschauen, wie es bei uns im Team/Clan so zugeht... Ich würde dich gerne auf unseren Teamspeak einladen. Bei Interesse sag einfach bescheid, ich schicke dir dann gerne eine PM. Liebe Grüße, Speedy^^
  14. Oh okay, i dont know that this was changed... Thx for the info.