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  1. My favorite combo is Volcano and RSA/Commander. only thing I hate is the 1 second equip time for the Commander.
  2. not sure I would want to spend 10 dollars for an outfit so I could buy the same outfit customized by another player. If it was a cheap token for 1 dollar maybe. But then again I design my own clothes. I never buy clothing designed by other players.
  3. or maybe a consumable ticket (bought on Armas) that allowed the player to purchase an Armas related item on the auction house. Though I don't know how much that should cost; maybe scaled for weapons/vehicle/clothing/preset. If two people already have the item, I'm not sure why a person would purchase the same item (clothing car) they already own just so a person could customize it. They would essentially now own two of the same item, one they just can't customize themselves.
  4. 6 shots to kill. I usually let 2-3 shots per tap. Even if I perfected it to two shots per tap that would be enough to kill a person if all hits landed with in 50 meters.
  5. even account wide trade would be nice, but it would have to be marked as so and clear the previous owners inventory. This happened to me once when I got a refund, they deleted the weapon from my whole account, even the 15 day trail versions I got from JMBs. I would love to trade anything purchased in Armas but to be honest I'm pretty sure their sales would negatively affected.
  6. base Ntec, don't start with mods. At range you will do pretty well just tap firing. Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap. Usually by the third tap people are dead. Four if they are a bit further out. If an opponent gets too close just full auto and swirl it around in a circle around the opponents center of mass. It is shockingly good at CQC. Once you get an open slot version, Hunting Sight and Improved Rifling help along with Mobile sling later.
  7. I keep facing all gold teams that are all using the Ntec/OSCAR and I know why, they are the best weapons in a wide variety of ranges. No other weapons are really viable except in their one tiny area of specialization. I love LMGs but they just aren't viable if you want kills or to fight back on a level playing field. One of the reasons I just don't play APB anymore. There are only 2-3 viable weapons, the rest handicap you too much.
  8. that's why I never bother to win missions anymore. I'll make a few kills, finish daily missions but screw winning missions. Being gold just locks you out of a mission district for dailies. NA does not have the population for segregated districts no matter how you tweek matchmaking.
  9. were there tracers in game? I thought it was more to eliminate tracers.
  10. the one thing that gives you an advantage over other players is consistent gameplay. I don't mean that a player has to constantly play, I mean that a player experiences less stutters and lag in game. I achieved this by dropping my graphics down to null with the advanced launcher. Even then I get stutters in the game that can last 1-2 seconds long. I think people who are really good are luckier than most in that they don't suffer the constant stuttering in game (and my computer specs should be good enough to run a 9 year old game with such poor settings the game looks like a potato from the early 2000s).
  11. Dog-ear is probably better over all when it comes to damaging vehicles than the Alig. Just because the Dog-ear has mobility and can be used hanging outside a car window.
  12. LMGs are fun but when it comes down to trying to win I always end up going back to the Ntec/Obeya.
  13. I got the volcano before permanent osmaws became possible for me. When the volcano first came out people were selling it for under a million because it wasn't like the osmaw so I picked it up.
  14. And even if it was great it would split the NA population even more making it even harder to play certain mission districts.
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