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  1. Years ago trainee players and bronze players should have been isolated on their own "trainee" district. Once a player hits silver they are kicked out of the trainee district and put into the "normal" districts. Players can choose to skip the "trainee" districts and go straight to the "normal" districts but when you hit silver threat once, you are forever blocked from the "trainee' district. There would have been no Silver or Gold districts as these only separated the already small population too much and caused people to throw matches just to trick the system into thinking they were a lower threat to enter lower threat districts. Threat should have been hidden from players. Displaying threat level added nothing positive to the game. I would say player levels should have been hidden from the enemies as well.
  2. I do not believe anyone can properly manage APB. It is a PvP game with a tiny population and old messed up code no one root through.
  3. Is there a sushi ball? I know there is a sushi roll but is there a ball form?
  4. always a rocket launcher. not useful against veterans/golds but fun against everyone else and keeps people from using cars or tunnels as cover.
  5. I feel like the new engine was never a realistic goal for this game.
  6. how do you fix matchmaking when you have less people online than can fill one district?
  7. yeah but when your server has 4 people in the gold district and 25 people in the silver district...
  8. That's no different than a crowd of people with any weapon looking for an "easy kill". Flak saves you from a lot of explosive damage. It's not going to make explosive damage null but it does the job.
  9. Did they take Flak out of the game? If not, then wear that or ask to have Flak Jacket reduced to level 85 so everyone can generally be on the same playing field.
  10. it was not even 2 half empty ones, often times one half empty bronze district and a silver district with 5 people in it.
  11. Which is fine when you are shooting a target as large and predictable as a vehicle.
  12. that would help me out. My first attack is always with a rocket launcher because it never works well after they know I have a rocket launcher.
  13. Hell, hide rank as well. People also give up when they see rank 255.
  14. Even if they use a macro that rapid fires their bloom would be insane. People blame "macros" without knowing what they are or how they interact with APB. Rapid Fire Macros would be amazing if you could easily configure the optimal rate of fire and keep bloom minimized... but you can't. With the latency between the players PC, internet, and servers, you will never hit optimal ROF and a perfectly tuned macro would end up skipping shots. The only way to get optimal ROF/Bloom is to have a triggerbot limit the ROF while you swing your mouse over a target. That way a script is controlling the ROF and not a simple rapid fire macro which will either skip shots or fire so fast max bloom will be reached as fast as possible.
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