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  1. You mean the objective? Do you honestly rush the objective ignoring all players trying to kill you because the objective is the primary target?
  2. You all act like disabling a car is impossible. Satchel bomb, 1 conc or an explosive weapon. Stop ignoring spawn vehicles. They are usually my primary target on missions and take little effort to disable. Hell, it's even more fun to allow a team to respawn in their car and Omsaw it as they try and get out.
  3. I bought the gun last night, went into a mission and shot a person 6 times and only did 80% damage. I was like... wow, I really suck (which I do) but at least this makes me feel better about my aim
  4. 85 would be perfect as most would have access to the basic level 3 mods. If they would drop all the mods to rank 85 things would be a lot better for new players, we may even retain a few.
  5. some people think the NFAS is too versatile.
  6. right I 100% agree with you, they should be isolated from silvers and golds so they can learn and enjoy the game; thus retaining players versus playing against rank 255 silvers in the bronze district and quitting out of frustration.
  7. there probably aren't enough bronze to play against bronze only but they should be low enough in skill to play with trainees. Sadly I'm not sure there are enough bronze and trainees to have one district to themselves.
  8. There are not enough golds or silvers to fill one waterfront and one financial. There may not be enough bronze, silver or golds to do so but we should at least try to separate bronze and trainees from silver and golds.
  9. Trainee and bronze should be placed in a green trainee district only they have access to and hidden from the rest of players. Then have no threat districts for silvers and golds.
  10. I prefer the open districts myself. Better games overall. Plus I can easily do dailies in waterfront and financial instead of being locked to one active district open to gold threats. Sad to see threat restrictions go back. I was excited so see what I thought were threat free districts and was ready to drop more cash but knowing this is just a temp fix due to missing hardware... blah. Going to have to stop trying to win fights and again drop to silver to focus on dailies.
  11. You don't instantly snap between 3 players in less than a second and return fire every time you are tagged. No human swaps targets that fast with perfect precision. He didn't kill anyone because he kept snapping back and forth between the 3 of us.
  12. I have seen people hard lock on players or even snap between different players every time they take damage. One guy was hanging out of a car window and snapping between at the 3 of us before he died. It was obvious he was using an aimbot programmed to automatically lock on the last person to do damage to him. You can also tell people are using hard locks when their aim perfectly follows their target through walls. The death cam though extremely short and only available from your point of death has been a great way to spot obvious cheaters.
  13. I'm not sure THIS game cost 100 million, I am pretty sure RTW was trying to develop a lot of different systems along with APB. Their lack of foresight on how to properly run APB and monetize it is what did them in.
  14. you wanted to take something out of the game because other games didn't have that function. That is never a good argument unless the games you are comparing are exact copies of each other AND one system has already proven to work better than the other.
  15. Most modern shooters are also not third person, do not allow you to customize your character with your own designs, do not allow you to customize your vehicle with your own designs and do not allow you full access to all your earned equipment during a mission. Should we dump those features because "modern games" don't have these features? Also the bounty status doesn't diminish your skills. It in no way effects your combat capabilities. That is how notoriety/prestige has always worked and it serves the game well. You gain by killing, completing missions objectives, or faction related actions. You lose when killed or committing actions against your faction (there are/were some odd faction penalties for Enforcers like falling from a high location). This is why lower skilled players in missions do not gain the bounty status. They die too often. This is also why the much better players gain the bounty status, they are killing constantly, completing mission objectives, and rarely dying. This is also why a balanced missions rarely has people going bounty, everyone tends to die and get a few kills. Not sorry that your one sided fight was interrupted because you were given opposition well below your skill level. If you only lost a mission or objective because YOU were killed while being bounty it says something about the mission. That you were probably carrying the team against an opposition that stood very little chance at defeating you. /fake tears.
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