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  1. this was a great feature. It used to give lowbies a chance at winning missions because randoms can show up and kill the veteran players who were completely dominating the match and hitting R5. But then veterans cried so it was removed.
  2. When I left all weapon range was maxed out at 100 meters. I noticed last night that someone with an OSMAW was hitting me from 140 meters or so away. I also noticed someone with an Obeya Rifle killed me from so far away they weren't rendering (not sure how far away they were). Am I right that the OSMAW is now unlimited range like it was in RTW days and standard weapons are still 100 meters max range?
  3. is the mobile cover only available as a trail JT modification or can I buy it elsewhere?
  4. I just came back, noticed my Radar Tower and Mobile Cover can't be used. I guess the only place to get them now is to rent them with Joker Tickets? How long do these trail items last? Thank you.
  5. Macro's and Scripts are two different things for me. Macro is something simple that records key and mouse movements, it isn't programed to read and interact with the game automatically, it requires players to activate and it doesn't do anything outside it's recorded parameters. Scripts are written out in the assembly language and can be completely automated based on parameters from the game without player input. But if you want to call both those things macros that's fine. I know AHK kind of blurs the line because you can do anything from very simple recorded macro's to writing your own scripts and automating actions based on parameters AHK detects from the game.
  6. simple quick fire macro. I'm not talking about a script or AHK.
  7. those macro's do crap for accuracy and almost instantly maxes out bloom. Latency between the servers and your computer is so unpredictable that no simple quick fire macro can perfectly time shots to balance bloom and accuracy. What happens if you try to minimize bloom is you will skip shots doubling the time between firing. and even if you could minimize bloom and have perfectly timed shots, you would still have to aim. The hardest part in APB is mentally compensating for a lagging game.
  8. you can't fix matchmaking when the pool of players to pick from is less than 100, or in the US less than 50 or 20, or even 10 at times.
  9. Years ago trainee players and bronze players should have been isolated on their own "trainee" district. Once a player hits silver they are kicked out of the trainee district and put into the "normal" districts. Players can choose to skip the "trainee" districts and go straight to the "normal" districts but when you hit silver threat once, you are forever blocked from the "trainee' district. There would have been no Silver or Gold districts as these only separated the already small population too much and caused people to throw matches just to trick the system into thinking they were a lower threat to enter lower threat districts. Threat should have been hidden from players. Displaying threat level added nothing positive to the game. I would say player levels should have been hidden from the enemies as well.
  10. I do not believe anyone can properly manage APB. It is a PvP game with a tiny population and old messed up code no one root through.
  11. Is there a sushi ball? I know there is a sushi roll but is there a ball form?
  12. always a rocket launcher. not useful against veterans/golds but fun against everyone else and keeps people from using cars or tunnels as cover.
  13. I feel like the new engine was never a realistic goal for this game.
  14. how do you fix matchmaking when you have less people online than can fill one district?
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