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  1. true, I think I saw a person use the crown maybe once. Even the people that own it don't really want to wear it.
  2. Death/Taxes... I can't figure out how to use these well over nearly any other weapon in the game.
  3. The thing is you can't change every little aspect of this game because of the minuscule population it has. So you take away the EOL and Volcano weapons, even the OSMAW. How are you going to refund everyone that owns those items? People have spent hundreds of dollars getting the EOL and Volcano, now you think they should just delete those weapons instead of... I don't know, allowing people to learn how to counter those weapons with minimal skill? I am not great at shooters but even I can avoid explosive weapons the majority of the time. I rarely die from them more than once and only once because someone swaps to explosives without me noticing. If I can learn how to avoid explosive weapons, nearly anyone can.
  4. Here is a better ask. Please drop all rank 195 mods to rank 85. It is not fair for the high levels to have access to Flak while new players who do not have access to counter for explosive weapons. Explosive weapons are fine. They are easy to avoid if you learn how to avoid their strengths. Stay out of tight hallways, stop traveling grouped up in vehicles, stop using vehicles as cover, and learn how the weapons work so you can avoid their max range. Drop the rank 195 mods to rank 85 and you will immediately see how weak explosive are, that is if you chose to use Flak.
  5. it's a horrible build. Mainly because the SNRs accuracy. The SNRs short range is fine, even for a pistol, but added on only 6 shots and lack of accuracy, it's a useless weapon.
  6. plus it is a 100% CQC build that allows a range of maybe 10-15 meters max.
  7. Imagine how good you could be using a wall hack. Even the worst player in the world shouldn't need aim assist or a triggerbot if you have the advantage of always knowing your enemies location and health.
  8. I think yelling that someone is a try hard is as childish as yelling at people for camping when they are defending an objective.
  9. It will be back at the PIG. "Too much range and too powerful"
  10. because you ask them to nerf any weapon used to kill you?
  11. Ntec is a safe purchase. What ever weapon you buy try and get one with 3 open slots. The game changes and you never know what mods you may want or when they introduce new ones if you want to use those mods.
  12. in the original game you could sell anything on the marketplace which is why it exists.
  13. we have to nerf the Snub Nose first. It's the only way to start the restoration of balance in this game.
  14. no, the company needs to rethink their idea of segregation (at least for NA) before the game dies. If they can't get that right and instead work on new daily missions, new rewards, new skins, etc, then the game will die before the population picks up. Keep trainees and bronze players in the Trainee district by default. Lock silvers out. Keep the rest of the districts non-segregated so the silvers won't be able to hide and camp bronze players in the bronze districts. This will increase the population enough to have nearly 2 districts for golds and silvers.
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