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  1. and unlike death you can be freed if arrested. That's like an instant respawn where you died. The current respawn system is the same for being killed or arrested because of the respawn timers being in cycles instead of based on x amount of time when you died like the old system.
  2. Max rank players just go where the population is. On Jericho there is only one district open to gold's so they use what ever silver district is open to them.
  3. If the radius is less than 10 meters you may be lucky to temporarily disable 1-2 vehicles. I would rather permanently disable 1 key vehicle per nade then temporarily shut a couple down and do little actual damage to people or vehicles. Vehicle play doesn't really bother me since I use a volcano half the time.
  4. this explains so much about why certain combos stun and why people jumping with Happy Landings 3 never stun themselves.
  5. They maybe useful if they immediately ejected all players out of their vehicles but with the current list of abilities I don't see a lot of use for them over concs.
  6. usually people hit so many things just driving from point to point 1 conc blows a nulander/pioneer. 500 damage is relatively easy to get from pushing NPC vehicles out of the way. He seems to want a 100% easy and effective solution to the NFAS, there is none, just like there is no one universal solution to countering any move in any game.
  7. this makes the gap even wider for LTL versus lethal. The only thing I can see being abused by LTL is if you are able to perpetually stun people (no cool down) instead of arresting them. I'm not 100% sure if there is a cool down for stunning a person continuously as they start to recover.
  8. Lethal and LTL used to have comparable TTK and TTS with RTW but G1 reduced lethal TTK while not reducing LTL TTS or in some cases making it worse.
  9. it disables the vehicle but doesn't blow it up. The ammo/spawner is disabled and acceleration is very slow. At that point it is easy to finish a pioneer off with either the primary or another grenade (most of the time they immediately catch fire because very few cars in APB last long before they take damage from crashes). I usually hit a car with a conc and shoot it a few times. When it can no longer accelerate well they drive like whales and are easy to avoid or finish off. I don't have an issue with people using vehicles + Nfas. I use my own car as cover a lot or just move into an area vehicles aren't a threat. Sorry Uhtdred, I guess vehicle + CQC weapon is just something you can't over come.
  10. Steel plate does nothing against explosives, only bullets. And you can disable a pioneer with one conc. I don't see how an nfas user with a car is an impossible move to counter but countering with your own car is useless. You don't even know the basics of the game or how mods work.
  11. I still use concs, I'm not sure I have seen many people on Jericho use low yields in the last year. They all seem to be using concs like myself.
  12. My account is filled with now worthless purchases. At least the rpf was useful... the coroner I bought has never been useful.
  13. The EMP grenade seems too specialized for something that temporarily disables the listed features. Unless the radius is 20 meters, I don't see much use for it over a Conc grenade which can permanently disable all player vehicles with 1 direct hit (unless a player is using blowtorch to repair their vehicle). I would rather see the Satchel Bomb be converted to use these EMP features. Satchel Bomb has no real purpose in the game that grenades can not fill so why not just convert it into an EMP bomb?
  14. no, meant weapons tagged to stun. I always thought that if stamina was dropped 1000 then it would stun a player no matter what weapon was used.
  15. yeah stamina damage is all over the place, would definitely need a cap on stamina damage per shot. Maybe reduce all lethal weapon stamina damage to a standard baseline. Current stamina damage on lethal weapons is pretty useless. what about the DMR, it stuns occasionally.
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