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  1. The gun was originally designed to be an effective 10 meter range double tap stun. Then when G1 took over they decreased lethal TTK and increased non lethal TTS. Basically G1 gutted LTL and LO is continuing to make it useless. The PIG has been useless against lethal since G1 nerfed it. You had to be A LOT better than your opponents to use it effectively even with 1 shot doing 90% of a persons stamina. I maxed out my cop role long long time ago so I no longer care about how effective LTL is versus lethal, but at least I put in the work and realize how broken and useless LTL has been since G1.
  2. That's just it, real golds have to do A LOT of work to lose their actual threat just to curb stomp people with little effort. A real gold doesn't even find most silvers a challenge. I doubt there are many real gold threat players actively dethreating. Most of the people you see dethreating are silvers who got gold in the bronze district playing against bronze players and need to drop back down to silver so they can go back to the bronze servers. Don't let a players rank fool you, even rank 255s who have been playing for years are stuck in bronze/silver threat.
  3. The people in the bronze district aren't gold threat players when you compare them to all the players active in APB Reloaded. They are players who are somewhere in the silver range; low to high silver threat. They are only considered gold threat players when they are playing against the lowest rank players, aka bronze threat. The problem with having such a low population in this type of game is threat is only based on how that player has done against who they are playing against. True gold threat players are permanently gold. They don't drop to silver and they are stuck in the Silver/Gold districts. Mid-high Silver threat players ping back and forth from Silver to Gold depending on who they have been fighting, bronze... they are still trying to figure out how to not perc themselves to death. If you ever see a gold threat player in the bronze district, just understand they are not real gold threat players. That if this game had a healthy population those players would be silver, maybe tap gold every once in a while, but mostly the players you see would be silver.
  4. threat and mission rewards used to be bolstered by the fact that you won the game solo versus a team. the old system also had no restrictions on kicking players for the leader. If the leader did not like you for what ever reason, say you were doing better than them, they could kick you so they could be the top player. People used to exploit this by kicking their whole team as they finished the last step of a mission. I had one guy do this at the last spray point of a mission. He kicked everyone right after we wiped out the opposing team. I happened to be near my car so I hopped in and disrupted his ability to spray the point. When the enemy showed up they destroyed him and we all laughed at him getting angry and yelling in chat. Threatened to get us all banned for interfering in his mission. Still one of my fondest memories of dealing with a toxic player.
  5. Even when the dog ear did a lot of hard damage it wasn't that great against high health vehicles. The only reason to use it was hanging outside a window in a car chase if you didn't like to use car surfer. I bought the weapon for that hard damage, it's fine against silvers using lower health cars but not something I would ever try to win a mission with.
  6. The last time I saw a gold using the atac was when it was first released. After they went back to the ntec, joker carbine, and obeya.
  7. logged on and played for about 30 minutes. It has been maybe a 10 months since I actually played. I'm so bad I dropped back to silver because I didn't remember how to handle the weapons after coming from COD MW. So being gold is no longer an issue for me
  8. this is how I made a few billion in SWTOR. I just bought up a lot of specific items when they were cheap/newly released on sale then resell them months later.
  9. If only the devs would release an "underwear" item that basically covered your whole body like a spandex suit... People could create so many outfit options with such a basic item.
  10. Just devalue his options by posting copies for less. I ran into this issue and just spamed the market with so many copies he probably never made a profit.
  11. silvers and high silvers will raise and lower threat naturally just playing the game. The population is so small that there is no real balance. You either destroy your enemy or your enemy destroys you.
  12. oh, which are these because all my macro's work for Razer and Logitech. My favorite one is /abandonmission and J to check my contact contracts.
  13. once you learn to tap fire over your targets you'll suddenly get /whispers of how you are using trigger bots and cheating. Relying on a simple rapid fire macro, have fun because your skill level will hit a very low ceiling. when was the last time you tried to make a perfectly timed rapid fire macro in this game? The servers are so laggy there is no such thing. You'll skip shots; the delay on those skipped shots will be so long you'll be dead before your gun shoots again. Maybe if the servers ran perfectly and you had a low latency, but that has never been the APB servers.
  14. Do you mean like overlay crosshairs that do not interact with the game or trigger bots that work with the in game crosshairs and auto shoot when they turn red? And macros, rapid fire macros that have no aim or triggering capabilities or triggerbots which only fire when you are passing over a target? Because overlays you can't stop, monitors come standard with this feature. People with stickers or dry erase markers can do this manually. Rapid fire macros that have no aim or triggering functions like triggerbots... let people use them. They are actually handicapping themselves as bloom will maximize almost instantly with very little control. Unless you are a bronze player, a rapid fire macro with no aiming or triggering capabilities won't help much and at best only assist you into the high bronze to low silver skill level. People who learn to tap fire only when over their targets will have a much higher skill level than those relying on rapid fire macro's and spraying with max bloom until the magazine runs out. If you are talking about triggerbots, those are not tolerated.
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