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  1. stay 10 meters away, 17 if they use IR3? Toss a grenade then tap the person once with any other shotgun? Backup and use a rocket launcher or OPGL? just move backwards and shoot them with any secondary as they approach you.
  2. I fully agree with you here. Without the game running smoothly AND being able to stop DDOS attacks (if that is even the issue) no one but those already in love with the game will play it. No amount of new modes or content will make a difference if the game keeps running in its current state. Sure follow the Battle Royale game mode, but does anyone think Fortnite would be nearly as popular if it ran as poorly as APB?
  3. cheaters will destroy people with a basic model Joker Carbine, they don't need anything from Armas.
  4. was the last test of RIOT using the new engine? If not does it make sense to have RIOT work on both the old engine and new engine?
  5. it shocked me when I heard that RIOT was a new game mode. They are "working" on the new engine, from what I keep hearing they are close (though they have been close for the last 4 years?) to finishing it. Why release a new game mode when the new engine is around the corner. RIOT makes me feel like a new game engine is never going to happen.
  6. still not updating. updated but after leaving it for a minute. Can start it up now.
  7. trying to load APB and it is "Updating" but not actually processing anything. servers down?
  8. I like the idea of being able to level contacts without being in a specific district. It should not have any restrictions like excluding rank 195+ contacts and should allow dailies. I missed a Nano daily because I could not find a waterfront district with opposition. It sucks to miss a daily contact mission because you just can't find an active district on our low pop Jericho server.
  9. That's because there aren't enough people to fill a Bronze, Silver, and Gold district (or even come close to filling the majority of each). I did see one person in the gold district tonight, it was probably a crim farming money with smash and grabs.
  10. On Jericho there is usually only one silver district open to gold threat players. Once that maxes out you can no longer play APB unless you sit there spamming the join button hoping someone disconnects. That means a max of 80 players can use the only district accessible to gold threats. We need a queue option for joining districts or to be rid of the lock on districts. Last night I spammed the join button for a few minutes and got in. I did it for about 2 minutes tonight and just gave up. I worked all day and do not have the patience tonight to join the one and only mission district I have access to.
  11. how about making your character look terrifying?
  12. Since you are obviously new to the game, I would not spend money just yet. Hold off until the new game mode RIOT is available. Even then you may want to hold off on spending money on anything more than the subscription for RIOT. I would wait until the engine upgrade before investing too much into APB. I am only saying this because your new and seem to need as much help as people can provide.
  13. you gain rep for ram raiding? I did not know that.
  14. this was a rank 255. I'm not sure anyone could reach that rank in open conflict. If I remember right a very long time ago people were talking about coming back as a green threat after not logging in when they reworked the threat system. I'm not sure you can dethreat to green status.
  15. I have seen people log on to max ranks and they are green threat. I don't know how they did that, maybe they didn't log in for so long that the changes in the threat system just reset them to green for some reason.
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