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  1. why do us vets who earned everything twice to four times over still play? Because APB is about customization and point defense/attack. The reason low levels should have easier access to all the mods is to keep them around. We already have an issue retaining players and I think a larger reason people leave is they can not compete against us vets. The issue is exasperated by our tiny tiny population which constantly throws newbies against teams of vets. As for the Joker Store mods, no new player is going to be able to afford multiple r195 mods that are game changing. Radar, Remote Detonator, Car Surfer, Hard Landing (great for shotguns), Mobile Sling, etc.
  2. I don't think any mods should be over r85 to equip. I think the r195 makes it unbelievably hard for lower ranks to compete.
  3. turn car surfer from a character mod into a vehicle mod, turn it blue like car spawner and ammo. Just a random thought, it may help lower level teams in car chases.
  4. luckily for me I am on Joker so I can choose any number of districts and no one would ever bother me farming at N5 for hours.
  5. I was excited, it was the first time I have ever witnessed a wall hacker directly. I've suspected a few people when they immediately charge at me when I spawn and start going around the back way or when I see them charging at my team mates as they spawn after the wall hacker kills me, but I have never actually watched one follow me through a wall.
  6. 1v1 against a player that was an 80s gold threat. The point was in a Waterfront building, the one with only 2 entrances, both requiring ladders to reach a small hallway with a generator room to the side, it's near Akiko. I already know he's up there because his car is parked outside and the east door is open. I blow up his car spawner vehicle and get my radar equipped car and park it under the "car garage" where NPC cars vanish. I can see him on the radar as it covers the whole hallway. I move to the west door and open it, notice he is guarding that because I just kicked the door in and made a lot of noise. I move over to the east door and see he has moved. I then move back to the west door and see him covering that door now. I can see him on my radar covering the ladder. My character doesn't wear shoes (socks only) to reduce noise and I have my car radio on so he can't hear me. I walk back and forth a few more times and every time he moves to the ladder I move to with out fail. There is absolutely no way for him to see me and I seriously doubt he can hear me moving around outside. This is probably the only time I have been certain a player was using a wall hack because he was being pretty blatant about it. This makes me wonder how often wall hackers notice each other as they mirror each others moves.
  7. I would guess like Riot, you are in a "waiting" or mission district until the mission starts, then you are teleported to the nearest spawn point (maybe a contact location). I'm not sure if how feasible it will be to just fill the queue with random defenders from other districts while the attackers are sitting and waiting at the point. By the time the defenders transfer, load in and get into the cars, the attackers maybe on stage 2 or 3.
  8. I will strongly agree that rank 195 requirements are stupid for such game changing mods. The mods should be dropped to rank 85 to put them in line with the other rank 3 mods. Weapons on Armas are not pay to win. They offer a slight adjustment to gun play but the majority of weapons on Armas are either reskins or completely useless. The few that are useful are generally over shadowed by what you can earn in game for free.
  9. I have 2 max ranks, 1 near max rank and 2 sub 100s I keep like that intentionally. It is exponentially more difficult for a sub rank 100 player to compete against people with car surfer, remote Det, tagger, radar, ect. and this is with access to all my account wide weapons/vehicles/legendaries/knowledge. This is one reason we can't get new players to stay, the game is skewed to vets in a massive way. It's no fun being the lowbie. Lower all rank requirements to rank 85, let lower ranks buy the mods off the AH like they can any mod.
  10. except it makes it impossible for low rank players to complete in missions that involve vehicles. Watch a team of car surfers with Aligs, OSMAWs, OPGLs, etc utterly destroy a team of players that do not have access to it. And to have access to it for sub rank 195s, they have to buy it every week for 250 JT. For sub rank 100s that is a lot of play time to afford one of many mods which can have a significant impact on game play. I would be fine with the mod if it were freely available to all players like the other rank III mods (rank 85 requirement). Are you on Jericho, how many hours do you play daily? How high of rank were you when "I did it all the time"? I have a few characters I keep below rank 100 they can gain access to 10-15 JTs per contact. Unless you are playing a lot and have access to higher rank contacts, you are only farming around 30 JTs a day sporadically. The system is fine for those playing a lot, leveling up quickly, and on every day, but it is not sustainable for retaining new players who tend to play more casually. On Jericho our population is low, maybe 1 full bronze district and close to full silver district at prime. We have a massive issue with player retention and the current rank 195 requirement isn't helping when people feel powerless to compete.
  11. it's impossible for sub rank 100s or new players to farm enough tickets to keep the game fair. And driving off new players because they do not stand a chance against vets isn't really helping our population.
  12. it makes anyone surfing an open target but exasperates the gap between low rank and high rank players. High rank players already know more about the game than new players, giving the high ranks access to a mod that now lets them shoot rockets or destroy cars with an Alig in a game that often involves racing... not a good thing. reduce all modification use to rank 85. Keeping mods limited to rank 195 is too high.
  13. I'm in now, just logged about 4 times resetting my graphics. Not having issues on my end (east coast).
  14. and don't listen to people that get angry when you kill them. I just trolled a team with the NFAS and they were pissed I was using such a cheesy gun but hey, i was having fun.
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