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  1. yeah but unless you have a vehicle it's useless. Exploitable if the objective is next to a vehicle spawner and the user is allowed to stay alive and constantly respawn a vehicle and reposition that vehicle next to the objective. Or, you can just blow up any vehicles near the objective that you know the user has RD. Remote Detonation can 100% be countered if you use grenades/explosives.
  2. it was on Reddit so probably every downvote was from people who never played the game before.
  3. a simple rapid fire macro (even timed perfectly which is impossible to achieve in this game due to latency) is not going to help a player do better than average. You will kill targets faster by manually clicking only when over the target due to how quickly bloom sets in when you fire at max ROF, which basically makes it impossible to hit anything beyond 10 meters. The only "macro" which can help is a triggerbot you can write in in AHK. It uses mouse colour detection to fire automatically when the cursor turns red, but this can get you banned. Simple macro's like rapid fire, I beg you all to use them because it makes you easy targets compared to a person who actually learns to tap fire only when over a target.
  4. Context? Is the player dressed as a Nazi spouting Nazi rhetoric? Because the swastika is an Eastern religious symbol.
  5. i had a guy constantly jumping in front of my car to die from a team kill. He was trying to get everyone on our team kicked by doing this. We eventually had to stop playing the mission and I logged off. That was a month or two ago and have not been back.
  6. Perc + Pig, you are all forgetting to add the time it takes to load and toss the Perc then swap and fire the PIG with 100% accuracy in less than 10 meters. It takes longer to load and toss a perc then swap weapons and kill/stun a person than it does to kill with a .65 TTK OCA. As for LTL, it is far from OP. Anyone with less than maxed out cop role doesn't have room to argue that LTL is OP. don't forget that when all the lethal weapons TTK was lowered, the LTL weapons stun time was untouched. Hell, the PIG even got a nerf from two rounds loaded to one.
  7. The only obvious is where I have seen people aiming at enemies I know they shouldn't see through walls or people snapping back and forth between targets with 100% precision.
  8. It would be nice if Remote Detonation required bombs to use. Place bomb in trunk, then you can use remote detonation to blow your car. Without the bomb your car just sounds the alarm with no explosion.
  9. You can always put a weekly cap on it.
  10. I restock at a car spawner after every mission. Sometimes in during missions if I am using a lot of missiles (I love my volcano). It's not an issue, just restock at any car spawner.
  11. that will only work on the most basic triggerbots like AutoHotKey detecting mouse colour changes to fire. It will have no effect on real cheat programs.
  12. sarcasm? Because no macro is perfectly timed due to a few factors. 1) computer processing speed 2) server side processing speed 3) latency The only way to maximize firing is to have the rapid fire macro fire well beyond the perfect ROF. If you set the macro with a "perfect" ROF, it will not function like you expect. It will skip shots which causes you to fire twice as slow and due to the factors listed above will never be with in perfect parameters. And anyone firing a semi-auto as fast as possible will also reach maximum bloom faster than people who tap fire. I wish everyone used rapid fire macro's set at "perfect" or even maximized ROF. People who do this make easy targets. Now, people who use triggerbots or aimbots, that's another issue which has nothing to do with simple rapid fire macros.
  13. changes have to come by slowly as they need to gather stats and figure out the proper changes. Changes are also done in phases, not one massive change that suddenly balances everything. So give LO time.
  14. As this player stated, weapons are in flux so you may not want to buy weapons right now. If you do, buy a weapon with 3 open slot so you can mod it yourself. If you want to support LO, buy clothing, but then again, LO stated they want to balance the Armas prices and what they have brought out is much cheaper than what G1 was selling clothing at (instead of 20-50 for an outfit, it maybe half of that with LO).
  15. illgot

    The Golds

    gold players in the bronze district are not real gold players. Actual gold players never lose their gold threat rating. Silver players are the ones going into the bronze district and becoming gold threat solely by fighting players below their threat (bronze players). On the US servers are are lucky at prime time to have one silver Waterfront and one silver Financial district near full. Most of the times we only have one full silver district. So a lot of the silvers end up funneling into the bronze district where they play against people below their skill level and end up gaining gold threat. Then they come online the next time and can only play against gold/silver threat players, then drop back to silver. If we had the population to support segregation this would not be an issue. I wish threat were completely hidden from people and you only had the option to join Waterfront or Financial and the system placed you in a district according to the unlisted threat.