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  1. Stuck as gold. I'm not great but I've been playing since the RTW days and loved everything about APB. But when I quit I did so because I would be locked to districts with almost no players. I would see less than 10 people on and just log off.
  2. I used to love killing higher skilled players with a rocket launcher. It only worked once. When they noticed you had a rocket launcher there was no more surprise and the rockets are easy to dodge.
  3. You equip flak and easily avoid the aoe damage. Explosive weapons are easy to avoid once you learn how they work. Rank 195 more need to be brought down to rank 85.
  4. what.... I've been playing since beta and never knew this.
  5. I feel this way. I used to really love ABP but even back then I would not recommend it to anyone I know. The biggest draw point is the customization. After that the game goes downhill quickly.
  6. Why would LO spend time and balance these things when the new engine could change how the weapons work and how they function. Work on the new engine then work on gun balance once the game is stable.
  7. so it's a bad thing to give people an option? Some of the death themes were intentionally high pitched and annoying, so much so that you would have to /ignore almost everyone on the opposing team.
  8. anyone that beats you is apparently a try hard.
  9. The Volcano or OSMAW/OPGL are probably going to help you the most. Mainly because they are useful tools in any vehicle mission or spot where enemies are camping on roof tops. Beyond that I found none of the Legendaries really that useful. They are fun because they offer a slightly different play style, but the Ntec (3 slot) is the most useful weapon in the game. No legendary is more useful than the Ntec.
  10. I'm not sure I understand this. Anyone wearing Kevlar is basically a free kill. Kevlar should be slower to start running then speed up to normal run speed after 2-3 seconds. The permanently slow part kills the mod.
  11. I'm still irritated at the model change. The original model for the scoped N-Tec was the only reason I bought it.
  12. Ignore preme. You can't change his mind, he already decided about ltl without ever using it. He just a bronze who is frustrated that players using the worse weapons in the game are dominating him. Put him on ignore. He's living in this thread in dire need of attention because he has nothing else to do.
  13. Preme is a bronze crim that got destroyed by a silver enforcer using LTL. I've seen this type of posting before and it always turned out to be a low skilled crim who has never touched LTL. There is no point in debating LTL with a person who can not even be bothered to use LTL on their second free character slot. No one who has maxed out the cop role would seriously consider LTL overpowered or even on the same level as lethal.
  14. you obviously have never really used LTL or maxed cop role. Tell you what, max out cop role (or play it a few rounds) then come back and give feedback on how strong LTL is.
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