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  1. I feel like the new engine was never a realistic goal for this game.
  2. how do you fix matchmaking when you have less people online than can fill one district?
  3. yeah but when your server has 4 people in the gold district and 25 people in the silver district...
  4. That's no different than a crowd of people with any weapon looking for an "easy kill". Flak saves you from a lot of explosive damage. It's not going to make explosive damage null but it does the job.
  5. Did they take Flak out of the game? If not, then wear that or ask to have Flak Jacket reduced to level 85 so everyone can generally be on the same playing field.
  6. it was not even 2 half empty ones, often times one half empty bronze district and a silver district with 5 people in it.
  7. Which is fine when you are shooting a target as large and predictable as a vehicle.
  8. that would help me out. My first attack is always with a rocket launcher because it never works well after they know I have a rocket launcher.
  9. Hell, hide rank as well. People also give up when they see rank 255.
  10. Even if they use a macro that rapid fires their bloom would be insane. People blame "macros" without knowing what they are or how they interact with APB. Rapid Fire Macros would be amazing if you could easily configure the optimal rate of fire and keep bloom minimized... but you can't. With the latency between the players PC, internet, and servers, you will never hit optimal ROF and a perfectly tuned macro would end up skipping shots. The only way to get optimal ROF/Bloom is to have a triggerbot limit the ROF while you swing your mouse over a target. That way a script is controlling the ROF and not a simple rapid fire macro which will either skip shots or fire so fast max bloom will be reached as fast as possible.
  11. this seems too little too late. A more effective option would have been creating two threat districts while the population on the NA server was a bit higher. Trainee District for trainee and bronze players only. Once you go silver you get kicked immediately. Regular District for silvers and golds. Anyone can access the regular districts manually but Trainee and Bronze will automatically be placed in the Trainee Districts. This will help the Joker server but not sure if it will do much even with our low pop.
  12. Stuck as gold. I'm not great but I've been playing since the RTW days and loved everything about APB. But when I quit I did so because I would be locked to districts with almost no players. I would see less than 10 people on and just log off.
  13. I used to love killing higher skilled players with a rocket launcher. It only worked once. When they noticed you had a rocket launcher there was no more surprise and the rockets are easy to dodge.
  14. You equip flak and easily avoid the aoe damage. Explosive weapons are easy to avoid once you learn how they work. Rank 195 more need to be brought down to rank 85.
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