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  1. yup, ntec is powerful in that it is a great medium to longish range weapon and decent in CQC. ATAC loses on range but gains more in CQC to medium ranges. The reason people use the ntec a lot is the diversity in range, CQC-medium/longish ranges. You won't be stuck completely under powered unless you are in long to sniper ranges.
  2. explosive weapons are great against people camping rooftops or limited access locations. It would be nice if all rank 195 mods would drop to rank 85 so new players have more defense against explosives.
  3. That is great point. N5/P5 should have reset to N4/P4 at the end of every match and be slightly harder to hit N5/P5 so the previously dominating match didn't have as great of effect on the next match. There were more than a few times I was peaking at N5/P5 and almost immediately went bounty in the first round due to the previous match being against people way below my skill level.
  4. do you honestly think that a prime time population of maybe 200 people is enough to create a fair game every time?
  5. That sounds like it could work but won't. Reason being is that often times the defenders location is already known, they are usually camping one or multiple spots the lesser team can not reach without dying. An example of this are certain roof tops with only 1-2 ways up or trying to grab an item dropped on a ledge which requires multiple jumps and a long walk following an exposed route (you know the locations I'm talking about). Knowing the oppositions location is meaningless when you already know where they are but can't kill them because of where they are camping, out class or out skill the lesser team. Outside forces who can't be stopped by the rest of the overly dominating team gives the lesser team a chance to advance the round. RTW knew that having a tiny 50/50 district would create balance issues between teams because it is too small a pool to create balanced games all the time. Eventually one team would utterly dominate a lesser team which is why they created the bounty system. It is to take out the player who is disproportionately killing players and completing objectives versus dying.
  6. it's what I notice. You don't go N5/P5 when you are facing an equally skilled team unless you are guarding a point and are able to spread out beyond the attackers capabilities. Some of the missions are unbalanced and favor the defenders. You don't go N5/P5 when you are dying constantly because the enemy out skills you. Every time you die you lose a bit of notoriety or prestiege. You only go N5/P5 when you are dominating a game. This is why the bounty system created balance.
  7. are you delusional? Facts? Are you completely ignoring the fact that "dethreating" into the bronze district has been an issue for years and not something that only happened when the segregation was disabled due to hardware issues? So it was only an issue in December when you were forced to fight people who weren't the lowest skilled players? Neither threat segregation or the lack of solved anything but with segregation we compound the issue so golds can not play the game during prime time and silvers are just camping new players in the bronze district.
  8. People really only became N5/P5 when they outmatched their opponents. When teams are equal both are killing and delaying/succeeding in objectives at about the same pace. It was only when one team dominated the other that players start going N5/P5. This is where the bounty system created balance. This allowed outside forces to disrupt the side that was destroying their opponents. Now when one side is dominating nothing changes, they keep dominating because the N5/P5 is meaningless.
  9. you can not bring up a thread about people complaining that the lack of threat segregation is forcing bronze and silvers to fight golds and discount older threads (multiple threads because it is a common complaint) which have those same issues. If any threat segregation should exist it should keep all bronze and trainees in the trainee district and force silvers and golds into open districts without threat segregation.
  10. There has been a popular thread about dethreating into the bronze district for years. And I don't know of any real gold threat players that were complaining. Mostly a bunch of silvers upset they can't farm low skilled players.
  11. Bronze players couldn't tell the difference between real golds and faux golds (silvers that only fight in the bronze district). The only players that could tell and complained were silvers who were now forced to fight against other silvers and real golds because there was no bronze district to run and hide in. The lack of threat segregation probably had less impact on bronze players than the current silvers who camp in the bronze district only. At least in a threatless district bronze players can have actual gold players on their team.
  12. I'm gold threat. I usually don't keep gold long because I hate being locked out of the one and only district available to me during prime time. I also do not enjoy spamming the Join District button for 10 minutes to get in. The NA population is not large enough to have threat segregation and or we need a queue system.
  13. Faux Golds complained that they lost a round after pounding their bronze enemies into the ground. It wasn't fair they could drop down into the bronze servers and own their enemy so they had a 20/0 K/O and then some random show up and "ruin" the whole game for them!!
  14. shortly after they disabled N5/P5 from being killed by people outside the mission.
  15. Explosive weapons are so easy to avoid if you are even half decent. The only thing that would make it easier would be lowering the rank 195 mods to rank 80. This would allow Flak to become a way for lower rank players to counter explosives (basically neutering explosives in general).
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