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  1. I see you illustrated how the OSMAW rocket curve when you are next to a vehicle.
  2. Pioneer/Nomad. The Vegas 4x4 is right behind it but lacks carrying capacity for both players and items. The speed of the Vegas is nice but not much help when you can easily be rammed to a stop or get the car flipped over. I usually beat Vegas 4x4s to the location simply by ramming my way through traffic in a Pioneer/Nomad. The Pioneer/Nomad is nearly impossible to ram to a stop, can push any vehicle forward from a dead stop, allows for more cover and height advantage and has more carrying capacity. I also can not remember the last time my Pioneer/Nomad got stuck flipped over, it seems to always flip back over on the wheels.
  3. maybe the engine upgrade will make APB run at 120 FPS with no server latency and stop all DDOS attacks making APB a god in the battle royal genre...
  4. That's not true. Jump shooting actually maxes out your bloom, V spamming doesn't effect bloom. Would it really hurt to put in a 1 second delay to stop people from spamming this?
  5. limited space in clothing/vehicles/weapons inventory. Plus scrolling through 20+ weapons you never use it chaos.
  6. this game runs so horribly that PUBG looks like silk compared to APB. What if Fortnite and Apex Legends ran horribly and 1 in 20 people were flat out aimbotting? Neither game would have been nearly as popular.
  7. guessing it's a third faction that can be opposed to anyone (even Redhill). Maybe a flag you toggle on.
  8. But items from Armas are mailed to you in game. If you delete the items you have to get customer service to resend the items to you and I'm not sure if there is a limit to how often they will do this. I prefer Account Lifetime on all the items I buy since I have 5 characters I like to pop around on due to all the character designs I have plus I can swap between Enforcers/Criminals depending on server population.
  9. I would never want to split our already tiny population more with "Premium servers"
  10. and? Every basic primary weapon can use IR3. That is why I stated base range. I don't know if it is just the animation, but when I was sprinting and shooting a van with my CSG/JG it seemed to show the hit markers a few meters off to the side from where my mouse was pointing. I have no idea why it's so bad.
  11. I feel like this is some political game where one side has a bill and the other side tacks on something like "eliminate planned parenthood" just to stop the bill from passing. The NFAS is fine. The CSG (most shotguns) are broken because the hit reg seems to be broken. If shotguns worked like they were suppose to, the CSG and JG series would dominate the NFAS at range (more than 10-15 meters) while the NFAS would dominate in CQC corner popping with more cover. As it is, I take out NFAS users with my FBW pistol from 20 meters. it has an effective base range of 10 meters with minimum at 20 meters. You can't reduce the range anymore than that or it will have absolutely no use.
  12. my favorite character design but I had to use the nude modification to get it looking right.
  13. this is one of the random and funny things that can happen. I love APB because of the randomness of events from N5s killing you randomly to being projected 200 meters in the air in your car.
  14. does it really matter anymore? The company has changed hands.
  15. I just think it's the sound. "WHHHHHHAAPT!" then dead body being flung into a wall.
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