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  1. Well, apb is known by old people, for veterans. There is not publicity about the game, people do not stream, servers are dead so no one new is going to play. Matt is taking care just to upgrade the game, because is better renew the game to show something "new" than repair a game that just a few veterans play. If you want them to take care about the current state of the game, take a bunch of people, make publicity, streams, show the game for the new generation. I can sign that if you have a couple of servers full, like 300 pop playing at the same time they clearly will not lose em.
  2. I mean, game mechanics are ok, not the best but are ok, but what make APB the best game is the customization and trade mechanic. Imagine APB with more polygons, better looking cars, better looking characters. Today we have lot of free instruments vst free with a good quality for making better death songs and songs in general. I would love to play apb like back at the day if there is more than 10 persons on NA. But i don't mind losing everything if they start a new game with better servers, and a very new graphics. Doesn't matter if it takes 5 years of developing
  3. Being gold doesn´t mean you are good. I saw lot of golds coming to silver to not losses the rank back at the day and i'm pretty sure that you are one of them. Just understand, apb is not a E-Sport and you are not the top player, so no one cares about your toxic opinion or dot dot dot. Reserve your "opinion" unless they have something good to approach.
  4. Since game update is taking so long i would love to read what’s your ideas to bring apb reloaded live. (Anticheat is not an option, we all know this is first) I start: * Game statistics: we all hate when u press k and some high players join and u can't kill him one. Would be perfect if the game recognizes how many kills and deaths you do in the match and match you with similar ones. Will not be perfect but will prevent you to play against unkillable people. * IA (Bots): i know, play against the bot is not funny but is less funny if you need to wait 10 min to get matchmaking or even if you can't play on districts where you have contact but no players. Could be less rewards and player can replace em any time. 1 vs 2 isnt fair? Well, a bot could do some damage and be the bait. Please ignore grammatic errors.
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