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  1. Have you ever considered how mostly pointless your nearly 14,000 posts on the forum have been? As I already said, it's not your role to play; you are not the protector of Little Orbit, or APB, the company or the game do not need it. There are moderators on the forum to take care of anything that is hateful or inappropriate. And the devs can look at complaints and ideas and draw their own conclusions. All these people on here saying what is and is not viable, flashing their experience in coding this or that, or whatever else they should rather put on their LinkedIn profiles, and not here. What for? Just because it gives you a sense of purpose, and some satisfaction? Or just habitually doing something to kill time?
  2. Well, that was your interpretation of it. See, I don't really get why we are discussing this. That is a part of the problem with the permanent Forum folk, you appropriate to yourselves the role that is really not yours to play. And I am supposed to set you right? Explain myself to you? To what end?
  3. My profile picture was removed for violating community standards. And as I wrote in response to the person who removed it, I appreciate them doing so. It depicted some symbology on a player's car that should be inexcusable, considering the horrors that it supports. I had used that screenshot as my profile picture as an illustration of some of the toxicity that is rife in the game itself. If we only had someone to take care of these matters in the game, as they take care of them on the forums. And this is one way that the toxicity of the community falls within the responsibility of Little Orbit, and by natural extension Matt Scott. That these kinds of things are commonplace in the game, is my evidence that nobody really has eyes on the realities that drive players away. Often there is more of a fight happening outside of missions, with abusive messages or griefing as its methods. And one of the features that make APB so magical, has become one that makes it a breeding ground for the worst of human online behaviour: the way you are perpetually in the same room as your opponents from the previous missions, and the missions to come. Once that mission ends, frustrations, resentments, and pure malice demand their release. One of my disappointments has been with the GMs, and here I go again with some demand that you can easily say is not viable: GMs should not be volunteers from within the community. People laden with biases and allegiances, should not have this role that demands impartiality. This role should be staffed by full-time employees, who will be experts in the community standards, will record and file evidence, and act with fairness and decisiveness against those who now seem to firmly believe (and rightfully so) that their actions will not have consequences. Merged. P.S. a good option would be to make it so that when a player is muted, their customisations would no longer be visible to the person who muted them. Avatars would become the default that we see as we load into a district, and the vehicles would be the default form. Again demanding some coding, isn't that cheeky?
  4. No debate necessary. I hope LO devs give this a read and some consideration, and that is all I can hope for. Whether something is viable or not is up to them, and I really just wanted to get my two cents out there, as you permanent forum dwellers have done countless times before I even considered making an entry of my own. Perhaps soon the forum will be all you will have left of APB. Even if there are no further coding setbacks, and the game gets that 64-bit update, how far down the optimism well do you lower that bucket nowadays, to bring up any notion that this will turn things around for the game. P.S. I think the answers are obvious to both these points, and if they are not, or if you do not have the character strength to admit to understanding them, then I will leave you to hold that opinion of yours, surely it serves you somehow.
  5. Matt Scott, and his company Little Orbit, have allowed the game to get to an almost unplayable state, so much is common talk amongst the frustrated playerbase of APB. Moreover he is placing so much of his attention on trying to deliver even a slither of that promise to "upgrade" APB, which has been almost comical in the way the promise keeps getting downsized. All this is part of his failure to do his due diligence before acquiring APB: Reloaded, he failed not only to know the game and its deep rooted issues, but he also failed in knowing his team and their capabilities. Currently a new player entering the game will be faced with players who — as they gained experience in APB over the course of thousands upon thousands of hours — also lost their basic decency and sportsmanship in the process. That is what APB does; it is a toxic wasteland, it grinds down a person's humanity if they aren't careful to preserve it. The new player will get stomped out by pre-made teams of highly experienced veterans of APB, and if they should be so lucky that a highly skilled veteran should end up on their side, that veteran is likely to refuse to play in a team with a newbie, will not make an effort, in order to preserve their ego, or outright restart the game to get out of the team of the new or low-skilled player. You should be aware how highly developed the sense of fairness is in human beings, and none of this feels fair. No technological breakthrough will make this better, LO could figure out how to make APB run on a quantum computer for all I care, and still the community would be defeating any possibility of the game's recovery. If Matt Scott wishes, I can outline for him all of the toxic behaviours that I see in the game, I'll be a wasteland tour-guide if he needs me to, just so that he gets a grasp on the reality. If you can not make the game feel fair, perhaps you should give players an escape. Those players who would outright quit APB because of how unfair PvP feels, might be kept in by further PvE options, if PvE were viable to avoid PvP, and to progress contacts. I do not know what percentage of the APB community would be "pacifists" just looking to customise their characters and vehicles and do co-op activities, but I would say that already at least 10% of a district will have these wallflowers hanging out, who only occasionally will play missions, and not for long, as they are not able to be competitive. These wallflowers could be another source of cash-flow for this cash-starved game, perhaps a PvE district is in order, wherein you would flesh out these cooperative rather than competitive activities. This would not negatively impact the players available to missions, since these "wallflowers" rarely actually participate in missions, and take up district slots. You could incentivise them to spend time, and money, and clear them out of mission districts with a PvE district. I just can not stand the sense that so much hope is placed on a performance upgrade. Then again, perhaps Matt Scott knows these deep-rooted issues, and he doesn't actually think he can get this game up to a viable orbit again, he just keeps it around as a training environment for his devs, as he claimed that R.I.O.T mode was, in the end.
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