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Found 15 results

  1. The event is really amazing. I think we just need a smaller portion of the map to fight in because respawn are often really far. Other than that the event is amazing and I think after learning it and playing the objective correctly you can collect a lot of kills when stealthing in the fog to help a little. Defending is cool because the objectives are pretty critical and volatile... The fact that you have to go pick up a barrel everytime your attacks fail is a bit annoying though. The game mode have so much potential and could be event better with some small changes if it was used for other things instead of halloween. I like you Little Orbit for pulling out an even this big in so little time... the new car spawners, the barrels spawns, the ui icons... etc. Just all the new small things I see in the game makes me believe the future will be a lot better for APB. The OLD event was way less fun because it always ended up being all the survivors dead except a few running in cars for the few minutes remaining. It was so boring to have to wait everytime to try to survive and just die of being swarmed by numbers. No objective nothing, just survival thats it. Good job on the Halloween event Little Orbit. I love it (especially the barrel physics and models, I like those :3) P.S. Sorry for my english it is kinda rusty
  2. Matt Scott can you respond to this i need a way to contact you
  3. Hello! THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS! We need to band together as ONE UNIT to plead to the powers that be in Little Orbit to bring back Beacon. I mean come on yall - who likes Asylum- on the real? It's boring. It's WAY too big. It's hard to get a full district, so mostly we're just running around for FOREVER just trying to find someone to kill. And, we want frags! RIGHT? Yeah, I know. And, do you guys remember the Beacon Christmas event with the gun game? How freakin fun is that. Now, just think - we could have that YEAR round. SO JOIN ME DEAR APB FRIENDS. Fight for Beacon. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. BRING BEACON BACK FROM THE DEAD @MattScott!!
  4. Right now it appears that it is unlikely that Little Orbit (LO) will get much progress on this game in the following year(s). Therefore, I believe the last rescue for this game would be to release it as free (as in freedom) and open-source software. LO could focus their manpower on more promising projects, while still keeping us (the Fallen Earth community) happy. Further development could be handled by the community. What do you think @MattScott? Would this be a viable option for Little Orbit? I can even think of some kind of crowdfunding to release Fallen Earth into the public domain.
  5. JUST ASKING. (Sorry for annoying you folks at LO) We consoles player suffer from FPS drop, audio breaking in beacon, lag, and crashing. It'd be wise of you to fix the bugs and problems before you roll out content.
  6. It's that time of the week to make this thread, ask the question and keep the dislikes coming. When can we get any news about 3.5 progress?
  7. Hello. In the course of recent events, I have some questions. This appeal is more to the administration of Little Orbit, but the community (players) can also write their opinion. I'll start with the relationship of the Little Orbit to the community (players). When they banned the use of Launchers or configs, they blocked a lot of players without warning. Later, Matt Scott explained this situation, allegedly by the fact that they will block for some Launcher or configs. Matt Scott also stated that players will be unlocked for the first time. (Although before all this, as Little Orbit acquired this game, Matt Scott said that he would make amendments to the account of blocking. Even on forum here once man wrote, ostensibly block will the first time not forever and to example ranging from five months and ending one year, Ah and then already forever. Naturally, depending on the violation.) It's not even that, let's go back to the moment when Matt Scott said that the players who were blocked will be unblocked in the next few days. After that, they blocked my account, and a few days later my friend's account. But during this period, we did not use anything or any Launchers. We submitted an application in support of Small Orbit, they responded 25 days later using the template as always, saying "write in support of Easy Anti Cheat, because they themselves do not have the authority to check and proceedings". Well, we wrote to the EAS, they did not really give any answer and still ignore the support (this is about 4 + months). That is, I have been playing since 2012, the funds invested, but so much time is wasted. The administration does not understand at all. This game is already scary to enter, and also real money to pay you for this attitude. Online and so there is no. Let's move on to the next one. Just yesterday, about ~ 10 people were blocked again (this is according to the stories of familiar people). Two of them are my personal acquaintances. The person was standing in the social district he was kicked from the area, the reason for the blockage and the period are not specified. The second person just went into the game and the same situation. And these people have from 2000 to 5000 hours. What's going on? Why for about five months I see people with third-party software (cheat, software) play a full squad in each district from 5 people with cheats. Why don't you see it? Put a person in the area at least for an hour to check for suspicious persons. I don't understand what this attitude is, without knowing anything you just block ordinary players? Would make some exception for guys of high ranks, with a large number hours, also transactions. I of course all understand, there is cheaters and among such people, but here indeed brad.
  8. the problem I see with matchmaking is that there are solo players and then grouped players. if one faction has no gold solo players and the other faction has all premade groups... it will attempt to pool together some silver and bronze players to match the premade team's threat combined threat level. if it cannot match it it will match them anyways then give them the option for backup... which doesn't help at all anyways as it can just create further imbalance. how about you make 1 server for financial & waterfront for grouped players and another for non-grouped players? this way it will have an easier time matching since everyone will be in proper size groups (2,3,4 man) no random players with mis-matched threat vs premades. solo player server will match players alot better also since it will be 40 solo players on each side instead of 4-5 solo players and the rest grouped that aren't using the alliance feature or never call backup anyways.
  9. Hello Little Orbit, thank you for hearing me last time about the eliminations not counting toward weapons roles and I know you investigated in it but no news. Anyway are we gonna get the same Open Conflict servers up after the halloween event is done or can we get something different like Fight Club - Beacon. That map was awesome and removed and was replaced with Open Conflict that nobody FREAKING plays... Please hear me out. I feel like everything I talked about earlier was ignored. Can we at least get an extra fight club up after epidemic event... APB is getting boring please help help help. P.S. I don't even care if Beacon fight club gives no rewards... open conflict doesn't either and like I said nobody plays it anyway.
  10. Nice job on everything so far but I think a normal BR version of APB would of been better...less puzzles to solves in programming imo and a better and clean result. More rewards other than skins like joker tickets or consumable that you could buy from that contact would be a good option to make more people join the district. Ask an artist of your team (Little Orbit) and tell them to make a nice preset car with mods in it so we can buy it as low rank players or something... Just SOMETHIIIIINNNG. Skins are ok but really it feels empty when this is the only thing showing up. New decals, new car parts, new tattoos, new cars, etc... something new... and you def get 2+ full RIOT district because it WOULD be an alternative way of leveling and gaining rewards without leveling too fast or too slow (implying you make players gain standing when participating a match). A new currency for RIOT specificly would also be great! Wouldn't that be perfect for a MMO!? Thank you for reading Little Orbit throwing cash out the window ^
  11. Hey all, here is my suggestion for more consumables that in my opinion could be added in APB. I like diversity and unique battles so I am suggesting more stuff to make the game more fun! I made a list under of what I would like to see in the future for when it comes to consumables so maybe more will be added. I made other threads about weapon mods and car mods. Please note that this thread is for consumables and not modifications. [Radar Beacon] Effects: Deploys a Radar Beacon Detects enemies within 10m Consumable appears on Radar of detected enemies This consumable is inspired by the modification for vehicles 'Mobile Radar Tower'. It would act the same way but instead it would be a deployable Radar Beacon that detects enemies for half of the range. Just like the satchel charge, it would take only one bullet to destroy it (and do no damage). Your location reveal could be crucial for the opposite team. [Poximity Mine] Effects: Deploys a Proximity Mine Detonates after 1.5s when enemies are within 5m Spots hostiles opponents caught in the blast radius for 3s. (inspired by flare ammo but I am not sure about adding this one...) Enemy players can see when they are tagged. Can be destroyed without causing explosive damage if the mine is shot at. Causes 30% health damage with very low hard damage* and a blast radius of 5m. *Satchel Charge already have a high amount of hard damage Since there is no mines in this game already I thought we could add them as consumable to make it easier. Carrying it like any medium item in game this consumable would be very good for flankers and to protect objectives in a mission. Having a delay on it before it detonate makes it more fair and balanced since this item doesn't fall in category of grenades. A small damage input would make it worthy for moments where it is crucial to have more defense than attack and lacking help of reinforcement. Perfect for narrow places packed with enemies! [Invisibility Mutagen Vial] Effects: +80% invisibility +300% footstep noises -20% health Appear on Radar of enemies within 10m Disables Player Name while active. Removes invisibility if damage is taken or the player fires a weapon. Invisibility duration could last up to 8 seconds. Inspired from the Epidemic Event for it's name, this vial will give the player a stealth advantage in fights at the cost of health and louder footstep noises. Removing the player name tag above their head makes it difficult for friendlies to notice if it is an ally or an enemy. Otherwise it is a great tool for stealth infiltration in missions but the enemies can detect you or hear you louder if you are too close to them making it more fair.
  12. thanks to all those tags and other who related too... to unblock falsely banned accounts of fair players... thanks again...….❤
  13. Matt Scott, and his company Little Orbit, have allowed the game to get to an almost unplayable state, so much is common talk amongst the frustrated playerbase of APB. Moreover he is placing so much of his attention on trying to deliver even a slither of that promise to "upgrade" APB, which has been almost comical in the way the promise keeps getting downsized. All this is part of his failure to do his due diligence before acquiring APB: Reloaded, he failed not only to know the game and its deep rooted issues, but he also failed in knowing his team and their capabilities. Currently a new player entering the game will be faced with players who — as they gained experience in APB over the course of thousands upon thousands of hours — also lost their basic decency and sportsmanship in the process. That is what APB does; it is a toxic wasteland, it grinds down a person's humanity if they aren't careful to preserve it. The new player will get stomped out by pre-made teams of highly experienced veterans of APB, and if they should be so lucky that a highly skilled veteran should end up on their side, that veteran is likely to refuse to play in a team with a newbie, will not make an effort, in order to preserve their ego, or outright restart the game to get out of the team of the new or low-skilled player. You should be aware how highly developed the sense of fairness is in human beings, and none of this feels fair. No technological breakthrough will make this better, LO could figure out how to make APB run on a quantum computer for all I care, and still the community would be defeating any possibility of the game's recovery. If Matt Scott wishes, I can outline for him all of the toxic behaviours that I see in the game, I'll be a wasteland tour-guide if he needs me to, just so that he gets a grasp on the reality. If you can not make the game feel fair, perhaps you should give players an escape. Those players who would outright quit APB because of how unfair PvP feels, might be kept in by further PvE options, if PvE were viable to avoid PvP, and to progress contacts. I do not know what percentage of the APB community would be "pacifists" just looking to customise their characters and vehicles and do co-op activities, but I would say that already at least 10% of a district will have these wallflowers hanging out, who only occasionally will play missions, and not for long, as they are not able to be competitive. These wallflowers could be another source of cash-flow for this cash-starved game, perhaps a PvE district is in order, wherein you would flesh out these cooperative rather than competitive activities. This would not negatively impact the players available to missions, since these "wallflowers" rarely actually participate in missions, and take up district slots. You could incentivise them to spend time, and money, and clear them out of mission districts with a PvE district. I just can not stand the sense that so much hope is placed on a performance upgrade. Then again, perhaps Matt Scott knows these deep-rooted issues, and he doesn't actually think he can get this game up to a viable orbit again, he just keeps it around as a training environment for his devs, as he claimed that R.I.O.T mode was, in the end.
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