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Found 7 results

  1. I think a lot of stuff has been said in the recently closed post about the GMs program and I'd like to bring this now: The community GMs will be basically players, regardless their ingame stats and performance they are players like us who wants the better for the game and the other players (I believe so) and the idea of bringing or enforcing more ingame moderation should be a definitive solution for a lot of things that makes many players feel uncomfortable often. Either it is because you don't like cheaters or you don't like to be harassed with hackusations, or be it because of a player de-threating or ruining your mission on purpose or simply because you are lost in a higher threat district than your current threat level so in that case someone could assist you to find a more appropriate district instance or something like that. As many things here are changing, this GMs thing is something that will also evolve (hopefully), and will keep dynamically changing along time to improve, and these players will be around here too, listening and bringing their concerns every day as everyone does, and all of this will be under the direction of Lixil and LO management whose will be always there as they already demonstrated and they are very accessible if you need to reach them. I would like to know, what would you kindly request from a GM regarding ingame moderation and what are your positive expectations or any constructive opinions you may have about this? I hope this thread is welcomed since I also want to take my chance to humbly bring a few things for any Community GM, TGM or GM, based on a few issues I've been facing or have seen others do over the years playing this game: Players behavior ingame, many issues can be avoided with a kind word of warning from a GM. It would be great to be able to poke a GM ingame any time we need, even if we get a reply like that he is actually busy or that he is unable to address a particular concern or something is a million times better than feeling there are no GMs, since we will know someone eventually will take care of these things we can't handle ourselves as players. Oh and events, hope to see some crazy announcements in the ingame broadcast where they'd invite us to move to a specific district to meet with the GMs and have some fun there with them and their tricks. A little wall of text there so sorry for TL:DR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (And please refrain from off-topic/shit posting, I'd be requesting to clean up the thread if needed, so don't say you didn't read the small print. : P ) EDIT 1: Right after posting this thread I've read in another thread a comment where someone asked Lixil about the red <GM> tag and it seems she stated all the GMs will have the same tag, that also implies that it shouldn't be necessary to have different tags because only Lixil and a few staff members from Little Orbit will have ban powers, and they are easy to spot. I'll still leave the poll open to see what people think about despite we know now how its going to be. EDIT 2: Removed the suggestion for GMs Tags, although I want to clarify the tags would be for GMs on duty and no the players. Shortened the suggestions I made at the end of the post. EDIT 3: I forgot to mention also that it was said by Matt that Tiggs's GMs will remain, which means we weren't lacking of GMs during this transition and experimented GMs are already in the team and perhaps ready to introduce and train the TGMs if needed too.
  2. Hey. I got some idea which would help GMs with cancer of certain (triggerbot) type of cheaters. How about simple command which will swap colors of crosshairs for all in district or/and player? I don't think code-wise it shouldn't be that hard to code in such command for GMs to be at disposal. It would be more of check-tool and would help to prove suspicion if guy might use triggerbot or not. I mean guys which got color-based triggerbot (which probably all now have) will start shooting friendlies all of sudden - turn that off and on certain times and you have clear case to me. Username should be the same color (at least for now) as most of players "shot-or-ignore" reaction is based on that.
  3. It's almost in every single match that a number of players (at least on financial) tries or is actually glitching themself in a spot where he cannot be hit. When is a GM going to do what he's payed for and patrol the halloween districts for a change? It makes it a bit more fair for those who actually want to play the legit way if the glitchers would be gone. PS: And don't give me that crap 'report them and they'll be delt with', that sh!t doesn't help while the event is ongoing.
  4. pzx

    event suggestion

    Can GM do a fireworks show again
  5. The only solution to this problem would be to isolate bronze, greens, and Trainees in their own district. Thus Silver and gold must play vs each other. Reasons: 1. It isn't fair to anyone except other golds on your teams that are 'dethreating',. And people call you a try hard if you push against this behavior. 2. You are creating the problem. APB players are are like predators. Nature of the game, which is cool. They want to search out the easiest targets. Again, the result they dethreat to get to bronze. >>>People rejoice when they lose their Gold.<<< 3, You are losing new players that are overwhelmed by this Threat system's flaws. 4. Causes contempt within the community, thus making it more toxic. Multiple reasons that are too numerous to list here. In closing I will say I have been here as long as the game. I have worked with gamersfirst with many issues within the game. I know what will work and not work. >>>Implement this change for a month and see how it works out. <<< One last thing. You may think; "Yeah, but silvers wont be able to play with silver!" Not so, It takes nothing to make silver from bronze. But takes a lot to get from Silver back to bronze. I won't point out the guidelines of how or why that is for it will expose techniques. What do you have to lose @MattScott Trust me Sincerely. LX NA/EU APB player
  6. I think a lot of us want to know what power does a GM have?
  7. I think active GMs should check dethreat reports frequently and ban them for 1 week or month, so they won't harass new players and gain exp easily
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