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  1. You know exactely what items we had on Nekrova. All you had to do is check the db inventory list and the 'missing' items could be offered as a redeemcode. Yes I realise that's a lot of work but also realise that lots of Nekrova players payed a lot of money (ingame and REAL money) to get these items but you already knew this the minute you took over APB from Innova. We're not asking for much, only to keep our stuff that we earned and payed for. As of the weapons that are not 'available' in Citadel: offer a simular Citadel weapon that's not in our personal inventory. You took over Innova, now take ake responsibility and don't treat us the G1 way. It's not rocket science ffs....
  2. Lame excuse for punishing those who spent a fair amount of time and money if you ask me. Are you planning replacing them with a weapon of choise as a substitute or are you just going to rip us off? And for the record: the Purple Cat IS a weapon on Citadel (yes the owner got banned but that's not the point) so I'm curious how you'll handle this.
  3. You've had applicants for the volunteer GM positions, applicants who are part of an organisation who deals with cheaters on a daily basis. These applicants GM on multiple games, hired by multiple known game publishers and developers. Those applicants where promised a 'yes hired/no thanks' email. Those applicants are still waiting. Those applicants are known for monitoring on a daily basis. These applicants work for free and sometimes ingame items (depends on the contract). In short, you're missing out Matt. These applicants could have started GM'ing for you a long time ago.
  4. So when doing missions (not dnd) people still can bombard trade request to those who have no interest in trading... I think a tickbox in the main menu would be more efficient tbh.
  5. @MattScott The trade system looks very promising, I only have one thing to ask: Can you please cincider adding a tickbox (yes/no) in the main options menu, stating that you're putting yourself available to trading. I can only asume that not everybody is that excited to decline trades all the time simply because they're not interested in trading in general.
  6. Cheers Matt, looking forward to the final solution.
  7. Spy

    server down

    Same here, can't login no more.
  8. Wouldn't mind paying a 1000 G1C for it tho.
  9. Not just for those who got banned in the past, also for those who have multiple accounts before the G1/4Game merge.
  10. Cop holding your money (like teaming up) can be concidered an exploit, wich is against the TOS. Raising the 'permanent witnessability' would give crims an advntage over enforcers and 25k limit would lead to 24k launders 24/7 making it impossible for enforcers to witness. If you're not willing to fight over 'free' money then you're not worth getting any. I know for a fact that there are teams of enforcers patrolling San Paro, looking for ramradiers. On the other hand, I've seen full criminal teams doing the same. The way i see it, the system works as intended. I've been ramraiding in the past and made loads of money, I also witnessed crims and made a few bucks. Both factions have the right to earn money through out ramrading actions, not just crims.
  11. There is no equivalent ramraiding action for enforcers exept whittnessing the criminal who's actually doing the ramraiding. Both parties have a chance to get that ramraiding money. If enforcers where unable to check how much money criminals have on them then the point of whittnessing would be completely useless, making criminals have an extra 'crim only' option to get money wich makes it unfair. The system as it is now works as intended and should not be changed.
  12. I was wondering the same, I did not find any announcement.
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