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  1. Made millions since OBT with selling themes and yet I'm so glad the theme mute function in the game is present. Just the thought that I can mute mostly crappy made themes in a mouseclick pleases me. Hope the next things that will be muted are the boomboxes and songs. We've heared them all, mute and move on.
  2. Remember Joker Boxes? New JB guns where OP so everybody bought them. As soon JB cash stopped rolled into the developers direction they made a new JB and nerfed the older ones and the process repeats itselfs. This way more profit could be made fropm JB boxes. This business tactic is used in many games, APB is no exeption.
  3. Oh shift, the lads and me bought cod:cw so no time to test apb, soz.
  4. If you play on regular hours in the afternoon and evenings then there's both silver and bronze districts filled on Citadel, just saying.
  5. It only stopped most of the software based color triggerbots, the hardware based ones still work like they always have.
  6. Are you planning on interviewing a specific 'I love apb' crowd or are you willing to interview people who aren't afraid to hold back on things that most of a bunch of tryhards are desperately trying to silence? If so, may I suggest interviewing @PoundOfFlesh. I know he's not always right/wrong but he's not afraid to speak up. Should be good for an interview
  7. Nah, no need to merge. Pointless.
  8. Kinda looking for an answer from staff as they can update on this matter. Thank you for your input tho, agree to disagree.
  9. Spy

    Music Studio Update

    No offence but a turn on/off tickbox in menu would be nice to go along with it. Not everybody is keen on listening to other peoples tunes or tunes in general.
  10. Any chance we see a JT store upgrade where all current weapons will be offered account bound? JT shop price increase is acceptable ofcourse. It's a bit bs in its current state imho. In my case: My main with 5 characters x 6.500 JT = approximately 70 USD Average account bound weapon on Armas: 2000 G1C = approximately 24 USD I think the difference is way to big and offering account bound weapons in the JT store could be a nice solution to this problem. Is this something you can do @MattScott @Sakebee in the near future?
  11. Against the TOS yes, and still you see loads of people ruining the event by glitching into buildings, roofs and underground. I've even seen players who glitched the previous events and they're doing it again in this halloween and guess what: no ban. What's a TOS if LO can't even uphold it, completely useless.
  12. I play with a RTX card and never have issues while playing apb (live).
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