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  1. I do care about APB. I offered my help multiple times, even volunteered for GM and apperantly I wasn't seleceted because of my hard dedication to catch cheaters and less 'helpfull' ingame. I accept LO's decisions on the matter, it also means that my help stops and that my knowledge on APB cheats and everything that goes with it stays with me. LO is trying to run a business, so do I (kind of), no hard feelings. As far as our website goes, it's being revamped and it's taking its time.
  2. I run FairplayHQ, a ring of dedicated GMs who GM on multiple games. We also keep track of wich cheat provider does what. It's what we do. Sad but true.
  3. Eventho I have way over 1000+ Innova hours I'd still think that this will bite me in the @$$ somehow. With the previous merge a lot of things went wrong, good stuff went 'missing' and where not put back into the account due to stubborn (or lazyness, take your pick) support. I fear for my good stuff tbh...
  4. My dropped armas weapons free to use for the new f2p rage hackers. Sounds like a good plan... /sarcasm
  5. What about songs/themes that are stored in mail? Due to the limited space for songs and themes, most creators (including myself) store these in their mail to 'bypass' the limited space. Will all mail + attachements be ported from Nekrova to Citadel as well?
  6. I won't be losing anything from my Nekrova account by the looks of it. There's only 1 thing that isn't mentioned and I'll PM you with info within a few days with the missing info @MattScott
  7. Amen to that. I'm a GM in multiple games and we're banning lots of cheaters manually these days, especially closet cheaters who think they can bypass the system. This is a nice extra 'feature' working side by side with any anti-cheat system.
  8. Exactely. And if I recall correctly, people got banned for it in major leagues (CSGO). This kind of macroing is not hard to detect. The problem is hardware developers do not allow software companies to scan their hardware (lawsuits etc). The only proper solution to this is to actually scan static memory paterns (since most mice do not use dynamic paterns) and just kick when a known patern is found. That way the AC won't have to scan/access the harware macro itself and you're forcing hardware macro based players to play legit like everyone else.
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