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  1. Automaticly added to my account? Please remove it, I didn't ask for this.
  2. I already said that it won't work on a low populated game, my statement was based on an engine upgraded large populated game. Also, locking a phone to an apb account for 'cheat protection' will not work either, loads of uncharged simcards are free these days so it will defenately not stop cheaters. Besides that, I'm pretty sure lots of people in general will be uncomfortable with sharing their personal phonenumber with any smalltown gamepublisher. The 'CSGO method' has a better chance of succeeding with a $10 Armas spending. It will make cheaters think twice before they reroll and spend more $.
  3. That maybe so but what about copying the CSGO method? CSGO went f2p but paying for a csgo key would allow you to play on servers where only paying customers play. I know with the current APB population wouldn't be able to handle such system but if, for some miraculous reason, APB attracks a sh!tload of players after the engine update, inplementing the 'CSGO system' where special servers allow real big money Armas spenders to play vs eachother would defenately reduce the amount of cheaters. At least for the paying customers who are the reason that APB still exists as a game.
  4. Spy


    Lol, ur funny. You should be a comedian....
  5. Back to Shadowkeep then, good luck with the event.
  6. Is this the exact same colour as last year?
  7. Yes, and hopefully with a nice glowing skin as reward.
  8. The entire G1C purchase system wasn't working at all and it did not affect just discounted weapons, wich can be partial be refunded (discount) in a later stage (done that myself, that how I know), it affected everybody who wanted to buy something from Armas and had no G1C left. It's all about the Benjamins...
  9. The idea of 'I already have your money' versus 'I want your money now' crossed my mind...
  10. A quote from RitualLO on APB's Steam forums: -------------------------------------------------- Marketplace Issues from 09/27/2019 Hello everyone, After getting information that there was a rather significant issue regarding payment in the Marketplace where people were not able to purchase G1Cs in time for trial discounts. The issue has now been fixed, and payment should again function as it should. Now regarding all of you that did your trial runs, and then were unable to purchase the weapon with a discount because of this issue, please submit the ticket to the support with your issue, preferably by Monday! Make sure the ticket has a proper title and that the issue in the ticket is properly and thoroughly explained with screenshots. These tickets will be prioritized due to the specific nature of the issue. We will do our best to assist you, and you will help us a lot by properly filling in said ticket. Regards, Ritual -------------------------------------------------- Since there's already a 30 day que on support it is kind of weird to see that people who are willing to spend cash on Armas are prioritized in the support que while people who actually already spend money have to wait their turn in the que. Fair? Your opinion?
  11. Like I said: missing 255 character, missing multiple items and more. My intention is not to hyjack the topic, only adding to the pile of negative LO support experiences AlishaAzure had.
  12. Since LO took over I opend 5 tickets regarding multiple issues, only 1 got solved properly. The rest of the tickets where copy/past messages with phrases that had nothing to do with my issues at all. I really get the feeling that a large chunk of tickets aren't even read properly and just replied to just to lower the total pile of tickets. Due to unsolved tickets I lost a 255 character, multiple items and some more stuff. It's due sh!t like this that makes people stop spending money on G1C, I know I did and I had 2 euryales and working on the 3rd one. LO's current support behaviour makes money spenders unappriciated imho.
  13. The idea of a treat level is to keep the gold pro players away from the new and less skilled players. Allowing to compete will drive the less skilled players away from the game.
  14. I thought only editable files where accepted? You can still achieve the same goal by not deleting the sound files but edit the xml file instead.
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