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  1. I'd love to see a car that doesn't make it crash/spin on pavements, sidewalks and terrain changes since some parts of both maps seem to do this for years without being fixed.
  2. I'm pretty sure TK'ing isn't ment to kill your teammates on purpose. Knowing that you can TK and that you'll be kicked if you do it to much is a great reason for a normal player to change his/her tactics from spay-and-pray to a more tactical approach for the objective. TK doesn't need to be removed, it's fine as it is.
  3. It is yes, there are multiple companies who provide free VPN services, google is your friend.
  4. Nah, I live in the Netherlands and if I want lootboxes then I'll just boot up a VPN, problem solved.
  5. Nope, it's the high amount of closet cheaters and macro kids who are ruining it in the silver/gold servers and they're not being delt with by LO in any way. Lots of average legit golds get downranked by these idiots and they turn to bronze district to play vs players who do not use 3rd party crapware. I can't blame them. The first part in fixing this 'problem' is to start at the source of the problem: cheats/macros and then go from there. But then again, if LO decides to ban macro users and closets in silver/gold districts then the population would shrink dramatically and in a game with an extreme low population it could be the final nail in the coffin. I kinda agree on this one. Actually, there are 2 clans who are taking the p*ss at this. Both of those clans where cheating hard before Fairfight entered, they went total BS while it was active and now with the new and improved (/sarcasm) anticheat they started wallhacking only mode. One of them is even using an old method like one of the biggest cheat clans APB has ever known used to use: wallhack rotate; only 1 wallhacker per team and a differend one each round. Reporting them is useless because of the lack of skill GM's have to detect a cheater. Pointless....
  6. NTEC need a huge nerve, period. It's been an overpowered pain in the @$$ way to long already.
  7. I always kill that process manually and never have issues nore crashes. In my case, it's completely unnecessary and is not required to run the game at all.
  8. I guess you didn't see the latest Q&A on LO's official twitch channel. Matt confirmed that the old apb login is coming back to save time within the engine upgrade.
  9. Nice review. Accidentally pressed the dislike button, sorry. Not...
  10. Ramaiding is working as intended. There's no such thing as free money in APB. Ramraiding is a bonus to get some extra money for both crim and enforcer with a risk factor. If it's such a big deal to crims getting witnessed and risking losing 'their' money then there's always the safe way to get money: do misions like the rest of the community does. Besides that, crims can easely collect their ramraiding money under the $2500 cap and lower the chance of getting witnessed. But as we all know, crims won't do that because it takes to much time, they just want free money fast without doing the extra mile. Not gonna happen...
  11. If abuse means not willing to pay for extra character slots then yes. I strongly believe that if character slots where free: · Less new accounts would be made wich would ‘improve’ database accessability. · Players would play more due to account bound related items, IE weapons and premium. · Griefing/cheating might go down due to more then 2 high ranked characters on an account. · It makes LO look good/better by not grabbing cash. If character slots remain a payed item then it would be nice for LO to concider a 1 time account merge (per account) and charge a small amount of G1C to make it happen. It would make so many people happy.
  12. That has just been confirmed by Matt on the official LO stream.
  13. I'm sure they're really looking forward to play vs the large amount of closets in the silver and gold districts.
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