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  1. GM's and TGM's ingame are like unicorns: people talk about them but you never see one.
  2. Any new to be made weapons will be meta for a couple of months and then they will be nerfed into the ground and you'll be prepared fot the next new weapon, making you spend more money. It's been like that for years so there's really no point in buying any weapon if you're looking for something new and refreshing.
  3. When a friend, who does have the holiday achievement, logs into your steam account without ingame/steam connected it will add the achievements to your steam account. The only thing that doesn't add up is the achievement date, just saying.
  4. Because getting gold is to easy to get. Adding another rank makes the gap between high silver/low gold and high gold bigger, 'forcing' the blatants and closets to diamond is then icing on the cake.
  5. As long as there are (still) so much gold closet cheaters people intentionally throw missions to get silver ranking and play on bronze servers. And truthgfully, who can blame them? LO's ostrich AC isn't doing its job so in order to play without the possibility facing cheaters people downrank. The only way to solve the problem is to: Upgrade the engine Attrackt more new and old players Get a proper AC + knowledgeable GMs patrolling San Paro daily Get rid of the LO fanbois kissing @$$ on the forums/ingame Add a diamond rank level At least then we have a chance of having a good game.
  6. It's not. Actually, it's easy af and fun to do. The amount of ragequitting crims in my first road to coprank 15 was most satisfying and good for a laugh or two
  7. Wouldn't hurt if LO actually read the TOS once in a while. You know, just to prefent amnesia. /sarcasm
  8. Nope. It's a company problem, not a community problem. The community is in no way responsible for the extreme low amount of cheaters getting banned. If a company is not willing to handle any proper anti cheat measurements then a large chunk of the community walks away from the game and that's exactely what is (and was) happening in APB. When people walk away less money will be spent, it's not rocket science but for some reason some developers and/or publishers (uhm...) don't get that. Merged. True that. They could at least force a mission tie so they'll get some xp/cash out of it. Sad to see glitches like this still exist but 'I need my xp' reasons prevail on this I guess.
  9. I stopped reading after 'I’m okay with closets or macro users living forever'.
  10. Oh, providers fault again I see. Happens quite a lot. /sarcasm
  11. There's no point in buying anything for a game that's broken in so many ways for such a long time.
  12. And beyond. Even in the 1st open beta on the new engine there where cheats made 'on the fly' and succeeded under 90 minutes! The cheating problem won't go away no matter what the AC will be. Active knowledgeable GM's spectating San Paro daily will at least reduce cheaters but not eliminate the problem. On the other hand, better ban some then rely on a broken AC.
  13. Hehe, I remember that. I've seen this on a private stream, spamming nr1 apb golden boy and mr 'I didn't cheat, ruski hacked my account'. FTR, there's an updated version for a long time floating around, bypassing the mail limit since it's not receiver based. Was a nice try for the developer to stop the issue, failed again tho...
  14. Instead of b!tching about getting in servers wich are 2 steps below your level it's better to plead for LO to implement a feature that auto-disconnects all golds that are playing in bronze servers. We don't need more gold players in bronze servers looking for easy kills.
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