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  1. So glad I finished coprank 15 years ago, ltl is proper crap now.
  2. The kneepads where priced as $250, my best guess is that it was supposed to be 250JT.
  3. Only the 'likes' and 'thanks' are optional. This way the forums look good to new players. Publicity hoax.....
  4. And now trolls will start posting and we can't downvote. Ok, lol....
  5. Bungie is capping level on older guns, even the ones that can be obtained with bright dust, ingame currency that you can actually buy with real money. I know I've seen the strategy before, nerfing guns that where good to use and payed for with real money so you have to spent more real money to get the next new op gun. Can't remember the game tho... Oh wait....
  6. 1: No. Eventho I do appriciate the effort but there are so many things that need to addressed first before a new map is even a concideration imho: There are still glitches on Waterfront who haven't been fixed by G1 (back then) and LO, eventho the glitches are known to them Forcing a tie on a match in Financial is still not fixed, original report of this dates back to 2013 and more recent. Glitched items and players is still not fixed, eventho multiple reports date back to 2016 and more recent. Matchmaking, population, cheating. You know, the usual stuff 2: I play ocasionally and I probably will play a new map, even if it's just out of curiosity. A thing related to playing is spending real money. And tbh, I used to spend quite some cash on the game but that stopped instantly after the bad decisions LO made regarding the Nekrova-Citadel merge. A new map would not make me play more, nore will it change my mind on spending real cash on the game. 3: No opinion
  7. I'm not confusing those two at all. It's exactely as I stated before from the post you're quoting.
  8. You've got a point there. So based on your theory here we are, gold players play in silver districts while silvers play in bronze districts. And for some odd reason we only complain about the silvers playing in bronze. I'm pretty sure that if the gold players stay in the gold districts this would be less of a problem. I'm well aware of the fact that the low population doesn't allow a full gold server to fill up with gold players but then again, that's not the silver player his fault so it's only a natural reaction for silvers to play in bronze districts. I mean gold players are playing in lower distrstricts, why can't silvers? LO is not giving them an alternative. LO, gold and silver players are all contributing to the low population and dethreatings. I know that's not what people want to hear, it sucks but it is what is is....
  9. Agree to disagree. There's a a lot of names on ffb that where raging hard and not to mention the 'closets' who tried to hide hacks but failed misserably. Facing those unbanned 'pro players' in districts was just another failed attempt to populate the servers (imho) and lots of legit players disliked (and still do) the idea of facing unbanned players with multiple violations. So LO can think of all nice things to patch/update but if the current AC isn't doing what it's supposed to do and the threatlevel/matchmaking will not be fixed then dethreating will always be a thing.
  10. It's no secret that a lot of people just won't fight versus any player who have multiple records on for example ffbans and seeing them in your district as opponents can be frustrating. If the current AC was any good and a better matchmaking system (way to easy to get gold) is in play then the afk'ing and dethreating will be reduced to an acceptable level.
  11. ^this. Got a char there myself with 12 legendaries collecting dust. NA dead af...
  12. It's been like that for ages. It's just that the hardware is more accessable nowadays for an affordable price. The amount of users is growing rapidly in other games so it was just a matter of time before people started using it in the smaller games like APB.
  13. Not all macros are detectable, most of them are. Usually the comon ones made in mouse software, ahk or simular are picked up. There are still macros (some are part of a cheat) that aren't detected by the current anti cheat so I think it's only fair to say that some macros are detectable.
  14. It's not a cheat, it's the new copcar toplight. In Armas soon.
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