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  1. I hear ya but JT and titles aren't things I'm looking for in an event. I've got plenty of those already.
  2. Tried 3 games last night and the framedrop was horrible and made the game unplayable. Tried again this morning, nothing changed. Just found out that the rewards for the gungame are disapointing to me personally so I'm skipping the event. 25 minutes of heavy framerate drops for 30JT and a title I'm never going to wear aren't worth my time. I wish all those who enjoy the event a good time.
  3. Oh, bit of a disappointment for me then personally. I'll pass. Thank for the intel tho.
  4. I'd love to see previous glow in the dark skins available to everybody. I mean, if we're all about sharing the legendary welth we might as well do it with skins to make it more accessable for everyone. Besides that, it makes people grind even more. I know for sure that I'll grab the one skin that magicly went missing from my inventory and that wasn't restored by support wearing a blindfold.
  5. Kinda true but I can understand those who spent a fortune on joker JB to get them.
  6. Is there a page where I can see the rewards of the gungames and see if it's worth playing for?
  7. Worst case scenario a legendary weapon will cost you $100 max.
  8. Maybe some people read 'a 95% chance of not getting that permanent drop'. From a ‘wanna have now’ perspective like the loot boxes: 20x rentals = 50.000 JT 50.000 JT in Armas = 10.000 G1C 10.000 G1C is approximately $100 irl cash So basicly in the worst case scenario your legendary will cost you $100 while there are loads of 3rd party websites who sell them for $50 or less. Eventho buyers know it’s against the rules the price difference is way to high and people will still buy from those sites. With this in mind it would not suprise me that legendaries in the ingame market will increase in price.
  9. Dropping frames 24/7 now. This was an issue for a lot of people last time we had BE.
  10. Any word on the JT trade that where mentioned before by Matt? Would love to see getting some extra JT spend in the new and improved JT store.
  11. Pretty sure the ones who do the selling don't care after they got their money.
  12. I remember the NHVR QS TTK discussing and it got fixed. This is simular so a fix should be fixed/nerfed asap, being able to QS legit or by marco is irrelevant.
  13. Looks very promising. I'll share everyones joy if the new AC holds up after a few weeks.
  14. This! I'm not saying that they're all bad but there are a few with a shady past, think they know everything and still think that we forgot. Only one seems to be forgetting, LO.
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