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  1. Wow, good job @MattScott. I'm super excited for the beta ;D
  2. I was wondering if anybody had any pictures of the real early days apb. Would be pretty dope to see how stuff has changed, and the map overall *EDIT* Found this video of gameplay from very early stages, you can see the highway not destroyed.
  3. I think the website got something wrong? If you click on "Company Name", but with the Chinese stuff then you get located to google. And if you translate you get this link which shows completely different info about the company. https://aibee.com.tw/v/12872959/
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    So like, i got a i7700k. I seem to have some nice fps drops. I usually play with 120-130 fps, but for some reason i suddenly drop to 80-90. I shut down a lot of useless app's but it didn't help that much I also seem not to be able to alt tab out of the game? Any suggestions?
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