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  1. Weirdly, ever since i got my 3080 i've never had crash issues.
  2. Hey guys I have made this topic to discuss and listen to your opinions. I am mainly going to talk about Fight Club, but I will briefly touch of mission districts. These past months a lot of my game time on criminal has been harder, and I feel that the reason behind it, is that the skill level is lower than what you find on Enforcers. If look at the FC districts you will usually see a higher number of Enforcers in Baylan/Asylum than Criminals. This is not to say that there is never a full district, or that there is more Criminals in that certain district than Enforcers. But usually, the Enforcers always end up winning the match, or rush the Criminals because the population is lower, or because it is filled with less skilled people than the opposite faction. I feel this ruins the fun for a lot of newcomers, and it makes it more frustrating for me to play as a Criminal. If you imagine yourself playing in Baylan Shipping as a Criminal, and 80% of the time you get bombed with grenades when spawning with teammates. Or you might get rushed by 10 enforcers eager for kills because the resistance from the Criminals is so low that there is not much to do. This makes it frustrating, and I imagine that people whose skill level is below average get tired of it. Several times I have heard that Enforcers have a better advantage in missions, or spawns in better. I cannot confirm this, but please let me know if it is true. The real issue lies in that a lot of the veterans, and better players in this game choose to play Enforcer. This is what causes the imbalance of skill level between the two factions. A lot of times when playing Criminal, you end up facing premade Enforcer groups which consist of players with years of game time. For people who is not as experienced, this results in an unfair balance where the Criminals are defenseless. The only real way to solve this is to spread out more, and even out the skill gap. People who are new to the game mostly join the Criminal faction, and therefore we end up with the skill gap. If you go to a Fight Club districts and look at the scoreboard. You will see a lot of times the Criminals are filled with Bronze/Silver ranked players. On the opposite side, there is also Silver/Bronze ranked players, but not close to the same amount that is on Criminals.
  3. Should I try to put to GPU and CPU at like 70-80 procent at all times?
  4. AMD 3900x - RTX 3080 Strix OC - ASUS ROG Strix X570E - G-SKILL TridentZ 32GB 3600Mhz (4x8) - NZXT Kraken X52 - Corsair RM850x - Samsung 970Evo Nvme 1TB (APB on that disk) - Samsung 850 SATA SSD - Corsair MP510 Nvme 250GB (OS) - 1TB WD Black
  5. Hey guys! Recently got a 3080, and I have a 3900x paired with that. But I’m facing a problem where the FPS isn’t running that good. In Asylum I manage about 120 at max, where it’s not even consistent. All tho Baylan it’s 144, but then again not really that consistent. Is there anything I could do other than the usual graphics and stuff? If you have a 3080, please let me know how your game playes.
  6. Wow, good job @MattScott. I'm super excited for the beta ;D
  7. I was wondering if anybody had any pictures of the real early days apb. Would be pretty dope to see how stuff has changed, and the map overall *EDIT* Found this video of gameplay from very early stages, you can see the highway not destroyed.
  8. I think the website got something wrong? If you click on "Company Name", but with the Chinese stuff then you get located to google. And if you translate you get this link which shows completely different info about the company. https://aibee.com.tw/v/12872959/
  9. numlockcapslock


    So like, i got a i7700k. I seem to have some nice fps drops. I usually play with 120-130 fps, but for some reason i suddenly drop to 80-90. I shut down a lot of useless app's but it didn't help that much I also seem not to be able to alt tab out of the game? Any suggestions?
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