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  1. now just remove waterfront and force citadel players to play on na ping & we'll come back revert nerfs involving the dog-ear and/or pig and prob add JMBs back because it was a pretty sus update to remove prob ur most profitable MTX from the marketplace, just to go woke on anti-gambling MTX in a rated-M game fueled by whales. speaking of going woke & going broke.... have u cut off the russian playerbase yet? cus if u have, might hop on for a match or 2, or at least until i bsod while jumpleaning an eu gamer with some weapon that i spent my money on & prob sucks now cus u nerf a lot of rando stuff get a job, apb forum user. afk for 1 year, brb
  2. i mean, it's basic tech, really isnt hard to do, a lot of room for errors. i think it would be really silly to label someone as a cheater just because they're able to do something repeatedly without error, when the thing they're doing isn't difficult to do at all... like spamming a carbine.
  3. run----jump----F----left click---- -loop- set delays accordingly, done. macroing something like this would be just as redundant as a carbine macro. really not hard to do this legit, takes a minute or two to learn how to hit F quickly after running and jumping.
  4. nothing says "unsavory" like giving every player free premium for abt a year straight so far, reworking the Joker store so you can unlock most if not all weapons for free, and debundling products made by the previous developer so that players can pick and choose the content they actually want to pay for instead of paying extra for garbage they don't want. believe me, preventing your players from spending money on a garbage gun like the LCR is anything but unsavory. maybe they don't want to sell it again til they rework or buff it into a more playable and acceptable state? would be pretty tragic if a newer player spent money on their first ever ARMAS weapon, and chose the LCR not knowing how terrible it is.
  5. couldn't you apply this concern to literally any instance of nerfing/buffing? idk if "they might nerf more things!" would be good enough grounds to prevent weapon balancing for the rest of APBs lifespan. what would happen after the scout nerf? "man i dont like the nissrb it shoots too far. nerf. wow the obeya rifle does too much damage and can shoot too far. nerf. ar97 is just a fully auto obeya rifle, and we already nerfed that, so lets just nerf this one too. ah man, wtf bro, why can u minttk people with the alig at like 70 meters? nerf." you wouldn't make this argument for the old nano or the old yukon, would you? or the old RFP9? troublemaker? hween patch ntec? you're missing my point. HVR does insane damage at any range, but it's weaknesses are bolt-timer and vulnerability in CQC. These negatives are almost 100% negated when you're playing on a map (waterfront) with dozens of spots that require players on offense to push ladder chokes, single-ramp entrances, or extremely open areas which they could be sniped from, anywhere. financial has these spots/areas, but they're considerably easier to push than most of the spots on waterfront (with the exception of 1 or 2 areas.) im completely fine with the CSG as it is right now, and it deals a large amount of damage... but it's not like the JG where you can miss a ton of pellets but still deal a ton of damage, making it super braindead in CQC encounters because you're almost GUARANTEED a two shot kill with the JG. With the CSG, you don't have as much room for fuckups, so the chances of you having to 3 or 4 shot someone are significantly higher than the JG. GL trying to DMR and/or nade someone you have absolutely no line of sight of, while they're able to see where you are or where the nades you're throwing are going, because it's a third person shooter. "just block the entrance" is a good meme, dont think it really solves the underlying issue though, especially because if defenders beat attackers to the next objective (which they more than likely will, attackers will be on last stage objective as new stage transitions, and defenders will more than likely be respawning or driving away from the last stage...) "blocking the entrance" wont do you any good. so, what does that leave you with? the volcano? do we really want the only way to hard counter high ground hvrs to be a weapon locked behind JT, pretty much making the only reasonable solution be paywalled? hell, you could just dodge the volcano too, honestly. even if you land a decent nade on them, you cant use ammo crates to spam nade anymore, so both nades would have to hit... which again, would be difficult to do when you can't see the person your nading, but they can see you, and the nades you're throwing up at them.
  6. I really meant that I'd only want the DMR nerfed if people would want it nerfed. I dont really care if it gets nerfed. I personally use it all the time, but mostly because it's super strong in repo racers or mahjong money, makes the mission unplayable. So, depending on how LO chooses to balance missions and/or waterfront in the future, if people wanted to gut the DMR, I'd understand why they'd want to nerf a weapon that kills in about .75 seconds at nearly max range, while being able to crit cars in a few shots. I've always thought the HVR was OP and annoying to play against, before the QS nerf and after the QS nerf, I think weapons that allow you to shoot a single shot that deals a shit ton of damage, with the tradeoff of having a bolt or pump timer, are inherently powerful on defense because you can just hide while waiting for the next shot to become available. This is one of the reasons why people hate the JG right now, because with how pellet damage works at the moment, you only need to graze someone with your first shot, just to guarantee a kill on the second shot... and while waiting for the second shot to be available, you can just hide. So, to boil it down, your damage output is INSANELY HIGH with a weapon that is effective at pretty much all ranges, and all you need to do is hit one shot, and they're practically dead. It's easy to say "just get in a car and rush them" but gl trying to "car rush" someone sitting on top of one of the dozen insanely OP spots with like 2 or 3 exposed entrances, making it extremely difficult to even peak them from below to throw a couple of nades or so.
  7. (disingenuous framing... but the point was that the silver with an HVR only needs to hit a single shot to deal a massive amount of damage while the other silver with the STAR needs to hit multiple shots to make any meaningful impact in the fight) when the gun is extremely OP in nearly every spot on the only other map in the entire game, I feel like it's safe to say that the HVR is too powerful and should be nerfed now because the chances of Waterfront getting a rework before the HVR could get another nerf are slim to none, because they have to finish the engine update in order to do any map-related balance. you arent, but they grant you insane utility on offense, and these are the only two things that can drastically improve your offensive capabilities. you could throw the OPGL in this list, too. do people actually run flak now? i cant imagine running flak in a game where nades and explosives are just way too good, you literally give up one nade to get a little protection from them. guess what, the dude double nading you while you have flak? you can only nade him once? you're losing that fight. if they lose that fight, they suck. we just disagree. different visions ig Scout changes should be reverted. the clotting meta must be addressed. I wouldnt mind nerfing the DMR if waterfront continues to be as bad as it is, a couple years from now. I dont think it needs a nerf now, but if people wanted one in the future after the HVR problem gets fixed, then I'd understand why, and would be open to it. true
  8. Silver Jimmy can be a Green Gary, it doesnt fking matter bro, 1 shot and all ur health is dead, and all the player needs is a monitor, a PC, a mouse, and 2 braincells. 1 braincell for holding down right click to aim, and 1 braincell to left click the guy they wish to obliterate. after they hit that guy once, literally any other specimen within a 100m radius can finish them off faster than they could blink. you understand that there are weapons in the game that regardless of skill disparity, are extremely strong because they require no skill to use, right? ATAC, Euryale, HVR, OPGL, you could suck at the game but as long as you use these weapons, they can carry you. (hardly ever see the ATAC anymore but its still aids) if im 2v2ing, both teams have 1 silver, both silvers are genuinely new players or just suck at the game, whichever team has the silver using the HVR will have a way higher chance of winning. why? because MY silver (the beta male STAR 556 silver) has to hit MORE THAN ONE SHOT to be of any use to me in 2v2s, but if the other dudes MEGA CHAD BASED HVR SILVER lands ONE shot on me, im FUCKED. sure, if im on defense, the bloom meme they added to the HVR might make it harder for the silver to hit me because he has to do two things at once (push the objective AND hit a shot) with the HVR, but it doesnt matter, because HVR is so OP on defense in a game where every mission is inherently defender-sided, it shouldnt even be in the game. this is one of the reasons why the JG and shotguns in general are so powerful. so, here are some solutions: rebalance the maps (ESPECIALLY waterfront) by adding more entrances to insanely OP high-ground areas, and find a way to make spawns less shitty find a way to make attacking way less shitty without making shit like Spotter and Flare Guns the only solutions remove the HVR or nerf it harder. revert all the other weapon changes. nerf percs, nerf OPGL, nerf AMG.
  9. listen bro if u dont see anything wrong with a premade of 3/4 being able to kill you as fast as literally .10 seconds because u get HVR'd and ntec'd at the same time, making pushes impossible on waterfront (because waterfront is a dogshit map with awful spawns that leave you vulnerable at extremely long ranges the moment you touch your feet on the ground) then ig we can agree to disagree I actually like playing the video game, I dont wanna spawn and get instakilled because Silver Jimmy left clicked my ballsack with his HVR while Gold Terry Jon left clicked me with an ntec 1 or 2 times. i cant even react, i cant even compete bro.
  10. powerful weapons/mods/items that are strong in premades are either in the process of being nerfed or are labeled as OP or unfair by literally everyone who plays the game. Spotter, mobile radar tower, flare gun/firework launcher, blowtorch, *HVR*, i might be missing a couple of others but there absolutely are reasons to rebalance a weapon if it's too good when used by premades.
  11. in a game where premades of 3 or 4 players can steamroll anyone as long as they're coordinated, there doesn't have to be a weapon that tags an enemy for nearly all of their health, just for their teammate to finish them off in a single hit. nerfing the HVR to what it is right now barely fixes the issue, you could remove the damage/bloom shit but the HVR will still be too good at its current damage. it straight up doesnt belong in this game.
  12. scout changes (like 90% of the changes LO has made) should be reverted, and the HVR should remain where it is right now. the aces rifle nerf meme is pretty cringe though, we def dont need that.
  13. pretty easy to weed out the bad ones if they say "HVR needs a buff" or "FBW OP" you just ignore it.
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CFktXOQfkb0MpjtHNBkVLduZBFUfWvx81TUfqbR4HWI/edit?usp=sharing
  15. idk why you have to buy ammo still. nobody can use the "it takes money out of the game" meme because that ship sailed years ago so much QoL shit that should've been standard from the start. mods being acc-wide or permanent character unlocks, open all mail function, acc-wide APB$ wallet, acc-wide legendaries, trading wasnt even added til a couple of years ago. so much time spent just sending legendaries/character mods/vehicle mods/weapon mods/themes/w/e the fk you want to send to an alt, should all be accessible account-wide.
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