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  1. We don't need to publicly announce who we think is cheating, especially on the forums without any evidence at all. If someone is a closet hacker, and you flood forums and district chat with "waaah, ban this person, their K/D is too good to be true" you're just giving them the ego boost that they cheat for in the first place. Closet hackers are creatures who leech off the approval/rage/jealousy of other players, who can't risk losing and tainting their image by losing matches to players who they and their friends consider "trash," and get excited when morons name and shame them. It isnt productive, you wont gain anything from making the post, and the person you're accusing will just feel better about themselves (especially because most people who name and shame are wrong and much rather blame their lack of skill and laziness as a player, on someone who can severely outplay them and/or the anticheat.)
  2. I wouldn't even bother using the ogre, since an IR3 nfas is pretty much just as good, except is way better when you have to be aggressive. They reverted their garbage improved rifling nerf, which was the only good balance change they've made so far, and it was 100% their fault as to why it needed to be reverted in the first place. I don't know why they start touching shit randomly and changing modifiers just to see if something SEEMS promising. I don't even know what their goal was with the IR nerf.
  3. last time LO reworked weapons, the CSG fell out of meta, JG is a better CSG than the CSG, and the NFAS can now kill faster than any shotgun. also all weapons with an IR3 preset were destroyed for a month or two i wouldn't want them to touch the UL-3 hitch and somehow make it stronger than the FBW/45/RFP9. If you want a CQC sidearm, the NFA is the most slept on secondary in the game. It's like a 2019 yukon.
  4. Why? all you have to say is that it kills faster than all the shotguns, and somehow works fine with CJ3 so it can kill even faster. Easier to hold corners with, and if you wanted to be aggressive with it, just rush someone with a pioneer and as long as you have cover you're pretty much guaranteed to win that 1v1.
  5. to be honest, along with a unique customization system, I think APB's gun play is the only other thing that makes this game pretty unique. I wouldn't have continued playing and constantly coming back to APB if its combat was any different than it is now, but if there are changes people want to see happen, then I wouldn't see a problem with that as long as it goes through OTW and the community approves of it.
  6. That bug was patched pretty quickly, probably a day or two after it was found. I can't imagine RS3 making a significant difference in spread, if any at all. The CSG and TAS are the same exact weapons statistically, so I can't see there being any notable differences between the two weapons besides their appearance and sounds.
  7. My suggestion doesn't fuck over people who have FC-Only characters (in other words, does not punish players who have been playing normally for more than 10+ hours) while the current system we have now prevents someone from being able to cheat in FC for only an hour or two, and a product of that poor restriction is that innocent players who are lower than r30 are punished and forced to play missions. If you actually think this is a legitimate way to restrict cheaters, then why stop there? Why not force all characters under r30 to go into a "new player district" and play until r30 in order to play missions in normal gold/silver/bronze/green districts?
  8. And playing til r30 isn't "too easy?" R30 takes a couple of hours to get. 1-3 hours is less than 10. If it takes 10 hours to enter FC districts, that's an extra 7/8/9 hours it'll take someone who's cheating to make a new account and borg in fc.
  9. potentially. I wouldn't mind it, rather be sprayed down by 2 snubs instead of an idiot hugging a corner with an NFA.
  10. Idk didnt really think of it. If the TG8 has a faster equip time, then it would easily be better. Probably doesn't. No clue.
  11. TG8 and pig would be dumb, and I guess snub would have a faster fire rate if you were able to switch back and forth between them? I don't really know.
  12. idk how you mistook my acknowledgement of your overabundance of hackusations as "salt," but whatever. You're self aware, and at least you can admit to it.
  13. They've probably been putting it off since you hackusate literally anyone who's capable of minttking you.
  14. I don't know how you come up with 30 deaths. it sounds exaggerated, but I don't think I can relate to you at all. Over the past few months I've been actively playing, I only accused maybe 2 or 3 people of cheating, I don't understand how people hackusate so often and just give up when someone minttks them more than a few times. There are really good players in this game, you're sorta fucking yourself by just assuming everyone who dumpsters you is a cheater, because then you're blaming the game and not improving off your possibly flawed playstyle. Hell, it's 100% possible to win against a chunk of cheaters. OCA/ntec bots can easily be countered with JG/CSG. hug corner and pop shot.
  15. Well if you're willing to dismiss the mission so quickly and give up within seconds of matching up against someone, I doubt you really care about whether the "botter" wins or not.
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