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  1. not if you have the option to replace the default OSMAW "spawn" with the volcano? wouldnt make sense for them to completely take it out of the game, but if you were to make explosives pickup only, this would probably be the way to do it.
  2. probably will work like how most emp nades work in other games, lets out an aoe EMP within 3-5 meters, disables mods and vehicles for (x) amount of time.
  3. When you have the option to buy it for a couple of mil in a game where the currency is inflated to shit? Also, that purchase doesn't become irrelevant, it still has value... not like it was taken away from you.
  4. LMAOOOO. "they nerfed my legendary that i gambled $350 for, so that means i deserve the money back" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL
  5. because if a mobile game wont do well in Asia, it wont be worth releasing in the west since mobile gaming in places like China is massive, with free to play titles with p2w mtx bringing in millions a day. the two contacts coming with 3.5 will give you the emp grenade as an unlockable at w/e level they decide to have it locked behind. it was made to counter carplaying, so it wouldnt really make much sense for it to be a RIOT-only weapon.
  6. idk why anyone would ask why GMs have to keep their identities anonymous, pretty obvious if you knew the community at all. GM would be harassed, cringers would play favorites and stalk since some players love to express how much they APPRECIATE and LOVE you, and ask constantly if you can play with them on your main account. Also, imagine publicly announcing that (x) was made a GM... LO would be flamed because (x) player "used to cheat" or "is extremely toxic" etc etc. who the GM is outside of being a GM shouldnt matter, and to be honest, doesnt matter.
  7. hold down left click and kill, like an ursus. .2 slower than ursus, ursus still needs to be nerfed to the ground. misery doesnt need a buff, ursus needs a nerf.
  8. idk why people have issues with JMBs. most people buy them with leftover g1c and dont really expect much from them. If you're slamming $50 to get the new legendary, and you dont get it, its your fault for not buying it with your over-inflated APB$ that most players have been earning for nearly a decade now, with no real money sinks to take the money away from them. Even if you do blow $8m in game, still going back to someone else. you dont gain any significant advantage (if any at all) so why take issue with it when it's one of the only effective ways to monetize APB?
  9. guess u dont use it right then idk what to tell u
  10. i mean, have u? cus u can just pig whoever is dumb enough to push u on ur corner, and if u 3 shot someone to stun them, u only need to shoot them 2 more times to kill them. still have to stay planted at corner so nade vulnerability is greater than a weapon effective at close/mid/somewhat long ranges thats pretty much 100% accurate while running
  11. adding more stk is requiring the player to peak more, therefore increasing vulnerability of the player. increasing RoF while increasing stk is the optimal way to maintain the same TTK but nerf it's effectiveness on defense. you can only do this with a few guns in the game, so you should do it when possible.
  12. u can peak faster with the NL9 and u dont have to ads. tumors who use the OBIR have to at least ADS and slowly peak. basically everything u hate about the obir will be in this gun except they can peak and retreat even faster. creates boring apb gameplay do you want even more boring apb gameplay? of course you dont
  13. hey dont make a lethal NL9 that can kill in 3 shots up to 50 meters, this would be cringe cus u can corner pop up to 50 meters away and own people without needing to be caught peaking out cus u dont even have to ADS with the damn thing to have 100% accuracy. NL9 is the most slept on weapon in apb atm and making a lethal variant without nerfing the hell out of it will bring loads of problems so please be careful ty
  14. after 6 years and over 10k hours logged on a game you constantly say you will quit and a game that will never get better, you've completed 100% of the games achievements after even requesting to have the last achievement you needed to be made easier because it was too time consuming gz
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