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  1. potentially. I wouldn't mind it, rather be sprayed down by 2 snubs instead of an idiot hugging a corner with an NFA.
  2. Idk didnt really think of it. If the TG8 has a faster equip time, then it would easily be better. Probably doesn't. No clue.
  3. TG8 and pig would be dumb, and I guess snub would have a faster fire rate if you were able to switch back and forth between them? I don't really know.
  4. claude

    Support is trash

    idk how you mistook my acknowledgement of your overabundance of hackusations as "salt," but whatever. You're self aware, and at least you can admit to it.
  5. claude

    Support is trash

    They've probably been putting it off since you hackusate literally anyone who's capable of minttking you.
  6. I don't know how you come up with 30 deaths. it sounds exaggerated, but I don't think I can relate to you at all. Over the past few months I've been actively playing, I only accused maybe 2 or 3 people of cheating, I don't understand how people hackusate so often and just give up when someone minttks them more than a few times. There are really good players in this game, you're sorta fucking yourself by just assuming everyone who dumpsters you is a cheater, because then you're blaming the game and not improving off your possibly flawed playstyle. Hell, it's 100% possible to win against a chunk of cheaters. OCA/ntec bots can easily be countered with JG/CSG. hug corner and pop shot.
  7. Well if you're willing to dismiss the mission so quickly and give up within seconds of matching up against someone, I doubt you really care about whether the "botter" wins or not.
  8. why not at least try? seriously, its frustrating to get matched up against a 3 man premade and some dumb fuck on your team just says "well ggs, im not playing this one" and afks/griefs until you kick them. just close your game if you aren't willing to play it. It's really crazy how often people will just hackusate and give up without even attempting to win.
  9. Even if new accounts couldn't redeem premium trial codes (if they still work nowadays) I'm sure getting to r30 in under 10 hours wouldn't be much of a challenge.
  10. Make a new account, make a new character, join a bronze mission district, play until you hit R30. There's no way it takes you longer than 10 hours to get R30. I doubt it'll take you longer than 3 hours. What's obvious? You clearly don't remember how fast early ranks pass by.
  11. Yeah but that's still 10 hours longer a cheater would have to wait to cheat in FC. Not even that bad if you think about it... way better than a cheater playing an hour or so just to get r30.
  12. That's what I'm saying. If they're concerned about new players joining FC before they even learn how to play the game, or just cheaters jumping right back into FC after being banned, they should at least make the requirement to access FC take up a chunk of the players time. Maybe not, all I know is that overall playtime for each individual character is tracked, so I can't see why they wouldn't try something like this.
  13. If your concern is primarily about new players joining and getting stomped and causing frustration among the players, or people making new chars just to grief, why not just lock FC behind a playtime wall for each individual character. This way, people with low ranked FC characters don't have to rank up to 30 just to play. I think this would be a more effective way of addressing your concerns, considering the fact that rank 30 only takes an hour or two to get. Only allow players who've played 10+ hours into FC.
  14. claude

    fix false bans

    did u get banned? u usually tell people to neck themselves, then flirt with gms over district chat only seconds later. then again, i havent seen u online since june or something.
  15. claude

    Rework the OSCAR

    Except the oscar takes a tiny bit more skill than carbine. They're both spammable, but he carbine is just easy.