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  1. if someone is gonna flame me but not prove me wrong, idc, flame away, they're wrong and they're mad lmao not like it matters anyway, toxicity is moderated now. if you disagree with someone, you have to do so somewhat civilly.
  2. except the pig is hardcapped at 10m, the CSG is good up to 20/25m quickswitching to pig with shotgun is pointless when you can just do it with a dog ear, or any other gun with long range capabilities and high enough stam damage to make the combo work. so they pretty much just nerfed quickswitching to the pig as a whole, while pig percing (the reason why they're even nerfing the pig at all) is still cringe.
  3. games a decade old, a lot of people who are bronze have thousands of hours in the game. people hated pig/perc combo, it's one of the fastest ways to stun someone in the game, so what do they do? they nerf the pig so that it combos even worse with the other LTL weapons, while the same pig/perc combo that everyone hates is still in the game. idk how closed-minded you'd have to be to disregard questionable balance changes just because "they did it for a reason." remember the ir3 changes? remember the shredder minttking you from 50 meters? how about that one time they rolled out an oca nerf but completely forgot about the whisper for months? funny thing is, they could just butcher the percs stam damage and touch up the CCG and keep this pig change in the game, and it would work out fine
  4. claude

    Change for few weapons

    AMG needs a harder nerf the recent scout changes should be reverted entirely CSG shouldnt be nerfed because the JG is just better/easier to use, even after your proposed changes to the JG/CSG. I feel like the strife just shouldnt be touched, it's not a bad weapon, just fills a niche ig. I agree the harbinger needs to be changed but I hate how we're choosing to balance everything around clotting 3. clotting 3 meta is what needed to be addressed the most, an entire games weapon balance shouldn't be heavily influenced on a single mod that almost everyone uses. it's time for a change, whether it's a nerf/rework or whether it's buffing the default regen rate to match clotting 3
  5. apparently discussing a nonsensical nerf on a forum where nonsensical nerfs are typically talked about is something you don't like to see so, why are you here lmfao
  6. idk, I feel like the only one that needs love is the TG8. NL9 is underrated, if only people used it more. nerfing the pigs damage just destroys lethal/pig quickswitching. now the fastest way to stun is to pig/perc, period. i dont think landing a perc is really difficult or risky at all, aim it at their feet and as long as they're within 3m of the impact, the perc will stun.
  7. tbh i just dont understand the logic behind the recent pig nerf. pig/percing is, afaik, still really good after a change like this... and most people who use the pig are pig/percing. if they wanted to nerf it's quickswitching capabilities, then why not nerf the pigs equip time? they said something about how the change will make people be more accurate with their percs, which is sorta stupid because it isnt hard to land a perc within it's 100% damage radius.
  8. it makes complete sense. if someone agrees with me, I dont need or want them to reply to me "yooo brooo! thats sooo basedd!! i agree!!!" they can express that through a like reaction. if someone disagrees with me, i wanna know y. i dont want some smooth-brained low iq bronze goblin to be able to leave a dislike on my post cus i told him that "bigjeeplover94" isn't a cheater.
  9. so this is where we disagree, I dont think you should come to a forum where discussions are meant to be taken place, just to come in and press a button that says "disagree" and then walk out. if someone wanted a yes/no answer, they would just make a poll. if the thing you're disliking is braindead, it shouldn't take long to whip up a reply calling them out. If someone consistently posts braindead garbage and gets flamed for it, or just gets mass-disliked, they're either baiting & it's obvious, or they're so misinformed and closed minded it's not even worth discussing with them in the first place. If someone always thinks they're right, even after proving them wrong completely or they fail to address counterarguments, there's nothing you can really do about it, and I feel as though their ignorance would sorta show how unimportant their input is in the first place if they're unwilling to address counterarguments, no matter how stupid they are. If people choose to be narrow-minded, they will eventually out themselves by their own narrow-mindedness. i see your point, but i feel as though these repetitive complaints and bad takes have names attached to them. the same people complaining about (x) have the same people putting them in their place. it would be easy to see if someone is being bombarded by dislikes by a particular user, but how enforceable could a rule like that really be? if someone disagrees with a lot of things you said, they should be allowed to express that they disagree. if they manually go through and reply, you would be able to gauge whether they're disagreeing in bad faith, or if they genuinely just don't agree. you can't really tell what their intentions are when the disagreement is just expressed through a single reaction. I feel like it would ultimately depend on who's running who around circles. if someone regurgitates the same garbage over and over again that has already been dissected and debunked by another person, they're just making an patootie of themselves, and to express that, people could then like the reply of the user who owned the dumb guy. dumb guy loses because dumb guy wont address counterarguments and keeps blathering on and on, while counterargument guys win because they get likes on their replies in which they own the dumb guy blathering on and on about something stupid.
  10. people who disagree with your opinions can no longer do so with just a press of a button, which forces people to engage in discussions. if the person says something dumb like "everyone i play against is cheating, waaah" then they'll get roasted. if someone has a hot take and you disagree with it, you have to engage with the person who disagrees with you, unless you don't care enough to reply to them, then you just move on. if you disagree with someone and you aren't willing or able to whip up a reply that supports your thoughts against their opinion, you should really question how confident you really are about your position. i dont think the removal of a dislike button will change the frequency at which someone accuses half of the playerbase of cheating, accuses LO of banning (name) for "no reason," accusing LO of not knowing wtf they're doing, accusing LO of running the game into the ground, or claims that APB is *OFFICIALLY* dead because <steamcharts link>. it's simple... if you disagree with someone, tell them why, and if the reason you gave them isn't supported by anything beyond anecdotal evidence that seems sorta cringe, then you're probably wrong and they're probably right. the people that relied on a dislike button to express a disagreement with someone will leave, while the people who actually want to discuss apb stuff will stay. so you hate the idea of a dislike button being removed, but you'd prefer to have a dislike button and just banning people who abuse it? how can you tell whether someone is disliking in bad faith? you cant. debating a flat earther is the biggest waste of time ever, so what do you do? you ignore it. unless you want to engage in such a stupid conversation, then do it, but if a flat earther comes more prepared to the discussion than you have, then they WILL prove you wrong. there are people who spend an insane amount of time in learning about flat earth theories/conspiracies, which is why they're confident enough to discuss it. if you say to them "lol but what about gravity" they're just gonna own you with some insanely cringe in-depth tinfoil hatter logic that you don't know anything about, so you can't actually prove them wrong without studying it yourself. if you cant ignore people who are super wrong about something, and you have to express how much you disagree with them, you should be able to back up why you disagree with them. if you need to rely on a button for that, you shouldn't be engaging in discussions at all because your input isn't relevant.
  11. because there are some people who think cheaters run rampant in APB, and these same people dethreat and ruin the game for gold players who are just trying to play normal matches, just so they can stomp on newer players or lower threat players. dethreaters kill the game for new players more than cheaters ever have.
  12. this is the most based thing ive ever read on the internet, ever. graprunjumpfiregrabcarryitembots might single-handedly kill off APB Reloaded as we know it. If graprunjumpfiregrabcarryitembots weren't awful enough, we also gotta deal with those pesky good-for-nothing fastcasewepswapbots, who usually team up with their friends who use fasthandswapfirebots. the only way we can save APB is if we combine our triggerbots, Bobfirebots, & the almighty fasthandswapfirebots of our own if we're desperate enough.
  13. maybe you need to face the reality that you're playing a free to play game owned by a company that can't afford to develop an inhouse kernel-based AC that forces the same 5-10 people off the game, just to have them reformat their PC, swap around some hardware, and be back cheating again. BE does what it's supposed to do, and can only do so much. the hackerwave has been dead for years, put the arc to rest. I would find it highly unlikely you've played against a single cheater within the past couple of weeks.
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