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  1. remove the threat system, merge world servers. once jerichos pop hit a certain low, it became impossible to play missions 90% of the time, and even if you could play missions, it was against the same couple of people. cant see anyone coming back to the game as long as this remains an issue, but removing threat can help this issue. merging world servers is a more long term solution that they're gonna have to start working on sometime soon if they're struggling as much as people say they are.
  2. no I think it would just weed out all of the right-leaning players. probably would kill off the game, a lot of gamers hate minorities and women for w/e reason.
  3. i find it EXTREMELY BASED that the Mask OF the CLOWN IN CHIEF has been removed He IS YOUR CLOWN IN CHIEF, IT IS NOT RELEVANT PERTAINING TO WHETHER YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THE MASK OR NOT, BUT IT IS A FACT! I am soo tired of righties getting triggered over other peoples expression of freedom of speech, while constantly crying on social media platforms about how they are "too big & should be regulated even more by the government" even though they have the right to delete fake news and pro-trump/white-supremacist propaganda, all of which are SUPER CRINGE! This Company is making a good call, by removing content which could make the user feel like they're supporting a game company that supports a xenophobic manchild, throwing tantrums on twitter. We are here to play a game. This Game SHOULD NOT BE POLITICAL and @MattScott removed the POLITICAL CONTENT added by G1! triggered conservative bros should Get BACKBone AND stop finding reasons to be triggered, You guys are cringe on ALL accounts. There IS a discussion that has followed, NICE EXAMPLE of closed-mindedness typically shown by ignorant conservatives, YOU are wrong for being upset over this. And, it shows your weakness. STOP BRO HE CANT ANSWER THAT QUESTION HERE! HES GONNA SAY SOMETHING RACIST BRO!!! U KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!
  4. LO has been adding legendaries and other weapons into the game via JT shop & revamping weapon unlocks through the JT shop to create a grind beyond 255. this entire wall of text is just complaining about the lack of trailers and legendary weapon showcases from LO directly. I dont know why anyone would want them to spend any time on something as redundant as a legendary showcase video, or an event trailer. you have the community making these vids for them, who cares? theyve been mostly the same for almost a decade? weekly updates are posted on the forum u are currently posting on, from the CEO of LO himself. 1. what 2. it was some licensing deal probably for some mobile game we'll never see, since it will only be available in china 3. comes out when new contacts are released. new contacts will come out when engine upgrade is finished. 4. same as #3
  5. yeah but how many active cheaters do you really think there are in apb? it works both ways... if the game is dead, less people play it = less people cheat on it. games pop is prob avg 350-450, and you might see maybe... 4 or 5 cheaters every now and then? (probably the same people rerolling) so only 1-2% of the pop is consistently cheating? they've talked about making a better tutorial and changing how matchmaking works, they need to push the engine upgrade out before touching anything like that. rather have threat be disabled than have any threat system at all honestly, game is so much more enjoyable when there's a variety of different players and playstyles to play against. i feel like there's not even a point in playing the game if im playing against the same 3 or 4 people every mission.
  6. or just change clotting to make the other mods appealing. idk why we love making balancing suggestions around clotting, and the last thing I'd want to do is change kevlar just so that it can be on-par or competitive with clotting. lowering the movement speed penalty from where it is right now will just make it too good, and if you choose to buff kev 3s damage reduction, you're just gonna fuck with a ton of weapons TTKs. also, dont feel like playing on offense against people defending objectives (where they dont really have to move at all) who have a mod equipped that pretty much guarantees my death as long as they dont suck. Fantastic Idea!
  7. LO todo list: engine upgrade merging world servers improved tutorial map balancing weapon balancing vehicle balancing new content new task: make engine vroom more realistic
  8. so CD projekt delays a game for years & its ok cus theyre cd projekt, but LO, a company that bought a dying game that you care about, has been finishing off what G1 couldnt finish, who have improved the QoL of said game in more ways than G1 ever did, cant give rough timeframes in which they *hope* the engine upgrade will be finished? at least u've been able to actually play APB for the past decade, cyberpunk has been in development for probably the same amount of time apb has been made F2P.
  9. lazy nerf, should just add a bolt timer to shotguns to prevent quickswitching. problem solved, now the snub isnt useless for literally every other gun except the JG. bolt timer/pump timer mechanic isn't used enough in this game, there are weapons that are naturally more powerful when quickswitching, you cant just nerf a sidearm that is only powerful when using these specific weapons, when the sidearm itself isn't that remarkable to begin with.
  10. if u dont like something, use ur words to express why u dislike it if u dislike it for an irrational or illogical reason, u will be cringed at and u prob should clean up ur act or just leave the forums. apb prob has a subreddit, if u wanna flame and disagree with people but not vocally cus u cba to form an argument or u just hate the person posting, go there, prob good for that cus they have a downvote button. no
  11. if someone is gonna flame me but not prove me wrong, idc, flame away, they're wrong and they're mad lmao not like it matters anyway, toxicity is moderated now. if you disagree with someone, you have to do so somewhat civilly.
  12. except the pig is hardcapped at 10m, the CSG is good up to 20/25m quickswitching to pig with shotgun is pointless when you can just do it with a dog ear, or any other gun with long range capabilities and high enough stam damage to make the combo work. so they pretty much just nerfed quickswitching to the pig as a whole, while pig percing (the reason why they're even nerfing the pig at all) is still cringe.
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