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  1. fraud. idk just send wallet funds thru steam to ur friend, or just send it thru cashapp
  2. bro u can buy an acc wide perma primary for like $17, thats more than half of wat it used to be afaik
  3. weird too cus feels like the majority of active jericho players are on the east coast idk, play WoW classic bro, AQ is coming out soon
  4. noooo!!!! you cant just make jt purchasable after i grinded hundreds of hrs in fight club!!!!! all the noobs can buy crown for $60 usd now what the fuck ! !! !
  5. justifying all of GTA 5s monetization and progression flaws on a sale held 7 years after the games release... so that players can come in, and get destroyed by players with several years of character progression under their belt... making the player resort to shark card purchases to compete? or or or... grab a few copies of gta 5 so you can cheat to boost your main account, so you don't HAVE to grind hours and hours of the same tired content, to get some cringe OP trash.
  6. sorta irrelevant because there are other free weapons that outclass the manic, so it wouldn't be pay to win, it would just be paying for an unlock. pretty big difference between buying an annoying SMG on APB and owning with it, and blowing kids up with some cringe gadget u paid $50 worth of shark cards for on GTA. also, apb = f2p gta 5 = $60
  7. right, which is pay to progress, which is also pay to win, because that progress links to content that is significantly better than previous content.
  8. every patch, they release some stupid OP garbage that you can slam $5mil on, and have a direct advantage over everyone else. if you really think pay to progress and pay to win are two completely different things, in a game where progress provides a *direct* advantage over other players, your point is moot. you paid $60 for that "free" content. you shouldn't feel the need to cheat or grind boring content over and over again just to enjoy that same content people are paying money to obtain much faster than you ever could by grinding in-game.
  9. content updates locked behind multi-million dollar paywalls, takes hours and hours to farm enough cash just to be able to afford a fraction of this content, or you could just buy shark cards and skip all the garbage gameplay people usually defend this by saying "hey just hit up a cheater and they'll just spawn you a shit ton of money" which is cringe because you're pretty much resorting to cheating just to be able to enjoy new content that you'd have to spend hours and hours grinding the same "efficient" missions for. also find it funny that Rockstar only hands out temp bans to people who spawnkill you with campfires on top of you the moment you respawn, making the game completely unplayable, while only permabanning cheaters who spawn money for their friends. game literally has a fucking casino in it. having MTX in a $60 game is already stupid, idk why people let rockstar have p2w mtx in gta 5. rockstar aint what they used to be, its a shame.
  10. idk, why should defenders be given an even bigger advantage for no reason? you can already blow the fucking car up, and most of the time, it's some garbage low-health jellybean that has half the speed that ur own vehicle has.
  11. No idea, probably because there are so many solutions out there, and it's best to see which has objectively better results. Denuvo and Vanguard are kernel-based, so I prefer them. currently there's an overwhelming amount of hate and paranoia over these solutions, yet they are the most efficient and practical. These need to be used more so they could hopefully become standardized across all modern shooters. BE and EAC are okay, really don't like their policies and how they deal with false-flags in games that have their AC poorly implemented, since some devs leave it up to you to solve any sort of ban issue, as some claim that they cannot do anything on their end. VAC would probably be a decent anti-cheat if the whole vacnet project doesn't go to shit, or prove to be useless. 3. Nothing about EAC in particular, but I would like to see kernel-based solutions standardized and maybe one day implemented into APB, doubt that would happen though. 4. Has some of the best gameplay loops and monetization methods in the industry, community can seemingly be sustained for years and years on end with just normal scheduled maintenance and minimal content patches... but luckily, we have actual shit being added to the game for once. 5. Hope not, plenty of other issues to tend to, lack of headshots in this game makes cheating way easier to deal with, and I can hardly tell if someone is cheating or not. wish ahk/autoit scripts were taken care of, probably wouldn't be as popular as they are if APB had a kernel-based AC
  12. apb can stay the way it is right now and be better than GTA 6... Rockstar makes their games more pay to win than most free to play games, with a $60 pricetag.
  13. really niche and inconsistent, even with a macro.
  14. it's just something APB doesn't need, honestly. it's a nice idea though.
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