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  1. If you take issue with being stomped by the same 10 people every day, and those 10 people are Jericho players, i can assure you that your experience on Citadel wont be any better.
  2. You unlock most of these guns within the first 2 hours of play, idk why you'd take away early game progression to just give it all to the new player and overwhelm them with a wide selection of guns the moment they open their mailbox. You start with the STAR and FBW, and with the 10 day weapon selector, you can pick one other weapon (most pick the HVR/JG/OCA.) This allows the player to swap between 2 primary weapons while they rank up and unlock MORE weapons. The goal is to keep them playing for as long as possible, and if you take away the weapon exploration from the new player, you're shortening pretty much any drive or motivation to play the game. I don't really see the point in granting every new character access to 195 items, there would be no difference between playing on a 255 and a r10. Frags and percs are the most noob-friendly grenades in the game, and they are the first two grenades you unlock. Giving new characters concs and low-yields is a terrible idea, since it would make rerolling way less of a hassle and take away the "hype" of reaching new milestones and unlocking cool shit because of it. So instead of giving the new players an easy to drive car with a small/med health pool, we should give them the 2 slot variant of the most overpowered vehicles in the game? Combine this with "All mods level 1-3 are unlocked by default" and suddenly, everyone's cruising in their car spawner SP3 pioneers/espacios, running with items (big complaint from lower ranked community/new players) and pretty much embracing the car play meta that literally nobody enjoys. This was already done. You don't have to pay to compete, you evens aid it yourself that the 50% cooldown reduction needs to go and that it's the only pay 2 win mechanic. Well, it's gone now. 3 slot variants of these weapons aren't "basic." Mod synergy for weapons in APB would easily confuse new players so I don't really understand why you think their main concern from the beginning is whether they want CJ3 or IR3 on their ntec when in reality, it will take them a couple dozen hours just to understand the 0-100m distance cap in APB, effectiveness in range, TTK (which is almost irrelevant when you're bronze/silver), movement, car health, general map awareness in Financial and Waterfront, etc. Most of the time, mods don't make a difference for these newer players anyway. You honestly think a bronze/silver with an oca could tell the difference between CJ3 and no CJ at all? In their eyes, it's an SMG that shoots fast. Let them grind and unlock and try new things in a natural way. Low threat veterans going against new players is an entirely different problem on it's own, and I promise you that the solution to the issue is not to just unlock everything for new players. Wait for phasing.
  3. apparently if ur a gold player who wants to make a new character, you shouldn't be able to, because you're "doing way better than any actual newbie would" and "getting carried" because ranks = skill yikes.
  4. I have been paying attention, I play the game quite often. Maybe it's because killing cheaters in APB is way easier than killing a cheater in a traditional shooter, or maybe I just don't see what you see. A petition wont do anything, how would a petition stating "try harder, LO" with a couple dozen signatures do anything more than legitimate criticism from the people signing the damn petition in the first place? This is applicable to every online multiplayer game protected by any AC, but you seem to be ignoring the fact that the people who're cheating are paying hundreds of dollars for private cheats, just to have them regularly updated and patched as often as they need to be... and most of these players are on Citadel, not Jericho, so I really don't see why Jericho players are complaining about "rampant hacking" when they aren't even exposed to cheaters all too often anyway.
  5. All im reading is "just detect better, just get a better AC, just punish them harder." It's almost like you're completely ignoring last years implementation of Battleye, and this years implementation of EAC. What the hell is a petition going to do? Petitions aren't spells that are magically casted when it reaches a milestone amount of signatures, there are real people working on this game, and they're giving it all they got. I find it really annoying how often people hackusate in this game. I mean seriously, you're a Jericho player ffs. How many people in Jericho do you think cheat? I struggle to even name 1/2 people who actively cheat on Jericho enough for it to be as much of an issue as you make it out to be. Have you even played on Citadel? The legit players on Citadel make the people you hackusate on Jericho look like silvers, maybe you should get stomped by them for a while so you can be grateful for the lack of Nekrovian borgs on Jericho. Or just quit the game/find something else to play instead of parroting what you've been saying forever now, all while ignoring Little Orbit striving to make the game better.
  6. idk why so suddenly these armchair skeptics are rising out of no where, showing everyone and their mother these videos that expose insanely large publishers/developers for predatory MTX and comparing it to APB when it makes zero sense to compare MTX in a game that you pay for, and MTX in a game that's free to play. Especially when the F2P game in question doesn't even push predatory or anti-consumer monetization in their game, and is actually implementing ways to unlock some MTX items through in-game activities. Fifa is a pay to win $60 sports game, marketed towards people of all ages. The newer Star Wars games are marketed towards young teens and young adults. $60 with predatory MTX included. APB:R is a F2P game marketed towards a mature audience. The only thing one could deem "predatory" are JMBs, and they do not grant any advantage over other players, so not only are they completely pointless to buy, but the rewards are harmless. If you really want anything to be done about this whole gambling situation in the gaming industry, complain to the ESRB or ESA, because they're the only organizations that could do anything of significance in regards of combating underaged gambling or any predatory MTX.
  7. Loot boxes in a free to play game that do not grant any significant advantages to the player at all are "predatory" and "anti-consumer?" They aren't even that bad. All the legendaries are trash except the volcano, ursus and thunder. Not like they're so powerful that a player needs to obtain them in order to compete with others.
  8. I don't know how you could equate the implementation of loot boxes in a $60 game rated T for Teen, to a Free To Play game that is marketed towards and rated for adults. EA's implementation is significantly more predatory, greedy, and unnecessary, while APB pretty much needs MTX to survive. It's straight up ignorant to compare these two games and hold them to the same standards. They made the one benefit that made premium "pay to win" available to all players, lowered the prices on almost everything on the ARMAS marketplace, and are slowly implementing in-game activities one could do to obtain these items for free. Ever seen the average F2P game made by companies like Tencent? You should be relieved that APB is nowhere near as bad as those games monetization strategies.
  9. Yeah, it's really weird that the JG is better than the CSG in almost every aspect, hitreg being it's ultimate deal breaker since lower pellet count just means better hit reg. I don't see why it hasn't been reverted yet.
  10. eh, id easily say that about the hvr and nfas, but it's a simple fix; lower the rate of fire, or just make the minttk 1.05-1.15 in some way. the thing can 3 shot.... .58 minttk. if you dont die on the 3rd shot, you are more than likely 85, so dying on the 4th is a given. that's still around .8 seconds, way too fast for a gun that leaves very little room for error.
  11. Yes. The RFP9 has always been a ridiculously easy to use and powerful weapon. Even the stock RFP9 is insane, and I don't really know why people think there is a huge power gap between the fang and stock RFP9, they're both super powerful. Combine this with the NFAS, and you're easily the most hated player of the hour.
  12. I'd be okay with this if it were a legendary spawn, but I really think the lack of grenades makes it more fun.
  13. It wouldn't have to be 95% if you hackusated less.
  14. In that discussion you just so randomly brought up for no reason, I stated that pursuing legal action against anonymous individuals who make cheats for APB is significantly different than Epic Games pursuing legal action against websites that host cheats, and influencers that advertise them. How you mistake this completely reasonable attempt to explain to you how the two situations differ as "white knighting" is beyond my comprehension. Yeah no, trust me, 95% of the gold population in Jericho didn't "disappear," we weren't even able to log in until a day or so ago. I guess you're the one who hasn't been on much if you're just going to willingly lie about the presence of players before/after the EAC update?
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