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  1. I don't know who is worse you or G1.. lame rewards and nothing new
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyAcMpQUY5s banned for 7 days
  3. +rep I think you saw me in baylan doing this yesterday with killerbee
  4. when I trying to launch the game its not even loading..
  5. I have same problem with the launcher. How can I fix it? @CimFeyer I believe you can help me because you're the best GM
  6. Nothing new and still patchung everyweek. Youre lame LO
  7. 1) New ranks - most the players are golds and is not so hard, but there is huge different between strong gold and weak gold. Like one player just earn gold against old strong gold. You should make it like 30% of the top golds will be "Platinum" and then 5% of the top Platinum will be "Elite/Diamond" 2) More account rewards - Nothing changed a few years and we need some refresh, makes more different rewards after purchasing. 3) New emotes- That well know emotes makes more fun in another games like Fortnite or FallGuys and I think its will improve the feeling in the social when players are standing afk. 4) New kits to vehicle - most the kits are boring or looks similar . 5) New cars - Everybody are using only pioner or only vegas because is the stronger or faster cars, we need more cars like vegas and pioner to make more options to cars 6) Old event - The ANARCHY. I remember its was the best event I played. 50 vs 50
  8. At least you are trying to revive that game. Thanks LO
  9. FBW is pretty strong so think about what will happend if someone will get another FBW? what about the damage? the capacity ammo? that terrible idea
  10. DAMN that looks good. thanks for sharing to us
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