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  1. I don't know why you think this would prevent hacking. I don't know why you have a problem with people using configs so that their game can run at 100fps+ without any stutters (stutters happen way too much on high/max settings.) I don't know why you somehow don't know that newer hardware runs the game just as bad as older hardware, I have an rtx 2070 and an r7 2700x and still have performance issues that render the game unplayable at anything above minimum. I never really understood the "fuck configs, get a better PC" mentality. The people who complain and say that configs are OP and unfair are the same people who play at 60fps max settings and claim it's "perfect" after disregarding the frameskips that happen almost every minute. If you're the type of player to play this game at max settings and at low fps, with situations where you'd randomly lose 140-300~ frames and your game freezes, you probably don't give an ounce of a fuck about performance, so why are you shitting on optimization methods that other players choose to use? Every player is allowed to play at minimum settings, no matter what hardware they have. Every player is allowed to boot up AAPBL and make their game Claypb, no matter what hardware they have. If you choose to play this game at max settings and 50-80fps with a shit ton of hiccups and clutter, that's your choice, that's the type of player you are, but don't act like everyone else needs to play how you play. Stadia will be a failure of a project, and APB on Stadia would make no sense, since you'd be paying to play a F2P TPS. Also, the amount of money you would have to spend to receive ideal performance through Stadia on APB would drive anyone away. Not to mention the fact that game streaming for competitive shooters or just shooters overall isn't really a good idea, nobody wants to play with more input lag than their mice/keyboard already provide.
  2. I feel like most people just join the prototype districts, equip the guns, shoot them for 5/10 minutes (maybe even do a mission,) and then leave. I can't really blame them though.
  3. Wow, the guy who 4 mans against solo players and loses, and griefs them post-mission after being stomped has been permanently banned. Handful of your clanmates should be banned for dethreating.
  4. Shield is broken, med spray is pretty much useless for most players since CA is so meta, boombox does exactly what it was designed to do, but doesn't really do much in the first place so idk how you could change it in any significant way, satchel charge and epinephrine are probably the most "balanced" consumables in the game, Weapon cache/vtines day box are fine, but the secret santa box feels so useless after the christmas event is over, and I wish you could open them off-season . As for medium/large resupply boxes, I don't understand why the medium boxes exist since it seems like a huge waste of JT, and large boxes are just better. Large boxes are being nerfed so no comment.
  5. swarm, scout pr1, ATAC, stheno, and the wisp are the worthwhile ones imo. stheno would be especially valuable since you skip the whole "spend 1 billion g1c" loyalty meme. AMG is a really braindead easy gun to use and has a low ttk, it's very effective in most situations.
  6. Shroud expressed his interests in it with Summit a bit ago, but if u asked me to find the vod, no way i could prove it tbh.
  7. Why sponsor them? Shroud and Summit already said they'd try 3.5/4.0 when they come out, no reason to pay them to play APB. I doubt LO would be able to match the typical sponsor offers that EA/Activision offers them anyway.
  8. Too bad the "abusive monetization" in question doesn't reward the player with any rewards that give significant advantages in game, and most of the loot is garbage anyway. Most people that buy JMBs just buy them when they have 100-500 g1c leftover to blow on something. JMBs are fine. Probably the most harmless form of gambling in a rated M F2P game that the industry has ever seen.
  9. The answer for questions 1-3 is simply "Don't get caught out in the open." You have literal tanks in this game that people can't shoot through, just carplay. Everyone else does it. For #4, the typical answer would be "volcano/dmr/hvr from render distance, or just opgl" but honestly, there are garbage spots in APB, and if you need to attack them, you're most likely going to lose. Almost every mission is in favor of the defending side, so if a spot is trash, then you're sorta screwed. #5... I don't think I've ever been in this situation. Field supplier is the first character mod you unlock, and consumable large ammo boxes are given to you quite often. Also, joker vending machines/contacts/car spawners are everywhere, I don't know how one could run into this problem consistently. #6, Hard damage their vehicle with weapons that deal high hard damage. Can't catch up? Cut them off somehow. Can't seem to cut them off? Well, that's just another situation where the defending side simply exploits the massive disadvantage that the attacking side is always put in. You're probably out of luck in this situation too, but it isn't impossible to win it.
  10. So you think these aren't "critical" While this is something REALLY important that LO needs to tend to? What the hell is wrong with percs? They're perfect the way they are lol. Do people actually say this? Rank up your characters, don't take away reasons to progress in APB, it's almost pointless in the first place.
  11. Fast and incarcerated/Repo Racers/Mahjong Money are way worse, though. Also, VIP is just aids.
  12. RTW APB was meant to be a game that pushed limits super hard, and blow everything out of the water. With rapid advancements in the tech/software industry, it's easy for projects that are only 2 years old to become completely replaced and almost obsolete due to a newer and more developed product. The game (back then) was way ahead of it's time, but it just wasn't managed properly or pushed properly. the 100,000,000 meme is thrown around a lot, and honestly, I have no idea if it's accurate at all or where the figure came from in the first place, but with how much it cost Rockstar to make GTA V, I don't find it too crazy or Farfetched if 100M was actually put into the game.
  13. I agree, as long as they dont grant any advantage combat-wise, I'm fine with it.
  14. But new players need money for early/mid/early-late game, money sinks beyond contact purchases are irrelevant to them, since their main focus is to spend more money on leases to rank up, and possibly build up enough money to buy a legendary (most new players are eager to get their hands on their favorire legendary.) The thing I suggested is just another very late end game unlockable that experienced and long-time players can obtain. It's catered towards the same players as the Joker crown is aimed towards, and it's pretty much as harmless as the Joker crown.
  15. QoL purchase that players can dump their money into. I don't know how you consider it unfair just because it's priced so high. With that logic, everyone who owns legendaries are "unfair" because new players dont have any.
  16. So you're saying content that is aimed towards older players with loads of playtime and money shouldn't be able to invest their almost worthless APB cash into a quality of life unlock with a ridiculously high price tag for the sake of being an efficient money sink, just because a new player can't afford it? It's not even gate keeping, it's just adding more content that costs a lot of money since a lot of players have nothing to spend it on. If every piece of content in the game had to be accessible to all players at any given time, then what would be the point in APBs progression in the first place?
  17. This suggestion was for veterans with a lot of money accumulated over the past few years. I don't expect new players to get $10m within a year easily or anything (although, trading in this game is really profitable, and you could get $10m if you played a lot.)
  18. Im a jericho player. everyone on Jericho (who still play) have been playing for 5+ years and they have everything unlocked. We have more things to unlock, but the cash accumulated over years of playing is practically useless. We need more cash sinks, allow players to spend $1m on a mod to unlock it account wide so that we dont have to buy a shit ton of the same mod over and over again. If I could spend $10m on perm 3ps3, IR3, CJ3, RS3, HS3, Tagger, MS, CA3, MP3 and Hard Landings, I would in a heartbeat. That $10m would be taken out of the game, and I would be granted ease of access to my weapon/character/vehicle mods. This is just an example of a desirable late-game money sink that wealthy players could throw their money away for, while players who are new can worry about the late-game content implemented years ago, that most veteran players gave already finished.
  19. Trades dont have tariffs, and many people prefer to trade now since it's much easier and nobody gets a chunk of their money taken out of the game for every trade. I understand you're looking at it as a player who may be free to play, or just a player who doesn't buy JMBs, but most people who play APB have been playing for years and im sure they have accumulated enough money to buy what they've always wanted quite some time ago. What do they do now? Players who've had millions since 2013/2014/2015, they have nothing to spend their money on, they just wait for the next legendary to come out and spend the majority of their money on that. There's nothing in APB that a player could throw a huge chunk of their money away for, beyond vehicle purchases off contacts (average player would typically buy the pio/espacio, probably go for the 4x4s on the joker store) and then that's all.
  20. Legendaries are added to the game when a JMB is opened for IRL $. If a player buys one off another player, the money has already been generated through missions/FC/etc, so legendaries dont put money into the game, and they also dont take money out. You are correct, ANY purchase through contacts will take money out of the game. We need more ways to do this.
  21. Yes, because there's plenty of cash, and nothing to spend it on that permanently removes it from the game, and if you're a player with all the themes/symbols/vehicles/weapons that you've ever wanted, you have nothing to spend it on and no reason to keep making more. The cash gained through market/trade transactions is money that has already been made, practically recycled, and isn't new money added to the game.
  22. The entire point of premium is to make progression less grindy, along with expanding player customization. F2P progression was built to be inefficient and slow, adding $ prices to these weapons would make the grind more tedious. This would entice players to purchase premium, just as much as the cash and standing bonus would. Adding these weapons to the Joker store ultimately adds a route for players to take to unlock content that was previously locked behind paywalls. For a free to play game, there has to be some sort of steady monetization, and I feel like pushing players to purchase premium (which by the way, is dirt cheap nowadays,) is harmless and appropriate. However, I do see your point about weapon leases.
  23. Adding all these permanent unlockable weapons was a great opportunity to add more APB$ sinks into the game. Many players are sitting on millions of APB$ with nothing to spend it on, besides exclusive player created content, and the occasional weapon lease. Weapon leases take money out of the game, but they practically pay for themselves, since you can make that $2k-$25k back within a few hours. The only reliable thing in APB that takes money out of the game are tariffs placed on marketplace transactions between players, which is great and all, but with the new trading system, you can work around it entirely. All permanent secondaries on the Joker Store are fairly cheap JT-wise... and some primaries (csg, wisp, etc) are quite inexpensive, why not slap a $250k pricetag on them too? Have the APB$ price scale from 3k JT to 10k JT, maybe with the minimum cost being $250k, and max being $1m? With the amount of money you will make while playing FC for JT, these prices shouldn't be too bad.
  24. The ogre is garbage. the stock nfas is way better. Firework launcher is probably one of the last weapons you'd ever want to buff/nerf, since it's already so insane and annoying to deal with. You mentioned you're a console player, doesn't LO balance console APB differently? I imagine really braindead weapons like the ogre, ATAC, OCA and PMG rein supreme on console. If LO doesn't balance APB differently on console, then that's a pretty big issue.
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