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  1. Sorry I didn't read the patch notes But now I have Client now running at a stable framerate of 300, LOL
  2. nattsvart_katt

    fps cap

    my fps is capped at 128 since i installed the latest patch is this some kind of joke?
  3. Yea but you lowered the fps maxlimit to 128 Please explain why
  4. Bind other keys to change weapon? Mouse wheel is for scrolling up and down webpages.
  5. 64-bit update is the only way to keep the game alive, should have been done years ago though.
  6. No no no the only solution is a working anti-cheat system
  7. The title says it all really. (Why are servers set to max_fps 145?) I truly hope the 64-bit version will be running on servers without max_fps.
  8. What players are in Midgard? I wanna join I think
  9. nattsvart_katt


    this thread
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