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  1. Bind other keys to change weapon? Mouse wheel is for scrolling up and down webpages.
  2. 64-bit update is the only way to keep the game alive, should have been done years ago though.
  3. No no no the only solution is a working anti-cheat system
  4. The title says it all really. (Why are servers set to max_fps 145?) I truly hope the 64-bit version will be running on servers without max_fps.
  5. whatever dude you're just boring
  6. What players are in Midgard? I wanna join I think
  7. nattsvart_katt


    this thread
  8. My reaction when opponent says "GG EZ" after mission end:
  9. What kind of anti-cheat system does APB need? VAC? The one that CS:GO uses, it seems pretty good no? LO should be able to afford it from all them ARMAS bucks! $$$
  10. Not sure if this was mentioned, - warping into drivers seat by crouching on the edge of the roof of the car. works on vegas anyhow.
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