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  1. I agree with everything you wrote. LO worse than G1
  2. I think you should only be able to visit districts with your current threat. Gold districts have been empty for years now because people to tend to join silver with gold threat.
  3. Just got the same glitch, this time the only way to get back weapons was to die. Little Orbit you need to fix this now
  4. I just had that happen to me for the very first time today, weapons disappeared when dieing with ammobox active in hand. All i had to do when i respawned was to click the button for consumables again.
  5. Just get sniper role level 16 and you get 3 slotted dmr
  6. You guys knows hoplite is a obeya reskin right?
  7. 'game updates link' just goes to the original announcement
  8. What's the current status of APB 2.1? Release date??
  9. That's actually a really good idea, and an easy fix.
  10. Little Orbit could you please make CROUCH and RUN so that the player can chose between "Hold" or "Toggle" just like you did with Markmanship? Also PLEASE rename the numpad keys to their proper names, if numlock off numpad4 becomes "leftarrow", numpad1 becomes END and so forth. This being a problem if you use RightShift for functions, rightshift disables numlock.
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