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  1. Made a itty bitty tweak for the new overlord of Midgard Infinito.
  2. Although I haven't been playing I am still hyped for it.
  3. Well I got the Twill TDU pants and the Taclite TDU pants from 5.11. Not gonna show it you can google yourself.
  4. If you really want good advice from people you should give your current computer specs.
  5. I concur, I've done it and my boredom went away in an instant!
  6. I'm pretty excited for getting an Arous RTX 2060 with Anthem next month. But APB related I just want that engine upgrade would be a nice reason to install the game again and chit chat with some clan folk who most likely will check it out as well.
  7. Without segregating or a server wide matchmaking you always keep the problem of bad matchmaking. Even if the district is full you have to assume that around 50% is either already in a mission or is AFK so not really a big pool to choose from.
  8. APB does not have a large enough playerbase anymore to segregate everyone and every attempt to it in the past was met with either a lot of abuse by dethreating to a lower rank and a massive inactivity spike by the mediocre golds. Basically you get spanked a lot and adept to it to become better in this game. Maybe you could ask if 2 people can join you two and have them explain you the ropes as you go on this spanking to ease it up.
  9. Which reminds me I have to shave.
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