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  1. -The only reason we can get out of cars and not die at top speed is because G1 made it so you couldn't run yourself over when exiting the vehicle anymore, which was a bad design choice that also caused a major desync bug that is easy to replicate and exploit which has not been fixed and is still abused frequently to this day. -Do you have any idea how stupid this sounds? Not being able to fall off of a motorcycle when you crash it? Imagine being flipped over and your character's upper body is sticking through the ground, or you manage to stay on the motorcycle when rolling it. That would be insanely dumb. And just because you can't fly through your windshield isn't a good enough argument. If you crash a car IRL, you don't always go through the windshield. If you crash a bike at a decent speed IRL you WILL fall off. I can imagine this being one of the reasons the convertible Calabria that's in the game's files was never made available, because you couldn't fall out if it rolled over (or get shot while inside). A bike is not a car and will not be as stable as a car. That's two wheels in a line, not four wheels that are 2+ meters apart. It will tip over easily if hit from the side. I agree that APB doesn't need to be realistic but we need to at least have standards for how unrealistic something can be.
  2. Not trying to discourage you or anything, I mean I'd like them too, but I just don't see motorcycles going well in APB. At the moment there would be no way for you to crash a bike and fall off of it while still taking damage from the bail without dying. Ragdolls are calculated clientside, so unless they overhaul that to make them in the specific instance of a motorcycle crash serverside then this could probably cause a lot of desync issues. Knowing how fragile APB can be there is no telling what kind of impact calculating player ragdolls would have on the servers. Overhauling the ragdoll system in APB could have other potential benefits too though, like if you get hit by a car at a speed that is slow enough to not kill you, then it could ragdoll you instead of just pushing you out of the way like a solid block, kind of like GTA (but not as sensitive please, GTA is like playing QWOP) with the possibility to survive getting hit, then they could raise the speed required for a fatal hit. Anyway, getting sidetracked. Another issue could be balance. Like, staying upright balance. Motorcycles were originally planned for the game, there's a video from one of the former animators at RTW that showcased motorcycle animations, and some images of motorcycle models that were made for APB (VickyFox posted them), but they were cut. I heard at one point that APB's engine (probably solvable with the EU) can only support no more or less than 4 wheels on a vehicle. Probably why the Kolva isn't a dual-axle.
  3. I had a friend that this happened to for about a week too. Weird thing is when I looked at my friends list it always said he was logged in. Not in any districts or anything, just that he was logged into his character. Every day that week I'd check and sure enough it still said he was online. He ended up just making a new account since he was new and only played about an hour's worth of missions. Then one day I noticed it said he was offline, so I had him try to log in and he was able to get in just fine. By this time he already made enough progress on the new account that he abandoned the original one. Weird bug though.
  4. I know this is a couple of days old, but the Espacio and Pioneer have 1600 health, and the armored truck has 1825. It's really not a big difference, but its still more than those other two.
  5. That's a really bad idea. Then cars won't have their specialized functions anymore and it would just be boring as hell. Making all vehicles behave the same based on "They are all cars" is just stupid.
  6. The Blue Steel Security truck used to share a model with the ambulance with a few slight differences like the vents on the roof, a two-paned windshield, a flat roof on the cab and bullbars. Personally I don't like the old model compared to the new one. The new one actually looks heavy duty and has dualies. I'd love to own a customizable version of this thing. It's not like it would be overpowered at all, I mean it kinda sucks in its current state. Customization is the reason I really want one. That's a lot of room on the side for symbols. Same goes for the ambulance. Maybe if they also made the Ambulance player ownable they could include the old kit pieces used to make the original Blue Steel truck. Love the truck, but I hate that color blue.
  7. Tbh I wouldn't even care if the old sounds were updated, it'll sound the same regardless and will you even notice the difference in-game? I highly doubt it. Just sounds like a waste of time in my opinion. BUT I'm all for adding new instruments. We don't have a trumpet or a half decent sounding distorted electric guitar (BrittanyBRGuitar sucks and the notes are really short and Electric Guitar is too clean). Actually obtaining these sounds would be really easy. No idea how difficult it would be to implement them but why not just record real instruments? You wouldn't have to worry about licensing sound banks or anything. It's easy to record good instrument samples if you have the right equipment and software (for guitar and bass anyway)
  8. They're updating to 3.5, which is the post Gears of War 3 engine from 2013. Right now we're on some weird very early custom version of 3.0 probably from 2008.
  9. Could you elaborate on that a bit? I'm not really sure what you mean.
  10. Yeah sure, I'm the jackass. G1 threw together the shitty engine upgrade you're running right now. LO is fixing G1's engine upgrade. Ever notice how different the game looks on consoles compared to PC? The old engine doesn't even have god rays, yet the version you're running has them, upgraded textures, a completely different color palette, and the old engine didn't even have controller support. Why do you think they always refer to what they're working on as the PC engine upgrade? It's because consoles already have it! Here's a comparison: I can't even handle this level of irony right now.
  11. A few people seem to have missed this, but Lucas Van Rooyen and Lynette Casey are going to be Tier 3 contacts. So they're at the same point in progression as Jeung Bloodrose, Tyron Sennet, Bonita Benjamin, Grayson Fell, Byeong Lee, Chiza, Kaspar Danko, and Hea Choi. Source: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/7/23/content-update
  12. G1 went dark in like late 2016. From that point on there was no communication at all besides "Another DDoS attack. Server is back up". Maybe because there's a few players that are actually playing on it. Fairly vocal ones too that would most likely call out LO on their bullshoot if they tried to pull anything dishonest.
  13. I'd like to propose softer collisions with teammates. This would mean that bumping into a teammate would just slow you down a little and try to force you out of them instead of completely stopping you. It'd help with people blocking doors and stuff. It could have a cylinder with an inner radius that would be a hard collision (like the center of their body, imagine an invisible pole going straight up through the middle of them that is half the diameter of the current collider) and then an outer cylinder the size of the current collider with softer collisions that allow you to brush past them instead of them being a solid block. The game would still try to push you out of their soft collider a little bit. Enemies would still be hard collisions like we have now.
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