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  1. This seems like it would make the most sense for an engine sound on the Growl besides the Jericho. Currently the Growl sounds like an angry vacuum cleaner, which I suppose would be okay if it had an equally bad idle sound to match, but it doesn't. It has the most badass idle sound in the game but immediately makes the switch to WHHIIRRRRRR as soon as you start moving. I still remember everyone's disappointment when G1 first released the video of the car in action. We were all over the it, but as soon as it started moving everyone had pretty much the same reaction. "The fuck is that sound?" When going through the exhaust sounds for this thing I noticed that the engine sounds are slightly edited versions of the Rapier and Jericho, understandable... but then Pioneer(why???), and I think Espacio(even more why???) If I remember right Cisco was one of them too. Adding the Vegas' engine sound to the Growl's exhaust options would make it sound like it has more power behind it and less like a Dyson. It would also give that stupid looking massive blower in that Revelations kit a somewhat fitting sound. What the hell were they smoking when they designed that kit? You don't do that to a Corvette...
  2. I'm with you on that, IO and Whirlwind were out of fuckin nowhere. I may be speaking too soon because we don't know what the Mirage is going to be yet, but they could have just used Charge and Patriot. I mean a lot of us thought the Growl was going to be an electric car before there was a picture of it because of the manufacturer name until someone connected the logo with being the symbol for Mars' moon Io.
  3. This was a needed and well thought out post. Thank you for your contribution. Edit: Who says "Kappa" anymore?
  4. 7/10, pretty interesting song but the video was very irritating and jarring. I get that was the point n' all, but it was just hard to watch imo.
  5. What I gather from all of this is that it wasn't worth it to keep the servers running due to the low player count (which means barely any income) to help pay for the servers, so they're taking the servers down while they get FE2 to a point where it runs well on the new engine. Matt said it'll be a while before it comes back up. It's sad but it makes a lot of sense from a business perspective. If you're just burning money on maintaining something that isn't bringing any in then pulling the plug is the right thing to do to keep the company alive. This will also most likely help them focus on getting the new engine ready because they don't have to worry about doing constant maintenance on something as broken as FE until the new one is done.
  6. Looking forward to it, I loved Headless Horseman. Can't wait to see what the new rewards are this year too. Hopefully it's not impossible to obtain all of them this time around like earlier LO holiday events.
  7. So? I was just suggesting another gun to try if he liked the way the FBW played. I'm not against a new secondary similar to the FBW, I just want it to not be a reskin and to have its own stats.
  8. Try out the OCSP if you haven't yet, I think its one more shot to kill than the FBW, but you can fire it faster and it's more accurate. Pretty fun gun.
  9. To be honest I wish that they would stop with the reskins and give the current reskins their own stats.
  10. Matt: "Lets buy this nearly bankrupt company with an awful reputation that has two dead games that cost more to run than they make and not do anything, that'll bring in the revenue" Mhm sure. Something being postponed doesn't make it a lie. It's just coming out later than expected. Game development is unpredictable, especially in APB's case. I mean we have a few members of the community that have played the engine upgrade and even posted videos and screenshots.
  11. I'll agree with that. To me what severely aged Fallen Earth when I first tried it wasn't the visuals, it was the controls and the movement. I know I know, it had the old MMO feel to it, but the controls could definitely be a hell of a lot more intuitive. This is all coming from a newbie though so take it worth a grain of salt. My first impression on this game was "Awesome idea, style, and universe" Then my first impression upon actually maneuvering around the world on foot was "This could definitely handle better", and my impression of driving a car for the first time was simply "What the fuck". Not trying to put anyone down or anything and I'm sure there's tons of you who love the controls, but these are just my impressions as a newcomer. What threw me off the most for sure was the driving and how it appears to use raycasting to keep the car level with the surface it's on instead of actual physics. Also how the throttle worked. Call me stupid but that one took me a while to figure out. Most of the time I'd be putting around at about 25 mph, then I would randomly jump to about 40 mph out of nowhere. I'd kill for a normal throttle and brake system in this game where you hold W to accelerate and S to brake with an additional button for cruise control. I figured it's all probably because of engine limitations, so hopefully LO can touch up the driving with the Unity relaunch. Possibly even rebuild the driving from the ground up? I know that's a lot of work, but I feel it would be worth it to have a physics based driving system (with a way to flip your car upright again without exiting the vehicle if you happen to flip it). Would probably require the terrain collisions to be smoothed out a bit though.
  12. Gives me some real Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 main menu vibes. Looks great
  13. Ntec changes lookin' good at a glance but I'll have to test it out later. But fuhthaluvvagawd, can you guys please get into the habit of including pictures when you announce new clothing or items? Please? It's extremely annoying to have an announcement of new items without even being able to see them.
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