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  1. BrandonBranderson

    Rate The Music Above You

    8/10 Definitely not what I was expecting, sounded really nice.
  2. BrandonBranderson

    of the opinion or humor .

    Ohno but she never gave me her number how can i get back with her if i cant call her this is bad please i need help i cant communicate with her how is relationship going to work with no communicate??????????
  3. BrandonBranderson

    of the opinion or humor .

    I don't know what that paper says.
  4. BrandonBranderson

    Remove spotter and car tower thingy

    Someone say something about a car tower?
  5. BrandonBranderson

    Melee Weapons?

    Like AlishaAzure said there were some concepts and stuff, and in a really old APB presentation (I believe it was showing off character customization) a character can be seen holding a sledge hammer. They didn't do anything with it, just stood there, but the idle animations are in the game at least. I'm all for this idea if done correctly and the weapons have reasonable hit boxes. The character hit boxes are kinda ridiculous as is, so I feel like melee weapons should be made carefully in a way where they won't exaggerate the already huge player hit box. And they can't be implemented like melee weapons in Zombie Master (If anyone remembers that HL2 mod) where it behaves like an accurate single shot gun with really short range. However damage is dealt, it should be done in a sweeping pattern that matches the animation. I was thinking maybe having it work like an extremely short range burst fire weapon with the spray pattern mimicking the swing of the weapon. Recently with the shotgun rework that was reverted, they showed that they can make the first pellet of a shotgun to hit deal more damage, so maybe after the first bullet in a burst hits and deals the full intended damage of the swing the rest could deal 0 damage? Maybe damage could vary depending on how deep you are into the swing. Using a bat for an example, if you hit someone right at the start of a swing it wouldn't really hurt much, but it would hurt A LOT if you got hit 3/4 way through the swing. So each shot in the burst would have a different damage value. Just some ideas, I'm bad at explaining shit lol.
  6. BrandonBranderson

    Thank you For Armas new prices

    I was really happy when I saw that some items went below 99 G1C. Cat ears and other similar items are now $0.50 which is great. Also loving the over all standardized prices for guns. The pack pricing is still a lil fucky but Matt already said he'd look into it.
  7. BrandonBranderson

    Stop giving away 3d glasses

    I got them back when they were rare and exclusive... Am I supposed to be offended that people can still get them or something? Besides it was only one day, calm down. They look dumb anyway.
  8. It seems that most of the negative reviews on YouTube are aimed at how broken the game is or they call it P2W, and are coming from people with little to no experience. About your suggestions. I just don't think people like your ideas. I sure as hell don't. I want APB to change for the better, but not in the ways you are suggesting. The one suggestion of yours that I will agree with is that vehicles should deal damage based on speed. All of your other suggestions like shooting through car windows or shooting out tires would be game breaking in APB's current state. You also don't seem to understand the importance of the engine upgrade. It's not just a fresh coat of paint like you seem to think. The whole purpose of the upgrade is to fix the game's scrambled as hell code. Currently changing one thing almost always leads to something completely unrelated breaking. Kinda hard to fix bugs when that happens because you just keep making more. Bugs are like a hydra in the current engine. Sure the engine upgrade won't immediately make fundamental gameplay changes, but it lays the foundation for future changes to be made without completely destroying the rest of the game. It will also improve everyone's performance, because as you should know by now, APB only takes advantage of a single core, and the EU is changing that, plus a ton of other optimizations. I seriously recommend educating yourself on what the EU actually does. Read all of LO's posts about it. And finally, drop the fucking attitude. You're no better than the rest of us and acting like a butt nugget won't get you any respect from anyone else.
  9. BrandonBranderson

    The "Han Cellante pls" thread

    All they would probably have to do is make it purchasable again though, so I don't really see it as "not worth the time" if some people obviously want it and it would probably be an easy fix. (I know, I know, it's APB so there's no such thing as an easy fix) It was originally the starter car and fully customizable, but early G1 was like "Nah, sucks" and decided to make it not even purchasable anymore. Which is weird because as Lily said its stats were later adjusted to make it at least half decent, but they never made it purchasable again. If they do bring it back though I want that little orange light on the roof as an option. I think the 15 slots of trunk space makes it worth it.
  10. BrandonBranderson

    Odd Encouters/Happenings

    Sent a pedestrian into orbit with a Volcano.
  11. BrandonBranderson

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    Jk, that's just Vrchat. I sure as hell hope the EU doesn't look like that.
  12. BrandonBranderson

    Congratulations LO

    Um... No? 2017 up until LO took over in mid 2018 was the worst period this game has ever seen. Speed hackers around every corner, servers constantly lagging and restarting, no communication from G1 whatsoever, and just an over all terrible experience. And yes the community is still shit for the most part, but I've noticed a change in attitude for the better since LO took over. Maybe it's because things are getting better v('~')v
  13. BrandonBranderson

    Odd Encouters/Happenings

    I believe that's a blown up Vegas and the wheel is turned because the driver died while turning. I've had that happen a few times. I die while turning and the car continues to turn. This can happen with any player car though, it just didn't swap out the regular material for the burned material. Cool to see it without the hood though.
  14. BrandonBranderson

    Jericho Server Packet Loss

    That's assuming it's just one douche. There's lots of douche bags that used to play this game. Not denying the possibility that it's just one super douche though.