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  1. Gotta agree with Kewlin here. A big part of what makes APB fun is how ridiculous it is and a lot of that comes from the driving. Would I like to see vehicles rebalanced? Yes. But not like this. Making any vehicle less fun to drive is a terrible idea, even if the thing that makes it fun is caused by an oversight. I don't even think we can call wheelies an oversight, G1 knew from the start that they would happen when they added Nitro. They even had a short clip of a Vegas doing a backflip from a standstill on their dev blog before the release of Nitro. Plus wheelies add to the "awe factor" for new players. Newbie's reactions are hilarious to seeing a Vegas pop a wheelie or jump off of another car for the first time.
  2. Depends on whether they're lazy or not. If they're lazy then they will keep cheating, if not then they'll get off their @ss and play for themselves.
  3. That's a really good idea actually. It always bugged me how empty that corner by the galleria was. My only concern about new areas is that Social was obviously designed for way more people at a time than we currently have in it due to the low population, which makes it feel big and empty. Everyone always standing at Diamond Plaza, the only place where you can customize doesn't help. Hopefully the population will get a big surge soon with the EU and Riot so players can be spread out and Social won't feel so empty. But I also feel like a casino would also draw a lot more people to Social on it's own. Personally I love casino games and would probably spend a lot of time there. Having it in the opposite corner of the map might also help with it looking less dead because there would be players moving between the two areas pretty often, making it look a lot more busy.
  4. It'd be awesome if LO held an event like that again with the winners receiving personalized skins.
  5. God dammit. Now Yood is a Juggalo I guess.
  6. Not as a new district but as a new area in social then sure. Maybe they could put some of those empty rooms in the galleria to some use.
  7. HA! I love this. I don't even smoke but I'll buy into it because I really like the idea of an event/celebration aimed at the game's target age group. Noticed a couple of people here being so sour about this lol. Cheer up, its just for fun while we wait for the real updates. Also I love that devil's cabbage symbol.
  8. Oh So you're just one of the ones upset about the Nekrova merge. Let me explain how that third screenshot is in fact just the social district ported to GTAV.
  9. That 3rd one is just social district in GTA V Gotta say though, I do love those old clouds in the first picture. The sky used to be so pretty in this game. I'm pretty sure the 2nd picture is a really old one of 3.5. Based on what Matt said before it sounds like the visuals are going to be different from how they were in that screenshot. Edit: Moderators... Assemble!
  10. Everyone in this thread so far has said that it gives no advantage. That doesn't change just because you're using a mouse with an unlocked scroll wheel. What is a kick weapon? You can't change the base fire rate of a gun by using this method. Every gun has hard limits on how fast they can shoot. The only thing that can alter those limits are mods. You never know how long something is going to take to change in APB. Changing any little thing in this game can cause something completely unrelated to break because of how shit the coding is. That would then need fixed, which would take up more of the dev's time. I'm assuming you just heard about scroll wheel shooting in the chat and then started noticing people firing guns really fast? Some people just have their timing down properly.
  11. Why waste the dev's valuable time removing it when it doesn't actually cause any problems?
  12. They were introduced because they were part of Qwentle's "Vision" for APB. Pretty awful idea tbh. All it did was turn a lot of guns into RNG cannons, and in the case of the M-1922 Typewriter, made it useless.
  13. lol. Don't mind Tiptoe's broken wrist or the fact that she's one handing an HVR.
  14. I have 95 spaces and I even find that really limiting.
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