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  1. BrandonBranderson

    APB Reloaded: What Can You Do? (in 60 seconds or less)

    Heeeyyy I remember this one! Glad to see you're back! Haven't seen any activity on your channel in a while
  2. BrandonBranderson

    Hot rod and car races (final concept)

    I like the idea a lot, but maybe we could also have some kit parts that can kinda convert it into a coupe as well? The old 1937 Chevy Coupes actually had a pretty long trunk, so I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to make it fit within the truck bed's hitbox since the trucks also had some fairly short beds. This would have to be a full body kit to make it look right though. It'd probably have to be the cabin and trunk combined as one part, then the fenders, hood, bumpers, and grille/headlights as separate parts. I really like the idea though, was always a fan of hot rods and just classics in general.
  3. BrandonBranderson

    Increase size of OPGL grenades

    I'm out of likes for today, but yes please. It's hard to see these little explodey cigars. They're especially hard to see in slightly darker than normal lighting conditions.
  4. BrandonBranderson

    Internet Connectivity Issues

    From what I can tell it's only Jericho being affected so it makes sense. I have a hard time believing that the phone lines can withstand 155 mph winds when rain and a slight breeze knocks my internet on its patootie.
  5. BrandonBranderson

    To do or not to do (MIDTOWN)

    It was probably just G1's unwillingness to undo all the hard work they put into making the game look like a pile of shit. Just like how when we tried the higher TTK districts they intentionally made it awful to play so we wouldn't want to switch to new stats and invalidate the work they've done towards making the ttk shorter. I bet that with some effort they could revert the visuals to a time when it looked beautiful.
  6. BrandonBranderson

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    This is nice to hear, thanks Matt! Though personally to me GamersFirst has a super negative stigma around it, I can understand why you don't want to re-brand it. It's a good name to have if you actually hold up to it, which you have been doing exceptionally well since you took over. You've improved the quality of life by a lot in APB even just by adding battle eye and the trading system alone. You might wanna smack that Reloaded Productions logo out of the intro video and throw Little Orbit in there though. It would be cool to see you match the style with your logo!
  7. BrandonBranderson

    Premium changes!

    I was really hoping that you guys were gonna shorten the non-premium cooldowns to what they currently are for Premium players. Removing the cooldown benefit altogether would be awful. The cool down for Nitro is ridiculous as-is. So the free cooldown timer should be shortened to what it currently is for premium. I'm not going to run out of premium until long after the game is gone because I've accumulated so much of it over the past 8 years from joker boxes, events, etc. I think the last time I actually bought any premium was back in like 2012, but I know it's definitely rough not having it, and a big part of that is the extended cool downs.
  8. BrandonBranderson

    To do or not to do (MIDTOWN)

    Hey wouldjalookitdat shameless self plug. "Hey, give up on your project, but give me your work and I'll put it in mine"
  9. BrandonBranderson

    I kinda hoped for more progress

    I've never heard anyone say that APB was on Unreal 1.0 and I've pretty much lived on these forums for the past few years. Just to put it in perspective of what games ran on which engines, Unreal (1998) and Deus Ex (2000) ran on UE1. Bioshock(2007) and the first Killing Floor(2009) were both late UE2 games. APB was on an early beta version of UE3, then Bioshock Infinite (2013), Killing Floor 2 (2016), and every Gears of War title (2006-2013) were all UE3 games. The engine we're upgrading to is the post-Gears of War 3 version of Unreal. But you're definitely right about it being a fossil and a lot of work.
  10. BrandonBranderson

    When does the Halloween Event start?

    I think they fixed that in this last update.
  11. BrandonBranderson

    Blowing up car tires.

    That would be kinda neat. Like a deployable speed bump? A little more harsh than a normal speed bump though.
  12. BrandonBranderson

    Blowing up car tires.

    First of all it would slow down gameplay, and making something slower when the speed cap is already as low as it is is not a way to make it more fun. The vehicle handling is bad enough in this game, and worse vehicle handling is not something APB needs in any situation. We're already driving like our tires are shot out.
  13. BrandonBranderson

    New GamersFirst site

    Looks awesome! It fits the game's style very nicely.
  14. BrandonBranderson

    Small Additions/Alterations (for a better APB)

    I agree with everything here. You almost got me on the dab emote though, didn't see the "Do not add this emote" right away. I think /vomit would be a good one to replace the dab emote with. You could kill people then vomit on them as a sign of respect.
  15. BrandonBranderson

    Vehicles at Night

    The game just looks a lot darker now because of this ugly black fog that G1 added back in 2013. Actually all they did was change it from being a nice and pretty transparent orange (light pollution) to being a thick very dark blue fog. My personal hatred of this change aside, working headlights would be pretty damn cool when 3.5 comes around. What would be even better is if we could change the color of them. The Horseman's Envegas from the Halloween event has some red Firehawk headlights that look pretty sick, imagine if they actually casted light. I personally prefer the slightly yellowish incandescent headlights over the new bright blueish LED headlights, so the ability to pick the color would be great.