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  1. I really like this, thanks Matt! Personally I think the prices are just about right for these items. I mean 10K JTs will get you a permanent Vegas 4x4, and (being a car guy) I think that has more value than the guns. Just a personal opinion there. I can't begin to understand the people whining about paid content being made free, even if it's a considerable grind. Like, you wouldn't have even had the option to access this stuff before if you were strictly F2P, be grateful.
  2. It was a little more fun than I expected tbh, and I don't personally see it as much of a BR. One of the main things about BRs is that you can't respawn and the only objective is to survive till the end as an individual, and the map boundaries shrink. Riot only has the shrinking map which in itself is unique to BRs because the players choose what areas get closed down. So for that reason I don't think it should be advertised as a BR. I really want some cars though, and for the burned out shells of cars to have physics so you can push them out of the way. I don't think the current iteration of Riot is very good at all, but I can see it becoming good with some major tweaking. I want to say I like it but that's kinda hard to do when you spawn a few miles into a contaminated zone with only 30 seconds to get out of it and no vehicles in sight.
  3. It's best to get all the broken shit fixed before the real patch that everyone has wanted to see for years comes out. Imagine the absolute shit show that would have happened if this happened the day of the Engine Upgrade. Sure we had to wait an extra week to get Riot and EAC, but seeing as how more people care about the EU than Riot it most likely would have been a much bigger backlash. Plus Riot will probably be more fixed up by the time the EU comes out, so it'll be more attractive to returning and new players than it is to us at the moment.
  4. Apparently Sid Wilson (Slipknot's DJ) released a rap album. The actual song starts 3:00 into the video.
  5. lol. The game doesn't perform well enough for most people to do this yet. Besides it doesn't give any advantage to those that do use it. The only people who say the advanced launcher should be banned are those that haven't used it themselves.
  6. That's actually a thing. While I was digging through RTW beta files for my Waterfront map for VRChat, I found a convertible version of the Calabria. It's a cute car. Decided to add it to the map and make it drivable.
  7. Been buying them for years and they never worked the way you described, Alani.
  8. I get the nostalgia behind it, but the blue flashes wouldn't work well in the current game. I think now they would work better as a customization option with special skins or something. I just felt they were worth including since they are a visual flare that had been removed and someone would probably mention it if I didn't. And I see you there Mr. Scott :3
  9. The dev in charge of the visuals came in to work late a few too many times so TechMech confiscated his retinas.
  10. This thread is more or less kind of a reference for visual details that have been removed or changed over the years. Or for nostalgia. If I forget anything, or if I'm wrong about something then post it below. Another reason I'm posting this is because I don't know how familiar the current team is with the old game, and I hope that they at least use it as a reference for the night time visuals if they rework them for 3.5. High Quality "Star" Bloom On the left is the normal blobby bloom that we're left with nowadays, on the right is the high quality bloom. Tire Smoke A few years ago, G1 decided to remove most of the smoke that tires would kick up when drifting or doing a burnout. They claimed it was to improve performance, but like most of their optimization efforts, it didn't make a difference. Bullet Tracers Removed "temporarily". -said G1. Blue Muzzle Flash G1 claimed it caused conflict with the weapon skin system they had just implemented. But a dev had later teased at possibly bringing them back and potentially with more colors available. Old Login Screen Needs no explanation. Behold its beauty. Clouds used to be more visible Now they are mostly obscured by bloom which makes them a lot harder to see. You can barely even tell they move anymore. There's certain times of the day though where bloom decides to stop working properly and the sky can be seen better. -Edit- These first few pictures are of RTW vs Current. Night time was WAY too bright in RTW. Minor weather changes There used to be a chance for each day to either be clear or cloudy and overcast with heavier fog and over all more grey. Light Pollution Yeah, it's that one that I always complain about it being changed. Couldn't go without mentioning it. Really it's just orange tinted fog, but at one point they decided to make night darker by turning the light pollution black. You know, because cities absorb and trap light, not emit it. Driving camera sway The camera used to have a little bit of weight to it when driving and would provide a better sense of speed. It was a very subtle effect, but it was nice regardless. G1 doesn't seem to know that this effect existed because when people reported it, they said the video provided was edited. Depth of Field APB was one of the only games I've seen where DoF was actually done right and wasn't extremely strong like you have cataracts, however it did have a big problem that when the camera got to close to your character it just became a blurry mess.
  11. Sorry man, but this is a terrible idea. APB was never intended to be a BR. It was supposed to be an open world cops vs robbers game where criminals would run around doing illegal stuff, and enforcers would witness them or be dispatched against them if an NPC witnessed the crime. BR is just a fad genre that is already starting to fade away. Changing APB's core mechanics to that of a BR is a death sentence for APB because then the loyal players who have been here all these years keeping the game alive would be alienated just because the game changed it's entire premise to be shoved into a genre that everyone is already getting tired of. The loyal players are here because there is no other game like APB. APB fills a niche that no other companies have even tried to be part of since it came out almost a decade ago. In short, APB's uniqueness is what is keeping it alive. If you forcibly shove it into a genre that is so over saturated these days, APB will die. If you want a more mature BR play Apex or PUBG or something. I'm not saying I don't want APB to change at all, but what you're proposing isn't an improvement. I want APB to be the best version of itself that it can be, not a mediocre version of a different game.
  12. No. The problem is that you don't speak English as well as you think you do. I'm not trying to be an a-hole or anything, I'm just saying if we could understand what you mean then people might take you more seriously.
  13. No disrespect or anything, but I think in your case it would be better if you spoke in Russian and ran it through Google Translate because 90% of the time most people, including myself have no idea what you're trying to say. I appreciate the effort, but I'd rather understand what you're trying to say.
  14. Good point, maybe they could just leave the deleting up to the players then. They could just give us a heads up that it's ok to delete the non-base versions of a weapon, and possibly make it so the base versions could not be deleted if they're permanent.
  15. I really would love to see the tire smoke come back. G1 said it was removed for performance reasons but it didn't make a difference in the slightest. It was always really cool to see a Vegas drift by with a bunch of smoke rolling off the tires. Now all we're left with is a few little puffs every couple of feet if you're in a good drift.
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