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  1. We won't know until they try it. Same goes for the other upgrade attempts. We didn't know that we were going to hit some impassable wall, now we do, so they stopped those attempts. We're never going to get anywhere without trying new approaches after one fails.
  2. Where are you getting those dates from? Not anywhere even close to being right. RTW ran the game for the first two months and then went bankrupt and sold APB to G1. Energizer was already removed in 2010, not 2015. Everyone has it on by default, and it no longer takes a mod slot. I think your perception of time is broken. Do you know what year it is right now?
  3. We're not trying to make actual art or anything useful out of these, it's just something fun to mess around with.
  4. I can weigh in on this. Remaking the game in Unreal 4 wasn't actually Ellix's work. That was the Phoenix Project by Nekrova, which I do the audio design for. We didn't get in any legal trouble, but we made the decision to make our own game as a spiritual successor to APB instead of just remaking APB because we came to the realization there would be no way that we could sustain it and we definitely would have gotten into legal issues if we kept going. When LO took over we had already changed our direction but we talked to Matt and Lixil directly in a Discord call to prove that we weren't using any stolen assets anymore. There's no bad feelings between LO and Nekrova and the call turned into friendly conversation about the future of APB once we got all the legal stuff out of the way. All I can really say about what Matt said in that conversation is that APB's future looks bright.
  5. Hoo boy. Yikes. Source Image: (Really old screenshot) Most accurate but still creepy. Corpse? Zuckerberg? How did we get to this point?
  6. I'd like bounties that are in missions able to be killed by players outside the mission unless those outside the mission are in a mission themselves. One of the things that was lost with the imho stupid change was that this feature was intended to balance players that were doing too good by giving them more enemies to worry about. So my suggestion would be to make it so bounties can be killed by players that are in free roam, but not by ones that are part of a separate mission, and that bounties can kill outside players that are not in a mission. The whole system is supposed to work as both a balance measure and a bonus to the person who has a bounty. If they're doing too good then they get rewarded with 2X rewards, but they also have a higher chance of being killed. This fits in perfectly with the game's intended risk/reward mentality. The only people I've seen complain about this system are the few that consistently get bounties. You know, the ones that it's supposed to be balancing. I explained to my friend who was somewhat new at the time about the change they made to the bounty system and they said that's one of the dumbest things they could have done to it.
  7. I'm a little confused about this. Does this mean that Boomboxes don't disappear after their duration or do they? Great patch though!
  8. APB doesn't use it anymore. One day it just started banning everyone that logged on so they disabled it.
  9. Among the old missions being brought back, are any of them the crim vs crim missions?
  10. Have you been paying attention to what's been going on lately? Joker boxes are gone now. Forever. LO removed them and replaced it with a much better system.
  11. Having the same problem. Account Login has Failed! Please check your User ID and Password (error code 11004)
  12. An emote wheel bound to a key would be a nice addition.
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