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  1. The reason they picked these two maps are because they are the most complete and perform the best out of all of them. How many times must this be explained to you? It's not like they're just working on them one at a time and can't move on until a district is complete and final.
  2. Why not at least let it run for those that could get in until the promised time? I almost managed to get in once, but I was stupid and decided I didn't want to use that character so I backed out of the district select and tried to pick another character that didn't end up working. Then it kept saying that all my characters were locked in a district.
  3. Having the same problem. Account Login has Failed! Please check your User ID and Password (error code 11004)
  4. An emote wheel bound to a key would be a nice addition.
  5. Both, but it's gotta be Miracle Whip. Other mayo brands are nasty.
  6. Totally fine with this. Legendaries aren't that special and shouldn't be as expensive as they are.
  7. When I first started reading this I was disappointed that JMBs were being removed, but damn the replacement for them is so much better! This is all amazing news. Hey Matt, just please take note that JMBs are the only way to get a Dolton Fresno D400. Please throw the D400 up on Armas and maybe add a tradable one to the joker store Kewlin made a thread about it.
  8. Agreed, please give it a spot on Armas too. Make the Joker store version tradable.
  9. I'd say as soon as the main crashes are fixed, release the Beta. Since it's on a separate client then people who go through the extra effort to download and participate in it will know that it's just beta and not final. I don't think first impressions are too important for a beta.
  10. Sooo... Basically just turn it into a bootleg GTAV? No thanks. Instead of adding 30 new cars, how about just adding a couple of kits for the Growl and Veo? That Mitsubishi and Subaru look pretty much like the Coywolf and the Growl could easily be twisted into a Mclaren or some other super car. I don't want APB to be looked at as a game that is blatantly ripping off GTAV.
  11. Favorite sounding are definitely the True Ogre, DMR-AV, Strife Dislike sounds of the PMG (used to be current snub sound, wish it stayed), any of the Juggernaut weapons, ATAC, Pretty much any silenced weapon. As far as looks go, I like the Strife the most, Just wish the default skin was a normal looking one. Default Revelations weapon skins look awful except the Harbinger which isn't even skinnable Worst looking, Any weapon that starts with VAS-
  12. Looking forward to it! Man I can't believe this game has survived for this long. Let's hope LO can keep it going another 10
  13. I love the look of 2011 APB, the current blue color grading looks like shit. Also really miss the light pollution at night. G1 killed the light pollution when they turned the night time fog to black instead of orange and now the game just looks dead as hell. Because you know, cities at night don't emit light, they absorb it. The game used to have a mood, now it's just "blegh". Luckily Matt said that when they redo the lighting in the engine upgrade they're going to be leaning more towards the old look of the game.
  14. Yes please, and also a distorted version of "Electric Guitar" The reason it is the way it is now is probably because notes outside the allowed range may sound like shit pitched outside of their intended range, Still don't think it should be off limits though.
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