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  1. Sakebee: Please everyone help us balance shotguns! Mackybolo: No I won't help make the game more balanced, I'm insulted by golds, cheaters, and the lack of threat segregation. Drop the tinfoil hat man, the only reason for the current desegregation is because they don't have enough physical servers set up to run a separate district for each threat yet. As someone who sometimes has to ship to the EU where I work, customs can be a load of horseshit at times. If EAC wasn't working then we would see a lot more T's running around at mach speed. Do you even remember the days of FairFight? That shit was awful. EAC is like god's gift compared to FF. Just because bans aren't being announced in chat anymore doesn't mean cheaters aren't getting banned. A lot of the suspicious people I report, I end up never seeing again. Maybe the ones you're talking about just aren't cheating?
  2. The fuck? The muzzle flash takes up the whole damn screen.
  3. Open it in the symbol editor, take a screenshot and crop it.
  4. Personally I don't like exclusive rewards that can ONLY be earned in-game for limited time events. A lot of us work jobs where we don't have enough time to play the game to earn every reward on every character. Some of us even work more than one job which leaves us with almost no free time. I look at it like this: You guys who want the items for free, put in the hours to earn them in game. Those of us who don't have time to grind events put in the hours IRL to get the rewards.
  5. Maybe add a chat filter that puts any messages containing "WTT" or "WTS" in a separate channel that is on by default but can be disabled? Possibly have the text as a more muted grey color by default instead of white or /y's orange. Totally agree though, the spam is getting out of hand at this point. It just pushes people who are actually trying to talk out of the chat box.
  6. I hope I'm remembering this correctly, because I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to the technical workings of the game. If I am remembering this correctly, back when they reduced the amount of particles that are emitted by... everything... I think I remember a dev saying something along the lines of "The problem with APB is that when it displays a particle, they're all rendered instead of instanced/referenced." and I would think that the new engine would have improvements in its rendering pipeline considering that we're moving to an engine that is 6-7 years newer than the one we're currently on. It was a really long time ago though so I'm probably remembering it completely wrong. I really recommend reading through all the Tracking The Engine Upgrade posts though. Neat stuff in there.
  7. Don't just ignore all the stuff Matt has talked about in regards to performance. That's usually one of the main focuses of the posts in "Tracking The Engine Upgrade"
  8. These are all pretty damn good ideas, and you even went the extra mile by making good images to go along with it! Nice job. Maybe a backdoor would be a good idea too so if enforcers are nearby the crim at least has a chance to not get gunned down immediately. I can't say that I disagree with any of these.
  9. You guys are already on the Engine Upgrade. PC is the only APB that isn't on some form of the engine upgrade and console development is being held back by that fact. Their goal right now is to consolidate all the platforms so they are all running the same version of the engine so they only have to develop for one version. On Topic: What I'm looking forward to is the possibility of them being able to update the game without always breaking something completely unrelated to what they changed. Also prettier visuals.
  10. Welp, community is done for. Good luck to Lixil with whatever happened.
  11. Something small and recent I'd like to thank LO for is this: Blue muzzle flash returning through skins.
  12. YES I was wondering the same thing! I saw a normal dump truck and got really disappointed.
  13. I get this bug all the time. I do Alt+Tab quite a bit because of messages in TeamSpeak and stuff since my friends like to send a lot of links. It would be nice if it were fixed, but I understand if there's more important stuff to do. Restarting the game fixes it, but that takes a while, even with it installed on an SSD (Old main menu when?)
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