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  1. I'd like to propose softer collisions with teammates. This would mean that bumping into a teammate would just slow you down a little and try to force you out of them instead of completely stopping you. It'd help with people blocking doors and stuff. It could have a cylinder with an inner radius that would be a hard collision (like the center of their body, imagine an invisible pole going straight up through the middle of them that is half the diameter of the current collider) and then an outer cylinder the size of the current collider with softer collisions that allow you to brush past them instead of them being a solid block. The game would still try to push you out of their soft collider a little bit. Enemies would still be hard collisions like we have now.
  2. That'd actually be pretty sick. Really looking forward to more muzzle flash colors from skins though. Maybe give the rainbow skin pack all corresponding color muzzle flashes?
  3. Some new shoes would be nice, I pretty much always just go with the hi-top boots that look like Converse, but they look weird with shorts. I'd totally go for a shorter version of those.
  4. I'd love to take part in something like this. I already kinda do it but it's only when I notice a newbie having a hard time. I'd like this to have some sort of tag or something like the SPCMs had (But with a less confusing name. How are they supposed to know what SPCM stands for if they're new?) that lets new players know that we're the ones that are ok with helping them out. Considering how hostile this community is toward them, I feel like they would be afraid to ask random high ranks for help sometimes. If we had the tag or title on our name or whatever then they would know who to approach for help. Maybe since new players are Trainees we could be Trainers.
  5. Here ya go bud, I send everyone this e-card for their b-day.
  6. It's a pinned thread. It takes seconds to find if you go to the Social category. Don't be lazy. No, seriously. Chill. APB is a game, it's not worth getting this worked up over. Also I ask again, where the hell does this come from: I could be wrong but it seems like Matt is the one who attends the cons and as far as I know he's the CEO, not one of the coders for the engine upgrade. You wanna talk about stupid? Lets just demand that they release what they have before it's ready and ignore what it might fuck up. But once it does fuck something up we'll be right back here to complain about it right? Then it'll be LO's fault right? Even if they were to try that Microsoft and Sony wouldn't let the update through so you would still be in the same boat you're in now. Which means it's even more important to get the PC version to the same point as the console version asap. You have had the engine upgrade since 2017, we were originally supposed to have it in 2014. It's best to get the PC version consolidated with the console version so they won't have to keep wasting their time making two different updates for each version, so as of right now the PC engine upgrade takes priority. Don't think I don't care about the future of the game, APB has been big part of my life for almost a decade. At least try to understand what they are doing is NOT an easy task. If you give that engine upgrade thread a quick looksie you'll see that random unexpected performance drops and bottlenecks keep showing up which they then have to identify, find the cause of, and fix each time.
  7. Chill. Pay attention to the Tracking the Engine Upgrade thread. The Engine Upgrade is still their top priority, and by working on the upgrade they're improving your version too. I don't know where you get the idea that they think cons are more important. You'll get your day/night cycle and music studio soon enough, just be patient.
  8. Can't even begin to describe how much of a disaster trying this would be. Believe it or not the game was A LOT less stable back then. Bring back the visuals from 2012, but not the game.
  9. Been playing with some friends lately and the game is loads of fun when you're with people you actually enjoy.
  10. Really don't like this change. The only thing that should have been changed is killing someone of the same faction getting rid of your bounty. That shouldn't happen and only promotes teamkilling. The real problem with APB is new player retention. Nobody ever left the game because of a damn bounty interrupting their mission and if they say that they did then they are seriously exaggerating. How often does that honestly happen? Throughout my entire time playing (Almost a decade!), an outside bounty only ruined at most 5 or 6 missions. Pretty much all of the people that I've introduced to the game all thought the bounty system was pretty cool and one of them even said they feel like it adds a bit of life to the game when you're out of mission and that "it's really cool to see a bunch of people ganging up on one person who's really good". The only people this system negatively affects are experienced players who know what they are doing and assholes who go to bronze to stomp newbies. H5 should be seen as a BONUS for those that get it often because of that 2x multiplier. All that should change with the bounty system is making it so that killing someone of the same faction does not get rid of the bounty. Sure it may frustrate some of you older players and we had that vote that said a majority think the system should change, but who mostly makes up the forums? Veterans for the most part. That vote isn't necessarily indicative of what the entire APB community thinks because the forum is mostly made up of vets. I also voted that I think it should be changed, but not like this. The only change I wanted for it was the one I mentioned previously.
  11. Holy shit that price... Here was the price in 2016 BUT... Take into account their change of the G1c pricing, and today that would equal 11,371 G1C today (with premium) Now make a bow and arrow or crossbow that uses the HoHoPGL as a base.
  12. Did you happen to play at all during 2017? THAT is the worst this game has ever gotten. Speedhackers zooming around always completely wrecking missions, FairFight banning legits while cheaters ran free, Damn near constant DDOS attacks, absolutely zero communication from the devs unless it was to tell us the servers are back online after a DDOS attack killed them, GamersFirst in general. This game is a hell of a lot better than it was 3 years ago. It's still not in a great state but at least it's playable now.
  13. Looking forward to it! Also just something that has been bothering me a little since you guys took over... Could you please start posting pictures of the Armas items you're releasing on the thread that they are announced in? I like to know if I should be excited for it when I hear about it instead of waiting to find out if I should be excited.
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