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  1. First off, this thread will answer one of your questions: -Weapon Rebalance: A couple of rebalances have already happened since LO took over and are still ongoing. That's what the Weapon Prototype districts are for, gathering data. -Server stability: They are in the process of a big server move right now. -New Districts: G1 didn't say they were working on new districts, but LO said that they were going to at some point way back when the first took over. -Better Anti-Cheat: As far as I can tell EAC is working pretty well. I very rarely see people who seem sketchy anymore. -They've also talked about the new contacts and how they are coming with the engine upgrade. The game as a whole (besides population) I feel is in a much better state than when G1 was in charge. We've gotten a new trading system which pretty much nearly eliminated scamming unless you're really stupid. We have actual DDoS protection now so attacks don't even affect the gameplay anymore. Remember towards the end of G1? Daily DDoS attacks made the game pretty much unplayable during prime time. No more FairFight. Just to name a few things.
  2. EU is currently being hosted in New York because the European servers were snagged by customs and weren't able to make it to their intended data center yet.
  3. A lot of us have been asking for this for a long time.
  4. Ok so it's kinda weird. My connection isn't totally consistent, and it varies from day to day since this move. Some days I get 80ms, and some days I get 33. The weird thing is that one hop my ISP has ADDS 50 ms, and that hop is here in Pennsylvania. How is my connection to your server in Los Angeles better than my connection to my poorly routed ISP? (Zito Media is the ISP)
  5. It was a flop initially. It was originally released by Realtime Worlds, who went bankrupt because of this game, and shut down only 2 months after release. It was a full priced retail game. It's only surviving now in its 2nd incarnation as a free game.
  6. It's risky to spend a bunch of money developing a game based on the formula of one of the biggest flops in the industry, so most companies try to play it safe and keep making the same heavy, clunky, lens flared, camera shaky first person shooters over and over.
  7. I think he means when people are just being a-holes on the forum and just basically say something along the lines of "Why even play APB anymore? Just go play something else and let this game die", not related to the current situation of the servers being down or getting mad at the game and needing to calm down.
  8. I'd imagine it's partially because Little Orbit is in NA. Also I saw someone mention something about the server machines being stuck in customs. So I'd imagine it's due to customs snagging the servers when LO shipped them over to the EU. Just a guess. OK den, Lixil ninja'd me
  9. Withdrawls suck. I ended up resorting to playing GTA V last night Take all the time you need though. I'd rather things come back fully intact than completely fucked.
  10. Then we can wait for the updates that truly improve the game Remember that the Engine Upgrade is just the foundation for what needs to be done.
  11. Woah hold up a second there. Just my opinion but you shouldn't have him send the weapons back just yet. If they are sitting in your mail and you don't retrieve them from your mail within 30 days then the guns go bye-bye. Found that out from mailing a gun to a different character on the same account. So if you don't get back into your account within 30 days then those guns are gone. So don't have him send them back unless you know for sure that your issue is going to be fixed and that you're going to be able to log in within 30 days.
  12. Man, even the trolls are getting lazy.
  13. Awesome! Glad you guys are finally doing some physical merch! It all looks really good but I do have a request... Could we get just a black T Shirt with this logo on the chest? I'd buy it immediately.
  14. -Dynamic Headlights -Suspension Tweaking -Separate front and rear wheel customization (For example if I wanted the Vegas to have larger and wider rear tires than the front to give it a bit of a dragster look) -Fix wheelies in engine upgrade (They don't currently work in the upgrade and I really don't want them to go away)
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