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  1. Hey there, Welcome to APB. I gotta agree that a lot of the community is shit, but I really hope you understand that not all of us are like that. There's a lot of shit talkers and raging teenagers. If there's one thing APB players seem to hate, it's newcomers, which really sucks because more players is what we really need most right now. All this talk of the game being "dead" is referring to the low player count, now averaging at just a little over 500 people at any given moment. The biggest problem with APB right now is the new player retention rate, whether it's due to the shitty community pushing newbies away or the game just not being clear about what to do, making the whole learning process a lot harder. What server do you play on? If you're on Citadel then you should be fine in terms of having enough players to get missions, but if you're on Jericho the numbers can dip pretty low at night. The best advice I can give is to find someone you enjoy playing with, ignore the salty shit talkers (or have some fun with them because they get mad real easy. They pretend to be calm but they're burning up inside) One thing I'd like to say about your second paragraph though, APB has a ton of weird quirks to it that may make a totally legit player look like they are cheating. Like for instance being able to peek around corners, and just how the 3rd person camera works makes it so you're able to be looking the opposite direction without your character showing it, then the moment you fire your character snaps to the direction you're aiming. Another thing to keep in mind is that APB is an old game. It's creeping up on 10 years soon and some of us have been around since the beginning, so some people are going to have near perfect aim just due to the pure time they have invested in the game. So I know the cheating issue looks super bad to a newcomer, but I promise it's not as rampant as it looks. Not saying cheaters don't exist though. They definitely do. About the report system, It does work. Just don't abuse it. Some have actually been banned for griefing and stuff recently.
  2. Would be nice, Not sure why it wasn't like that from the start.
  3. Please don't use this color. It's extremely hard to read on a dark any background. 1. Updating the engine to Unreal 4 isn't just as simple as "updating" it. That requires the game to be rebuilt from the ground up and only the art assets like audio, models, and textures can be carried over and the process would probably take at the very least 2 years. They are doing that though. Their main team is working on the engine upgrade to 3.5, but for the long term they have a separate team in Australia rebuilding it in Unreal 4. Like I said though even 2 years is extremely optimistic. Shutting down APB for that long would be certain death. 2. I'm all for this and if I remember correctly Matt has shown some interest in it in the past but the overall outcome was that in the current game it's just not viable and would be extremely hard to do considering how the customization system works. Basically he explains in one of Jenz's streams how the pipeline for clothing works and it's all kinds of fucked up. 3. Just going to skip over this one except for the point about blowing out tires and players being slowed down when shot. No. APB is supposed to have fast paced gameplay. Being slowed down when getting shot would take away a lot of fun in the game. There's a lot of reasons why most modern games aren't fun and this is one of them. Slow clumsy gameplay for the sake of realism. Better damage models for cars would be nice though, and maybe some visible blood on your character, walls and the ground would be cool. 4. Sure it would be nice. However there's the issue of the male and female base models being different. It's not like Saint's Row where you can just have a gender slider, it's a separate model altogether, and along with this comes the issue with items that are available for males but not females and vice versa. I don't think that as a whole this would make APB super popular tbh. If you want it to blend in with the crowd of other mediocre games then sure, but for it to actually succeed it needs to focus on the main things that make APB special and different from other games.
  4. If you block someone it also mutes their theme. Chances are if they are using an intentional ear R@p3 theme then they're not really worth knowing anyway. But an additional "Mute Theme" button would be nice if it's just a particularly annoying theme.
  5. Well I mean, they could have just shut down your server with no migration. They didn't have to do the merge, and they had every reason not to do it, but they did it anyway so you guys can still actually play the game without losing absolutely everything.
  6. Give them pointed sticks and trash bags so they can go around picking up the litter and recycle it for cash.
  7. I wrote this up for a different thread but I think it fits in this one better so I'll put it here instead. A few days ago I met a newbie in a mission in the silver Waterfront. He had no clue what he was doing and was asking questions in chat that weren't being answered so I invited him to a group and since we lost the mission pretty hard I just happened to go silver at that moment. So I basically told him that he's gonna want to go to the bronze district and I took him there. My god was that a shit show. We didn't go up against a single low level for the rest of the night. [For context before you flame me for being in bronze, I very rarely go into a bronze district unless it's to help teach a new guy how to play, and in missions if we go up against someone I perceive to also be somewhat new I always go really easy on them, and I only play normally against higher leveled players] Well needless to say, all of our opposition were near max rank golds or silvers, so missions didn't go very well but still better than in the silver district. By the time he had to leave I think he had a pretty good grasp on how to play and he said he really likes the game now that he actually understands what to do. If you see a new player struggling then please try doing something like this with them. The tutorial system in the game is shit and 90% of the time new players don't know that they have to do the tutorial to get items that they need like grenades and Field Supplier. New player retention is by far APB's biggest problem, and that stems from the game being so difficult to learn and start out in combined with the community's unwillingness to help someone new. However if you take some time out of your day to group up with a newbie and teach them the basics then that'll seriously increase their chance of staying. It's a lot easier to learn with a teacher than just a book. Side note: It was ridiculous the kind of answers he was getting in the chat for just asking questions about how to play. Just stupid vague responses that don't really answer the question. To anyone who would rather crack jokes than help out someone new who is struggling, you're part of the problem and are only helping to kill APB faster.
  8. My thoughts exactly. OTW being available is awesome n' all but not nearly enough people use it for it to actually be useful.
  9. Sooo... You're increasing the RFP's range? Wasn't that the problem with it in the first place? I appreciate the damage reduction though. I also really like that you're using prototype districts for balance testing instead of OTW.
  10. Us tall people just keep dying faster because we keep hitting our head on low door frames.
  11. You started a new thread just to say that? This is the wrong section too by the way. If ANY of the previous patches got approved, then why wouldn't this one? Why are you always so negative?
  12. My pc at work is having some real trouble running the forums on Chrome. It performs fine on other sites but when I load the forums up it's suddenly using almost all 3 gb of ram.
  13. Really nice car regardless. I have a (at this point I don't know what the hell year it is) 1969-1974 Chevy Nova that I've been trying to get together for the past couple of years. It seems like the previous owner just took parts from different years and combined them together on this one. I'm looking for another Nova to use as a base and I may have just found one earlier today that actually has a usable frame and isn't nearly as rotted out as this one.
  14. Been seeing a few Wildcats popping up on Craigslist in my area lately, might be worth checking there if you haven't already. None of the ones I've seen were ready for the road but I usually limit the max price to $3500 since I'm looking for a project car. Have any pics of that Thunderbird?
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