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  1. Can we stop worrying about what needs to be completed first or what should take priority? That bit is up to LO anyway. We should focus on the ideas that the op actually mentioned. On topic: -I'd like melee weapons if they're done right. It'll be difficult to figure out a good way to implement them in APB, but I'm sure they could come up with something. Maybe treat them like a burst fire weapon that has a damage dropoff to 0 at the very end of the weapon and a recoil pattern that follows the swing animation? I'd love to see this cause a lot of physics force on the death ragdoll. -The minigun could work the way Hexerin said pretty well. -They said that they're working on a few new maps, but they didn't say if one would be a full sized district or not, but one of them is going to be the old run down hotel that has screenshots floating around of it. -G1 said a long time ago that Motorcycles wouldn't be possible on the current engine, but maybe on 3.5. If I remember correctly they said that anything with more or less than 4 wheels doesn't work on the current engine. -I want wheelchair obstacle races in Asylum.
  2. BrandonBranderson

    Customize front clips on low teir vehicles

    Yes please. An opportunity to make low end vehicles not look like boring mid-2000's shit would be great.
  3. BrandonBranderson

    The Showstopper

    Any idea when? Edit: Just checked, it's up on Armas now on JMB 21 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=61&subcatID=152&productId=6080
  4. BrandonBranderson

    The Showstopper

    Yup, that's the Showstopper "Thunder". It's the legendary version with tighter spread and slower fire rate. There's also a non-legendary version with a long barrel but there's not much info on it. It's not in OTW.
  5. Alright then, maybe try switching to Cycles and see if you get a better result from that. I've never actually rendered anything in blender, so I don't know what kind of extra work that would make for you if any, I've always just used Daz Studio with the Nvidia Iray engine and I get results like this:
  6. Tbh, and don't take this as an insult QoL, I think it's the use of really low res textures combined with Daz Syndrome. Daz syndrome is just my word for the use of uncanny looking character models with really off facial expressions, and weird materials, like the base ones found in Daz Studio. This can come down to the characters looking like plastic and just over all... creepy... The rendering engine you're using can also have a big impact. Here's an example of that. The left image is Nvidia Iray, and the right is Daz's old 3Delight engine. That character does just look weird in general, but it looks way worse in 3delight. I don't know what render engine you're using QoL, but maybe try switching to one of the newer ones that Blender offers?
  7. BrandonBranderson

    Playing great today tbh

    Was running great for me last night. I was playing at about 2:00-4:00 AM EST. No lag or teleporting at all.
  8. BrandonBranderson

    Can't equip some clothes

    I think for those you need a tactical belt of some type. Hover your mouse over the symbol that says it can't be equipped and it should give you examples of clothing needed to equip them.
  9. I would assume the thing that happened last month had something to do with the long wait time. Someone hacked the support portal that they use and flooded all of its clients with fake support tickets, I think Matt said there was something like 68,000 fake tickets that they have to go through now? He said they can't just mass delete them either unfortunately.
  10. BrandonBranderson

    New vehicle

    Oh okay, that makes a lot more sense. A Hummer wouldn't need to be massive, I'd say probably just slightly wider, and a little shorter than a Pioneer. If it is something like that It's gotta be based on an H1 though, none of that tiny H3 shit. It could probably have the torque and ramming power of the Pioneer too, which would make npcs turning into you not that big of a deal.
  11. BrandonBranderson

    1-19-6 - Quick Changes for Live this week

    exactly, nothing there to fix the infinite loading kicks by BE, just more plans to alter specs on guns. {I do like what they are doing} but the bogging servers since the patch, n the plan is to do more testing for more spec changes, not fix the servers so they accept players in mission districts. I was referring to the 2nd paragraph that says: "Second, it's really frustrating when we patch in new content, and then spend the whole weekend getting DDoSed. I apologize to the players who got on and experienced lag, warping, and other issues. Many players on the forums took the opportunity to poke fun at our "potato servers" or the "crappy new net code". Unfortunately we were under mitigation all weekend, so no one really got a chance to experience the benefit of the changes. Rest assured this is still my top priority to fix."
  12. BrandonBranderson

    New vehicle

    Brainless AI? Players would be driving this not npcs.
  13. BrandonBranderson

    New vehicle

    With the name "Mirage" it sounds like it would either be something deserty like a Humvee or some sort of luxury sedan. Of the two I'd like the Humvee :3
  14. BrandonBranderson

    Why game looks so drab?

    You can blame the blue filter for the game looking so bland. APB's base color palette is fairly colorful, you can see it around sunset when the blue filter turns off. But during the day and night time it makes reds and oranges much less vibrant. It was added way back in the patch that made everything else look like shit. This was also the patch that broke DoF, bloom, and the nighttime fog was changed to an extremely dense dark blue instead of a light orange. APB: Reloaded 2018 APB: Reloaded 2011 G1 uglified the shit out of this game.