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  1. BrandonBranderson

    APB 2

    Nope, he's just full of shit. The only mention of APB 2 was how MattScott was referring to the Unreal 4 upgrade of APB (not the one coming soon, this is an ongoing project carried out by their separate Australian team) He was simply calling that version APB2 because the game would have to be completely rewritten from the ground up, but he wasn't referring to it as a different game altogether.
  2. The amount of shit a brand new player has to go through to get the game working. I recently had about 5 friends start playing APB and all but one of them were encountering issues getting into the game. One got locked out of his account after his game crashed and it said he was still online the next day, so he ended up making a new account since he didn't have any progress yet anyway. The others first ran into performance issues and other weird technical things. We ended up getting all of their problems sorted out, but still, that was an entire night of trying to get the game working for the 4 of them that had problems. The other managed to get it running perfectly fine, and advanced launcher (set to max???) fixed the performance issues for the others. Other than technical issues, I'd say the extremely underwhelming progression system. It just doesn't feel like you're really "progressing" once you unlock all the base weapons and cars. From there on it's mostly just preset junk during the grind to R195, then once you reach that everything feels even more meaningless. You've made it nearly to max rank, here's a flare gun. Woohoo. It would be a lot of work but it would be awesome if they would remove the preset garbage unlocks from the contacts (You would still unlock it, but it wouldn't show in a contact's menu) and replace it with something meaningful. Preset guns are fine up to a certain level, but by the time you hit 195 you shouldn't need to lease presets anymore, so there's no sense unlocking them from then on. Sure, our little community is trash but I REALLY disagree with the idea that that's even the start of why the population got so low. Most people have thick enough skin to ignore the real douchebags.
  3. BrandonBranderson

    Different types of premium

    This sounds great. Most of my friends who recently came back are mostly only here for the customization, except one who is only interested in the combat and progression. So this would work out perfectly if they were to ever buy premium.
  4. BrandonBranderson


    Just because your friends say it doesn't mean it's true, and it isn't. APB isn't p2w. The free guns are the best in the game and the Armas weapons just offer different playstyles and reskins. A lot of players like to blame Armas weapons of being P2W as an excuse for why they lost, when the reality is that they just weren't as good as the person who happened to be using a paid gun. The Raptor and Ogre are legendaries which can also be obtained through in-game trading, and its been a long time since the ATAC was overpowered, and the Thumper (also a tradable legendary) is nowhere near overpowered. The engine upgrade is being worked on and Matt said that the SPCT will be testing it soon. Promotion is only a good thing if what you are promoting is in a good state, and at the moment APB isn't. Matt also said that he plans on running more promotional stuff after the game is in a better state.
  5. BrandonBranderson

    can apb be better please ?? ( boring af )

    Wow that is some really constructive criticism. I think you just saved APB. Good job.
  6. Holy crap that's awesome. I might finally be able to finish ripping what I'm missing of Asylum
  7. BrandonBranderson

    New SPCT team

    Awesome! Really happy to see this come back! Congrats to all the "new" SPCT!
  8. Awesome! Happy to see you doing this again! Sucks that you have to rip everyone yourself though, that's a lotta work. And I have a "special" version of my character. Did you decide the location yet?
  9. BrandonBranderson

    Racing Districts

    If Crossout can pull off a racing game mode then I bet APB could too. Crossout also has notoriously bad input lag and really bad traction and people still enjoy that mode. Then again there is more variety in that game since you build your own vehicles.
  10. BrandonBranderson

    will be there a sales for christmas

    Out of curiosity I converted the currency value 6000 EGP = $334.99 USD 45000 EGP = $2512.42 USD That's rough man, only advice I can offer would be to save up for a while until you have enough for a good one. You could still get one that's more than decent enough to play APB fairly well for somewhere around 18000 EGP depending on what's actually available in your country. Despite being an unoptimized mess, APB doesn't require the latest and greatest top of the line gear to play it.
  11. Welp, different fixes for different guns. Logic when balancing should not all just be black and white, the Ogre just needed the description changed, Yukon needed its RoF fixed. There was a different severity to each each gun's imbalance. In the Yukon's case, the gun needed to be corrected because of how it played out in game. If I recall correctly though, back before G1's last big rebalance with the test districts, didn't the Ogre have a slower fire rate? I remember the increased fire rate was something I wasn't a huge fan of at the time because it didn't give the sound of each shot any time at all to ring out which made it sound less scary and it made me feel scummy using it because it would just melt anyone in its path. Remembering things as I go here, so I may only be remembering convenient things.
  12. Huh, didn't actually know the Ogre had a faster fire rate. I always used CJ3 with it so I just assumed it just had a bigger mag and a windup.
  13. I haven't seen a single speed hacker since BE was implemented and I've been playing pretty consistently since then. I've seen people that I THOUGHT were speed hacking, but it turned out to be a GM every time. Support has been really backed up since they took over. I agree that it shouldn't take this long to respond, but think of how backed up they are right now with that thing that happened a few months ago where they got spammed with ~60k tickets. It's not a lack of effort on their part. They're most likely struggling to keep up. If you're saying BE is useless then you don't know what useless is. Do you have ANY idea what APB was like 7 months ago? A few speed hackers in every district, shaw copters everywhere. Now Most of the people who I see that seem suspicious I never end up seeing again.
  14. If they didn't know it was bugged then that's their own damn fault. The information was out there. And who didn't know the Yukon was bugged from the start? It was pretty obvious with the way it functioned, using the burst fire rate as the main fire rate while the non-legendary variants had a waaaaaaay slower fire rate, and the only advertised change in the legendary version was the ability to burst fire in marksman. Common sense should take over at that point. I'll admit I was one of the ones who were abusing it when it was new. It was broken, now it works as intended, get over it. It is still a good gun if you can actually aim.
  15. I don't play on Citadel but on Jericho I've seen some people that might be trigger botting. Might be. They were using the Huntress and you can fire pretty damn fast really easily with that thing. Other than that I haven't been seeing the speed hackers that used to litter every district at all. Matt recently said that they are trying their best with the cheater issue and has always said that no anticheat is 100% perfect. What more can he really say? What do you want from him? He said this 4 days ago. What else can you really ask for, and how can you say they are ignoring the problem? I also don't see how they are trying to create the illusion of happiness if they admit things are bad right now. You're just all over the place grasping for things to be mad about. Stop it.